Author: Mi
Pairings: 3+4
Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Some shounen-ai
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. Everything else is. Everything.

Spotlight + Part 14



“Quatre, I’m sure everything you need to know is in that little booklet.”

“I’m aware of that Heero. I have been before you know. My family-”

“Spare me. I’m sure whatever you were going to say I’ve heard before.”

“Quatre, Heero, please be quiet, people are starting to whisper.”

“Well then they won’t mind us, will they?”

“Hush!” Duo turned around and glared at all three of them. “I haven’t been here before and I want to listen.

Heero smirked and put his arm around Duo while raising one white-gloved hand behind his back and giving Quatre the finger. Quatre pretended not to notice and shoved his face in his program. Trowa put his arm around him but made sure to accompany the act of comfort with a suffering sigh. Quatre chose to ignore it.

“Do you come here often?” Duo asked Heero in a voice just below a whisper.

“No.” Heero replied in a voice just as low, “I hate running the risk that I should meet one of my kin. Most awkward.”

“Hmph.” Heero never spoke about his family and Duo never asked, but all the same he got the feeling that Heero didn’t like them much. It fit right in with his bad boy image—he hated his parents.

“Watch this part—you’ll like it.” So Duo watched and was quiet for the remaining ten minutes until the curtain fell.


“I have to admit Heero, that was really good.” Duo said as he stretched. He leaned over the edge of the box as he raised his arms over his head and realized a second too late that the railing only came up to the back of his knees. He started to scream as he felt himself slipping and then there was an arm pulling him back up and his body was upright and he was staring right into the eyes of Heero Yuy. “Thanks, Heero.”

“You’re welcome.” Heero was hugging him and Duo realized that he couldn’t move.

“You can let me go now, thanks.” He said with one eyebrow raised. Heero didn’t relax his grip.

“I just saved your life; I deserve at least a kiss.” Heero leaned in and Duo figured he might as well let him do it; he couldn’t see any other way of getting out of Heero’s evil clutches.

“Oh please.” Quatre was standing at the back of the box holding the door with one hand, his head turned back towards them and his eyes rolling. “Can’t you just restrict yourself to the shameless heroics without the cliché lines too? Come on Duo, it’s bad enough you’re letting him breathe on you.” Heero paused for half a second and then pulled Duo’s head forward and kissed him, hard.

He wasn’t a bad kisser, really, but that didn’t make up for the fact that he was Heero Yuy. When Duo felt Heero’s tongue he decided that that was quite enough payment and pulled back.

“Enough. I want to stretch my legs; let’s get out of here.” Heero let him go, but not without giving his butt a hard pinch. “I said enough, Heero! Don’t push it.”

“Of course not, Pretty.” Heero followed Duo out of the box and into the lobby where Quatre was chatting with someone Duo didn’t recognize and Trowa was leafing through his program.

“I must admit, Mr. Winner, that I thought the second half dragged on a bit, I saw the lead soprano in a performance of La Traviata at Benson and she is not up to the task, to use the expression.”

“I quite agree Mr. Werther, but do keep in mind that this was in essence a performance piece; we do not know what the purpose truly was and I am not sure where to draw a fair comparison.” Quatre broke off the conversation and turned to Duo. “Ah, Duo. Mr. Werther, this is Duo Maxwell. Duo, the Count Richard Werther. The Count is a good friend of the family and an old one.” Mr. Werther smiled patronizingly.

“I’ve known Mr. Winner here since he was in diapers, pardon the word. You’re a friend of Mr. Winner’s then?” Duo was tempted to fidget but remained composed under the man’s uncomfortable stare.

“Yes, I am.” Heero chose that moment to intercede and Duo was glad; for some things Heero was ideal, and one of them was breaking up uncomfortable silences—providing he had not caused them in the first place.

“Excuse me, I’m terribly sorry, but it’s getting late and there’s a lovely bistro down the street and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they had a reservation in my name pending. I do hate to break up this lovely conversation, a pleasure to meet you, I assure you.” The man looked distinctly unhappy to be interrupted and turned the full force of his stare on Heero. Heero seemed not to be affected at all.

“And who, may I ask, are you young man? I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you here at the House before.” Duo couldn’t imagine that the man was insinuating that Heero had snuck in—they had gone through three gates to get to their box, located in a very private and upscale section of the House, and Heero had showed proper identification at each one. It had even had his real name on it.

“No one of any importance I assure you. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to be on my way. Duo.” Heero turned made as if to walk towards the exit.

“Wait!” Duo said, “It’s only intermission! Aren’t we going to stay and see the rest?” Heero frowned.

“I never stay through second acts. Now let’s go.” Trowa had already left the lobby but Duo, Heero, and Quatre were still there. The lights began to dim, the five-minute warning that the second act was about to begin. People around them began to move back towards their boxes.

“Young man! What box are you in?” Mr. Werther did not appreciate being spoken to in that way, certainly not by a man at least half his age, and it showed.

