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Back of My Heart + Chapter 3

Duo felt like the air was charged with electricity as they rode the elevator up. Trowa was leaning against the carpeted wall across from him, his legs crossed at the ankle and his arms across his chest, looking the very epitome of cool. That the other man could be so calm was driving Duo insane, particularly when he himself couldn't keep still. As the numbers ticked by, he bounced his leg, tapped his fingers against his hip and tried to find something - anything - to say.

When the tension was an inch away from killing him, he cleared his throat and forced himself to look Trowa in the eye. "So..." he began.

The elevator car came to a stop.

Trowa pushed away from the wall as the doors slid open. "Hmm?"

"Uh, nothing," Duo said, motioning for Trowa to exit and then following him into the hall. His palms were sweating and he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets.

"I really had fun this week, Duo," said Trowa, glancing over at the shorter man. He unlocked the door and pushed it open, holding it with his foot as he shoved his keys back in his pants.

"Yeah, me too," Duo replied absently as he stepped inside. As the door clicked shut, he began to regret his decision to come up; being this close to Trowa without anyone else around was going to his head, or more accurately, his dick. Everything the green-eyed man did seemed sexual: the way he ran his finger down the row of buttons before pressing the number for the right floor; the way he licked his lips before sliding the key into the lock; the way he stood there waiting with one thumb hooked into the pocket of his jeans, so that they were pulled down just enough to reveal a sliver of skin beneath the hem of his t-shirt... And shit. He found himself caught staring again, and this time, it was with a far less innocent line of sight.

"Hey, Trowa, you know, I think maybe it's too late for coffee," Duo said. His ears were burning and he met the other man's eyes with an extraordinary amount of willpower.

"Hmm. I think you're right."

"We should do this again sometime though," Duo said. He reached for the doorhandle, ready to beat a hasty retreat before he did something stupid.

Trowa thrust an arm out to keep the door closed. "You don't have to leave," he said, leveling his eyes with Duo's.

"I, uh..." Duo said slowly. His tongue felt thick in his mouth and his head spun. Surely, this couldn't be happening. He was the one wanting to nail Trowa right here on the floor, it wasn't mutual, right?

"Stay," Trowa said.

Duo had backed up instinctively and his shoulderblades were flush against the door. He stared up into Trowa's face. A shiver ran along his spine and he licked his lips nervously. He'd spent half a week pretty much trying not to jump the guy, and now was his chance, but Quatre was due back tomorrow, and speaking of the blonde, he sure as hell didn't want to make the same mistake again.

He tried to gather his wits. "Quatre..." he began.

"Will be delighted to find you here tomorrow," Trowa finished. He leaned in closer until he felt Duo's breath mix with his. "He's been trying to sic me on you ever since you showed up with those wine glasses in his hospital room." He rested a hand lightly on Duo's hip and thumbed small circles on the soft denim.

Well, that answered that. This was no ambiguous series of hugs, Trowa was definitely coming on to him. Duo tried not to grin and managed to keep his full lips confined to a smirk. "Not a matchmaker, my ass."

Trowa made a purring chuckle low in his throat. "So, are you willing to stay?" he asked, his lips brushing against Duo's with every word.

"If I do, Q will be sickeningly proud of himself," Duo murmured. His pulse hammered in his throat as he tilted his head a few degrees.

"I don't think I care," Trowa said.

"Me eith-" Duo's reply disintegrated into a garbled moan as Trowa's hand slid to cup his crotch.

Duo reached up to take hold of Trowa's face as they shared a wild, desperate kiss and stumbled their way towards the hallway. They passed the bookcase with no difficulty, but when the taller man's icy fingers found the button of his jeans, Duo faltered and banged into a low endtable.

Trowa managed to catch both Duo and the sculpture they knocked over. He slid the undoubtedly expensive piece of pottery back in its place as Duo regained his footing.

"That was close," Duo laughed nervously.

The rest of the way was negotiated far more carefully and the mood was far less frantic when they made it to the guest room.

"I shouldn't have to ask, but..." Trowa stroked the front of the other man's jeans, "tested recently?"

"Clean," Duo answered.

Trowa nodded. "Same."

With that out of the way, Duo slithered his arms around the taller man's neck and sought out his mouth. He felt the chill of Trowa's fingers against his belly again, and sucked in a breath as they slid down the loosened front of his jeans. "Your fingers are cold," he teased, and flicked his tongue against Trowa's lower lip.

