Author: pyrzm
see ch. 1 for warnings, notes, disclaimer

Broken Warriors + Chapter 19

Duo sprawled on the bed in his robe, admiring his glistening blue toenails and listening to the sound of teeth being vigorously brushed in the bathroom. Heero had rousted him out of bed too soon this morning, probably to keep Duo from trying to seduce him again.

Duo would have persisted last night, but Heero had sent him off to dream land with a totally amazing blowjob that fried his circuits and left him too relaxed to do anything but wrap himself around Heero and fall asleep. As good as that blowjob had been, he'd woken up feeling just as amorous and rather naughty. Heero had allowed a couple of deep kisses and a little groping, then slapped him on the butt and sent him off to the shower, firmly turning down Duo's suggestion to conserve water.

"And no masturbating in there," he'd warned in a patented Yuy growl that sent a totally contradictory impulse straight to Duo's groin.

He'd been good, though, and now he was hornier than ever. He waited until the water stopped running in the sink, then called in to Heero, "So, you said 'anything' goes tonight. What's 'anything' include?"

Heero gave him an inscrutable look as he came back into the bedroom. He was wearing the pair of tight black Spandex shorts Quatre had picked out for him. That, and the sexy way his damp hair hung over his forehead made Duo give serious thought to tackling him and dragging him back into bed.

"Just what I said," Heero told him, bending down to look through the duffle for a clean shirt. "Of course, I base that on the assumption that you do not have any repulsive 'kinks' that I would object to. If I thought you'd want to urinate on me or bring in animals, I'd have qualified the offer."

"Eeeeuuwww! Way to ruin the moment!"

"You should get dressed." Heero pointed to the packets of clean laundry delivered to their door earlier. He took out the green tank top and pulled it on, then went to the bedroom looking glass. Duo watched, puzzled, as Heero scowled at himself, and then pulled off the shirt.

"No good?"

Heero shrugged. "It seems silly, trying to look like I did then." He found a burgundy tee shirt and put that on over the shorts. "I'm not who I was, nor do I want to be. Besides, the tank shows how thin my arms are."

Duo checked the clock on the night table. "The physical therapist will be here soon. I bet you'll feel a lot better once you start working out again. You'll build up fast."

"Wufei told me the same thing last night."

"You two were gone a while. What else did you talk about?

"He's jealous of us-not for being gay, but for being happy and in love."

"Yeah, he is kinda odd man out, isn't he? I thought for sure he and Sally Po would stay together but that didn't last long. I wonder what happened? Hey, did I tell you? I think Wu-man partakes."

"Of what?"

Duo mimed smoking a joint. "I swear I smelled it in his room the other day."

"I find that hard to believe."

"Yeah, then again, maybe it's good for him. He's so uptight about everything, he could use an outlet. We did almost get him drunk last night, though, huh?"

"Thanks to Trowa's game based on your bad language."

"Guess I do swear a lot." Duo rolled over and waggled his ass. "Wanna spank me again? I've been a very bad boy!"

Heero gave him a rather dangerous smile. "Given your reaction earlier, not spanking you is the better option, if I wish to show disapproval of your behavior."

"Damn! I was hoping you wouldn't figure that out. Hey, what if I'm a very good boy?" He shook his butt again, grinning at Heero over his shoulder.

Heero rolled his eyes. "There doesn't seem to be much chance of that,. What do you want for breakfast?"

"I already ordered for both of us. Ah, and here it is!"

Duo rolled off the bed and opened the door for the servant with the breakfast cart. The young man glanced a bit nervously at the two of them and rumpled bed, and retreated hastily. Unfazed, Duo uncovered the half dozen dishes with a flourish. "For your dining pleasure, Monsieur, allow me to offer eggs Benedict, bacon, chocolate croissants, fresh raspberries, fried potatoes, and some Spanish ham and tomato on bread thing I can't pronounce. We also have coffee, lots of water, and a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice. You gotta push those fluids. "

"Are you certain this will be enough food?" Heero asked, amused.

"I've got to fatten you up, Yuy, and the food's free. Come on, let me pamper you some more. You know you love it!" Duo took him by the hand and seated him at the table by the window.

"If I eat too much I won't be able to work out," Heero pointed out as Duo heaped a plate for him. "Get the others in here to help eat all this!"

Duo chuckled as he poured the coffee and juice. "I went to do that while you were in the bathroom. They are otherwise occupied, if you know what I mean."


"Hey, try living with them. They're worse than rabbits!" He gave Heero a sultry look over his coffee cup. "Give you any ideas?"

"Tonight, Duo. Behave!"


Duo tagged along while Heero met with the physical therapist in the fitness room. She ran Heero through a number of flexibility and coordination tests, checked his reflexes, then tested him out on some of the machines.

"Well, you are certainly a long way from your old numbers," she said, consulting a copy of his medical record. "All the same, you are in better shape than many people I see. If you are careful not to push yourself too hard too quickly, I think you will see significant progress. I'm writing down a routine you can start with on these machines, as well as some recommended times for walking, swimming and the like. Be as active as you feel comfortable being and don't worry too much if you're tired at first. I'm going to recommend some vitamin supplements, and a protein shake to be taken twice daily to help rebuild muscle tissue. You are not a vegetarian, are you? No? That's just as well. Red meat and eggs, at least three times a week, and lots of vegetables and salads. I would caution you against performance enhancers, like steroids. You must be gentle with your system."

"I don't use drugs," Heero informed her. "And I doubt I'll ever match the stats you have there. They were achieved through an unusual training regime that I have no wish to repeat."

"Are you planning on staying on Earth?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"Well, it is up to you, of course, but it would make your recovery easier and faster if you do. The gravity in the colonies is much less, as you know, and the acclimation process is stressful to the body even under optimum conditions. You've been on Earth long enough that a return to space now could impede recovery."

"I'll take that under consideration."


Kat and Trowa joined them in their room for lunch. Both had that "well fucked" glow Duo knew so well. Normally he envied it, but knowing that he had Heero to look forward to tonight took some of the sting out of that.

Quatre had most of his facial piercing jewelry and earrings in again. Trowa wore three small gold hoops in piercings up the side of his right ear.

"That bruise faded very quickly," Heero noted, looking at Trowa's cheek. "I can hardly see it."

"It's still there. Kat put a little make up on it for me."

"You wear makeup?"

Trowa brushed his bangs back and met Heero's look of surprise with something like challenge in his green eyes. "Sometimes."

