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Broken Warriors + Chapter 21
Too Much Time on My Hands

As it turned out, Heero could not leave the country or enter the US territory without a passport, and that would take a little time and finesse, now that he was trying to operate through legal channels. Hector Peacecraft, apparently unaffected by his cousin's embarrassment offered to make a few calls on his behalf. On paper at least, Heero had had Sanque Kingdom citizenship when the war ended, but no current legal address. Peacecraft called back to say he had arranged for an ESUN passport, an updated health record with no mention of mental disorders, and ID papers showing Heero as a Preventer on extended leave, but that it would take at least a day.

They spent the night at the hospital. The hostel was not secure now, with press camped outside, and so the Gundam boys found themselves trapped in the hospital where security could keep the reporters at bay.

Dr. Santos kindly commandeered a ninth floor recreation lounge for their use. It was adequate but, in Duo's words, one hell of a come down from their previous accommodations. They shared the room with two pool tables, a row of snack machines that hummed all night, and each other. They slept on narrow, creaky cots, both couples condemned by circumstance to a night of scratchy blankets and celibacy.

The following morning after breakfast Heero settled on the couch with Duo and Quatre, surfing the news on TV. Somehow Heero ended up in the middle, with Duo's feet in his lap and Quatre leaning comfortably up against him on the other side. The other two seemed so at ease that he guessed this was a common event, lounging around like this. It wasn't unpleasant. He had access to Duo's bare feet, and Quatre smelled nice and fit up against him as relaxed and comfortable as a cat. Trowa spent some time on the phone with Catherine.

"We've got to get back," he told Quatre when he'd finished. "We're booked to start the new Earthside tour in New Orleans the last week in October and Cathy wants red silk ready by then. The whole company is going Earthside on the fifteenth, to get acclimated."

"Is that a costume?" asked Heero. Duo had said something about Quatre designing outfits for the company.

"No, Red Silk is Trowa's new act," Quatre told him with a mysterious grin. "It's a secret!"

"They won't even show me!" Duo groused. Despite a surreptitious foot rub from Heero, he was out of sorts this morning. His arms were crossed and he kept fidgeting with the end of his braid.

"You'll see it opening night, along with everyone else. You, too, Heero. I'll see that you have the best seat in the house." Quatre cast a nervous look at the two of them. "You will come, won't you?"

"I'll be on the job, you know that!" Duo promised.

"And you, Heero?"

"Of course," Heero assured him, trying to read the blond empath's expression. Why wouldn't he be wherever Duo was?

Something was up with Duo. He'd taken his pills; he'd even made certain Heero saw, and collected a few kisses and gropes as his reward. But all the same, he was in a foul mood.

For the dozenth or so time since the previous day, Heero wished they were still hidden away in that garish blue bedchamber. Even though it was clear from some of the tabloid articles that the servants had been paying more attention than he'd guessed--much to his chagrin, both as a former terrorist and an inherently shy person--it had still given them more privacy than the current situation.

"Well, we better work out," Quatre told Trowa. They moved the pool tables aside, stripped off their shirts and jeans to Spandex shorts, and then worked together through a long series of limbering exercises, a mix of Tai Chi, yoga, and what appeared to be contortions. Heero watched, fascinated, as the pair mirrored each other, bending and twisting those lithe, slender bodies in ways that were often extreme and more than a little erotic.

Duo had mentioned Quatre's tattoos and Heero got a first hand look now. Quatre had intricate abstract tattoos on both shoulders, done in black, green, and purple lines, and a black sunburst design on his flat, smooth belly around his navel. Duo had also mentioned piercings besides the nipple and ear rings, but there weren't any anywhere the tight blue shorts didn't cover.

Quatre had grown since their early days together, but remained the smallest of the team, a full head shorter than Trowa. He was extremely limber, too. At one point he jumped up onto Trowa's shoulders, then bent himself backwards to grab his own ankles. This cast his ribs and pelvic bones into high relief, and the swell of his genitals, Heero couldn't help noting. His small pink nipples were hard, too. So were Trowa's. Their matching gold rings winked in the morning light.

