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Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Not too much to say right now.
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Spotlight + Part 5

Duo got home from work on Saturday evening at exactly six fourteen PM. He had exactly two hours and thirty-six minutes before he had to leave for his night shift. He was dead tired from re-shelving all the books in the reference section to accommodate the new additions; the reference books were the heaviest in the library. All he wanted to do was make himself some rice and steamed vegetables and take a shower. With any luck he'd even be able to take an hour-long nap after dinner.

The first sign that things weren't going to go as planned was the boy leaning against his building.

Duo didn't live in a particularly reputable neighborhood, but he didn't live in a particularly bad one either, so he knew that the boy cluttering up his sidewalk didn't live there.

You wouldn't have thought it to look at him.

He was leaning against the wall just to the left of the door to Duo's building and acting like he owned the place. A smoking cigarette was hanging between the index and middle finger of his left hand and he was staring out at the street at nothing with a condescending frown on his face.

The first emotion that Duo realized was absolute hatred.

Then Duo remembered that Trowa Barton was moving into his apartment today. He put one sullen boy and one sullen boy together and realized that this must be one of Trowa's friends, presumably there to help him move in. Duo shuddered as he got closer to his door. He hoped that Trowa's friends didn't get any more extreme than the frowning boy. He was starting to regret getting a roommate even before he had moved in.

When he got to the door of his building he hesitated. He wanted to go in. He wanted to eat his dinner and take his shower. But to do that he'd have to get into his apartment, which meant he'd have to get into the building, which meant he'd have to go right past the boy who had still not taken a drag from his cigarette even though it had been smoking since Duo had spotted him all the way down the block.

It wasn't that the boy was scary per se, it was more that he was…intimidating. Duo thought that this was ridiculous considering it was his building but the frowning boy's body language clearly said ‘Don't even think of coming in here.'

Duo looked at his doorway; it was only five feet away. He shifted all of his weight to his left foot. He waited six seconds and then shifted all of his weight to his right foot. He patted his pocket to make sure that his keys were there. He looked up at the sun, tried to guess exactly what time it was (6:14:12? 6:14:13? He couldn't be sure), and then looked at the other boy. Unlike Duo he had not moved at all; he was still staring out at the street with that same look of condescension.

Duo checked for his keys once more and then walked briskly towards the front door of his building. He was going in whether the boy liked it or not.

He was going in.

Right now.

He really was.

Duo took a deep breath, bent his head, and walked purposefully into his building. It was his building, damnit! As soon as he got inside he walked straight to the elevator and pressed the call button. That boy had been creepy. Really, really, creepy. ‘I bet he still hasn't moved.' The elevator hadn't come yet so Duo inched slowly over to the front door. He tried to crane his neck around the corner and see the boy. He was still staring out into the street, same expression, same cigarette. He hadn't moved. The elevator came and Duo hurried upstairs and away from the stranger. He keyed into his apartment and as soon as he had the door open a few inches a black blur streaked past him and down the hall. Duo groaned. There was the second sign.

"Trowa, your cat…um, Melee, ran out." Duo called out into the apartment. It looked the same as when he had left that morning. He supposed that that was a good sign. He walked over to Trowa's room. Against the real wall, where this morning there had only been empty space, was now a twin-sized bed. Under the picture window there was a night table, an antique by the looks of it. There was also an expensive looking audiovisual system set up against the wall that was actually a bookshelf. Duo spotted at least two tape decks, one CD player, a DVD player, a VCR, and a turntable. Above it all was a flatscreen TV. Aside from all of this there was another antique looking piece, a desk, that was crammed between the foot of the desk and the paper-screen wall. It was a dark oak office piece complete with a large green blotter. Trowa was arranging a camera on a tripod that stood atop the desk. His orange cat Andy was sitting on the matching dark oak swivel chair staring up at Trowa and batting at the air. Duo was surprised; he hadn't expected Trowa to have such an…eclectic collection of belongings.

"Your cat ran out into the hall." Duo tried again. Trowa turned his head to stare at Duo. He was dressed impeccably, just like the last two times they had met. ‘ I can't believe I'm moving in with someone I've only met twice. I mean letting someone move who I've only met twice. He's moving in with me.' He was wearing dark brown pants that looked ironed and pressed, an equally neat white collared shirt, brown suspenders, and black leather shoes. He was still wearing that square steel ring on the pinkie of his left hand.

