Somewhere + Part 1 (cont)

Holding his eyes with the black ones before him, Zechs ran his fingers through the knots in his mane. "You're talking like you did after the Eve War. After your accident. If you're experiencing headaches I should call Sally. You may be getting flashbacks or something."

"Wait. Eve War, you mean the Mariemaia Affair?" The boy questioned.

"Yeah, except I don't think we should use that name around Mariemaia."

At least there was something normal that he seemed to grasp. "I agree, but she isn't here now, is she?"

Blinking a few times, the blonde gaped at the L5 pilot. "Not here? She is in the bedroom down the hall."


"She lives with us. She's like our adopted daughter, well will be when Anne gets the papers officaled in a few months." Zechs explained.

"Since when?"

"For about five years, Fei. I think I should call Sally."


Something about the complete loss in the boy's tone made him pause. "Fei?"

"What year is it? Last I remember it was 198 AC." Wufei hoped that maybe he was merely in a coma for a very long time, or that he was merely on the edges of his sleep still.

Sitting on the bed, a concerned look settled on the taller man's face. Reaching out, he stroked the boy's cheek before Wufei pulled away roughly with what Millardo could only describe as disgust. "What was the last major event we went to?"

Humoring the obviously concerned man seated before him, Wufei complied with the request. "We were all present at Relena's official coronation and one year reunion of the celebrated peace. I didn't go to it with you. You were there with Noin."

"Lu? Why would Lu be with me and not Sally? And we went to that reunion fiver years ago."

"Why would she go with Sally?"

"Fei, they are lovers."

"Since when?"

"Since right after the Eve Wars. Something is wrong Fei. I'm getting Sally on the phone. You really are scaring me. Maybe when we went drinking the alcohol messed with your prescription or something..."

"I don't drink." Wufei stated firmly.

"Since when? We always join Duo and the guys every Friday for at least a round of drinks. I mean it's a three year tradition." Zechs released the vid comm button and turned it off. There had to be something else, what though was his question. "What is happening to you Fei?"

"I- I'm not sure. What did I do yesterday?"


"Please. Just humour me."

"You dropped Maia off at school. You probably worked on your book or prepared notes for your upcoming class this fall. I came home and we joined up with Duo and Yuy at the bar. Quatre and Trowa had to cancel last minute."


"Truly. Why, what do you think happened the other day?"

"I went to work and we started towards a mission. We were sideswiped... That's really it."

"Since when did you go on missions?" He asked, standing and regarding the boy before him.

"Since I joined the Preventers!"

"You aren't on the Preventers. Anne wouldn't let you. Remember the hearings? Anne and the others barely were able to help us. They almost sent you to the Mars Project with the others. Maia threw a fit. You agreed that unless specifically ordered by the council, Relena, or Anne you would never participate in any mission, carry a firearm, or kill another person."

"What hearings? I don't remember this. When did this supposedly happen?" Wufei asked defensively. A hearing? For his participation in the Mariemaia Affair.

"After the Eve Wars." Millardo replied.

"This never happened!"

Zechs stood suddenly and crossed the floor to the phone. "I'm calling Sally. You've gone completely nuts. We need to get you some help and quick."

A bronze finger cut off the call. "Explain to me why I seem to have an entirely different perception of the world than everybody else has."

"You don't remember?"

"Amuse me."

"When we headed towards the reception after the Eve Wars, about three weeks after, some crazy guy shot out at Maia. You stopped the bullet. It grazed a good part of your brain. You were in a coma for months..." Breathing steadily, Millardo continued painfully, as if the moments were so terribly personal. "When you got out, the council was convinced of your sincerity. The hearings commenced and you were acquitted of any war crime."

"And we are?" Wufei ventured, black orbs pinning the older man with a look.

"Lovers. We were married two years ago." The blonde held up a finger with a silver wedding band.

Slowly, the Chinese boy lifted his left arm to examine his fingers. A silver band was present. Bile rose in his throat suddenly. "We..."

"Fei?" The European looked as his spouse in some alarm.

"I think I might be sick..." the said man managed. Grimacing, he unconsciously wrapped a defensive arm around his waist. The lingering pain of what had happened last night only swelled that disgust. The lingering pain was his constant reminder at the moment, of what he had done with a man, and slightly worse the fact that he almost liked it. Almost.

"Whatever for?" Millardo asked, somewhat offended and very baffled.

"I can't be married to a man!" Wufei exclaimed abruptly, could not the European see that? He felt physically ill because of last night.

"What?" Millardo's tone dropped unexpectedly, pinning the boy with a hurt glare.

Wufei had the grace to feel slightly guilty at that glower. It wasn't his fault! He was the one in confusion, why couldn't Zechs see that? "Hell, anyone will tell you, I'm not gay." He could admit to that, even if his friends lifestyles were theirs and theirs alone, he didn't have to like it. "I was married to a woman. I did enjoy sleeping with my wife." Silently, deep in his thoughts he add, 'I'm not a fag.' It was unnatural and wrong.

Wufei stalked away from the gaping European. He paused and looked back. "How is this possible?"

"What? Other than the fact that I think you just basically declared you hated me?" Zechs asked, anger and hurt rising in his tone.

"No. This!" Wufei indicated with the word as a general word to encompass the whirling story around him. "This. How we remember two almost entirely different lives." He chose to ignore the pain carries in the other's voice.

"Maybe you can explain it to me." The blonde sulked.

Wufei paused mid step and look down at his right arm. He vaguely remembered scraping it along the pavement. And if he did, then there was still to be a mark!

There was his proof.

A sharp red scabbed cut, looking maybe a day or two healed, a series of bruises and scrapes. He dashed forward and held up his arm in front of that face framed with blonde locks. "There."