“That, Mr. Werther, is Heero Yuy, box 311.” Quatre volunteered, with an evil smile on his face. Heero froze.

“Yuy? No relation to Haruki Yuy, of 33 Belmont Dr.?” Duo could see the muscles in Heero’s shoulders tighten as he turned to face Mr. Werther.

“No notable relation, Mr. Werther. I am simply his son.” The surprise and shock in Mr. Werther’s face was evident to everyone present. He coughed and sniffed for a moment and then pulled himself together and said,

“You mean you’re—” Heero stood completely upright and spoke with fire in his eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Werther, I am the only living son of Haruki and Kanako Yuy of 33 Belmont Dr. My box is box 311 and if you’ll excuse me I have a date to keep. Good day.” And with that Heero turned on his heel and walked briskly out of the lobby and down to the street. Duo smiled at Mr. Werther, suddenly more at ease in front of the older man, and took his leave as well.

“Lovely seeing you again, Mr. Werther. I hope our paths shall cross soon indeed.” Quatre bowed low, incredibly pleased with himself, and left the theater. Mr. Werther returned his bow and moved sluggishly toward his own box, murmuring to himself,

“Heero Yuy…Heero Yuy….”


At the café Heero ordered cappuccino for everyone and they drank them in silence. Heero was still livid, and Duo thought it best not to say anything that might upset him—not to say anything at all. Quatre was immensely pleased with himself and was sipping his cappuccino with great care, using his napkin liberally between sips. Trowa, who has left the lobby as soon as Duo and Heero had arrived, and consequently had been absent for the events of the fifteen minutes prior, was the first to speak.

“I thought it was good. A little strange, but good. The lighting was very well done.” Quatre put his glass down.

“Very well done, Trowa. I especially liked the way the light from the countess’ cigarette brought out the harsh glare of the spotlight. Masterful, really.” Duo wanted to say something productive, but he didn’t know anything about theater and certainly nothing about opera.

“The singing was nice. I liked the men much better that the women, though.”

“Trebles, mostly.” Heero volunteered. Duo looked sideways at him and saw that his temper was cooling. He would be okay. “There were a few baritones but nothing onerous. There was one bass during rehearsal, but he was sacked.”

“You saw this in rehearsal?” Duo looked at him questioningly.

“Of course. How do you think I knew which parts were best?” Duo shrugged.

“I figured you’d seen it before.” Heero laughed.

“That was the first performance, Duo. That’s what ‘World Premiere’ means.” Duo pushed him lightly.

“Well sorry if I don’t know all of your fancy opera talk. I’m just a lowly security guard.”

“No,” Trowa said, “You’re not. You’re a very important security guard. Trust me.”

“Oh yeah? Nobody ever tried to break into the bank while I was on duty. The most action I ever see is when Marjorie forgets to put out her cigarette butts.”

Quatre waved a finger at him. “That’s because they know you’re too good.No one could get past you.”

Heero smirked, reached over, and grabbed Duo’s butt. “Except me.”


“So what do you think of him?” Trowa asked as he brushed his teeth.

“Who?” Duo replied, “Heero?”

“Yes. Now that you’ve spent a little more time with him, I mean.” Duo thought about it.

“He’s okay I guess.” Duo stopped talking for a moment to change into his nightshirt. “A little weird at times. He can come off stuck-up too, like with the attitude and everything. How much longer you gonna be?” He heard Trowa spit.

“Just a minute.” Trowa started brushing again. “What do you mean, stuck-up?”

“I don’t know,” Duo answered. “The way he acts. Like tonight, ‘I never stay for second acts,’ what was that about?”

“When did he say that? I don’t remember that.” Trowa spat again, and Duo could hear him gargling.

“Oh right, you weren’t there. After you left Quatre told that guy, Mr. Werner, who Heero was and he got really pissed off. He said something about never staying for second acts.” Trowa spat for the last time and emerged from the bathroom. He looked very serious.

“Heero stays for second acts, he just didn’t want to stay for this one.” Duo moved past Trowa into the bathroom and took out his toothbrush.

“Why? How do you know? Did Heero tell you? I mean, we were there already, I would have liked to stay.” Trowa sighed; Duo wasn’t sure he was going to answer, but after a few minutes of silence he said,

“Heero had a brother. He died when Heero was very young. They play that piece every year at his brother’s memorial. That’s why he didn’t want to stay. He probably wouldn’t have gone tonight at all if he hadn’t been specially invited to see that opera.” Trowa stopped talking and went into his room. Duo finished brushing his teeth, washed his face, and was going to bed when he heard Trowa call out from his room. “Duo—Heero didn’t have to tell me; I know because I’ve been his friend a long, long time. Goodnight Duo”

“Goodnight Trowa.” Duo turned off the light in the hall and went into his own room, but before he climbed into bed he picked his program up off of his desk and turned to the index. “Act two…Requiem, Gabriel Faure. Hm.” Then Duo turned off the lights and went to bed.


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