Though extremely slender, Trowa was all whipcord muscle and didn't show any sign of trembling under his lover's weight as Quatre transferred his grip to Trowa's outstretched arms just above the bands of black tribal tattoo's there and undulated up into a handstand. They remained like that, motionless, every muscle attenuated, then Quatre slowly bent his elbows, lowering his inverted body down to share a deep, lingering kiss with Trowa. Then, to Heero's shock, he let go and fell, only to be caught by the hips and held upside down, his face level with Trowa's groin, his with Trowa's chin, only a few scant inches apart. Heero felt another stab of arousal, remembering the sixty nine he'd shared with Duo.

"Get a room, you two!" Duo muttered, turning back to the television.

"What's wrong?" Heero murmured, stroking the tops of his bare feet.

Duo pulled away and swung his feet to the floor. "Didn't sleep so good." With that he walked over to a table by the window and began disassembling his pistol for cleaning.

Heero was left feeling a little bereft, alone on the couch.

"Hey Heero," said Quatre, going into another handstand on Trowa's hands as Trowa lay on the floor. "I saw a backgammon set on the game shelf over there. Want to brush up on your game when I'm done here?"

Heero nodded. He'd rather find out what was wrong with Duo, but didn't want to embarrass his lover by forcing a discussion in front of their friends.

Playing games--well, playing of any sort; that was something else he'd learned from the others during the war. Trowa had taught him a number of card games during the months they'd spent together during his recovery after his first self-destruct, and then later, how to play pool. Duo had taught him how to cheat at those same games. Hiding out with Quatre after their escape from the Barge space fortress, he'd learned backgammon and chess. At first he'd considered such pastimes a waste of valuable time, but the logic and strategy had appealed to him and-- he could now admit-- the camaraderie, too. It didn't hurt that he was good at such things, even without Duo's special methods.

"I bet I could clear the street pretty fast," Duo muttered, sighting down the empty gun barrel at a news truck.

Heero switched off the TV and weny over to assess the situation. "Concussion grenades would work better. All the disruption, no casualties."

"If that German son of a bitch was down there, there'd be at least one casualty," Duo growled. "And maybe a few others, too." Rumors about his relationship with Heero were all over the less reputable news outlets already. Speculation ran wild. "You should have let me make a statement when we were leaving the embassy, or at least kiss you! Then they could have narrowed down the headlines. I'm surprised no one has said I'm pregnant!" One of the nastier tabloids had hinted that Relena might be.

Ah! thought Heero, picking up something in Duo's tone. He had wanted to kiss Heero for the cameras, as they'd talked of earlier, and Heero had instead suggested they keep a low profile for now. He'd been distracted by the crowd, had spoken without thinking, and told himself afterwards it was simply habit, keeping all personal details tightly under wraps. But it seemed he'd hurt Duo's feelings.

And why did I say no? he wondered. He'd put him off once before, too, the first time they'd run the press gauntlet from the hostel to the hospital. Both times it had seemed like the logical decision at the moment, but now he found himself questioning his own motives.

If he had made an announcement, what would he have said? He and Duo were lovers, certainly, but it was all so new, so overwhelming, that as good as it was, he wasn't certain what he'd have said if anyone had asked him to define the relationship and where it was headed. He couldn't imagine being without Duo, but did that mean they would get married, like Trowa and Quatre? He wasn't against the concept, but it seemed too soon to think in such terms. Did men get engaged? Or could they just live together and let things stay as they were? Did Duo even want to? Heero thought he probably did, but was hesitant to make assumptions. He had no experience in these matters and that made him nervous.

He leaned by the window and sighed. "A lot of things were easier when we were terrorists."

"Yeah!" Trowa grunted, now balancing a spread-eagled Quatre on his feet. "No permissions. No rules. Go where you like, take what you need. I miss that."

"Me, too!" Duo finished with his gun and stowed the cleaning kit back in his duffle. He disappeared into the men's room for a moment, then returned and pulled Heero back over to the lounge sofa. "You're all wound up, babe. Turn around." Settling behind Heero, he went to work on his neck and shoulders, digging in to loosen up muscles Heero hadn't even realized were tense.