Blinking in mystification, the Sankian man touched it gently, wincing as the boy flinched at his gentle, caring touch. "Where did you get that?"

"Yesterday. I feel off the bike when we were sideswiped. You can see it as well." Wufei grinned.

"Hm." Icy orbs ran over the wound, obviously trying to make sense of it all. His lover, his husband was seemingly in front of him, yet so completely not. It certainly looked like his Wufei in every possible manner; though the boy's attitude was harsher than anything he was use to, even when they met up after the Eve Wars.

As he ran his fingers over the scrapes and bruises, he could see the boy's discomfort. He made no task of not hiding it. "So you believe it to be 198?"

"That was the year as of yesterday." Wufei agreed, slipping his arm from the man's warm touch. "I've been saying that."

Pursing his lips, the older man frowned. "But then how is it that you are here, almost four years later?"

"But you will agree that I'm not a lunatic now, right?"

A soft smile broke out across the blonde's face, taking in the most serious nature the Asian man's face held. Perplexed as well as sincerely disenchanted with the situation he pondered the answer thoroughly. "I don't doubt your mental state now, Fei. My next question ,which I doubt you can enlighten me on, is how?"

The softest of whispers came for his answer, "I do not know the answer to that question."

"And then if you are not my Fei, where is he, or are you one in the same?"

"I can not answer that."


A long drawn silence surrounded the room until the alarm began to sound off. Pressing it to snooze, Millardo stretched. "I'm calling in sick."

Blinking out of his thoughts, the black eyed man looked up in surprise. "Whatever for?"

Pinning the boy with a look, the Sankian man continued, "Because you're in no state to be walking around. What do you plan to do now that you're stuck here?"

"I-" It had not dawned on him until that moment that he was indeed stuck there as the blonde put it. It was so complicated and surreal. As if he had slipped into another's life, yet at the same time it was his own. Well at least a person who looked like him. He didn't know what to do. "I had not thought of that..."

Collapsing on the bed and hitting the snooze once again, ice blue orbs looked the boy once over. "I'll say this. I don't know how you got here, or why you are here, and I am upset that my lover, who is you yet not is gone, but seriously what other explanation can there be? I can see the proof of your story on your arm, and I believe my side of the truth is abundantly apparent. So now we have to figure out where to go from here."

"You sound like you might have an idea of what I should do." Wufei replied evenly.

"First," Millardo said, finally reaching over and turning off the alarm, "I'm calling out sick." Turning back, he stopped all opposition from Wufei with a glare. "What else are we to do? Do you think anyone else will believe us?"

"What are you suggesting?"

"I'm suggesting you pretend to be the Wufei that I and everyone else knows until we can figure out where to go from there."

"And why do you believe me?"

Taking a few steps closer to the boy, Millardo sighed and his fingers grazed over his heart. "Because I know it in here."

They stood looking at one another for a long moment, before Millardo could stand it no longer. His lover's face with a stranger staring from those eyes he loved so entirely. Now that love was gone. Those eyes did not shine for him now. Moving to the door, he glanced over his shoulder. "Stay here, I'm waking up Mariemaia and making my phone call."

He did not wait for Wufei to reply before he was out the door.

Wufei stood looking at the partially opened door. Hearing the footsteps of the man walking down the hall, the creak of another door, and the sound of a girl he knew well waking up. He could hear Zechs asking her what her plans were after school. Then strangely he felt a prick as the redheaded girl asked if he was alright. Zechs had replied that he was under the weather. How strange it all was...

Sitting slowly on the bed, Wufei braced himself for the sheer shock of the situation. How empty had his former life been that he could not think he would be missed if that was what the situation was back in his time or dimension or whatever the freak of science's name was happening to him.

Zech's idea was the only logical one. He had no idea how he had gotten there, only that car accident. He was not going to run out in traffic to make an attempt to get back. But how was he to live here? If the basic understanding he had included the fact that he was married to Zechs, that they had Mariemaia living with them, that he was more or less a civilian now, how was he to adjust to that?

He didn't want to pretend to be something, or someone he wasn't. The lingering effects of the previous night, the... He grimaced as those thoughts entered the forefront of his mind. He had had sex with the man, as sickening as that was to him, he could not figure out how to even pretend to live with the man.

The door opened and the European entered again. "Mariemaia is getting a ride in with one of her friends this morning. She's getting ready. I told her you weren't feeling well."


"She is probably going to want to say good-bye before heading off to school."

"How am I going to do this?" Wufei asked, looking away from those brilliant blue eyes and to the paintings on the far wall.

"Do what?" Millardo asked.

"Pretend. I am not a fag. I am not obviously anything like the person you think I am. Am I supposed to walk around living someone else's life for the rest of mine?"

Leaning against the wall, the blonde sighed. "No, I don't expect you to be just like Fei, though you are still very similar." Millardo chose to ignore the fag comment. Talking with the boy was like getting a constant slap in the face. Didn't the boy understand while he may be in a new place and feeling a sense of loss, he was as well? His beloved still stood in form alone before him, but the love and adoration was gone. As if his perfect life had been cruelly ripped from his grip. It was like mourning for a man who had not completely left. "We can talk more and figure out what to do once Mariemaia is off."

Nodding, the Asian man leaned back on the bed, attempting to ignore the slight pain that still lingered in his backside.

He didn't have to wait long before the scampering of a child's feet scampered past his nearly closed door. Then there came a shuffling and a hesitant knock.

"Wufei?" A sweet female voice, only slightly muffled from behind the door called out.

He flinched and tucked himself on his side, remembering to duck under the covers to hide his sore nude form. "Come in."

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