Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 16
02 to 04, Come In!

Contrary to what some people thought, Quatre couldn't actually read minds at will, though he did occasionally pick up on a strong thought intentionally directed at him. But his empathic ability was strong, and came so naturally that he was eight or nine years old before it occurred to him that this might be something not everyone could do. In his sheltered little world, the pampered only son of a doting father and older sisters, he was considered sensitive and gentle, a sweet, caring child concerned with the feelings of others.

The fact was he'd had little choice. The feelings of others, at least the strong ones, bombarded him every hour of the day. Even when he learned to control them more there was an ever-present murmur on the edges of his consciousness, like the sound of the atmospheric generators on an L-station; something you only noticed if you thought about it, but it was always there. When he chose to pay attention, he could focus and delve into them; otherwise, he let them flow past.

His abilities made him privy to more human thought than most, something he usually took for granted. He knew how the human heart worked and looked on most with what he was told was an unusual degree of compassion. But if you saw into hearts and saw how similar most of them were, how could you not be compassionate? Everyone seemed to have the same mix of fear and envy and love and kindness, etc., just in differing degrees.

This all helped, the acceptance and blocking and compassion, but sometimes when something came along that was too strong or too unexpected to block, it still rocked him.

Especially when it came from someone he cared about.

The first time he locked eyes with Trowa Barton, standing there surrendering to each other at the open hatches of their gundams, he'd known they were meant for each other. He really had surrendered though not in the way he'd intended. And in that same moment he'd had his first flash from Trowa. He'd felt the other boy's heart melt, and had seen himself through Trowa's eyes, looking very fragile and brave.

The tall, silent boy with the wounded green eyes saw things in Quatre he'd never known about himself, and it wasn't an illusion. Quatre felt naked with Trowa, even when he was still very much a child. He was naive and awkward, too young to understand what his heart already knew, but the first time they played music together Quatre had known that Trowa was his future, and felt that same wondering revelation from the other boy.

It had been days before they got further than shy looks and one-sided conversations. They moved beyond simple friendship when Trowa's mind had flashed an image of them kissing, something that hadn't even occurred to the sheltered little Arab. The flash brought them to their first hesitant kiss under a full desert moon, and that kiss revealed to him how deeply Quatre could link with another through physical contact, at least with someone he loved. Sex, when that finally happened aboard the Peacemillion the day Trowa's memory came back, allowed for even deeper connection. Quatre soon learned not to reach out without permission.

He forgot those lessons for a while when the war ended and paid the price. But Trowa was always there to catch him when he fell-- always patient, always carrying his love for Quatre like a beacon in his heart. He seemed to understand why Quatre had to sin and thrash and fight and fuck anyone who took his fancy for months after the peace. Quatre just knew he'd needed to be someone else for a while, someone not expected to be good or obedient or circumspect or polite. When it was all over, he felt a little better despite the scandals he'd left in his wake, a lot freer, and Trowa was still there with open arms and sins of his own. Looking back now, the little blond pilot of Sandrock seemed like a distant stranger. Quatre Winner-Barton was his own man, and Trowa's.

And he was still an empath. He tried not to use his abilities much anymore, except when they could do some good. He still took a mental reading on Duo now and then, though he had to be careful. When Duo was at his worst, it was like a shot of heroin straight to the brain.

He didn't need to read Trowa very often; his lover's silence had never been any barrier. Perhaps that's what had drawn Trowa to him in the first place, that unspoken understanding. Quatre preferred this arrangement. He just wanted to love him like a normal person, not a mind reader. It was a matter of trust.

That's why this hurt so badly.

He'd always known that Trowa loved Heero, or that he thought he did. What Quatre had picked up on over the years wasn't the same as what Trowa felt for him. It was darker, with a tinge of anger to it. Trowa had saved Heero's life, watched over him through the months of his recovery after 01 had tried to self-destruct, sheltered and cared for him. And Heero didn't love him back.

Quatre's own lack of jealousy surprised him. Perhaps that was the advantage of being able to pick up on Heero's feelings, as well.

Heero had very slowly come to care deeply for all the Gundam pilots, much more than the others suspected, even now. Quatre had watched those feelings develop during the war, especially during the weeks they'd spent together in the Sanq Kingdom. He'd knew how hard Heero had fought against letting any of them get close to him, and with what bafflement he'd grudgingly accepted his fellow pilots' regard.

Heero Yuy, perfect soldier, had not considered himself needing or worthy of love. He was amazed that the others spared him a thought. He saw himself at best as useful and competent, at worst as an emotionally crippled, uncommunicative, unattractive misanthrope. There was still plenty of that in him, but the core had changed. Duo Maxwell had changed it, just as Quatre had changed Trowa. 01 and 03. Two lonely souls unaware of how to feel love and connection, impacted by two souls who could not resist loving them and making them feel it, no matter what.

Why Duo and Heero had not become lovers was something even Quatre didn't understand. They'd all suffered when they lost Heero at the war's end, but no one more than Duo. They all rejoiced to have him back, but no one more than Duo.

Or so he'd thought.

Quatre had never been jealous of Duo, either, even when Trowa had taken their broken friend into their own circle of intimacy. Sure, Trowa was sometimes tempted by Duo, but so was Quatre. Duo was beautiful and needy and a passionate cuddler. What they felt for each other was a simple mix of lust and friendship. Loving Duo and taking care of him was also a last act of friendship to Heero, sheltering his grieving friend.