"Did you close the door?" Duo shook his head. Trowa turned back to his camera and adjusted it some more. "Then he'll come back." As the words left Trowa's mouth the little black cat walked calmly through Duo's legs and under Trowa's bed where Duo could just make out the end of a blanket and the cloth tail of a toy mouse. Duo stood in the doorway for another minute and two seconds before realizing that Trowa wasn't going to say anything else so he went into the kitchen to make his dinner.

The kitchen was neat, which was a good sign, but it was not as Duo had left it that morning, which was a bad sign. There was one plate in the drying rack, along with one fork, and one of his smaller pots. The same pot that he had been planning on making his dinner in. With a grumble and a scowl he walked back to Trowa's room.

‘I can't believe he cooked! He hasn't even lived here for a whole day yet and he's already using the kitchen! I bet he made something I don't like.' "Trowa, did you cook dinner?"

"Yes." Duo didn't wait for more this time, he knew he was going to have to ask eventually.

"Well where is it?"

"I ate it. I didn't know what you liked so I didn't make you any." Duo took a deep breath in through his nose and walked back into the kitchen.

‘I can't believe he made dinner and didn't make any for me! What kind of roommate does that?' Duo grabbed the little pot off the drying rack and filled it with water from the sink. He took out his anger on the rice as he dumped it into the pot. Then he took out his anger on the cutting block as he chopped the carrots. And the broccoli. And the corn. And the…wait, where were the green peppers? He looked through the whole refrigerator twice, but the green peppers were just not there.

Duo growled in frustration. First his creepy friend guarding the building, then he made dinner but none for Duo, and then he used all of the green peppers. Duo was fuming, but he resigned himself to making his dinner without the peppers.

No peppers. No peppers. All he could think about as he ate was no peppers. He couldn't enjoy his meal because in every bite there were no peppers. He decided to give up on dinner, so he covered the bowl in saran wrap, put it in the refrigerator, tossed his fork in the sink, and headed to the bathroom for his shower.

As if there weren't enough already, in the bathroom was another sign that things were not going as planned for Duo. Right in the middle of his shower was a litterbox. Which would have been okay on its own but there was also cat litter scattered all over the bottom of the shower. Duo clenched his teeth, removed the litterbox, and took the shortest shower of his life. Then he took very measured steps to his bedroom and climbed up onto his bed. He was going to get his nap, and Trowa was not going to do anything to mess it up.


Miraculously, nothing happened. Trowa hadn't broken his bed frame or left frogs in his bed, and he had not even once disturbed his nap. When Duo woke up exactly one hour later he felt refreshed and much less angry with his new roommate. So much less angry that he thought he would pay a friendly call on Trowa before he left for work. So he got out of bed and changed his clothes. And walked into Trowa's room. And saw one of the strangest things he had ever seen.

The boy from downstairs had indeed been Trowa's friend. Duo was sure of it now because he was standing in Trowa's room, right next to the antique bed table and the picture window. He was in almost exactly the same pose that he had been in outside, but to Duo's relief he was not holding a cigarette. Trowa's friend was taller than Duo but shorter than Trowa. He was stylish like Trowa, but unlike Trowa he didn't look like a magazine model. Duo had a feeling that Trowa wouldn't have any friends who had bad taste.

This boy was dressed in black. Black long sleeved turtleneck, check. Black pants and black belt tucked into black army boots with black laces, check. Black trench coat, check. Black hair, check. Everything that wasn't black was silver. Silver buckles on his belt and shoes; silver barbed wire woven into a choker and a silver Celtic cross on a silver chain, silver studs in his ear and a silver ring in his right eyebrow. He was also wearing a silver barbed wire bracelet and several silver rings. It looked like real barbed wire, too.

While black boy was leaning against the wall with the picture window, not moving, Trowa was standing next to his antique desk taking pictures. At first Duo thought that Trowa was taking pictures of black boy, but after several dozen flashes Duo wasn't so sure. The camera didn't look like it was always pointed at black boy, and when it was it was it was never focused entirely on him.

The whole scene was very strange, but somehow it was also strangely erotic.

Duo knew that it was erotic, but it wasn't turning him on. He knew that it was erotic and that was all.

"I'm going to work now, Trowa." Duo said. "I won't be back ‘till late, around midnight." Trowa didn't say anything but Duo thought that he saw him nod.

Of course it could've just as easily been a breeze ruffling the solid mass of hair in front of Trowa's face. Duo walked slowly backwards, out of Trowa's doorway and towards his front door. "Bye."

And he opened the door very carefully to make sure the cat didn't run out.

And then he left.


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