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Broken Warriors + Chapter 41
Project Trowa: Initial Results

Daylight was gone and the fire had died down to a red glow of embers in the fireplace when Quatre woke up. He was warm and incredibly comfortable, enveloped in the mingled male scents of his friends. It was little strange, finding himself cuddled up against Heero, one of Heero's strong arms around his shoulders, Trowa's hand warm on his own where they rested on Heero's chest.

Very strange indeed, but not in a bad way, he decided. Without reaching out too much, he opened himself to the others.

Duo was comfortable, horny, hungry, relaxed, and glad to be wrapped around Trowa again. Somewhere just below all that lurked a faint thread of worry, though. He loved Trowa but was not ready to share his lover's body with him. The feelings he had for Heero were powerful, almost confusing in their complexity. Heero represented love, happiness, peace, but also safety. It was the first time since he'd known Duo that Quatre had ever sensed Duo feeling truly safe. Quatre pressed a soft, thankful kiss to Heero's chest.

Heero's thoughts were a steady flow of satisfaction and arousal. He wanted Duo, and even asleep was aware of Trowa's body between them and Duo's hand warm on his shoulder. Duo glowed like a beacon in Heero's mind, surrounded by a potent blend of love, desire, protectiveness, and concern that made Quatre a little dizzy. But mingled with this were faint flashes of Trowa and, even stronger-himself!

Quatre pulled back hastily, blushing. It was not a fully formed want, certainly not an obsession, just a drowsy stir of pleasant animal desire mingled with friendship. There was no question that he liked having all of them in his bed. This confirmed what Quatre had thought he'd sensed in Madrid and online, and then again this afternoon when Heero surprised him with a kiss. The show of affection had been planned, part of the initial assault on Trowa's emotional defenses, but there had been much more behind it than mere show. Yet the desire and pleasure came without intent. It was odd; Heero seemed to want him and Trowa without needing to do much about it beyond basic physical contact. Even in the dark, with the others sleeping, Quatre blushed guiltily at how much this pleased him.

Pushing this new knowledge down for the moment, he brushed Trowa's cheek with his fingers, and his lover's sleeping mind with his mind, something he'd hardly dared do for weeks now. He let out a silent sigh of relief and let his eyes drift shut again. The storm that had raged in Trowa's mind, becoming so painful to both of them this past week, had subsided. Vestiges of sorrow, guilt and desire still remained, but the furious self-disgust that had fueled the blaze was largely gone, diffused by their intervention and the forcing of the issue. Trowa had been aware of his own feelings; he simply hadn't allowed himself to believe that the others could accept them. The fact that he could break down utterly and lose his self control to such an emotional and sexual degree, and still find himself embraced, especially by Quatre, had been a surprise, a relief, a revelation. Tears stung Quatre's eyelids as he realized the true depth of his lover's fears. He had actually believed that this was their last day together, that Quatre would reject him, leave him, and the pain of that thought was so deep and real that Quatre had to shut down completely and steady his own mind. Even so, the echo of Trowa's despair made his breath catch in his throat and his heart race. No wonder he'd looked so stricken yesterday!

Just then he felt a touch against his own cheek and opened his eyes to find Trowa watching him across the flat plane of Heero's chest. Unspoken understanding made them move as one as they gently freed themselves from the others and left the bedroom hand in hand. Quatre heard someone stir behind them, but the feeling of Trowa's knowing fingers sliding up the middle of his back drove out all other concerns. His body caught fire and he was in Trowa's arms before they made it to the dark bedroom across the hall. Trowa caught him under the arms, pulling Quatre up to wrap his legs around his lover's slim waist as they lost themselves in a kiss and found the bed.

It was too dark to see in here, but Quatre had no need for sight as Trowa lowered him onto the comforter, then found the waistband of his shorts and pulled them off in one smooth tug. He heard the faint movement of Trowa pulling off the sweatpants, than he was back, finding Quatre with his hands and lips. Long, trembling fingers combed the hair back from Quatre's forehead, then traced his eyes, his cheeks and lips, guiding Trowa's own lips in for a passionate kiss. Quatre felt, rather than saw, the warm body hovering close over his, not quite touching, then those hands and lips moved down, worshipping their way down his throat, his chest, down his arms and sucking his fingers then back along the same both but down now to his belly, his hip, the inside of his thigh. . .

He felt the soft, small touch of a tear striking just inside his hipbone, then another. "Quatre, mio dolce!" The soft, hoarse whisper was laden with more emotion than his quiet lover could ever find words for, but Quatre had never needed words from his Trowa, only this language of the body that they both understood so well. Skin to skin, Trowa pledged and proved his love, apologized and married him all over again, the silence of the room broken only by the sound of hands and bedsprings and unsteady breathing.

Quatre's body was humming with desire by the time he felt Trowa pull back and turn away, not a withdrawal, but a silent plea.

