Somewhere + Part 1 (cont)

He stopped suddenly as he headed to grap the bag lying by her bathroom door, caught at the pictures in the many frames on her nightstand. Bending down, he picked one up to examine it. Zechs, himself and her, obviously taken a few years ago. She rode on his back, piggyback style. Leaves of Autumn flew about them. Zechs holding him close.

Quickly he settled that one down and picked up another. Grimacing, he felt something flinch deep in his soul. It was his and Zechs' wedding picture. Bile crawled up in his throat. Hastily he put the picture down and recovered the bag and headed out of her room.

Pictures. It made him curious and slightly jealous. He didn't cherish memories obviously; he didn't have many pictures, just one or two of Meiren, a few of long gone relatives. Nothing that personal.

Placing the bag by the door, he figured he had a good hour before he had to leave. Thoughts of doing work left him and he went in search of photo albums.

It took a good twenty minutes of hard searching before he found the fruits of his labour. Pulling out one of the numerous photo journals, he sat back on the couch and began to look. He briefly wondered how many albums could they have, he had supposedly been married only a few years, though he did remember Zechs saying that they had been lovers for five. Shaking his head to rid it of THAT thought, he opened the album.

There were of him and Mariemaia playing in the winter. Looking beneath the image there was a small description. 'Maia and Fei, Winter 200 AC.' Turning page after page he saw them playing in the snow, building snowmen, and a few obviously taken by Maia that were either slightly blurry or askew. Those were the ones of him and Zechs. Fingers trembled slightly, the open happiness on his face in those images. He had never had that kind of complete happiness before.

Pages gave way to images of birthdays, summer vacations, seaside holidays, and other larger holidays. There were others of simple things, things he had never done, things that were so normal and civilian that he had never experienced them before.

Pictures of him and Zechs raking leaves up with Mariemaia jumping into the piles. Picnics in the back yard, the girl's fencing meets, her on the track team, a holiday party, him and Zechs hanging out with the other pilots.

Tucking a strand of hair behind his ear he continued glancing through the many albums before him. A strange feeling of jealous overtook him when he turned the page of one album to see images from Maxwell and Yuy's wedding. He knew they had wed where he came from, but he never went. He didn't care to. Why did he feel upset now? Because they might have considered him their friend? That they wanted to be friends with him? That they had tried to make him part of their lives and he pushed them all away?

Or was it because he never experienced love? Was he jealous of this man's life? He obviously had everything here. A lover, even if his lover was male, he had friends, and he had memories. He had nothing back home.

What would happen when he went back? If he went back?

Shakily he glanced at his watch, it was time to head off to bring Maia her equipment. Setting the photo journals back in their respective places, he grabbed his keys and license and was out the door.


"I can't do this. Can't we just say I'm sick?" The Asian man bite his lip and glared out the window as the blonde next to him drove them down the highway.

"I can't believe going out for some beers is making you nervous!" Zechs replied in good humour. He turned and spared the boy a smile. "You're afraid, aren't you?"

"I am not afraid." Wufei stated, turning his black inked stare at the taller man.

"Look I understand that you never communicated with humans unless it was deemed absolutely necessary where you came from, but it really isn't as bad as you think."

Wufei controlled his flinch as Zech's hand gently rubbed his knee. "Try not to touch me."

The boy was not going to ruin his mood. Zechs smirked and stuck his tongue out at the Chinese man. "Who knows, maybe if we get alcohol in your system you'll discover the inner gay man in you!"

Grimacing back, Wufei scrunched up his nose at the thought. "In that case I am not touching a drop of alcohol."

"You do have to drink. You always drink." The blonde mentioned casually, turning off the highway onto the off ramp.

"I've been sick."

"I thought we were using that excuse for why you aren't getting drunk."

Sighing, Wufei shifted in his seat to face the man driving. "I've never drank. I don't think I should start."

"I only see benefits from it. You may loosen up, Fei."

"What if I don't want to loosen up?" Wufei countered.

Pulling onto a local road, Zechs downshifted his convertible. "Let's put it this way, I think you need to loosen up. And I'll make you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Wufei asked as they pulled into the bar's parking lot.

