Author: Mi
Pairings: None yet
Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Some shounen-ai
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. Everything else is. Everything.

Spotlight + Part 13

On their next date Duo decided to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He’d have to change if they were going out dancing again but he didn’t think that Heero would take him to the same place twice.

They didn’t go out dancing again; instead they went to a 50’s style diner for dinner and then out roller-skating at a real roller disco. Duo had never been to a roller-disco before and he thought it was pretty cool. But he didn’t tell Heero.

After he got home that night he thought that Heero might call him again and inform them that they were having another date, so he wasn’t surprised when he got the message.

“Hi, you’ve reached the home of Duo Maxwell and Trowa Barton. We’re not home right now, so please leave a message at the tone and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Beep! Wonderful tricks you turned out there tonight. Let’s make it 7:30 next Friday-I have a previous engagement. May angles sing thee to thy rest, sweet prince.”

Instead of railing at the answering machine (or Trowa) or yelling “Heero!” at the top of his lungs, Duo thought he better devise a way to get Heero Yuy to stop thinking that he could call him up whenever he damned well pleased and force him to go out. He had to admit that the places they had gone hadn’t been awful, but he didn’t like the idea that Heero Yuy thought that he could control Duo Maxwell like that. It just wasn’t done. And since it was Trowa’s fault that he knew Heero in the first place, Duo rationalized, Trowa should help him.

“Hey To~ri!” Evidently Trowa had been sleeping. That was ridiculous; it was only 1:03:41. He heard a groan and then a rough voice answered,

“What, Duo?” Duo smirked in the dark of his hallway.

“What are you doing next Friday night?”

“…Nothing. Why did you wake me up at one in the morning to ask me that Duo?” Oh, this was going to be good.

“Well, it just so happens that I’m going out with Heero on Friday and he told me that he wouldn’t mind some company.” That wasn’t actually a lie. It wasn’t even stretching the truth. Heero had asked for company on their date; he had just asked for Duo’s company. Duo continued. “And I thought you might like to come and…bring someone.” Duo was not dense. Far from it, but Trowa didn’t know that yet. Even though it would have been obvious to even the most idiotic of persons Trowa still acted as if Duo didn’t know that he was shaking up with Quatre. And between Trowa and Quatre’s ‘business sleepovers’ and Heero’s constant insinuation Duo knew that this was most definitely the case. But for now he was playing it safe and innocent. “Have anyone in mind?”

“Well I-wait a minute. I didn’t say yes. I don’t have to go.” Duo only had one card left and he played it.

“Of course you don’t have to,” Duo tried to sound his most compassionate, “but I would hate for Heero to think that his best friend couldn’t spare him one little evening. He hasn’t seen you in ages you know.” Now Duo didn’t know exactly what Heero and Trowa’s relationship was now, or had been in the past, but he knew that they must be close from the way that Quatre oozed jealously whenever Heero was around. Quatre was not the most stable joist in the barn and made no effort to hide the fact that he hated Heero Yuy with every ounce of his being. There had to be a reason, and that coupled with the fact that Trowa always went out of his way to help Heero out when he needed it made Duo figure that he wasn’t far off the mark when he called Heero Trowa’s best friend.

“Did Heero say he wanted me to go with you two?” Now Trowa was a little more awake and unfortunately this meant that he was more rational. Duo’s hopes of getting Trowa to agree due to his being half-asleep deflated. He was just going to have to be more creative.

“He hasn’t seen you since our little dinner weeks ago and he just mentioned tonight how he was thinking of you.” That wasn’t a lie either. Heero had said he was thinking of Trowa, just not in exactly that way. It had been towards the end of the evening when Heero was driving him home in a car that looked like it belonged in the movie ‘Grease.’ Heero was nothing if not thorough in planning their dates. Heero had been driving of course, and after a period of silence he had said,

“I was just thinking of Trowa.” Eager to learn more about Heero and Trowa’s relationship Duo had jumped right in.

“Yeah? What were you thinking about?”

“How is he?” It was a fairly simple question.

“He’s fine. Why?”

“No reason.” Heero smirked and pinched Duo’s cheek. “I just want to make sure that you’re taking proper care of him over there. You’re not…taking advantage of him I hope?” Heero tried to lean over and kiss him, but Duo leaned just out of his reach.

“Keep your eyes on the road.”

Trowa turned over in bed and let out a long breath.

“If I go with you and Heero on your date will you promise to never wake me up in the middle of the night with idiot questions?” Duo thought about it.

“Okay. Deal.”

“Okay then. Quatre and I will be there.”

“Goodnight Trowa!”

“Goodnight Duo.”


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