"That's just some cover pancake we use on him to cover up bruises when he performs," Quatre explained. "It has an medication mixed in, to make them fade faster, too. Trapeze work is tough on the performers. You should see him after a week or two of back to back performances. His arms and legs are all beat up."

"Occupational hazard," Trowa said with a shrug. '

"Especially when you show as much skin as he does!" Duo put in, then cringed a little as the others shot him dark looks. Seemed the situation between Trowa and Heero wasn't diffused, after all.

Talk turned to safer subjects as they ate, but presently Heero nudged Duo's foot under the table, then showed him the large black and white capsule he'd hidden under his napkin. It was the last penicillin dose. Heero popped it in his mouth, washed it down with water and winked at Duo.

"Soooo, Heero. What ya want to do with the afternoon?"

"I saw a library downstairs. I thought I'd do some reading, then maybe a swim, some time in the sauna, and a nap."

'You're really going to drag this out, aren't you, Yuy?' Duo thought, casting a meaningful glance at the acres and acres of freshly made bed so tantalizingly close.

The four friends went up to the pool together, donning suits provided by the fitness director. Trowa and Kat had massages, but when Duo expressed interest Heero touched his arm and shook his head. Duo savored another rush of anticipation. What the hell did Yuy have planned?


Heero's nap was not just to kill time or make Duo suffer. He was always tired by afternoon these days and really needed it. Securing Duo's promise not to molest him in his sleep, he lay down near the edge of the mattress and was asleep almost at once.

He awoke around six to find Duo sitting near him on the bed, watching him. "Hey lover. You all revived and rested?"

"Hn." Heero yawned and stretched. "Yes."

"Good. I've got a special present for you!" Duo handed him a thick envelop with the hospital's crest and address on the front.

Heero opened it and pulled out what appeared to be a sheaf of lab results and two cover letters.

"I had them hand deliver them to me," Duo said, obviously very pleased with the contents. His grin was wider than ever and his eyes were filled with badly suppressed excitement.

Heero scanned the letters. One was addressed to him, the other to Duo. They were virtually identical, reporting that both of them were free of any sexually transmitted disease. An additional sheet stapled to Heero's report showed that his iron levels were up, and that his serotonin and adrenal levels were still within the normal range.

Duo shimmied over and tapped the papers. "You realize what this means?"

"We are both healthy and disease free."


Heero looked at him expectantly.

Duo reached over and pulled something from the air next to Heero's ear. Heero grinned at the cheap conjurer's trick, then blinked at the fact that Duo was holding up a wrapped condom, rather than a coin, between his first and middle fingers.

"What it means, lover--" Duo flicked the packet away over his shoulder, "Is that as long as we keep sex just between you and me, we don't need these things anymore. No more little rubber raincoats getting in the way and tasting funky. I am officially, one hundred percent, au natural, bare backing yours, Heero Yuy! And vice versa."


"Ah!" Duo agreed. "You do realize that I've never made unprotected love with anyone else before?"

Heero caught himself before he could ask, 'not even our friends?' but Duo looked deep into his eyes and said, "No one, Heero. Like I said, I've been saving all that for you."

Heero thought again of blood tests and lesions and black and white capsules. "I wish--"

Duo stopped him with a kiss. "Doesn't count, baby. We agreed, remember? Doesn't count and we never need to talk about it again. You're pure as the driven snow. So, are we OK?"

Heero drew him down for a kiss, then held him close through the bedclothes. "Yes, we are OK. All systems go. I'm going to make love to you tonight until you scream my name loud enough to embarrass the entire neighborhood. No, all of Madrid."

"Oh, I like the sound of that! Should we eat first?"

"You go start the shower and I will order."

"No giant tub?" Duo looked disappointed.

"Takes too long. Maybe after."

Duo brightened up at once and saluted. "Shower it is!"

Heero found the menu and perused it, looking for foods that would provide energy without being heavy or making them smell bad. Duo was singing in the bathroom, some popular song Heero recognized enough to know he was singing off key.

Smiling, he turned his attention back to the menu. He'd picked up on the fact that Duo had a taste for anything luxurious and expensive, so he ordered two lobster salads and a fresh fruit plate, but passed on wine or champagne; the wine they'd had last night had left him feeling very sluggish. Instead he asked for two bottles of a sparkling chilled cider and some ice water. If they were hungry afterwards, they could always order more food.

Duo was already naked at the mirror, pinning his coiled braid up with an odd collection of lock picks and pencils. It was an interesting look when he finished.

"Whadya think?" Duo grinned at him in the mirror.

"I think it will keep your hair dry long enough for a shower." Heero stepped in behind him and circled his waist with his hands, then kissed his way up Duo's long neck. Their eyes met in the mirror and Heero smiled. Duo was already looking flushed and dewy-eyed. Heero looked like a hungry wolf, ready to devour him.

"So, you gonna show me 'anything'?" Duo whispered, pressing back against the front of Heero's shorts.


Duo turned and slowly undressed him, planting kisses here and there as he lifted Heero's shirt over his head, helped him out of his sneakers and socks, and pulled off the shorts, all the while carefully not touching Heero's now very erect cock. Instead, he gave each hipbone a slow lap with his tongue. "Yum. Salty."

Heero pulled him up into another kiss, pressing full length against him, skin to skin, cock to erect cock. Duo's lips tasted of his own sweat, but it wasn't a bad taste. He wondered what Duo's semen would taste like; he fully intended to find out.

They showered together, washing and teasing each other with sandalwood scented suds. Apart from necessary washing, however, Heero kept their hands away from each other's genitals. For now.

Their dinner arrived with a candelabra, so they ate in their robes on the floor by candlelight, feeding each other with forks at first, then their fingers. Heero sucked bits of lobster and mayonnaise from Duo's fingers, licking them clean after each offered morsel, and watched those violet-blue eyes go darker still with arousal. Duo did the same for him and Heero closed his eyes, memorizing the rough velvet caresses of that tongue swirling around his fingers, imagining what it would feel like against the bare head of his cock. That was another thing he hoped to experience before morning.

Cool juicy strawberries and chilled melon balls followed, with sips of tart bubbly cider. More amorous by the minute, Duo eased Heero onto his back, took a swig of cider straight from the bottle, then leaned over and pressed his lips to Heero's, sharing the cold liquid with him in an open-mouthed kiss. Heero swallowed hungrily, then thrust his tongue up into that generous mouth, tasting the lingering sweetness there. Pushing Duo over onto his back, he took a swig and returned the favor. This time the kissing turned into a long series of caresses that left them both lying naked on their discarded robes.