Parking and turning off the engine, Zechs grinned at the boy and got out of the car. "Put down three drinks and I won't kiss you. Maybe."

"MIRI!!" Wufei shrieked, following the man.

"Isn't it too early for you to start the foreplay? We haven't even started drinkin." Wufei paused in his tracks as a familiar voice carried an unfamiliar tone of teasing to it.

Swallowing, he held back the cringe as the blonde's arm circled his shoulders. He was glad for Zechs protection for once. He didn't think it would hurt to hear such friendliness, to come face to face with what he had missed all those years.

"Nah, Duo. This is casual flirting, when it gets dirtier than we get to the foreplay." Millardo joked, giving the Chinese boy a hug. He was surprised how well the boy held back his natural reactions of disgust. They had to practice during the week, at least enough for the boy to get use to another person, let alone another male, touching him. Perhaps the boy merely saw it as a mission, but Zech's saw it as something else. Potential.

Maybe he was lonely. True he was suffering, but he wasn't going to let an opportunity to go to waste. Besides, the boy was sharing a bit of the suffering.

Wufei managed a smile and nervously tucked a strand of black hair behind his ear. He wasn't ready for the American to give hum a hug. He barely remembered to return it. And for a moment, he actually smiled for real. "Hey, Duo."

"You doin better? Zechsie said you were sick?" Duo asked, leaning back on his lover with a smile.

"Yeah. Nothing much, just the flu." Wufei replied.

"I always thought the point of going to a bar was to drink, not to loiter." A sweet voice said. All four men turned to look at the Arabian and his lover in the bar's door.

A female walked up next to them, "You guys gonna come in or what?"

Zechs laughed, walking with his arm loosely around the Chinese boy's waist. "I thought you didn't get off until later, Lu."

Ruffling the blonde's hair as they entered, she replied back, "Well, you thought wrong."

"Enough chit chat, let's drink!" The American laughed, heading off to the bar and ordering the first round of drinks.

Wufei watched as the hours rolled by, the alcohol sang through his system. He should have listened to Zechs and eaten before they came. The stale pretzels were not helping his empty stomach by any means.

The warm, low light of the bar. The faces of friends. It seemed so surreal to be a part of something. To feel a part of something. He had opted to sit while the others danced to the beat up jukebox on the floor. Zechs sat next to him nursing his draft.

"You alright? You seem slightly upset, Fei." Zechs ventured, looking over at the boy next to him.

Turning the tall glass around with his fingers Wufei took his time in replying. "I never realized what I missed with everyone before. I never felt something like this. It's confusing, that's all. Or maybe I've had one too many beers."

"You've only had two."

"That's two more than I've ever had my entire life."

Chuckling, the Sankian man put down a few gulps of his draft. "You and him are so much alike."

"How can we be? I've been looking through the photo albums; I've been watching you and Maia, and now this. I can... could never have imagined this."

"What? Hanging around with other people, having gay friends, having a daughter, or having a male lover?" The European asked, only slightly bitterly.

"Having friends."

Their conversation was cut short as the American dragged his Japanese lover back to the table. "If you aren't taking your boy out on the floor, Zechsie, I will."

Laughing, Zechs stood. "I just wanted to finish my beer, that's all Duo."

Flipping his braid over his shoulder, the violet eyed man grinned. "Good. Next dance is the slow one. Last one to kiss on the dance floor buys the next round!"

Wufei swallowed the bile that rose in his throat as Zechs took his hand and headed towards the makeshift dance floor. "I think we've lost."

Steadying the obviously slightly tipsy man, Zechs grinned slightly. "Don't be so sure."

"Wha-" His words were cut short as the old eighties song boomed through the speakers and his partner drew him close.

"Zechs... I can't..." Wufei whispered, as he thought every ounce of alcohol he had consumed that night hit his system right then and there.

"Sure you can. We already are." He whispered back. It was so easy to forget that his lover wasn't standing there before him.

Black eyes watched the other couples in the dim light swaying to the sounds of the melody. Une and her boyfriend, some man whose name he had already forgotten. Zechs had mentioned that they had only started seeing one another. Sally and Noin swaying playfully, giggling with the excitement one only gets when one has too much alcohol in their system.