Quatre might have considered a three-way marriage. Trowa thought of it sometimes, too, but not Duo. At least not yet. Under that wise-cracking exterior, Duo was a romantic in every sense of the word and would only give himself that way to one he loved to the innermost center of his soul. There was only one name there, even months after that holocard arrived, and that name was Heero Yuy.

Now Heero was back and Quatre's world had unexpectedly darkened, even as he tried to fend off the warning flashes. Trowa was reeling with the discovery that he still wanted Heero in that strange dark way of his, and mixed in now was the pain of seeing Duo and Heero together again. Trowa had comforted and loved both of them through hard times, and now they only had eyes for each other. Trowa's guilt over these feelings gave them power and made them even darker. He loved and wanted Quatre no less than ever; they were soul mates. In Trowa's mind, that only made it more despicable that he could desire Heero. And that led to resentment, and that to guilt and so forth in an ever-downward spiral.

And he hadn't admitted one word of this to Quatre, even after four days in Madrid.

Things had begun to build to a head yesterday, when they heard Heero and Duo fighting. Quatre had felt Duo slipping over the emotional edge and warned Trowa, who'd intervened, believing that Heero wasn't physically or emotionally up to dealing with a Maxwell meltdown. The scene that followed had left Quatre dizzy. It felt like Trowa was being pulled apart as he stood holding Duo and glaring at Heero. And Heero had been giving off strange energies, too, some of which were concern for Duo, but others just pure alpha male possessiveness and jealousy.

But then, like a switch being thrown, Heero had taken control of himself and the situation. He'd stepped up and caught Duo the way Trowa caught Quatre when he'd gone sliding out of control. It was the best thing that could have happened for all of them. Quatre knew from that moment that Heero was really back, and stronger than ever in a whole new way. But Trowa was left guilty and sad.

And still he said nothing to Quatre.

Quatre thought Trowa had recovered when they made love last night. Trowa had always been a great lover; this time he was attentive and gentle rather than aggressive and domineering, calling him all those pet names he loved in a dozen languages. Either way was fine with Quatre and he surrendered happily.

Trowa spent a long time tracing Quatre's face and body with his fingers in the candlelight, then used mouth, tongue and hands to tease him to panting, pleading desperation. When Trowa finally relented and took him face up on the bed, he was still gentle, making it last, making it unbelievably sensuous and mind blowing and good.

When he knew Quatre was right on the edge of orgasm, Trowa whispered, "Touch my mind, mio ragazzo bello," and Quatre let it come, felt all the love he'd always known was there for him, and with it passion and contentment and loyalty that took his breath away. It was all real, all Trowa. He could not lie to Quatre like this, even if he'd wanted to. He was Quatre's and Quatre was his. Forever.

Holding each other afterwards, Trowa had cried a little and told him between kisses how much he loved him and how glad he was that Duo had Heero back and how he wanted everyone to be happy and find their way.

Sated, Quatre slept too deeply to pick up any outside thoughts and awoke late to find Trowa in the shower. When Quatre went to join him, Trowa was welcoming but quiet. He went quieter still when they went to fetch the others for breakfast and looked through the glass port to find Heero and Duo still asleep in that narrow little hospital bed, looking like they'd never been anywhere else but in each other's arms. Even through the closed door, Quatre sensed the deep contentment there. Wufei had turned away, blushing. Trowa had said nothing, just hidden behind his bangs and walked away. Quatre reached out just enough to feel the depression settling over him again.

And so it was that they found themselves in bed this afternoon, taking advantage of their friends' absence and a sudden burst of passion. Trowa was still low, and Quatre made up his mind to repay the attention lavished on him the night before. When Trowa asked him to take him from behind, he'd happily obliged.

Trowa was usually top, but not always, especially when he was really tired or stressed. It had been a difficult week for all of them, and Quatre already knew the inner battle his lover was fighting. So he grabbed those slim hips and gave it to him hard and fast, the way Trowa liked it, ramming his cock home over and over again, concentrating on nothing but not coming until Trowa was satisfied. It was a rare treat, to be inside him, and Quatre savored it: that hot tightness wrapped around him like a fist, the feel of Trowa's hipbones under his fingers, the sight of that Celtic band low across Trowa's back tattooed there for Quatre's pleasure at just such moments as this, the slap of his balls against Trowa's as they rocked and bucked against each other. It was wilder than usual, and suddenly Trowa was almost there, almost coming, making breathless, wordless animal sounds of pleasure.

Quatre slammed in again, turned on beyond words. Trowa reared back, found Quatre's hand, and guided it to his throbbing, dripping erection. Quatre had scarcely closed his hand around the shaft when Trowa gasped out, "Don't stop! Oh please don't stop!"

A breath away from orgasm himself, Quatre wasn't thinking of blocking any thoughts from his lover. Quite the opposite in fact. So when the flash came he didn't even try to avoid it. He found himself inside Trowa's head, drowning in the crashing tidal wave of pleasure still cascading through him as Trowa fantasized Heero Yuy taking him from behind, Heero Yuy's cock pounding into his ass, Heero Yuy's belly pressed to his back, Heero Yuy's balls heavy against his--

The shock of it pushed Quatre over the edge into his own orgasm, but instead of his lover's name, he screamed out, "I'm not Heero!" and felt horrified realization shoot through Trowa. Sick and cold inside, Quatre shoved him away and looked around for his clothes, wanting to get the fuck out of that room before he had to look his lover in the face. He spotted his jeans and wrestled himself into them, narrowly avoiding catching his balls in the zipper.

"Kat, wait!" Trowa gasped, sprawled breathless across the bed.