Heero tried to relax but this sudden shift in mood concerned him. Turning, he caught Duo's hands and looked into his eyes. "Are you all right?"

Duo shrugged, avoiding his eye. Heero stroked back the thick, ragged bangs and kissed him on the forehead, then on the lips, and whispered, "Talk?"

Duo shrugged again. "Guess I'm just feeling a little off balance today."

Heero kissed him again, stroking Duo's lower lip with his tongue and was rewarded with a soft sigh.

"Get a room!" Quatre chuckled, though his current position over Trowa could have earned him the same comment for the second time in half an hour.

Finished with their workout, he and Trowa pulled their clothes back on. Quatre held Heero to his promise of backgammon, while Trowa and Duo played pool.

"You and Trowa work well together at that," Heero remarked.

"Thanks. I'm making my debut at the New Orleans show. I'm a little nervous. Well, scared to death is probably a better description."

"Of performing?" Heero asked, surprised. For all his seeming gentleness, Quatre had been as deadly a fighter as any of them when needed. He had shown great compassion, more than any of the rest of them, but never fear.

"No, of what his family will say," Trowa told him. "And the critics. These days, we're Gundam boys, no matter what else we do. The public knows way too much about him as it is. It's not like he's some nobody from nowhere."

"Don't worry, when I get done with you, no one will know who the hell you are!" Duo told him.


They whiled away the afternoon as best they could, but by that evening they were all going stir crazy. They ordered delivery sushi for supper and Duo charmed an orderly into getting them several bottles of sake to go with it. The guy must have had 'a thing' for Duo, because he wouldn't take any money and brought back four bottles of very good quality booze. It was milky white and high grade, not the cheap stuff restaurants served hot to tourists. They sat on the floor to eat, drinking the sake from paper cups from the bathroom.

Perhaps it was boredom, or the lingering tension of the day, but they all ended up drinking far too much with their unagi rolls and gunken.

"You know what this reminds me of?" Duo chortled, already half in the bag before the meal was over. "That time after the Tokyo show, when Trowa fell?"

"From the trapeze?" asked Heero.

"Yeah," Duo replied. "He didn't break anything, but it scared the hell out of Kat and me. Remember, Kat? You were crying and begging him never to go on the wire again? Anyway, Tro got us calmed down and Catherine took the whole company out to dinner and got us shit-faced on this stuff."

"And then we scandalized the hostesses, playing spin the bottle," Trowa said, smiling at the memory.

"Spin the bottle?" asked Heero. "Is that a gambling game?"

The others chuckled.

"Not really," Duo told him, refilling everyone's cup. "C'mon, guys, we got a virgin in our midst. Let's show him."

Heero was feeling the sake, too, but still didn't like being called a virgin in front of the others, especially since he was reasonably certain it was now an untrue statement in every possible sense.

Two of the four bottles were empty now. Duo took the one he'd just emptied and put it on the floor, then pulled Heero and the others into a small circle around it.

"'K. It's very simple," Duo informed him, the words slightly slurred. "You just give the bottle a spin, like this." He held it by the middle and gave it a quick twist that sent it spinning in place. "And you gotta kiss whoever it points to when it stops."

The bottle came to rest with the neck pointing at Heero. Duo leaned over and gave him a sloppy eel and sake-flavored smooch. "There! Now you spin, Heero."

It didn't seem like much of a game, Heero thought, spinning the bottle the way Duo had. After all, it didn't require any strategy or skill to speak of--and that's as far as his alcohol impaired brain got before the bottle came to rest pointing at Quatre, who sat to Heero's left.


He wasn't so far gone that he didn't shoot a quick glance Trowa's way. But 03 just saluted him with his sake cup. "It's your spin, Heero. Go for it!"

Feeling a little silly, Heero leaned over and kissed Quatre on the cheek.

"Uh uh!" Duo wagged a drunken finger at him. "On the mouth. He gets a do-over, right, Tro?"