"They're warming up," Trowa replied, wrapping his hand around Duo's erection.

Duo's hips jerked reflexively, straining into the other man's cool touch as those long fingers caressed and teased, then fell into a steady rhythm. He tangled his fingers in Trowa's thick hair and kissed him hard, his tongue automatically matching the pace of the hand that stroked his cock. Ice turned to fire, and far sooner than he expected, Duo had to twist his head to break the kiss and gasp out a breathy, "Wait."

"Damn," he said, taking hold of Trowa's wrist and waiting until he was sure he wouldn't come before daring to extract the other man's hand from his pants. "Now, /that/ was close."

He took a few deep breaths and grinned crookedly. "What say we get a bit more naked before I manage to embarrass myself by blowing my load way too fast," Duo chuckled, and crouched down to remove his boots so he could drag his pants all the way off.

Trowa followed suit, bending over and swiftly unlacing his shoes, but when he straightened and his hands went to the waist of his pants, Duo stopped him. Still crouching, the American looked up through his bangs. "Let me," he said huskily.

At Trowa's nod, Duo took the corner of denim between his teeth and tugged. Once the button came free, he peeled down the zipper with his lips and nudged aside the flaps of Trowa's fly to run his mouth against the soft, black cotton of the taller man's briefs.

With slow, deliberate care, he dragged both underwear and jeans down past the other's slim hips. The light filtering in from the hallway ghosted through the fine hairs on Trowa's legs, and Duo ran his palms along the back of the man's lean thighs before he used his lips to explore the shape of the thick cock that hovered before him.

Duo closed his eyes as he took in as much of Trowa's length as he could. Although he'd been told several time that he was good at giving head, Duo never really enjoyed performing and rarely did it for his partners, but he wanted to do everything he could to make Trowa feel good and remember this night forever. He sucked as hard as he could without worrying about his teeth and used every trick he knew; twisting his tongue and rolling it expertly along the underside of Trowa's shaft. As he coaxed a series of moans from the tall man, the erection that had been fading between Duo's thighs surged with new life, and a wholly unexpected shiver of pleasure ran down his spine when he felt Trowa's hand curve across the top of his head.

He felt a tug at the base of his skull and the weight of his braid disappeared from his back as Trowa took it in his hand. Hearing his name whispered heavy with desire made another spark of pleasure shoot through his body, and Duo found himself genuinely excited as each time his tongue slid a certain way, a shudder echoed down Trowa's long legs.

"Duo, enough," Trowa panted, hunching over. He struggled to untangle his fingers from the other man's braid. "Stop. I'll come."

Reluctantly, Duo drew away. "I want to fuck you," he said, and if Trowa was thinking the same thing, he didn't voice any disappointment.

"Have a condom?" Trowa asked, running his knuckles along Duo's cheek.

His generous mouth widening into a grin, Duo gave Trowa's ass a firm squeeze before he settled back on his heels and reached behind him to drag his jacket off the foot of the low bed. The folds of leather seemed to multiply as he pawed through it, and it took him three times as long as it should have to locate the inner pocket. "Duo Maxwell," he said, pulling out a little foil package and an accompanying tiny packet of lube, "is always prepared."

If Duo had proved how talented his mouth was, now it was Trowa's turn. "Have a seat," he said, and his green-eyes flashed eagerly as he snatched the condom from Duo. After a moment spared to kick away the clinging remains of pants and underwear, they were both naked, and Trowa was settling on his knees between Duo's legs.

"Definitely don't need the heat up tonight," Trowa said under his breath as he opened the foil and tossed it on the floor. He placed the rubber between his lips, and lowering his mouth, neatly unrolled the condom without using anything else.

Scooting back, Duo drew Trowa with him onto the bed. He ran a hand across the other man's back as they pressed their bodies eagerly against one another and shared a fresh bout of wet kisses. Long fingers stroked the length of his side and he rubbed the heel of his foot against Trowa's calf as they ground their erections together. He felt dizzy, excited, and a little bit nervous, and when he couldn't take it anymore, he blindly tore open the sampler of lube. He rubbed the tips of his fingers at Trowa's asshole, pressing firmly as the muscles began to loosen. Straddled above him, Trowa moaned and curved his spine.

"More," Trowa said, burying his face in the crook of Duo's neck and panting open-mouthed. He slowed his breathing to relax his body as Duo's fingers slid inside him. "Deeper..."

Duo thrust his fingers in as best he could, but the position they were in was awkward. After a few more failed attempts to work his fingers in past the first knuckle, he withdrew his hand and replaced it with the tip of his cock.