Fuck you! is what Quatre wanted to say, but all that came out was a pathetic sob. Grabbing his jacket and a pair of sneakers, he stumbled out before he could embarrass himself more, praying Tro didn't follow.

Half-blinded by tears, shoelaces whipping around his ankles, he somehow made it downstairs without breaking his neck and sprinted away down the sidewalk with no clue where he was headed. He thought he heard Trowa call after him, but that only made him run faster. Rounding a corner, he caught a glimpse of open ground ahead and ran for it.


'Running and hiding is my game!' Duo thought with a smirk, bolting through the park gates. 'Don't go straight to open ground if you don't want to be seen.'

The little fucker was fast, though, he'd give him that. Even in untied shoes, Kat gave Duo a run for his money. Duo paced him as Quatre hit the footpath along the lake shore, letting him run off some of whatever it was that was eating him, waiting for Kat to stop on his own or get to a good spot.

When the path took a turn through an open, grassy area by a stand of trees Duo put on a burst of speed and took Quatre down with a flying tackle. They tumbled across the wet grass and came to rest with Quatre face down in a puddle and Duo sitting on his back.

"Get off me, you sorry fuck!" Quatre yelled, fighting like a wildcat. "Don't touch me!"

Kat was a lot stronger than he looked, too. He managed to toss Duo off and turn over, then froze in mid snarl as the taller boy tackled him again, pinning his arms with his knees. "Duo? What the hell are you doing here?" He might have been crying. It was hard to tell after that splash down in the mud.

Duo stood up and pulled Quatre to his feet. "What happened? I've never seen you like this."

Quatre looked away, chin trembling unmistakably now. "You don't wanna know, believe me."

"Yeah, I do. C'mon, buddy, spill!"

Quatre shook his head and limped toward a nearby bench. Duo followed and sat down next to him, biding his time. Quatre rested his elbows on his knees and cradled his head in his hands. He was definitely crying now. Duo waited a moment more, then pulled him close and held him while he sobbed.

They were both wet and muddy, but Kat had gotten the worst of it. Duo's long overcoat, soon destined for the drycleaners, had protected him from the shins up. Quatre's jeans were soaked and his chest was streaked with mud under his open jacket. Duo zipped the coat up under his chin and then pulled his own coat around him. Kat was just beginning to calm down a little when Duo suddenly heard a familiar metallic click from the direction of the trees, and felt that nasty crawly feeling he always got when someone was taking aim at him.

"04, got a bogey at ten o'clock," Duo whispered against Quatre's hair. "Fall back on three. One. Two . . ."

Quatre let go and Duo charged the trees. He caught the startled paparazzi before he could run and body slammed him into a tree.

"Oi, sorry! Didn't see you there!" He gave the man a Shinigami grin. "Let's see if anything's broken." Duo pulled the camera from the gasping man's neck and patted him down, finding two film canisters. "Pity about these, huh?" he said with mock sympathy, then flung them, one after the other, camera and all, into the middle of the lake.

The man snarled something at him in German and Duo shrugged. "Gotta be careful out here, man. Never know who'll run into you. Now piss the fuck off!"

If the man didn't understand English, he certainly understood Duo's tone of voice and expression. Gathering himself up, he bolted for the path.

Duo strolled back to the bench and sat down, putting his arm around Quatre again.

"They know we're in Madrid, I guess," Quatre mumbled.

"Had to happen sooner or later. So, suppose you tell me what I'll be beating the hell out of Trowa for? I'd like to know before the papers print the details."

"Let it go, Duo. You don't want to know."

"Uh huh. Right. Like you ever let me get away with that. I'm waiting, Winner. If he hit you, so help me--"

"He didn't do anything!" Quatre snapped. "We were just, y'know--"

"A little afternoon delight?" Duo relaxed a bit. He couldn't imagine Trowa hurting Kat, but if he had, dire consequences would have followed.

Quatre blushed. "Yes, and he just, that is, I just--"

"Uh oh. Someone scream out the wrong name?"

"Not exactly."

"You peeked!"

Quatre groaned. "He flashed it! You know how it is sometimes, and I didn't see it coming, and it was really vivid and--"

"Look, Kat, everyone fantasizes a little now and then. It's no big deal."

"This is, trust me."

"So? Who?"

"Let it go."

"Oh shit, not me? You know there's nothing like that between Tro and me!"

Quatre shook his head. "No, it wasn't you."

"Good! OK, not me." Duo wracked his brain, wondering who could possibly have this kind of impact on Kat. He came up with one and wrinkled his nose. "Catherine? Eeeeeewwwwww! No wonder you're so weirded out!"


"Wu-man?" Duo got up and started pacing.


"Naw, that would just be funny. Not that weirdo doctor who trained Tro?" If he pushed enough, got outrageous enough, sooner or later Kat would cave.





"He's dead. Duo, will you--"

"Throw me a bone, here, will ya? Someone I know?"

"Stop it!"

"Animal, vegetable, or mineral?"

"Cut it out. I mean it!"

"Wait, I got it! That hottie brother of Relena's? Zechs? Jeeze, Kat, Trowa hardly knows-- Hey, now that you mention it, though, there's a fantasy I wouldn't mind seeing myself! Hubba hubba!"

"Dammit, Duo, it was Heero!"

Duo sat down so hard his teeth clicked together. "Heero? My Heero?"

Quatre nodded sadly.

"But that's nuts! I mean, I know there was something, sorta, but-- That's totally nuts!"