Quatre and Trowa dancing closely and turning, whispering to one another. Once in a while catching one another in a hot lip lock. The crazy American completely subdued as his lover led him in a quite loose dance.

Seeing them so laid back frightened him, terrified him. Yet, made him wish for the same.

It had only been a week and he was already getting use to so many things. Had he merely changed places or did he truly combine with the man here to live in this new time? Yet, somehow the initial fear of being stuck there forever seemed less horrible now. And the strange warm that filled him brought him a new happiness.

Millardo watched the emotions play across his lover's face. Leaning down he tilted the boy's chin up and smiled sweetly.

"Miri?" Wufei asked quietly, slightly puzzled at the taller man's gentle actions.

Wufei's eyes widened in shock as lips caught his own, a warm tongue slipping into his mouth. Frantically he silently swore at the older man for putting him in such a position. Fear and self-hatred over ruled the instincts of keeping their cover. Wufei yanked away and ran, feeling bile crawl into his throat once again.

Slamming open the door, he made it to the grass before his hatred poured out of his system in the form of vomit.

At least eight pairs of eyes had stopped and looked at the Sankian Prince. "Well, this is going to take a little explaining."

The American broke the stunned silence first by walking slowly over to the blonde. "Did Fei just... look disgusted?"

"Aa." Millardo replied.

"Dare I ask why, or do I need a few more beers in me and a couch to sit on?" Duo ventured.

"Why don't you get Heero, Lu, Sally, Quatre, Trowa, and Une minus her boyfriend over to my place. There's a long story behind this." The European replied, surprisingly steady.

"No problem, Zechsie. Be there in twenty minutes."

Zechs watched the American walk away and head to round up some of the other's on the floor. "And Duo?"

"Hm?" Maxwell replied, glancing over his shoulder.

Raking a frustrated hand through his platinum mane, Zechs continued, "Bring more alcohol, you're going to need it to believe the explanation behind all this."

"Must be one hell of an explanation, Zechsie."

"You couldn't begin to imagine, Duo. You couldn't begin to imagine..." Shrugging on his jacket and grabbing the Asian's as well, he headed outside to deal with the boy. "Heaven help me, I'm going to need it now..."

Stepping into the slightly cool night air, blue eyes quickly sought out the familiar form of the boy. Nodding to himself, he walked leisurely, trying not to startle the boy.

He opened his car door, tossing the jackets on the back seat and grabbed the bottle of water he had forgotten in there earlier. Handing it to the coughing boy, he asked, "You okay?"

Gratefully taking the bottle to rinse out his mouth, Wufei spat a few mouthfuls out before replying. "Not really."

"For what its worth, I'm sorry. Alcohol hit the head, and I was caught up in him and not you."



Downing the rest of the contents, he tossed the empty bottle into the nearby trash. "I fucked up, didn't I?"

"I fucked up too. Sorry."

Shaking his head, Wufei dismissed the other man's reply. "You're not the only one at fault. I couldn't help it..."

"I know. But it was a valiant effort for only a week. And if it helps, you were right all along. You can't live your life pretending to be him."

"Some consolation."

"Just trying to lighten the mood before we enter the red hot gates of interrogation."

"Now what?" Wufei was slightly afraid of the answer.

"I asked Maxwell to grab his lover, Q and Trowa, Sally, Noin, and Ann and meet us back at our place. Hopefully with enough liquor to get them drunk enough to believe us." He tried joking with the boy to lighten the growing dark mood.

"There is no way there's enough alcohol in the country to do that. We're fucked. No, you're not, I am. They are never going to believe me!" Wufei sighed, following the blonde back to the car and getting it.

"So we'll go get a padded room at the loony bin together." Closing his driver's side door and starting the engine, he paused and looked at the boy. "Maybe we were wrong. Maybe they'll believe us, maybe we'll find a way to return everything to normal."

"What, Yuy took up Quantum Physics now?" Wufei asked sarcastically.

Chuckling, though it was slightly forced, Zechs replied, "With him, you never know."

Leaning back on the leather seat as they took off down the road, Wufei whispered to the man next to him, "I hope they believe us, that's all."

"Me too, Fei. Me too."

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