Author: Mi
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Rating: G
Warnings: AU. Not too much to say right now.
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Spotlight + Part 7

When Duo woke up it was 5:04 on Sunday morning.

Which made sense, because the day before had been Saturday. Duo got up, climbed out of bed, and yawned. He was dead tired, like every Sunday morning, from his shift the night before. He had just finished brushing his teeth and was walking past Trowa's room when he realized that Trowa was living with him.

Which made sense, because Trowa had moved in on Saturday, the day that Duo had already established had been yesterday. He looked at a clock. It read 5:05.

Which made sense because- Duo shook his head. It was too early in the morning for this. He tried to put together all the pieces of information that he had at his fingertips.

1) It was Sunday.
2) It was 5:05 AM.
3) He was tired.
4) Trowa was living with him.

The first two pieces of information told him that he should go to work.

The third told him that he didn't want to.

The fourth told him that he didn't have to.

And then his brain supplied him with another piece of information:

5) If he didn't have to go to work then he didn't have to be awake and conscious at 5:06 AM.

And then his brain gave him the last piece of information that he needed to arrive at a conclusion:

6) If he didn't need to be awake and conscious then he could go to bed

So he did.


When Duo next woke it was 11:42 AM. It was still Sunday morning and he was no longer tired. He got up, climbed out of bed, and went to brush his teeth for the second time that morning. He figured that the first time didn't count since he had been only half awake. He had a little plastic red toothbrush with blue and yellow fire trucks on it. It had been on sale at Rite Aid months ago and he still hadn't gotten a new one. Now the bristles were falling out and getting stuck in his teeth and half of the fire trucks had been rubbed off.

It was probably time to get a new one.

Now in the bathroom, next to the over-used red toothbrush, was another toothbrush. It was on the other side of the counter from the red one, all the way across the sink, but Duo was still sure that the new toothbrush was crowding his old red one. It was so... new. It was clear plastic with a strip of black on the handle and matching black bristles. It was even standing up in its own black case that Duo was sure was making his toothbrush jealous. Duo didn't have any problems with the new toothbrush but he was afraid that his toothbrush might try to drown the new one in the sink, or commit some other act of dental hygiene violence.

Duo put the black toothbrush in the medicine cabinet just in case, for its own safety.

After he was finished keeping peace in the bathroom he came out to get dressed. Since he didn't have to go to work he wasn't in any hurry. He decided on blue jeans and a green t-shirt along with his favorite sneakers. Since he didn't have anything planned he decided to see what Trowa was up to. This could be the perfect opportunity to get to know his new roommate. Unfortunately when he looked into Trowa's room he found that, once again, Trowa was busy. He was taking more pictures, this time with a different model. Or at least, Duo thought that it was a different model.

This boy had blonde hair, which Duo noticed right away because it contrasted sharply against his black clothes. Unlike Trowa and black boy from last night he wore no jewelry. He was wearing black pants and wing-tipped black shoes. Over that he had a black trenchcoat cinched around the waist by a thick black belt with a big silver buckle. There were also a couple of smaller silver buckles on the upper right torso of the coat to keep the top closed. The sleeves and collar were trimmed in thick white fur. On his head was a big black hat that was tilted over his left eye and covered most of his hair. Only the back of his blonde head and some small wisps of hair that hung in front of his remaining eye was visible. He was tilting his hat on with his right hand and holding his big belt buckle with his left. There was a little fan on the floor that was blowing up the bottom of the trenchcoat making it flare around the boy's ankles, and the look he was giving the camera... His mouth was set in a firm line and his eye was daring the camera to take the picture.

Duo thought he looked like a pimp. Which only reinforced his idea that Trowa was a pornographer. He looked at the clock. 11:59. He decided to interrupt Trowa.

"Morning, Trowa!" He could only legally say morning for one more minute, so he decided to get his day's worth. Trowa looked at him with his one eye and then, as if catching himself, turned immediately back to the camera. It was too late; the mood had been broken. Blond boy looked at Duo and smiled, taking off his hat. Duo thought that smiling with his hat off he didn't really look like a pimp at all.

"This your new roomie, Trowa?" Blonde boy's voice was about half an octave higher than his own. Definitely not a pimp. Trowa just nodded, turning to clean up his camera equipment. Duo decided to be friendly and offered his hand.

"Duo Maxwell, new roomie." Blond boy laughed and shook it.

"Quatre R.W. That's capital Q-u-a-t-r-e, capital R period, capital W period. Strange, I know." Quatre paused. "Trowa's right hand man, you could say. I find the subjects, he takes the pictures." Here Quatre looked Duo up and down. Maybe he really was a pimp. "Trowa didn't tell me that he had such an... ascetically pleasing roommate. What gives Tori?" Trowa ignored him. "So Duo, would you be interested in modeling?" Duo blinked.

"I... I mean, well-" Quatre gave him a broad smile.

"Don't answer that yet. What are you doing today? What's say we go out, have a bite, talk, get to know each other. I don't like to hire anyone I wouldn't consider a friend. Trowa'll come too, won't you Tori?" Trowa didn't lookup from where he was putting away the camera pieces, but he did nod. It was the nod of a man who was resigned to his fate because he knew it would be useless to argue. "Great! I know this lovely little café down on Mercer St., five minutes walk from here." He led Duo towards the door, grabbing Duo's jacket as they went out. "Come on Tori!"

"But I don't have-"

"Nonsense, it's on me." Quatre gave him that smile again. Duo couldn't argue with that smile.


"... And that's how Trowa and I met." Quatre and Duo sat facing each other across a small round table with Trowa in between. He had been silent all through lunch while Quatre had talked almost the entire time. "Idyllic, isn't it? It's been a perfect partnership ever since. He's the real artist," Here Quatre gave Trowa his winning smile, "I just take care of the business end." Quatre took a bite of cherry pie. "He takes the pictures and develops them. I pay for the equipment and find the talent. When we have an exhibition he organizes it and I fund it." Duo thought about that for a second.

"So you take a percentage?" Quatre had to get something out of the deal.

"Of course not! My reward is seeing Trowa do well. He's very talented. My family has money, so I'm not loosing money on him. But even if I was," more smiling, "I would still do it. Trowa's very special." Quatre pushed his little plate and fork towards the middle of the little table. "So how about it, Duo? One shoot--that's all I'm asking. If you don't like the way the pictures come out you don't have to do anything else." If Quatre didn't stop smiling at him like that Duo was afraid that he might agree to something stupid without realizing it.

"Why not." It might be a good way to get to know his roommate and he hadn't had a good picture taken of him in ages. And he wouldn't have to pay for it. What could go wrong?

"That's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. When can we start? Trowa, how soon can you do him? What about this afternoon? Duo, are you busy?"

This afternoon? He wasn't really doing anything but... what the hell. Today was as good as any other day. Better, because he didn't have to work.

"I'm free this afternoon."

"Lovely. I'd love to stay and watch the shoot but I've got to get back to school and attend to some things. Trowa is a wonderful photographer, I'm sure you'll have a great time." Quatre took a black leather wallet out of his trenchcoat and placed a 50-dollar bill on the table. "That should cover it." He shook Duo's hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you Duo, as Trowa's model and roommate I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Don't be too hard on him Tori!"

And just like that, in a flurry of black and white, he was gone.

Duo looked at Trowa. Trowa looked back at him evenly.

"So... ah, how do we start?" Trowa stood up.

"Let's go upstairs."


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