"Yep. " Trowa grinned. "Lay one on my wife, Yuy."

Duo did a spit take with a mouthful of sake. "He said it!" he cackled. "You guys are my witness. Trowa said 'wife'!"

Trowa calmly flipped him off, eyes still on Heero and Quatre.

Heero gave Quatre a quick peck on the lips and the others groaned. Quatre shook his head, then gave Duo an exaggerated look of pity. "Oh, Duo, I'm sooooooo sorry for you!"

Duo flipped 04 off. "C'mon Heero, defend my honor, will ya?"

More than a little confused, Heero was happy to relinquish the bottle to Quatre, only to find the mouth of it pointing back at him a moment later.

"All right, sweet stuff, show him how it's done!" Trowa laughed.

Quatre cradled Heero's head with one hand and gave him a long, lingering kiss. He kept his lips closed, as did Heero, but they were full and soft and warm against his, and just as he broke off Heero felt the tip of a tongue tickle across his upper lip. Overall, it was quite a good kiss. The others laughed and applauded.

"Hey, extra points for me!" Quatre said. "I made Heero blush."

"We keep score?" Heero asked, embarrassed but also a little turned on.

"Nope," said Duo. "Your turn again, lover."

Heero gave the bottle a spin and this time it came to rest pointing at Duo. He decided to tip the non-existent score in his favor. He leaned across and captured Duo's lips with his own, then kept moving forward, forcing Duo onto his back and climbing on top of him. Duo squirmed and chuckled into his mouth. When he tried to bring his fingers up into Heero's hair, Heero caught them and pinned them to the floor. The chuckling transformed into a deep moan of pleasure. Heero hadn't forgotten about Shingami's kinks. When he released him and moved back to his place in the circle, Duo was looking a little pink in the face and there were distinct signs of interest in the area of his fly.

Heero arched an eyebrow at Trowa, who gave him an amused salute.

Recovering, Duo sent the bottle spinning and it chose Trowa this time. Duo was laughing again as he launched himself at the green-eyed boy, but Heero was certain he saw Trowa glance his way just before Duo devoured his mouth. Then Trowa's arms were around Duo and they were both clearly enjoying themselves. Heero should have felt jealous, but instead felt a twitch of interest below the belt. It must be the sake, he decided, and the kisses he'd already enjoyed.

He felt another stirring as the bottle came to rest pointing at him again, and with it a vague sense of unease. Everyone in the room knew that Trowa had a thing for him. Was that going to manifest in some form now? And if so, how were their respective lovers going to react?

Trowa moved in beside him with a rather sultry look, put both arms around Heero's waist and pulled him close, then bobbed in for the same sort of fleeting, anemic little peck Heero had given Quatre on his first turn. Sitting back, he gave Heero a mocking smile. "Payback's a bitch, huh?"

Heero's head said 'be thankful.' His body had other opinions on the matter. Duo and Quatre both thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Heero downed another shot and sent the bottle spinning. He was beginning to understand this game; it wasn't about strategy or even winning. This was a good-natured macho bullshit session among friends. He doubted he could have participated willingly with a larger crowed, much less strangers, but these were his friends, and there had always been a strong element of competition between them, even when they were working together.

So he was not at all displeased when the bottle pointed back at Trowa. Invading 03's space the way Trowa had his, Heero stroked a hand over the startled man's cheek, then pushed his fingers back into Trowa's hair, as if caressing him. Instead, he grasped a handful of hair just hard enough to hurt, then pressed his mouth to Trowa's in a punishing retaliatory raid. He kept his eyes open, and felt a satisfied little rush of triumph to see Trowa's flutter shut, and even more so as he felt those lips open under his, just enough to invite the enemy in. Heero automatically exploited the weakness, running his tongue over Trowa's. Pressed side by side, he felt Trowa shiver.


Heero held the kiss an instant longer, then slowly released him. He waited until Trowa opened his eyes again, then shrugged. "Not bad, but your wife's better, I think."

Blushing, Trowa smoothed down his ruffled hair. "Bite me, Yuy!"

"Only if you're a really good boy." Where had that come from?