Heero pulled back a little, admiring Duo in the candlelight.

"Time for anything?" Duo whispered, his voice deep and throaty.

"Almost. There's something I'd like to see." Heero raised up on his knees, and captured Duo's bare foot. Lifting it to his lips, he kissed his way from heel to toes, then ran his tongue lightly across the polished nails. Duo writhed in pleasure, stretching his arms up over his head. "I like this look very much on you, Duo."

Duo's eyes slid shut as he let out an open-mouthed sigh of agreement.

"You have some eye makeup in your bag."

Duo's eyes came open again in a sultry, half lidded look of appraisal. "The liner? You've been wondering about that, haven't you?"

"Do you wear that?"

"Sometimes, when we go clubbing."

Heero grinned. "Quatre's doing?"

"Yeah. He's a very bad influence."

"I disagree. Will you wear it for me?"

"Of course!" Duo purred. "Why don't you turn the bed down? I'll be right back. And make sure the door's locked! Pull the curtains, too. I don't want an audience this time."

Heero chuckled and secured the room, double checking the door that joined their room and the empty one next to it, as well as the main entrance. There was a full moon tonight, and the moon light might have been a good romantic touch, but Heero pulled the heavy draperies closed and moved the candles to the table near the bed. No audience. No friends bursting in. No pesky servants or security personnel. No fucking reporters with helicopters, telephoto lenses, or spy satellite access.

He set the water pitcher and a glass near the bed, turned back the heavy comforter and silky cotton sheets and lay down in the middle of the bed, reveling in the quiet and privacy.

Duo switched off the bathroom light and sauntered back in with a couple of hand towels. He'd taken his hair down and brushed it loose over his shoulders. Heero's cock throbbed appreciatively as Duo slowly crossed the room, hips swinging just a little, and crawled up from the end of the bed on his hands and knees until he was straddling Heero's hips, his erection mere inches above Heero's. His eyes were outlined with the kohl eyeliner in such a way that they looked almost Oriental or Arabic, and very large. His lips glistened in the candlelight, slightly pinker than usual. Heero had forgotten about the gloss. He gazed up, entranced. Long hair, painted toenails, makeup--and Duo still looked, felt, and smelled like nothing other than an exotically beautiful but still quite masculine young man.

He reached up and combed the hair back from Duo's face, running the cool, soft strands through his fingers. "You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, Duo Maxwell."

Duo grinned and settled himself on Heero's bare stomach. "Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you--only darkly, dangerously handsome, rather than beautiful."

"I still look dangerous?"

Duo shivered and stretched out on top of him, propping his head up with his hands. "Oh, yeah, and it really works for me."

"You think I will do dangerous things to you?"

"Only ones I'll like."

Heero stroked his hands down from the top of Duo's head, over his shoulders and back to clasp his buttocks. Holding him close, he rocked his hips up and watched those huge eyes go a little wider. "I want to taste you, Duo. I want to feel that naked cock in my mouth and taste your skin and your semen when you cum down my throat."

Duo closed his eyes and let out a throaty groan. "Read my mind again. Did that research of yours come up with a little something called sixty nine?"

"Of course."

Duo rolled off and turned around so that they were face to face with each other's erections. Lying on their sides, head's pillowed on each other's thigh, they began a slow and languorous exploration of each other's body's, licking and lapping and sucking and tasting to their hearts content, unconcerned for now with anything but the experience itself.

Reveling in the taste of Duo, Heero could not find words to define it. It was as much about the heat and mingled scents of Duo and sandalwood and Heero himself as the taste of his skin. With Duo doing the same to him, Heero got a strange, double image experience, as if he could feel what he was doing to Duo through what Duo's mouth was doing to him.

And what Duo was doing to him was even more amazing than yesterday's experience. Without a condom in the way, every movement of that silky firm tongue was magnified a hundredfold. The heat and wetness of it, the seemingly endless variety of stimulation achieved with tongue and teeth and lips and suction. Conceding that Duo was far more the expert at the moment, Heero began to follow his direction, doing to Duo what Duo was doing to him. Duo caught on at once and seemed to be going out of his way to show Heero what he liked. Floating on waves of unbelievable sensation, tasting the salty metallic sweetness of the first drips of pre ejaculate fluids, entranced as he learned the nuances of tonguing the slit at the tip, and lazily rolling his tongue back and forth against the ultra sensitive skin just below the head, Heero was taken by surprise by his own orgasm when it hit. Bucking into Duo's mouth and hand, he groaned loudly around the cock still in his mouth and was rewarded with the same reaction. Wrapping an arm around Duo's ass to keep him from thrashing out of reach, he suddenly had a hot mouthful of Duo's very essence and the sound of his name, somewhat muffled, being moaned around his own cock. Duo's cum was thick and hot against his tongue, and tasted pleasantly salt and bitter. Still coming himself, still clutching those straining hips, Heero didn't think twice about swallowing it all down and sucking Duo's pulsing cock clean the way he had his fingers earlier.

Sated, they both rolled onto their backs, panting loudly and reaching for each other's hand.

"Oh, man!" Duo looked dazed. "That was-- That was--"

"Yes." Heero said, then laughed. "Au natural is much better."

Duo dragged himself up and kissed Heero, mingling their tastes together. He looked even sexier now. His darkly lined eyelids were heavy, his smile sated and satisfied.

"You have bedroom eyes, Heero Yuy," he breathed, gazing down at Heero.

"So do you. All the time. And I like the eyeliner very much. Should I wear it for you, too?"

Duo grinned softly as he brushed Heero's bangs back and studied his face. "No," he whispered. "You are perfect just as you are. You're dark and intense and incredibly virile. All man! And all mine. Maybe an ear stud?" He ran a thumb over Heero's earlobe, then moved his hand down to trace a line around his upper arm. "Or a tat, something like Trowa's. Mmmmm, yeah! That would look hot on you. Or maybe here--" He bent down and kissed the smooth skin between Heero's hipbone and the patch of black pubic hair. "Right here where no one gets to see it but me."

"Whatever would turn you on," Heero told him, making his voice low and rough. Duo shivered against him, then wiggled and laughed as Heero reached around and tickled his fingers across his back just above the cleft of his ass. "I might like one like Trowa's right here, on you, for only me to enjoy."

