Author: Mi
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Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Not too much to say right now.
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Spotlight + Part 1

After Calculus he had blown through his modern poetry class and gone straight to the cafeteria. They were serving chicken sandwiches and pizza and Duo opted for the former. He grabbed a soda from the beverage cart before sitting down at a small round table close to the end of the food line. Ten minutes later Prof. Kerigg sat down across from him. He adjusted his white collared shirt and his round framed eyeglasses and then smiled up at Duo.

"So." He had gotten Pizza and began to pick off the cheese. "How's life treating you these days Duo?"

Duo finished his bite of sandwich and began with:

"Well I've been having a little trouble with Prof. Hayes in my 'Variations on Shakespeare' class..."

They talked about Duo's teachers and his homework load, his two jobs and which classes he liked and what he was planning on doing over the weekend. When Duo said that he'd most likely be working again that weekend Prof. Kerigg hinted that maybe he should give up work and concentrate on school full time.

This was an age-old argument between them. Prof. Kerigg thought that Duo was too smart not be in school full time and never hesitated to tell Duo so. Duo always replied that he couldn't afford to go to school full time and pay the rent on his apartment. Prof. Kerigg would counter that Duo could always move into the dorms where he wouldn't have to pay rent at all. And Duo always ended the conversation by saying that if he gave up his apartment he would have no place to live during the summer. Prof. Kerigg knew that Duo was an orphan-they had even visited the orphanage and church where Duo grew up together. Prof. Kerigg knew that Duo didn't have any family to stay with over the summer but he still pushed Duo to become a full time student. He had even offered to let Duo stay at his apartment over the summer but Duo had politely refused, saying that it would be too awkward living with a teacher, and besides it wouldn't be fair to Sam, Prof. Kerigg's two-year-old son, for Duo to take up what precious living space they already had. Prof. Kerigg knew better than to bring up moving into the orphanage.

On this particular day however, Duo was glad that the professor had brought the issue up again, it allowed him to segue perfectly into discussing his housing problem.

"You know Professor," Duo mused aloud, trying to sound like he had just thought of it, "now that you mention it, I am having some problems with my apartment."

Prof. Kerigg looked up.

"I'm not sure that I can afford to keep paying my rent on the pay that I'm getting now and I wouldn't have enough time to go looking for a new job without giving up school."

Prof. Kerigg winced.

"I started with a little money in my pocket when I moved in, but now it's pretty much gone."

"You could always-"

"You know I can't give up my apartment Prof. Kerigg. As much as moving into the dorms would fix my financial problems, it's just not possible."

The professor opened his mouth to say something else but Duo held up one finger.

"I know you want me to stay in school." Duo grinned and then took another bite of sandwich, chewing slowly and thoughtfully. "And I don't want to drop out. I like it here. I was thinking more along the lines of getting a roommate."

"Have you checked the posting board at the Student Center? There're always people looking for roommates posting ads there."

"I know, but I don't feel comfortable moving in with just anybody. You know how personal I am with my stuff."

Prof. Kerigg nodded and Duo twisted his napkin a little.

"I would feel much more comfortable with a roommate if I knew that they were someone that I could trust.

Prof. Kerigg nodded.

"If, say, I had it on good authority that the person was good people, y'know?" Duo finished his sandwich and looked at his teacher. "You're not going to help me out unless I spell it for you, are you?"

Prof. Kerigg shook his head.

Duo let out a frustrated puff of air. "Will you help me find a roommate Prof. Kerigg?" Sometimes talking to the Prof. could be like pulling teeth.

Prof. Kerigg smiled at him. "You know I'd be happy to help you out Duo, although you must remember that I am a teacher not a matchmaking service."

"I know" Duo said, "but I thought that you might know someone who was looking for a place, since you know so many people. And I trust your judgment; I know you won't send me any whackos."

"Blind faith will one day get you into trouble Duo, but I'll see what I can do. I think I might have someone for you already, a friend of mine."

Duo choked on his soda. "Why didn't you just tell me that when I asked in the first place?!"

Prof. Kerigg smiled at him over his coffee. "I believe that learning to vocalize your needs in a clear and organized fashion in an important part of the college experience. "

Duo gave up and decided to bang his head against the table.


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