"Think so?" Quatre shot back bitterly. "Aren't you glad you asked? Still want the whole sad story?"

Duo nodded numbly.

"Wait, where is Heero?"

"We saw you take off. I sent him up to wait with Tro."

"You what? Oh, that's just fucking perfect!" Quatre got up and headed off. "I'll fill you in on the way back."


Heero stood up and stretched. Duo and Quatre had been gone longer than he'd expected, long enough for his butt to get sore sitting on the floor. Trowa was leaning on the window frame now, still silent, still hugging himself. Deciding that it would be marginally more interesting to look out the window, Heero walked over to join him. It was then that he saw Trowa was crying.

Heero was shocked. Duo crying came as no surprise, and tears from Quatre were almost expected. No, this was like seeing Wufei cry, or himself. Some people were criers; others simply weren't. Something had to be very wrong for Trowa to cry, even silently like this.

Heero had no idea what to do about it. In Trowa's place he wouldn't want any witnesses. But Duo had told him to stay with 03 and that probably was the best idea. Heero was left to depend on past experience, and what people had done for him when he was distraught. There weren't any handkerchiefs or tissue boxes in sight or he'd have offered Trowa one.

At a loss, he placed a hand on Trowa's shoulder.

That seemed to break Trowa's final reserves. He let out a tiny moan and threw his arms around Heero, pressing his face to his shoulder.

Ah. Holding. Offering physical comfort. Heero could do this. He put his arms around Trowa and patted his back, feeling horribly awkward and uncomfortable. Trowa was taller, which made it that much more awkward. And he was bare from the waist up, which made Heero even more uncomfortable for reasons he didn't entirely understand. The only other person he'd touched like this was Duo, but the circumstances had been very different. Still, Trowa was a friend and he didn't want to let him down.

Trowa didn't sob or become hysterical. He was quieter than Heero had been yesterday. Being new to all this, Heero was greatly relieved. This was probably good practice for normal human relations, he reasoned, and made a mental note under the heading: "offering comfort to a friend one is not romantically involved with."

Then Trowa kissed him.

On the lips.

It was not a very good kiss, what with Trowa's lips being all wet and salty and Heero being too stunned to respond, but he was reasonably certain, even without back up research, that this was still more than a simple, friendly gesture between comrades, at least on Trowa's part.

Trowa let go and pushed away from him. Heero could see enough of his friend's face under those long bangs to know that the kiss hadn't helped. Trowa looked unhappier than ever.

"Sorry, Heero. I shouldn't have done that."

Hn. This, and Trowa's guilty expression, seemed to support his supposition about the nature of the kiss. "Uh-- Why did you do that?"

Trowa wiped his face on his arm and sat down on the bed. "Not sure."

"I-uh, I had the impression yesterday that you were angry at me, possibly due to the way I handled Duo."

"I'm not mad, Heero." Trowa had stopped crying. He just sounded very tired now.

"Then I don't understand."

"You want to explain it to him, Trowa, or would you rather I did?" Quatre stood in the open doorway. He was muddy and wet, sounded angry, and looked very upset. Heero had never seen 04 like that; it was as unnerving as seeing Trowa cry.

At least Duo was with him. His cheeks were flushed and his braid was a mess, with loose wisps hanging damply around his face and over the shoulders of his muddy coat. He caught Heero's eye and crooked a finger at him behind Quatre's back in a "come here" motion.

Heero started over, but Trowa looked up and said, "I'm sorry, Heero. I can't really explain it. I love Quatre more than my own life. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say."

Quatre looked like a murderous blond thundercloud. Heero was beginning to think maybe 04 was angry with him. Duo was still making that "come here" motion at him again and mouthing 'hurry the fuck up, Yuy!'

Puzzled, Heero walked over. As soon as he reached the doorway Duo pulled him into the hall with one hand, shoved Quatre into the room with his other, slammed the door shut and jammed a couple of coins between the door and frame, effectively locking them in.

The knob rattled frantically, then they heard Quatre shout, "Maxwell, you traitor! What the fuck?"

Grinning, Duo leaned on the wall beside the door and called back, "Listen up! 03? 04? Fix this! That's an order. And don't even think about going out the window!" More thumping and swearing came through the door. Some of it sounded like Trowa now.

Wufei came up the stairs with a bag of groceries. "What now? Damn it, they kept me up most of the night with their wailing and moaning!"

"Lover's quarrel. Your watch, Wuffie. Don't go in unless you think they're really killing each other. Come on, Heero. Help me clean up."

But as soon as Heero closed the door Duo pinned him against it, holding him by the front of his jacket as he leaned in and kissed him deeply, running his tongue all over Heero's mouth and lips.

When he pulled back he was frowning. "Hmmm. Just as I suspected. Was he good?"

Totally out of his depth, Heero shook his head.

"Do you want him?"

"Trowa? Of course not! What's going on? What did Quatre--"

"Tro didn't tell you anything?"

"No, we just waited, then-- I was just offering comfort, Duo, but he must have misread--"

Duo cut him off with another kiss, a really nice one this time, complete with a grind of his pelvis against the front of Heero's jeans. Heero brought his hands up and buried his fingers in Duo's damp hair. They were both flushed and breathless when this one ended.

"Are you mine, Heero?"

Heero looked down into Duo's eyes, saw the mix of love and heat and worry and possessiveness there. It made his cock throb and his knees feel all weak and wobbly. "Yes!" He grabbed Duo and swung them both around so Duo was pinned against the door now, with Heero's thigh pressed between his legs and the hardness there. "And you are all mine, yes?"