Duo arched against him. "Really? Well, I guess that depends on whether or not you're going to be back there, needing something to look at, huh?"

Heero cupped Duo's chin and got him to look at him. "Tell me, Duo. Do you want that?"

"I was sort of hoping it came under the heading of 'anything', yeah."

Heero pulled Duo up on top of him a gain, and moved his thigh between Duo's, parting his legs. Stroking down his back again, he cupped those firm buttocks, kneading them with his fingers, then ran the fingers of his right hand down that cleft, brushing softly across the exposed little opening.

Duo threw his head back and gasped. "Oh yeah, baby! I saved that for you. Never wanted anyone's cock there but yours, Heero. Do you want to?"

"You know I do--"


"But I don't know how, exactly. I've read up on the subject, but I'm afraid of hurting you. I'm not exactly small."

"You say that like it's not this boy's number one fantasy!" Duo chuckled. "My hot, perfect, smoldering, dark-eyed lover, ravishing me with his huge cock! What do you think I dream about when I jerk off, big boy?"

"I wouldn't call it huge."

"Close enough. Don't worry, Heero, I'll let you know how you're doing every step of the way, OK? Will you do me?"

'Do me.' Heero felt a strange mix of excitement and nervous tension at the words.

"I'd like to do it face to face this first time," Duo whispered, reaching over for the towels he'd put on the night table. Unfolding the top one, he took out something and put it in Heero's right hand. It was a fresh, unopened tube of lubricant. "Use plenty of this and take it nice and slow, OK, baby?"

'He's nervous, too,' Heero realized. A back door virgin, and one who's been raped. Getting up on his knees, he gently pressed Duo back against the pillows, straightening his back and lifting his hips onto another pillow. He had indeed studied this topic extensively in his research. Spreading Duo's long legs, he knelt between them and had him bend his knees, resting his feet on Heero's thighs. He paused, admiring the view.

Duo's hair spread over the pillows like an angel or a mermaid's in a painting, framing that beloved face and those dark-rimmed eyes. Duo didn't need piercings or tattoos. Right now Heero couldn't imagine allowing any permanent alteration to such a perfectly beautiful form. The eyeliner and nail polish only accentuated that natural beauty. Heero wouldn't mind experimenting more with that sort of decoration, but no, he thought with another hot rush of alpha male possessiveness and love, nothing permanent. Duo was perfect, just as he was.

Opening the lube, Heero squeezed some out in his palm and warmed it in his cupped hands, then coated his right middle finger and pressed it to that tight little pucker. Duo opened his mouth and breathed deeply, relaxing for him to enter. He was tight, but Heero's slicked finger entered with no difficulty, and he slicked and added a second and worked them slowly in and out.

"Oh yeah!" Duo gasped, already clutching at the sheets. "Oh, god, Heero, I am so ready for this!"

Heero's own breath was coming in tight little gasps now, but he mistook it at first for excitement. He added a third finger and felt carefully for the little bump of the prostate that he'd found yesterday. Duo moaned again, more loudly, and began rocking against his fingers, urging him deeper. His cock was already recovering, and lay half hard across his belly. "Oh Heero! Yes, that's good. That's really, really gooooood!"

Heero withdrew his fingers long enough to apply more lube, then slid them back in, and massaged Duo's balls with his left hand.

Duo yelped and arched, digging his heels into Heero's thighs. The blue polish on his toenails winked in the candle light as his toes curled and uncurled. "Oooooooooo, so good! I think--I think maybe you better do me now, because I'm not gonna last."

Heero swallowed hard and withdrew his fingers again. Duo moaned softly, urging him to hurry.

Heero squeezed out more lube and saw that his fingers were shaking a little. It was probably normal to be nervous. He'd never done this before--

/But almost-/

He slicked his partially erect cock, stroking it to make it hard. He was turned on, of course, but hadn't thought to take the refractory time into consideration. With his impaired health, perhaps this was going to be a problem. His chest was really tight now; it was hard to get his breath.

But he seemed to be hard enough. Leaning forward, he kissed Duo. "Are you sure you're ready?"

"Uh huh! Be gentle, right?"


Heero knelt again and pulled Duo's hips onto his lap, guiding the tip of his erection to the glistening opening. Duo rocked his hips, urging him on. Still guiding it with his hand, Heero leaned over him and pressed the tip in, watching Duo's face for reaction. Heero's heartbeat was hammering in his ears.

Duo's mouth opened very wide, and then those violet eyes. "Oh. Yeah. Nice and--"

Heero pressed in and felt the head of his cock pop past the ring of tight muscle at the opening. Duo gasped, then grimaced as Heero tried to press deeper.

Duo's lips were moving and his cock was not as hard as it had been. Suddenly Heero felt his own erection slipping away. Duo grimaced again and Heero strained to hear what he was whispering now over the sudden rushing in his ears.

"Heero, it's all . . ."

/Please don't!/

/Please don't!/

/Please don't!/

Heero couldn't tell if the voice was Duo's or his own.

Then he was curled up on the far edge of the bed, shaking and cold and sick to his stomach. Duo scrambled over to him and Heero found himself shuddering away from the hand on his shoulder. "No! Don't. I'm sorry. Duo, I'm so sorry!"

"It's all right, Heero!" But Duo sounded terrified.

Panic drove claws of ice into Heero's belly, doubling him over against a sudden burst of nausea.

"Heero, what's wrong?" Duo sounded very far away now.

Why was he leaving Heero here in the dark? "Duo? Duo!"

Then there were strong arms around him, holding him close, holding him tight as the room swam slowly back into focus and he felt how badly he was shaking against Duo's warm body.

"Heero, what the hell happened? What's wrong?"


"What stopped? Please, buddy, you're scaring me here. Talk to me, Heero!"

"I stopped," Heero heard himself saying.

"You? Oh god! Oh, Heero, I'm sorry. I didn't know it would take you back like that. I'm so sorry! Fuck, what a selfish, blind prick I am!"

The fact that Duo was crying now cleared Heero's mind. Duo was crying. Duo needed him.

"Did I hurt you? Oh Duo, I didn't want to hurt you!"

"No, you didn't!" Duo said, clinging to him. "I mean, not really, just the norm, but you didn't give me a chance to get used to it, y'know. You weren't really hurting me, I swear."

"I saw your face," Heero whispered.

"That's normal. It always stings a little 'til you get it all in and we both get used to it and get it on! You gotta believe me. It's normal! But you weren't ready, were you? You flashed back. God, I'm so fucking sorry!"