Duo and Quatre collapsed, giggling like fools and applauding.

"He's starting to sound like you already!" Quatre laughed.

Maybe they were too drunk to see the way Trowa's eyes widened, or how the color in his cheeks deepened and spread. But Heero saw, and Trowa knew it. Was this the 'messing around' Duo talked about, or something else? Suspecting the latter, Heero suddenly felt a little guilty.

Not for long, though. Trowa spun and got Duo. With surprising speed and strength, Trowa pulled Duo into his lap, pinned his hands behind his back with one hand, and slipped the other under the hem of Duo's tee shirt as he gave the braided boy a deep, noisy, tongue sucking tonsil exam.

"I'm almost afraid to ask, but how does this game end?" Heero asked Quatre.

"Usually when everyone is either too drunk or too horney to keep going."

Trowa was still kissing Duo, who was moaning audibly now. "And tonight?"

Quatre shrugged and knocked back another shot. "Dunno, but I'm starting to feel a little left out over here."

Duo rolled out of Trowa's lap gasping and immediately sent the bottle spinning. It came to rest pointing at Heero.

"That bottle's fixed!" Quatre complained.

Heero wouldn't have put it past Duo to find a way to cheat at this game, too, but he had no complaints when his glassy-eyed lover climbed into his lap, wrapped his legs around him, and gave him a long, sensuous kiss, complete with hip grinding lap dance. Heero found the braid, and wrapped it around his hand like a leash, holding Duo in place. Duo's fingernails raked across Heero's shoulders and back and Heero felt a shiver of lust run down his spine straight into his stiffened cock. They were both panting when Duo let up. Leaning in to lick Heero's ear, Duo whispered, "Need you, babe! Bad!" then crawled unsteadily back to his place.

"Your spin-- unless you need to quit," Trowa said, making it sound like a challenge. Heero spared him a wry look and took his turn. This time it came to rest pointing at Quatre.

"About time! I was getting lonely over here," Quatre pouted, clearly drunk now.

Heero held a hand out to him, and when he took it, drew him onto his lap and held him tenderly, left hand between Quatre's shoulder blades, supporting him, the other under his shirt, pressed against the warm skin over Quatre's pounding heart. Heero gave him a caressing kiss, pulling at those soft pink lips with his own and offering his tongue. Quatre met it with his own and they probed gently back and forth. Heero could swear he felt a tingling under the hand covering Quatre's heart, a surge of warmth tinged with gratitude.

Heero smiled against Quatre's lips. Eyes closed, he focused his mind on the other boy's and sent him the thought 'Thank you. You are very beautiful, little one.' Quatre gave no sign he'd heard until he pulled back at last and whispered, "You're welcome. So are you."

By unspoken mutual consent, the game ended there. "And we're supposed to curl up alone on our cots now?" Duo groaned, speaking for everyone.

Trowa shook his head. "Your call, Maxwell. Bathroom or pool table?"

"Bathroom." Duo stood unsteadily, pulled Heero up, and dragged him by the hand into the men's room. Behind him Heero heard the sound of billiard balls being swept aside into pockets, and a needy moan from Quatre.

Before the door had even swung shut behind them Duo was in his arms, kissing and groping and trying to push something into Heero's hand. When Heero caught on and took it, he found it was a bottle of EZ Rider lube. When he looked up again, Duo was pressed against the wall, jeans down around his ankles, giving him a look of unmistakable invitation over his shoulder. Eyes half lidded and smoldering with pent up lust, he licked those lush lips and murmured, "Come and get it, big boy!"

"Yeah!" Heero fumbled open his fly as he moved in on that delectable, irresistible, and charmingly presented ass. As he closed the distance he looked down and smiled. The dual mysteries of Duo's quick-change abilities and lack of laundry solved: he didn't wear any underwear.

In the room behind them, Quatre was moaning Trowa's name now.

Once again, Heero found that a turn on. He probably had a few kinks himself, but he didn't much care. He quickly lubed Duo and himself, then stopped for a moment, standing close behind Duo without touching him, listening to him pant. The panting quickly turned to begging.