Duo clutched at Heero's back pockets to pull him closer. "Yeah!"

Heero kissed him again as he slipped the overcoat off Duo's shoulders and pulled the tie from the end of his braid. "I want you!" he said against Duo's lips. "Now!"

"Mmmmmm yeah! Need supplies."

That's all Heero needed to hear. He released Duo and shucked out of his coat and shoes.

Though it wasn't all he did hear. Shouting was coming from the next room now, apparently the first stage of Trowa and Quatre carrying out their assigned mission. They sounded very angry.

"Is that about me?" he asked as Duo sauntered naked from the bathroom with what looked like a lot of condoms in one hand and the pink comb in the other.

Duo rolled his eyes. "Jeeze Yuy, you got some ego on ya! 'Is that about me?' Get over yourself!" But he was grinning.

Heero stared; this was the first time he'd seen his friend naked under optimum conditions. Neither of them were panicked or bleeding or angry or crazed. There were no enemy soldiers around, or bombs going off. They were in a hotel room, alone, with a clean bed and plenty of time and supplies, and Duo's grin, together with the way he was sashaying his hips (Heero hadn't even realized he knew that word until he saw it in action now)--well, inexperienced as he was, it all added up to a green light scenario. Duo was--to use his own word--hot! Slender without being thin, elegant but still masculine, and the sinuous grace of a cat. His smooth, nearly hairless skin was spacer pale, but not pasty. He seemed to gleam in the afternoon light, and shadows played in the lines of his muscles.

'Hung, too!' Heero thought, shocked. But it was true. Duo had a great cock and it was already coming up to attention

Duo stopped and struck a pose. "See something ya like, Yuy?"

Heero's tongue seemed to have glued itself to the roof of his mouth. He swallowed hard and nodded.

"Glad to hear it. You're overdressed, my friend." Duo tossed the condoms on the bed, pulled Heero's sweater and tee shirt off, and went to work on the jeans, stripping them down with Heero's underwear in one fell swoop.

"Oh my!" Still half kneeling, Duo looked Heero over and licked his lips. "You have grown up, haven't you!"

Suddenly Heero felt very self-conscious. He'd been sick and homeless for a long time and a few days of decent food and medical care weren't enough to change that over night. His ribs and hip bones still showed sharply, and his skin was very pale where it wasn't weathered dark by sun and wind. Blotches of half-healed rashes still showed here and there, too, but Duo didn't seem to notice any of that. He licked his lips again, staring at Heero's cock, currently at half-mast in front of him. That part of Heero, at least, seemed healthy and active. It occurred to Heero that he was pretty well hung, too. Not that it had ever been an issue before.

"God, Heero!" Duo breathed, standing up and running his hands over Heero's face and shoulders. "I can't believe we're finally here like this!"

He pushed Heero down on the bed and straddled him. His balls settled just below Heero's navel, making him swallow hard again. The unkempt braid slid down to lie across Heero's chest.

Heero forgot about being skinny or pale or anything else. Sliding his hands up Duo's arms, he gazed up at the incredible being sitting on him. "Oh, Duo. I really want--"

Just then more yelling erupted next door. Duo leaned over and pounded on the wall above the headboard. "Oi, keep it down in there. People are trying to make out here!"

Heero captured the end of the braid and coaxed him back. "Is that what we're doing? Making out?"

"For starters. We'll just take it nice and slow, let things develop naturally." Duo gave him a sexy leer. "Doctor's orders, right? Whadaya say we start with tried and true foreplay?"

He jumped off and sat down with his back to Heero, holding the comb over his shoulder. Even his back was beautiful, long and lean like Trowa's, tapering down to a very firm round ass.

Heero took the comb and went to work. His hands weren't as steady as usual, though. Kneeling behind Duo, it was impossible to handle the long heavy locks without them falling and sliding around his bare thighs and very prominent erection. Years of masturbatory fantasy caught up with him; Heero gathered a handful of that silk and fisted his cock with it, just to see if reality was as good as his imagination.

It was better.

Duo laughed. "Cum in my hair and you're a dead man, Yuy! C'mon, 01, more grooming, less jerking off!"

"Are you always this demanding in bed, 02?"

"You ain't seen nothin' yet, buddy boy. I got plans for you. Come on, that braid won't do itself."

Heero tossed the comb aside. "I want your hair loose." It came out a demanding growl. Duo looked back over his shoulder and Heero saw that his face was flushed again, his narrowed eyes glowing. Duo liked that growl. Heero made a note.

Pushing Duo down on his belly, Heero brushed the curtain of hair aside and held him by the back of the neck while he kissed his way from the nape of the neck to the cleft of his buttocks.

Duo moaned loudly and grabbed the ironwork headboard with both hands. Heero nipped him lightly on both ass cheeks and Duo writhed. Heero released his neck and licked his way down the back of one leg, then swirled his tongue over the arch of Duo's foot. That resulted in a very loud "Ah yeah!" and more writhing. Heero repeated the process, licking down the other leg. The results matched.

"Jesus, Heero, I thought you were the virgin here?"


"All that time you spent at the computer? I never woulda guessed that was--ah! Oh!"

Nipping his way back up to Duo's ass, Heero parted those long legs and lapped at the back of Duo's scrotum. This resulted in an ascending series of "ah ah ah's" and a loud, drawn out "Oh!"

Quatre shouted next door. Part of it sounded like Heero's name. He paused, frowning. "Maybe we shouldn't do this right now?"