This was bad. Heero had flashed back and he'd panicked and now Duo was scared and blaming himself. Very bad.

Heero sat up and gathered Duo close, stroking his hair and rocking him. "It's all right, love. I think this is what Dr. Batoosingh was trying to warn us about. But it's all right. It will get better. I'll get past this. I will, I promise!"

Duo wiped his face on the sheet. "What if you don't?" he asked in small, miserable voice. "What if I've totally screwed it all up?"

"You didn't. I'm just--I'm just not at a hundred percent yet, and--that night. It was like--that night."

"No, it wasn't!" Duo whispered, wrapping his arms around him again. "It was nothing like that night. I was here, with you, every step of the way and I wanted you! I wanted you in me so bad!"

"I failed you."

"Can we lie down for a minute. I don't think arguing about who was wrong is helping."

Heero stretched out and let Duo pull the bedclothes over them both. When Duo tried to lie down a little apart from him Heero reached for him and pulled him close, tangling his fingers in that long hair. "I love you, Duo. I really do, and I want to make love to you like that. I know you want it. Just--just help me work through this, please?"

"You know I will, baby. Whatever you need."

They lay together like that for a long time as Heero tried to sort out what it was that he did need. His greatest fear was that if they let this stay as it was, Duo would be too fearful to touch him again for a long time. Maybe even need therapy to get past it. Or he would. Heero groaned inwardly at the thought of telling anyone, even Dr. Batoosingh, who had heard so much from Duo already, apparently, the embarrassing details of this debacle.

No. He would fix this himself. A new version of mission mode stole over him, stilling his mind and settling out his racing heartbeat.

"Heero?" Duo still sounded miserable and scared.

Heero kissed him. "It's all right, Duo. I have a plan.

"A plan?"

"Yes. I just need some fresh supplies. I'm going to make a call." Duo let go and Heero got out of bed and walked over to the phone on the dining table. "Hello, kitchen. Yes, this is Mr. Yuy. If it's not too late, could I please place another order? Thank you." He flipped the menu open to the last few pages. "I would like a dish of fresh raspberries in cream, the Sanque chocolate sampler, and a bottle of whiskey. No, blended if you have it. Yes, that will be fine."

"Whisky, Heero?"

"I find it useful in small amounts. It calms the nerves and relaxes the muscles." He climbed back into bed and pulled Duo back on top of him again. Brushing his hair to one side, he slowly massaged the tense muscles of Duo's shoulders and neck.

"I should be doing this for you!" Duo exclaimed, trying to move off him.

"No, let me do this. I scared you badly."

"You're the one who flashed!"

"I'm feeling much better. I have identified the problem, formulated a course of action, and am now implementing it."

"Jesus, you're on a mission!"

Heero worked his fingers down either side of Duo's spine. "Yes, and you are my wing man."

He'd worked his way down to Duo's buttocks when a knock came at the door. Heero went to answer it.

"Heero! Robe! Sheesh, haven't we scandalized the staff enough already?"

Grinning, Heero found the brown silk kimono and pulled it on. He opened the door partway, blocking the view in the room. The same nervous young man who'd delivered their dinner stood outside with a silver tray holding the ordered items. Someone had added a red rose in a crystal vase. Heero thanked the man and took the tray. As he turned back into the room he found Duo, still naked, just behind the door. Heero hadn't heard him move. He closed the door and turned the lock as Heero carried the tray to the bed.

"Good job, wing man."

"Like I said, we don't need an audience."

Heero let the robe fall and sat down on the bed, then poured two small shots of the expensive whiskey. "Come here, love. Have a bedtime snack with me."

Duo settled beside him, still looking concerned, but accepted the drink and downed it in a gulp. "Whoo! Good stuff! Do I get another?"

"Not yet." Heero picked up one of the small, exquisitely molded Sanque chocolates and popped it into Duo's mouth, then picked up the bowl of raspberries and offered him a spoonful of berries and cream to go with the sweet. Duo accepted it, then closed his eyes in rapt delight as he chewed slowly. "Wow. Good! Where'd you learn this one?"

"Nowhere. It just seemed like a suitable combination. Chocolate has sugar for energy and endorphin properties. The berries and cream, in addition to being pleasing complimentary flavors, add extra fast burning carbs."

"Ah, very romantic, in a logical sort of way. And the whiskey?"

"I like whiskey. It's very warming."

Heero downed his shot, then let Duo feed him a chocolate and a spoonful berries. It was very good, something to be repeated.

A small card had come with the chocolates, explaining the designs and their fillings. Some were caramels, like the one Heero had just eaten. Others were filled with sweet liqueurs, and different berries in sugary liquid syrups. This offered certain opportunities. Heero had always been extremely good at altering a mission to take advantage of local resources.

"Those are good," Duo said, sounding calmer now, and even a little flirty again as he asked, "May I have another?"

"Yes." Heero chose a liqueur-filled one and traced Duo's lips with it, teasing him a little before letting him have it. Duo took it between his lips and flicked Heero's fingers with the pink tip of his tongue. The whiskey was doing its work. His cheeks were flushed again and his eyes were getting that soft, amorous shine again.

"I think I'd like another one, too." Heero caught Duo's wrist as he reached for the tray. "No, no hands. Lie down."

Duo stretched out on his back, then let out a startled giggle as Heero placed a liqueur-filled chocolate on each of his nipples. Starting with the closest one, he placed his mouth around the chocolate, lips against Duo's skin, and worked his tongue over it, melting the outer shell. Duo caught his breath and lay very still. Heero bit into the confection, cracking it. Thick red liqueur spread around the nipple, trickling into the hollow of Duo's chest and down his side. Heero quickly licked away the errant drops, then more slowly worked the melting chocolate over the stiffened nipple, swirling his tongue until Duo's skin was damp and more or less clean.


"Mmmm. Yes?"

"I should be doing this to you!"

"You can, later. I'm not finished with you yet."

"Oh god!"

Heero popped a fruit-filled candy into Duo's mouth, then went to work on the other chocolate, which was already softened from the heat of Duo's skin. Duo was squirming under him before he was done. Heero fed him another spoonful of berries, then one more small nip of whiskey. Heero had already had enough. He felt warm and relaxed and ready to proceed to the next and riskiest step of his plan.



"I love you."

Duo opened his eyes and gazed up at him. "Love you!"

"I want you to make love to me."

Duo blinked. "And by make love you mean?

"You're experienced at penetration, right?"