As soon as Trowa felt the blunt tip hot against his body, he pressed back, forcing himself down on Duo's shaft. His loosening ring throbbed to the beat of his heart as Duo's cock forced its way inside him and he lay heavily against the longhaired man's chest when he felt it slide fully into his body.

Even with a condom on, fucking Trowa was amazing. Duo found every ragged moan brought him that much closer to coming, and it drove him absolutely wild the way Trowa's knees tightened around his thighs whenever his cock brushed against the bundle of nerves inside the green-eyed man's body.

His skin was damp with sweat and his entire body thrumming with pleasure when Duo stopped long enough to roll Trowa onto his back. Pulling one of the man's long legs over his shoulder, Duo groaned as he thrust back in to Trowa's body. Hips moving in a steady rhythm that drove his cock deep into the hot passage that gripped him tightly, Duo twisted his head to the side and kissed the rough skin of Trowa's knee.

"You are so fucking hot," he said, punctuating each word with a powerful thrust that sent his balls smacking against Trowa's ass.

Trowa bucked his hips in response and slid a hand between their sweat-slicked bodies. "Faster," he demanded as he took his cock in one hand and gripped the twisted blankets with the other.

Duo obliged, letting Trowa's leg slide off his shoulder and dropping down to his elbows to drive his cock relentlessly into the man beneath him. "I'm not going to last long like this," he gasped.

"Uhnn..." Trowa made a strangled cry, and the sudden absence of friction between their stomachs told Duo he didn't have to worry about coming too soon anymore.

Long limbs tangled themselves around him, and Duo found his completion swiftly. The feeling was explosive... amazing... fucking mind-blowing, he decided. He collapsed atop Trowa with muscles that trembled with exertion and his heart pounding furiously. "Holy fuck," he whispered.

"That was..." Duo trailed off, and tried to summon the willpower to move.

"Yeah..." Trowa murmured, sounding somewhere between exhausted and awed.

"I need a shower," Duo said, when he finally managed to get himself up.

"So do I," Trowa said.

Duo grinned as he snatched kleenex from the box on the night stand and peeled off the condom to toss it in the trash. "There's room for two," he said, casting a significant glance towards the bathroom.

"So there is," Trowa replied. He regarded the other man curiously as he swung his legs onto the floor. "Would that mean I get to see that hair of yours unbraided?"

"Hell, you can even wash it if you want," Duo said, and he laughed when Trowa immediately snatched a pair of towels from atop the dresser and headed purposefully out of the room.


They had been right, Quatre was altogether too pleased with himself when he showed up the following morning and found them feeding eachother strawberries at the kitchen table.

"You two really had a good time this week, I take it," Quatre said. He was leaning against the doorframe eyeing the pair casually. "A really good time."

Trowa chucked a strawberry at the blonde.

Quatre laughed and managed the catch the dark red projectile before it hit him in the chest. He bit into it and nodded in the direction of the livingroom. "Which one of you do I blame for leaving their underwear in my couch this time?"

"Hey, we were nowhere near the cou-" Duo stopped in midsentence when he saw the grin creeping onto Quatre's face.

"Tsk. Tsk. So easily outmaneuvered," Trowa said, and chuckled when Duo kicked him under the table.

"From the get-go," Quatre said with a wink.

"So, what do you have planned for today?" Trowa asked, his eyes tracking the blonde as he slid into the chair next to Duo.

"Three box seats at the Skybelt Raceway if Duo cares to join us," Quatre said. He smiled broadly at the longhaired man when the look on his face said plainly that he had expected to be going home alone as soon as brunch was over.

"Well I do have a few more days vacation time left," Duo said hesitantly.

"Good, then it's settled." Trowa nodded and scooted his chair back. He ran a hand through the thick mane of his hair and said, "I'll go try and comb this thing again."

"He's a great guy, isn't he?" Quatre said, when Trowa was out of earshot.

"Yeah," Duo replied. He smiled faintly as he thought about how at ease he was around Trowa. "I never knew we had so much in common, but it's like, I dunno...."

"I know," Quatre said. He draped an arm around Duo's shoulders and leaned in to whisper into his ear. "You two could do very well together if you wanted to pursue it."

"What makes you so sure?" Duo asked.

"I can just feel it," Quatre said, giving Duo a friendly hug before he pulled away. "In the back of my heart."

"Heh, you know, I think I know exactly what you mean."


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