Duo glared over his shoulder at him. "Don't you even think of stopping! Serves 'em right, the idiots!"

"Ah, so this is to punish them?" Heero raised an eyebrow, then nipped Duo on the ass again, harder.

Duo yelped and flipped over, revealing a very engorged erection. Scrambling up, he climbed into Heero's lap and kissed him hard. "This is a lot of things, but mostly me being very horny and possessive about the guy I love. They've been doing each other for years and I've had to listen to it. The day I finally get up the nerve to seduce you? They pick a fight next door!"

"You were planning to seduce me?"

"Since the minute I woke up this morning. Sure, we've had a few bumps along the way, but I'm ready if you are and--" He had his legs around Heero now, their genitals pressed together just the way Heero had so often dreamed, with no clothing in the way this time. He pulled some of the hair over Duo's shoulders so that it pooled in their laps, then kissed him again, rubbing his back and shoulders through more of that wonderful hair.

Duo came out of that one laughing. "You've got a hair fetish, you perv!"

"And whose fault is that?" Heero asked, deadpan. "So, what other things?"

"Huh?" Duo's eye glazed as he wiggled against Heero.

"You said this is a lot of things, this sex we're going to have. I just wondered what else? I like everything so far."

"This is me loving you more than I can tell you with words." Duo kissed him again. "And being so fucking glad you're back!" Another kiss. "And this is me letting go of the past." He rubbed his cock against Heero's. "And this is me claiming Heero Yuy as my boyfriend and my lover and my best friend and the most humpable, sexy, worth-waiting-for Gundam boy in the world!" He kissed his way down to the curve of Heero's shoulder and did something with his mouth that hurt and tickled at the same time. "There, now you're really mine." He was grinning.

Craning his neck, Heero could just make out a small, bruise like mark on his shoulder. He searched for the word. "A hickey? You gave me a hickey!"

"I figured it was about time you had one. And I'm gonna give you some more where the sun don't shine, so brace yourself, lover."

Heero caught and held him as Duo tried to climb off, then bit him on the neck.

"Ow! Fuck, Heero, what the hell was that?"

"A love bite?"

"You don't actually bite! You suck."

Heero revised his method on the other side of Duo's neck and got a giggle and more pelvis grinding. He liked that.

Someone was pounding on Quatre's door from the inside again, and swearing loudly.

"That's Trowa." Heero admired at the red mark he'd just made.

"Mmmm. Sounds pissed. So, ya think he's a good kisser?"

"Not in my experience. But I could collect more sample data."

"Yeah, but then I'd have to go make out with Wuffie to even things out."

"Then I'd have to find a new lover, because he would kill you for even trying."

"True, so I guess you better just let that go and concentrate on me, huh?"

"I can do that. I'm very focused and mission-oriented." Heero cupped Duo's buttocks in his hands and kneaded the firm flesh under his fingers.

Duo arched back into the caress and let out a throaty laugh. "Are we gonna do it mission position?"

"I'm not familiar with that term. Perhaps you mean missionary--"

"Heero?" Duo looked deeply into his eyes.


"Too much talking. Not enough nookie."

"What nookie do you like, Duo? My research only takes me so far."

"You need more hands-on experience." Duo unwrapped himself from Heero and found one of the condoms. Tearing the foil open with his teeth, he extracted the rubber and rolled it down over Heero's cock. It was a little cold and sort of slimy, but Heero forgot all about that as Duo followed his hand with his mouth, taking in Heero's length and sucking like he was going to give the whole thing a hickey. Heero had to brace himself with his arms to keep from falling over backwards as Duo's tongue swirled around his shaft and head, showing him every sensitive spot he'd never even known was there.

'He's done this before,' Heero thought, but decided he didn't really care at the moment.

The pounding next door had started up again, and now Quatre was yelling something about Duo and hairbrushes. Had Trowa brushed Duo's hair? This bothered him more than the idea of Duo giving some stranger a blowjob. Not enough to distract him, however. Duo was doing things with his mouth now that Heero couldn't even imagine. And--! Oh, and he was playing with Heero's balls now, rolling them in their sac and finding more amazingly sensitive places behind them, between Heero's legs, and then back and--!

Heero arched back with a loud gasp as a slippery finger found his asshole and tickled its way inside. His research had suggested that this might be uncomfortable, at least at first. Those reports were no doubt based on data from men who hadn't had Heero Yuy's training, or his remarkable resistance to pain. This just felt really, really good. Toe curlingly good, he noted, catching sight of his feet. Sprawled back, legs wide with Duo sprawled between then, a finger up his ass and all that hair draped over his legs, with that tongue still doing its secret dance on his cock-- Heero was primed and ready for his very first direct contact Duo-driven orgasm. He could feel it gathering right behind his balls, the heat pounding at the base of his shaft, the muscles tightening.

Their door banged open, framing a very irate Wufei. "Look here, Maxwell, either you baby-sit them or-- Oh fuck!" He froze, dark eyes widening in what looked like horror.

"Out, please?" Heero managed hoarsely.

Wufei retreated, closing the door firmly behind him.

If Duo had noticed the intrusion, he never missed a beat. He twitched his finger just so, and it was as if he'd pulled the trigger of Heero's cock. Still braced on his arms, Heero lifted himself and Duo right off the bed as he came. He'd had orgasms on his own before, but this was so much better! It hit in waves, one after the other instead of a single spasm and they seemed to go on forever before he found himself lying on his back, looking up into very pleased violet eyes.