"Yeah, but--"

"And I'm betting you are very good at it. I want you to teach me. Show me how."

"By--by doing you?"

Heero kissed him. Duo tasted nicely of chocolate and whiskey. "Yes. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to take your time and show me every way you can think of to make it very, very good. I've always found direct experience is the most efficient way to learn a new skill."

"Are you sure about this? I mean, with what just happened and all?"

"I'm terrified of hurting you, Duo. Mostly because I've never done it, and don't know how it would feel, how it should feel for my partner. If I experience it for myself with you, then I will have more confidence when I attempt it again. I will have some idea of what you are feeling and be better able to read your reactions."

Duo closed his eyes for a moment and let out a shaky breath. "You're sure about this? I mean, that night in the silo isn't exactly the only issue you're dealing with, right? What if you flash back to--something else?"

"Then you will be here to comfort me and bring me back to safety, just as you did a little while ago."

Duo still hesitated, but Heero could see he was aroused, as well. "And you don't think we should maybe talk to the Doc about this first?"

"That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid," Heero admitted. "I don't want to have to sit and explain this. And I could not ask such a favor of anyone else but you. Please, Duo, I need you. As you said, I want you, and only you."

Duo let out a breathy sigh. "Well, if you're absolutely sure."

"I am. Thank you." Heero kissed him again, snagged another chocolate from the tray, and lay down on his back.

"You're not hard," Duo noted, kneeling between his legs.

"Do I need to be?"

"I guess not. But I want you to enjoy this, Heero."

"I will. Just let things happen as they will."

"All right, then." Duo leaned down and kissed him. Heero reached between them and ran his fingers over Duo's cock. It was hard and ready. Heero found a drop of precum at the tip and smoothed it around with one fingertip. Duo moaned into his mouth. Encouraged, Heero reached back and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. His own cock responded to the brush of Duo's against it and he arched a little, letting Duo feel the slight stirring there.

Duo took his time, kissing his way down Heero's neck and chest, pausing to lick his nipples, then down his belly for a quick flick into his navel that make Heero let out a very uncharacteristic sound that was dangerously close to a giggle. Then Duo was massaging his sides, his hips and thighs, moving them wider apart and working warm hands up his inner thighs to caress his balls. Duo's mouth found his limp cock. Sucking it gently into his mouth, he worked the soft flesh with lips and tongue until it was stiff and throbbing. Heero moaned deep in his chest, glad to feel the warm waves of pleasure spreading out through him like the whiskey fire earlier. He would go through with this, no matter what, but wasn't at all averse to enjoying it, as well.

He didn't really know what to expect of his body; he'd never actually considered letting anyone, even Duo, do this to him, but he was convinced it was necessary at least this once, for his own peace of mind.

Duo released his cock and licked his balls, then cupped them in his hand as he licked lower and lower, until he was teasing Heero's opening.

'Rimming,' Heero's research voice noted. He hadn't been impressed with what he'd read, but the experience was quite something else. Hardly realizing what he was doing, he spread his legs wider, letting Duo do whatever he wanted.

The sensations intensified, then stopped. He was about to protest when he felt a lubricated finger exploring his opening. Ah. Showtime.

He did has Duo had done, breathing deeply though his mouth, concentrating on relaxing as Duo stretched and slicked him in preparation. Just like yesterday, he felt no discomfort, only a deep sense of pleasure at the odd intrusion. He lost track of how many fingers Duo was using; it didn't matter. It just felt good. And better, shockingly so, as Duo found and massaged his prostate.

Heero gasped and opened his eyes. "Oh, that's good. Really good! But I'd rather wait until you're inside to come."

"You got it, baby. Ready?"


Duo leaned over for another kiss, and Heero felt the blunt, slick tip of Duo's cock pressing into him. Duo wasn't quite as thick as he was. It slid in rather easily. It did burn a little, but that was nothing compared to the spreading pleasure of feeling that hard, hot flesh pressing deeper, spreading the most secret reaches of his body for entry. Duo broke the kiss and looked down at him, trying to read his reaction.

"So good!" Heero whispered. "Never imagined-- So fucking good!"

"I'm glad to hear--" Duo caught his breath again, panting as he slowly began to thrust in and out, working still deeper. "Oh, I'm so glad you like this 'cause you are fucking amazing!"

A moment more and Duo was in all the way. Heero felt balls pressed to his and that sent another bolt of pleasure through him. It was hard to keep his eyes open, but he forced himself to, looking up into Duo's eyes. "I want more. What should I do?"

Duo's eyes were smoldering now, and Heero could tell he was getting lost in the pleasure of it all. That was fine with Heero. He did want more. Lots more!

"I want you to fuck me, Duo. Show me how good it can be!"

Duo let out a hoarse cry. Pulling Heero's legs up over his shoulders, he plunged even deeper, and suddenly the head of his cock was hitting Heero's prostate just right.

Heero grasped at Duo's knees and rocked up, meeting each thrust willingly, wanting Duo deeper inside. He was on fire now, every fiber in his body alive and responding to the actions of that other body pounding into him. He was panting and crying out now, unable to help it and not really caring.

"Oh god Heero!" Duo cried out, gripping Heero's thighs and thrusting harder, faster. "So close, baby. You're so hot, so tight! Virgin baby! Sweet, sweet tight little . . . "

Heero watched in amazement. Duo's head was thrown back, hair wild around him, mouth open and gasping obscene, inchoherent endearments. Heero had never seen anything more erotic and beautiful than this. He was close himself, hovering right on the edge and flying. When Duo's hand wrapped around his cock and that hard head slammed past his prostate at the same moment Heero came harder than he ever had in his life, yelling Duo's name and that he loved him and that he was his, all his.

And Duo was answering in loud, sobbing cries, joining in the shouted duet of raw passion as they drove each other to boneless collapse.

Lying tangled in the sheets afterwards, both of them sticky with sweat and chocolate and semen, Heero knew his plan had been a good one. Nothing could have been more therapeutic than this.

"Heero!" Duo gasped, seeking his face blindly with his hand.

"Yes, Duo."


Heero caught the hand and brought it to his lips. "What? I'm right here."

"My Heero!" Duo sighed, cuddling close and tucking his head in under Heero's chin.

"All yours, Duo."

"All mine. God, you are so fantastic!"

"I never imagined it would feel so good. You are in incredibly talented lover, Duo."

"Hey, I'm only as good as my partner. And you have officially ruined me for ever wanting anyone ever again."

