Author: Mi
Pairings: None yet
Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Not too much to say right now.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. Everything else is.

Spotlight + Part 6

When Duo got home from work he wasn't really tired. In fact, he wasn't tired at all. He was so not tired that he thought he might as well have a look-see into Trowa's room and maybe ask him about the weird goings-on earlier that day.

His plan would have worked perfectly except for one thing.

Trowa wasn't there.

Now for Duo, who's schedule was so full that most of his free time was spent sleeping, it was more than a little strange that Trowa wouldn't be in bed at midnight. If it had been Duo at home alone he would have been getting as much sleep as possible. On the other hand, Duo reasoned as he went to the closet in the hall to get his pajamas, Trowa probably didn't have to split all of his time between work and school. Trowa was probably a full-time student and had parents helping him pay his way through college.

After all, he mused while he brushed his teeth in front of the bathroom mirror, Trowa did go to Stokely and one had to have money in order to go there.

Just because Trowa wasn't home, however, didn't keep Duo from wondering what that little photography session had been about that evening. He wanted to ask Trowa what the pictures were for, and who black boy was, and why he was taking them.

But mot of all Duo wanted to see those pictures.

He had known, as he stood in the doorway to Trowa's room, that there was something off about the pictures that Trowa was taking. While he had been standing there he had thought that they had been erotic, but after thinking about it during his shift at the bank he wasn't so sure. After all, if they were supposed to be erotic shouldn't they have been…turning him on more? He had known that they were erotic but it had been a detached sort of clinical knowledge, and he hadn't been aroused by it.

So he had tried to think up other explanations. Maybe Trowa was an artistic photographer and he was taking photos for an upcoming exhibition.

That had been Duo's hope; he liked artists and living with a photographer might have some interesting perks.

Maybe Trowa was a photographer for a magazine and black boy had been his model. That was possible, Duo thought to himself as he climbed up into his loft bed, but if black boy was the model why had Trowa been pointing the camera at other parts of the room? Duo still had to work that one out.

Maybe Trowa was a freelance photographer and black boy had hired him to take his picture. That was also possible, but if that was so it didn't make sense that Trowa had taken the pictures in his room in Duo's apartment. Trowa had just moved in that day so black boy couldn't have known what his background would look like when he hired Trowa. And Duo knew that if he were hiring a photographer he'd like to see his studio before agreeing to any pictures. Of course, Duo admitted that everyone wasn't like him.

Or maybe Trowa really was a pornographer. Maybe he was a pornographer and he took really strange clinically erotic photos and published them in magazines, or put them up on the Internet. Duo didn't think that he'd like to live with a pornographer, but the thought wasn't well formed because he was already drifting into sleep when he thought it.

Maybe he was tired after all.


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