"You yelled my name!" Duo kissed him deeply. His mouth tasted funny, like rubber. Heero blinked dazedly up at him. He didn't recall saying anything--there was sort of a blank in his memory, except for how good it had felt to come in Duo Maxwell's mouth. But he had no reason to doubt him and he'd never seen Duo look happier.

"The very first time, and you said my name!" Duo exclaimed again. "How cool is that?"

"Very cool?" Heero guessed, glowing happily.

"Too fucking cool! Guess you really are mine now, huh?"


Duo kissed him again and snuggled down with his head on Heero's shoulder. "Mine mine mine mine mine, allllllllll mine!"

Heero hugged him, too tired to do more. The condom he'd been wearing had disappeared, but he didn't recall Duo removing it. "I didn't make you come."

"No problem!" Duo tickled Heero's left nipple with a strand of his hair. "You're still wiped out from being sick. We've got all afternoon, right? Besides, that makes us even."

"What do you mean?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing. Forget it."

Heero found a handful of Duo's hair and gave it a gentle tug. "What do you mean, we're even?"

Duo sighed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up that night. Y'know? You made me come like--Man, it was like--" He gestured dramatically. "WOW! Rockets. Stars. Fireworks! You totally blew me away, just rubbing up against me. Even with everything else, I never forgot that! And I felt guilty forever, not reciprocating."

"Consider us totally even. For now, that is. I really want to-Damn it, what are they doing now!"

A rhythmic thumping was coming from the next room, but softer than most of what they'd heard so far, and steady. The sound of a headboard hitting a wall, Heero realized. Now he made out the soft moans accompanying it. "Hn. They've made up."

"Not necessarily. They're very passionate guys. They could just be taking a break and working off some steam."

The thumping increased, and now they could hear Quatre quite distinctly, moaning Trowa's name.

"He sounds like a tomcat in heat when he does that," Duo sighed. "You have no idea how many times I've had to listen to that. And they can keep at it for hours, I swear to god!"

"It's important, this saying of names?" Heero asked, thinking that keeping at it for hours sounded good.

"It's nice. You just gotta be sure you get it right."

"This has something to do with their fight?"

"Tro didn't tell you?"

"No. Like I said, he was silent, then he cried, then he kissed me."

"Trowa has a thing for you. Has for ages, I guess. Quatre was the only one who hadn't figured that one out."

"But he loves Quatre! They're in there right now--"

"Fucking their brains out? Yeah, I know. He loves Quatre like crazy. Quatre knows that. You know it. I know it. Total strangers passing them on the street can see it. But he's still got a thing for you."

"A thing. And that's different than love?"

"Well, different than what he feels for Kat, or what I feel for you, anyway."

"Or me for you." Heero pulled Duo close again. "I love you. I don't want to hurt Trowa, but he has to understand that I'm yours."

"I think you made that real clear a minute ago, thin as these walls are. If not, maybe Wuffie can fill him in on the details, eh?" They could hear Trowa now, panting out Quatre's name over and over again. Duo shook with laughter against Heero's chest. "Sounds like Kat's making him practice out loud!"

"Ah. Trowa said my name to Quatre during sex."

"Sort of. Apparently Kat accidentally looked into Tro's head while they were getting it on and there you were!"

"That was very upsetting for Quatre."

"Oh yeah!"

"Hn. What can we do about this?"

"I dunno. Right now, I'd be more interested in what you plan to do about this?" Duo took Heero's hand and slid it down to his erection. "Rested up yet?"

"Yes." Trowa was moaning louder now, and mixing a lot of what sounded like foreign words in with Quatre's name. Heero grinned. It as actually rather sexy, hearing the others like that. "Perhaps we could give them some competition?"

Duo rolled onto his back and grabbed the headboard again. "I like the way you think, lover!"

"One thing, though." Heero kissed his way up Duo's thigh, then reached for a new condom. "Don't say my name unless you mean it. I want for it to mean what it meant to you when I said yours."

"Don't worry. I never fake it. Can I ask just one teensy little favor before you get started, though?"

"What is it?"

Duo gave him a sexy leer, but Heero caught a hint of nervousness in his eyes. "You really want to hear me sing your name?"

Heero laughed. "Yes! What is it?"

Duo reached over the side of the bed and snagged his duffle. Rummaging around, he came out with a long black silk scarf. "Tie my hands to the headboard?"

Heero took the scarf, and studied the iron railings of the headboard, calculating the best method of carrying out his lover's request.

"This is one of your 'kinks'?" he asked, recalling an earlier conversation.

"Says the man with the hair fetish!" Duo shot back, blushing.

"Only for your hair." Heero carefully moved the hair in question out of the way and secured Duo's wrists to the headboard. Duo was an talented escape artist, but Heero knew that, and he was an expert knot tier. "Don't pull at the scarf," he warned when he'd finished, leaning over Duo to lick his nipples. "It will only tighten up and cut off your circulation."

"Oh, take me now, you sweet talker!" Duo exclaimed, obviously aroused and delighted.

"What would you like me to do?"

"Whatever feels right, baby!"

Baby. Ordinarily Heero would object to such a nickname, but the way Duo said it all deep and low in his throat made it sound like a really good thing to be Duo Maxwell's baby.

But that left what to do. Heero wasn't ready to fuck Duo, not the way Trowa was fucking Quatre at the moment--or perhaps the other way around? It was hard to tell from the sounds. They were gasping out each other's names now.

Heero decided to do what Duo had just done to him. He put a condom on Duo and tried to duplicate all the things that Duo had done with his lips and tongue. He couldn't remember the exact order, so he settled for exploring on his own and using the sounds Duo made as a guide.