"Are you certain of that? We don't know if I'll be as good for you."

Duo snuggled closer, already half asleep. "Fuck me, --ro. Wan' you. Want it so baaaaad!"

"Rest first. We've got lots of time."

"Mmmm yeah! Hours and hours 'n hours . . ."

And he was out, snoring softly against Heero's chest. Heero found the blankets and pulled them up, then smoothed Duo's disheveled hair. 'I want you too, love,' he thought, sinking contentedly into sleep. 'I can't imagine ever getting enough of you!'


When Heero woke two hours later the candles had burned out and the room was dark except for the glow of the clock. He felt surprisingly rested. Duo was a warm, heavy weight against his left side. Heero stroked him, letting the lack of sight enhance his other senses.

Duo was very warm and very smooth. His skin was supple over lean hard muscles and the jut of his hipbone. His cock was half erect, too, and jumped in Heero's hand as he lightly toyed with it.

"Mmmm, yeah!" he murmured, pressing against Heero in his sleep. His breath still smelled faintly of whiskey and chocolate. They both reeked of sex.

Duo mumbled a nonsensical complaint but didn't wake when Heero left the bed.

Padding into the bathroom, he shut the door before turning on the lights. He turned on the taps in the tub, then went to the toilet to empty his bladder. As he washed his hands and brushed his teeth afterwards he studied his face in the mirror.

"You look like someone who just got fucked and really liked it!" he whispered, grinning at himself. He did look different somehow, in a good way. Healthier, too. His face had more color than before, and his eyes and cheeks looked less sunken. Good food and good sex equaled good medicine. He liked that equation. Now, if his mind and body would just cooperate for one more important operation.

He perused the bath salts, and chose one that wasn't overpoweringly scented. Stirring in a handful, he tested the water, adjusted the taps slightly, and went to wake Duo.

The light from the bathroom revealed Duo sprawled on his back now, one arm thrown across Heero's pillow. His other hand rested over his cock, fingers twitching slightly in some dream.

Heero plucked the rose from the vase on the tray and ran the soft petals across Duo's lips and down his chest to the tip of the cock peeking out between his fingers. "Wake up, little mermaid. Time for that bath I promised."

Duo's eyes stayed shut, but his lips quirked into a wry grin. "Can't fucking believe you call me that!"

Heero chuckled, tickling him with the rose until Duo sat up and grabbed for it. "You'll have to walk to the water this time. I'm not up to carrying you yet."

Duo bounced over to the edge of the mattress. Grabbing the bowl of berries, he devoured several spoonfuls hungrily, then passed the rest to Heero. "Keep your strength up, lover. You wake me out of a potential wet dream, you gotta make it up to me somehow."

Heero slurped down the last of the berry-stained cream. "Oh, I intend to."

Duo piled his hair up again with the picks and pencils and soaked happily in Heero's arms. "You realize we are totally spoiled rotten now. How are we gonna survive in the cold, cruel world after all this?"

"Consider it a honeymoon, as you said to the man on the phone earlier."

"No, you can't have a honeymoon if you don't get married first. This is just a naughty getaway."

"I see." Heero used a washcloth to scrub the last traces of their earlier lovemaking from Duo's face and chest. Pushing his bangs back with his fingers, he found the faint scar near the hairline.

"This is a definite step up from that first bath you gave me," Duo told him, reading his thoughts.

"Yes, in so many ways. I didn't understand the feelings I had then, or know then how much I wanted to be your lover."

Duo chuckled, sending little ripples out across the steaming water. "Mermaid lover!"

Heero kissed his neck. "Yes, my own private mermaid."

"Actually, I think the word is merman."

"Hn. No, I like mermaid better."

"Mer-maid? Girl? Mer-man. Man."

"I don't think of it like that. It is simply a word describing a beautiful, graceful, sometimes wicked mythical water being. You are my mermaid, Maxwell. Get used to it."

"Maxwell!" Duo turned to glare at him in mock outrage. "We're back to that, are we? Maxwell? Fuck!"

"Duo. Duo, my beautiful, foul-mouthed, kinky mermaid lover."

"That's more like it! Guess you can keep me, after all."

Heero tightened his arms around him. "I plan to."

"So? You still wanna?"

"Yes, if you do."

Duo wiggled his backside against Heero's lap. "You know I do!"

When they'd dried each other, Heero went to the sink and found the eyeliner. He held it out to Duo, and raised an eyebrow. Grinning, Duo took it and deftly outlined his eyes again, making the lines a little heavier this time, and accenting the tilt of his eyes.

"How's that?" he asked, leaning back against the sink.

"I will be glad when I am strong enough to sweep you up in my arms again and carry you to the bed. Because that's what I feel like doing right now."

"Ooooo, caveman style. I could get into that! You just guaranteed yourself a workout buddy for life, my friend." Grinning, Duo took his hand and pulled Heero back to the bed. Heero poured them both another shot and they downed them, then shifted to the far side of the bed, away from the various wet spots and food stains.

"Big beds are good. Sex is messier without condoms," Duo remarked, stretching out and holding his arms out for Heero.

"Yes, but much better."

"Copy that!"

Heero's erection did not flag this time as he slicked himself and Duo and positioned himself between his lover's legs.

"Look at me, Heero," Duo said in a low, sexy voice. "I want you. I absolutely, positively, no holds barred want you inside me. I don't want to leave this room until I've felt you come deep inside me."

"I love you, Duo. I'll make it good this time."

"Just have fun. Don't worry about anything else. You know how good it feels, right?"

"Yes, but you don't. Not yet."

"Show me, lover!"

And Heero did. Both of them were relaxed from the bath and the whiskey and the sex earlier. Everything just seemed to flow naturally this time, and suddenly Heero found himself sheathed to the balls in Duo's body, lost in a hot tightness beyond any imagining. "Ah Duo! Oh!"

"More, baby. I want more," Duo moaned, wrapping those long legs around Heero's waist and pulling him in deeper. "Give it to me, Heero. Give me all you got!"

And Heero did. He wanted to feel more in control, to take more care for Duo's pleasure, but all he could do was gaze down into that rapt, pleasure-filled face and let his body do what it wanted.

It lasted longer for both of them this time, but they still arrived together, gasping each other's names as Duo's semen shot out over Heero's pumping fist. With a final grunting thrust, Heero collapsed beside him. "I don't think I can move!"

Duo glanced over at the clock. "It's only 2:30, and neither of us has anywhere to be, right? No early appointments?"

