Author: Mi
Pairings: None yet
Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Not too much to say right now.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. Everything else is.

Spotlight + Part 2

Duo was just about to go to bed when the phone rang. He had been re-shelving books all morning and the night shift had been more boring than it had been in months. Marjorie, one of his fellow guards at the bank, had two kids and one of them was getting her tonsils removed. Monday nights were the most boring night of the week because all of the cash in the grand vault was picked up Monday afternoon and there was nothing to steal and nothing to check on. There were also less guards on duty on Mondays, just Marjorie and himself, which meant less people to talk to. And with Marjorie out with her daughter there was no one for Duo to talk to at all. Which made his shift very, very boring.

Now Duo just wanted to get a good eight hours and seven minutes of sleep and his phone wouldn't even allow him that. He knew that he should pick it up, even if it was keeping him from his nice warm bed. At the very least if he picked it up it would stop ringing. With great effort he dragged himself away from his bed and picked up the offending piece of black plastic.

"Duo Maxwell speaking."

"Duo, how are you? Prof. Kerigg here"

"Professor!" Duo exclaimed and then yawned from the effort of becoming too excited too quickly. "How are you? How was your weekend?"

"Great Duo, great. Sounds like you're tired so I won't keep you. Remember the person I told you about over lunch? The friend? He wants to meet with you. He's a student at the college across town."

"Friend?" Duo glanced over at his bed. Would Prof. Kerigg notice if he fell asleep while he was talking to him?

"A potential roommate. He goes to Stokely and he's a friend of mine from when I used to teach there."

"Stokely?" Duo was having trouble processing all the information.

"Right, Stokely. He's living in the dorms now but he wants to live off campus so that he can have a little more freedom; he wants to take a couple of classes at Community too. Besides, he's tired of living there. The only glitch is that he has a cat."

"Uhh." Duo looked longingly towards his bed.

"I know you might be a little uneasy with that but why don't I have him meet us for lunch tomorrow and you can decide if you like him or not. I'll tell him to bring his cat."

"Okay." Duo yawned again. Prof. Kerigg Friend Stokely Cat lunch. He could handle that; it wasn't too many words.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow in class Duo. Now please get some sleep." He could hear Prof. Kerigg smile over the phone.

It was definitely time for bed.


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