That was easy. Duo was extremely vocal under any circumstance, and sex was no exception. Heero would have been hard pressed to find something to do that would not have resulted in a moan or gasp. Duo seemed to like whatever he did. Encouraged, Heero went freeform, expanding his attentions to Duo's belly, balls and inner thighs.

Duo went wild under him. "Oh yeah, Heero! More like that--Ah, yeah! Right there. Oooooooooh don't stop!"

Heero happily continued. Replacing his mouth with his right fist, he stroked Duo's cock and pinched his nipples with the other, then followed with his tongue and teeth.

"Oh, god!" Duo grasped the iron uprights to keep from pulling on the scarf as he arched and bucked. "Suck me again, Heero. Right down to the root! Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhgh, yeah. Oh, do me!"

Heero took Duo in his mouth again and worked it. He decided that aside from the taste of the latex and lubricant, he liked doing this, at least with Duo. He had nothing to directly compare with his friend's cock, but found it pleasantly proportioned. He could get most of the length in his mouth without triggering his gag reflex. He particularly enjoyed Duo's response.

Duo's conversation had devolved to needy moans and whimpers. He still hadn't come, or yelled Heero's name. He'd said it, but Heero wasn't counting that, as the context had been more conversational in nature. Next door, the bed was banging on the wall again. Not to be outdone, Heero slicked his middle finger with spit and set out to explore Duo's ass.

Duo tensed briefly, then spread his legs and groaned out, "Yeah, do that, just like I did you. Yeah, baby, be gentle, but go deeeeeeeeep!"

Heero was careful, fearful of hurting him. Duo's little opening was very tight, and Heero's fingers were not small. He added more spit and worked one finger in with a series of gentle pushes.

"Yeah, that's good," Duo purred, lying very still now. "Let's go for two, huh?"

Heero licked his ring finger and gently worked that in, feeling the muscles slowly loosen. Duo was very smooth inside, and very hot. He had a sudden flash of what it might feel like to have his cock in there, instead of his fingers and felt himself go hard again. All that tight heat! This is what Duo had saved for him, and only him. Heero wondered if he could come again, just from pleasuring Duo and fantasizing.

"Oh baby! Ooooooh, so gooooooood!" Duo moaned, caught helplessly between Heero's fingers and mouth. With his hands tied like that he was left spread and totally vulnerable. Heero's cock throbbed again at the thought of his Shinigami surrendering himself like this. The sense of being in such total, loving, erotic control of this beautiful, deadly creature made Heero a little dizzy. The slightest movement of his fingers or tongue made Duo gasp and writhe and beg for more. Heero wanted more, too. He wanted to see Duo come.

Still sucking, he turned his hand slightly, recalling something from his research. The prostate gland was supposed to be very sensitive in some men. He moved his fingers, trying to recall the details. A small, pea sized bump, which could be felt through the rectal wall approximately how many centimeters in . . .?

Duo spasmed under him. "Oh baby! Ugh! Yeah!" Heero moved his fingers again over that slight protrusion and Duo bucked harder with something like a sob. "Oh yeah, Heero! Right-ah! AH! Baby, ahhhhhhhhh!"

Heero had read about teasing. He went still to let Duo come down a little, using the sound of his ragged breathing and breathy, incoherent muttering to gauge his response.

"Heero!" Duo gasped, going very still.

Heero raised his mouth from Duo's erection. "Yes?"

"Heero?" He was sounding a little desperate now.

"What is it, 02? Do you need something?"

Duo rolled his hips, trying to work himself on the three fingers that were now stretching him. "Heero! Need-you! Don' be mean,'ro-need-please, baby-need-oh need-you-oh need-so bad! Pleeeeeese!"

Satisfied, Heero coordinated his next move so that his fingers stroked Duo's prostate at the same moment the head of Duo's cock hit the back of his throat.

Duo let out a ragged scream and arched up into his mouth, hips pumping, hands slamming the headboard against the wall with every thrusting spasm. "HEEEEEEROOOO! Heero! My Heero! Ah! Yeah! Ah!"

Heero grinned around a mouthful of latex sheathed hard-on. Those counted. All three of them. And Duo was still thrusting against Heero's fingers, still moaning and shaking the headboard. Heero waited until he had exhausted himself, then removed his fingers from Duo's ass and gentled his sucking, knowing how sensitive a cock was right after orgasm. He tapered off slowly, then kissed his way up Duo's belly and chest to claim his mouth.

Duo was breathing hard, but still managed a grin and a muttered "Ick, condom breath!"

"You're welcome," Heero chuckled, working the knotted scarf free and releasing his hands.

Duo expertly removed and tied off the condom, made a 'nothing but net' shot into the dented trashcan, then nestled down beside Heero. "Gone quiet over there. Guess we showed them, huh?"

Heero pulled the covers over them and pulled Duo into his arms with his head on his chest. Heat and pleasure radiated from that supple body like sunshine. "Maybe they've made up."

"Hope so. Be a real pain if we had to do this for them every day, huh?"

"Well, they are very good friends."

Duo chuckled, a wonderful, sleepy sound. "Again with the jokes! Who are you and what have you done with my Heero?"

"Am I your Heero?"

"Mine. All mine. And I'm your Duo. Nobody else's. Not ever. Just try to get rid of me, Yuy. I stick like cum, er, gum on the bottom of your--"

Heero kissed him to silence. "Mine," he murmured, stroking Duo's shoulder as he fell asleep. "All mine."

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