"Relena may be arriving."

"Yeah, but who knows when she'll show up."

"Mmm." Too sleepy and satisfied to care, Heero spooned in behind Duo and fell asleep.


Relena hurried the last meeting with the L-1 ambassadors, cancelled a press meeting, and was back on her private launch before dinner. She tried to sleep, knowing she'd be arriving very early, but she was just too excited. Oh, it was true that things had never quite worked out between Heero and her the way she'd hoped, but now she had another chance! She'd kept his secrets, done as he'd asked, and thank god, he was alive after all. Alive and ill and in need of all the care and support it was in her considerable power to offer. Hector's reports and those from the Spanish doctor were encouraging. With the proper care and pampering, he would be well again, perhaps even better and happier than ever, if the psychiatrists' reports were true.

She was glad his friends had been with him these past few days. Oh, she'd been hurt, certainly, when he told her not to come, and then invited them, but that was understandable, she supposed. He really had wanted to evade the press and there was no way she, Relena Peacecraft, could travel incognito like those four scruffy ex-terrorists. Well, Captain Wufei wasn't scruffy, certainly. In fact, he shared a certain hard-edged charm with Heero that she'd always found most intriguing, but the others? Even the Winner boy, who should have been raised better, had gone to pieces after the war. It was shameful, the things they made headlines doing! Not that she wasn't grateful for all they'd done during the war; any of them was welcome to join her staff at any time, if only they'd agree to behave with the proper decorum.

She finally gave up any pretense of sleep and spent the last hours of the flight freshening up and making out a detailed itinerary for her visit with Heero. He must rest, of course, and undergo the prescribed therapies, but there would be time for excursions and riding on the grounds. Once he was under her protection, those dreadful reporters could be kept under control and her poor Heero could relax and heal.

Hector met her with the embassy limo at the lift port.

"So, how is he doing?"

"Very well, as far as I can tell," her cousin replied. "He's seen the doctors and used the fitness room, but otherwise he's remained in his room. They all have."

"They must be exhausted, after so much stress and excitement, the poor boys!"

"They are--unusual. Have you noticed--"

"They had to be, didn't they, to be the heroes they were!" Relena said.

"They seem to have remained very close."

"I suppose so." That could change, she thought, after the initial excitement of Heero's return had worn off. After all, when the war ended, he'd come to her, not them. And once he understood fully how the others had changed?

Arriving at the embassy, Relena waved cheerfully at the reporters lurking at the gates, then bustled inside.

"Have the boys come down yet, Seaton?" she asked the major domo.

"No, your Highness. There's been no sign of any of them as yet."

"Then Heero hasn't breakfasted yet?"

"No, your Highness."

"Oh, but that's too perfect!" she exclaimed happily. "Have a tray prepared. I'll take it in to him myself."

"Perhaps I should send someone to wake him, Highness, and inform him of your arrival?"

"No, no! I want to surprise him! See to it that no one disturbs him, Seaton."

"As you wish, Highness."

So it was, shortly thereafter, that Relena Peacecraft found herself outside Heero-her Heero's! bedchamber with a breakfast tray, barely able to contain her excitement as the footman unlocked the door.

It was very dark inside. The heavy velvet drapes were still tightly drawn and hardly any light came in around them. Tiptoeing around the bed, she headed for the table by the window to set down the tray. She was careful not to rattle the cups and saucers as she placed it next to the remains of the previous night's meal. There was no sign of movement or sound from the bed. In this light she could make out no more than an indistinct lump under the covers near the edge of the bed closest to her, and the hint of dark hair against the pillows. She clutched her gloved hands together for a moment, shivering with anticipation, then threw the drapes wide and cried out, "Wake up, sleepyhead and join me for breakfast!"

Morning light fell across the bed, illuminating very clearly-- and quite literally, too-- the fact that Heero was not alone in the bed. Oh it was he, alright, blinking stupidly at her as he tried to sit up. But his bedmate, a woman with ridiculously long chestnut hair and sinfully fair skin, if the bared shoulder and long expanse of back were anything to go by--this unexpected stranger was still wrapped around him like a wanton and he couldn't quite free himself from the harpy's embrace.

"Heero!" Relena gasped out.

"Relena?" Heero mumbled, still blinking very stupidly with the sun in his eyes. The woman was awake now too, peering at Relena over the edge of the comforter with huge, overly made-up eyes. A whore. A common whore!

"I do not believe this!" Relena shouted angrily, already dangerously close to tears. "After all I've done for you all this time! The arrangements and the doctors and--and this!" Her gaze fell on the tray by the bed--the expensive delicacies and the whiskey and two telltale glasses, the wilted red rose! "After all that! And this is how you thank me? I, Relena Peacecraft! arrive prepared to serve you breakfast in bed and find this--this-common, painted slut in your bed!"

The harlot sat up, brazenly shaking that appallingly shiny hair back, letting the comforter slip down in the most wanton, heedless, disrespectful manner as she leaned on Heero's shoulder and said, "Oi, I'm not just any painted slut! "

Those eyes! That grin! That decidedly unwomanly chest and voice! Relena clutched the edge of the table behind her and gaped. "Duo?"

"And a cheery good morning to you, too, 'lena!"

He appeared so perfectly comfortable with this appallingly embarrassing situation that for an instant Relena wondered if she'd made a terrible mistake. But one look at Heero, now fully awake, glaring, and blushing furiously, disabused her of that notion. This was exactly what it looked like!

And the footman was still there at the door, waiting for further orders. And, god help her, there stood Quatre and Trowa, looking just as guilty as Heero!

Words failed her. Falling back on her dignity, Relena Peacecraft spared Heero Yuy one last, wrathful glance and strode from the room, head held high, secure in the knowledge that she, not he, was the injured party here.


"Fucking hell!" Duo exclaimed to no one in particular, falling back against the pillows. "Every time we get in bed together people climb in through the fucking windows to get a glimpse. Jesus!"

"The door was locked," Heero mumbled, still looking shell-shocked.

"I know! I locked it myself. But noooooooo! In waltzes the Queen of the Goddamned World with breakfast, all the same. Fuck!"

"You guys OK?" Quatre asked from the still open doorway.

"Hell yes!" Duo snapped. "Want some coffee? And scones. Look, we got scones!"

"Hn." Heero sounded firmly back in mission mode now as he pushed back the covers and looked around for his discarded robe. "I think perhaps we'll be needing somewhere else to stay."

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