"C'mon, baby. Shinigami needs you. Now!"

"Shinigami needs to put his hands over his head, wrists crossed," Heero whispered close to his ear. "Now!"

Duo caught his breath and did as he was told, resting his head on his braced forearms. Heero caught those wrists in his left hand and held them tightly to the wall, using his right to guide his dripping cock into that tight little opening. Duo pushed back hard against him and let out a strangled cry of triumph as Heero slid in to the balls in one hard thrust. That set the tone, and Heero took him hard and fast, pounding into that willing ass, relishing the cries and moans it pushed from Duo's throat.

"That what Shinigami wants tonight?" Heero growled, giving him another hard driving thrust.

"Oh YEAH!" Duo sobbed. "Yeah, just like that Give it to me good, Wing. Pound that ass! Want you in me! All the way! Oh, fuck! Yeah, fuck me, baby! "

Trowa and Quatre were wailing a duet now and Heero let himself join in, mingling their cries and Duo's laughing sobs with his own deep, growling groans of pleasure as Duo's incredibly tight, hot ass milked his cock. This was so good, so very good! Harsh and rough and crude. No romance. No candlelight or chocolate or soft pillows. He was fucking Duo Maxwell against a men's room wall with his pants around his knees and they were both ready to go off like Vernier cannons.

"You ready?" he growled against Duo's neck, not letting up.

"Send me, Heero," Duo whimpered. "Make me fly, 01!"

Still not releasing Duo's wrists, Heero reached around and grasped his erection, pumping it roughly in time to his own thrusts. "Good?" he demanded.

"So good! Uh! Uh! Oh! Going--"

"Going where?" Heero gritted out, trembling on the edge of his own release. "I'm not letting you go anywhere, Duo. You're mine."

"Flying!" Duo cried out. "Oh god, Heerooooo! Flying!" He came hard, spattering his thick white cum against the tiled wall in spurt after hot, arching spurt.

Heero climaxed with a ragged yell, hips spasming as he drove into Duo again and again and again.

They both ended up on their knees on the cold floor, Heero hugging Duo hard, holding that hot, heaving body against his belly, softening cock cradled between Duo's hot, slick cheeks. Duo arched back against him and turned his head for an awkward panting kiss. "Damn, Heero! You fuck like a fucking god!"

"And you come like an angel. Flying," Heero gasped, laughing with pure delight. "Not bad for a couple of almost virgins."

"Jesus, you mean it gets better? Don't know if my heart can take it."

"Your heart. My knees." Heero staggered up and rubbed his bruised knees. He'd gone down hard apparently, but he didn't remember it hurting at the time. Hauling his pants up, he grabbed a handful of paper towels from the wall dispenser, ran them under some hot water, and cleaned himself and Duo up as best he could.

"Mmmm. Real gentleman," Duo mumbled, drunk and sleepy and sated. "No cot tonight. No way, no how! Sleep on the pool table if we have to."

Heero helped him up and back into his jeans. "I have a better idea."

But staggering out with an arm around Duo, he found Trowa had had the same idea. He and Quatre were already curled up together under a blanket on the sagging couch. Quatre's closed eyes and hair were just visible over the blanket's edge. Trowa was spooned in behind him, holding him close. He opened one eye, acknowledging Heero and Duo, then shifted his long legs, making room for them at the other end of the couch.

It took some creative maneuvering, but Heero adopted Trowa's position, lying on his side with his back against the couch cushions, holding Duo close, legs tangled comfortably with Trowa and Quatre's.

As he drifted rapidly toward sleep, it occurred to Heero that this is what he'd wanted, what he'd tried to explain to Dr. Batoosingh. The silly game, the joking around and drinking and flirting. And now this, settling down in a shared post-fuck glow with the others. He didn't know if this was anything close to normal, but it was good and it was what he wanted.

His final thought was for Wufei. Heero wished he was here with them, with a lover of his own. Puzzling over how they'd fit two more people on the couch, Heero pressed his cheek to Duo's silky head and fell blissfully asleep.

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