Quatre rose to his knees behind him, finding those upraised hips, and the offered bottle of lubricant. He prepared them both with shaking hands, then gasped as his cock slide into the inner, deeper darkness of Trowa's tight passage, thumbs tracing without sight the promise inscribed on his lover's skin, claiming and reclaiming the pledge there. Opening himself to Trowa again, he drank in his lover's need for this connection, how badly he needed the physical sensations of being filled and fucked and taken and held, the way he craved the bite of Quatre's fingers on his hips and the blunt thrusts that made him brace his arms against the mattress. He even let himself feel a little punished, and flashed this to Quatre.

Quatre thrust in harder and reached down to clasp Trowa's balls, rolling them in his hand, tugging gently at the sac. "You're mine, and I love you," he growled, pounding a little harder. "No matter what, you are mine and I am yours."

"Fuck me, meli," Trowa gasped, voice thick and hoarse and louder now. "Make me yours, Quatre!"

The words, the voice, the shuddering body under him lifted Quatre out of himself. His head fell back, eyes closed, lost in sensation. "Mine, corazon. Mine, Trowa, oh Trowa, Trowa!"


"There he goes again!" Duo gasped as Quatre's quavering chant began.

They'd both woken when Trowa and Kat slipped away, and Heero had been on him almost before the door closed.

Duo could feel the pent up desire behind Heero's bruising caresses and wondered for a brief, jealous moment who it was that Heero was seeing in the darkness.

Perhaps he tensed, or perhaps Heero read him the way Quatre read Tro, for he whispered Duo's name, then kissed him, whispered it again, and began kissing his way down his throat, still whispering it over and over as he kissed and licked and mauled his way down to Duo's aching erection. His whispers turned to muffled moans that vibrated the length of Duo's cock and drove his arousal up several hundred notches to near orgasm in seconds flat. He hadn't realized how incredibly horny he was until Heero showed him.

As good as that mouth was, Duo found himself pulling Heero back up, guiding him between his legs, begging to be fucked hard and long, right through the mattress. Heero slicked them both and plunged in. Guiding Duo's legs around his waist, he made him hold on tight as he slid his hands under Duo's ass and lifted him until only his shoulders were on the bed. A yelp of passion across the hall and the sound of Quatre calling on Allah made them both groan aloud, made Heero slam his hips harder, finding Duo's prostate with every driving thrust.

"Hands-- over-- your-- head!" Heero growled between thrusts and the order alone was as good as actually being tied up. Duo reached back, pressed his palms to the headboard and kept them there as Heero held him up with one arm and began jerking him off in time to his thrusts. Trowa cried out and Duo felt Heero's cock jerk inside him, heard the catch in Heero's voice as he let out a wordless cry of his own.

"You like that, hearing them fuck, don't you?" Duo gasped as another raw cry came from Quatre.

Heero let out a guttural groan. "All of you. Love hearing-- Ah, so good, Duo, you're so tight!"

Another cry from Trowa sent a jolt of heightened sensation through Duo. Yeah, he got off on it, too, got off on the sounds and the knowledge that Heero was listening to them and pumping all that horniess into Duo's tight ass hard enough that he was probably going to have trouble sitting down tomorrow.

"Let me hear--you!" Heero panted. "Let them-- hear--"

"Oh yeah!" No one was louder in bed than Duo Maxwell when he cut loose. "Oh yeah, baby, let me have it!" he yelled, and it wasn't an act. "Give it to me, Heero, every hard fucking inch of that big bad cock! Oh! Uh, oh yeah like that-- just like that! More, baby, more, all ya got!"

He'd always been loud in bed, but getting it up the ass from Heero Yuy did things to him that no amount of fucking on his own had ever done, reaching parts of him no one else had ever come close to touching.

Across the hall they heard an answering, "O fuck, yeah!" from Trowa, followed by a steady stream of escalating moans from both of their housemates.

It was hot, this kinky duet, and Duo found himself crying out more loudly, even as he listened for more. "C'mon Heero, don't hold back. Let me hear you fucking me!"

Heero let out a ragged cry. "Ah Duo! Beautiful-- mine-- so-- ah-- fuck-- Oh, fuck, oh Duo, my-- oh fucking beautiful mermaid baby!

From the sound of things, it was entirely possible the four of them hit orgasm at the same time. Whether it was actually true or not didn't matter; the mere thought of it, coupled with the grip of Heero's hand around his cock and the perfect prostate massage the head of Heero's cock had been giving him for the past ten minutes drove Duo over the edge into an earth shaking, mind shattering, teeth rattling, screaming orgasm, one that was prolonged by the sound of Heero, normally the quiet one, yelling wordlessly as his hot cum flooded Duo's ass, bathing him from prostate to balls in his rich, slippery, musky essence.

They collapsed shuddering in each other's arms, listening with sated glee to the sobbing gasps and cries across the hall. Heero held Duo close, heart pounding, then rocked his softening cock against Duo's. They both gasped at the residual shocks of pleasure.

As fantastic as the orgasm had been, Duo found himself wide awake and wired, but not knowing quite what it was that he wanted. Before he could even voice the thought, Heero rolled him onto his back and took his limp, semen soaked cock in his mouth, gently licking and sucking him clean. Duo moaned, then again, more loudly as strong, warm fingers entered him again, setting off lightning flashes of pleasure that bordered on pain in their intensity.

"Heero, baby, I don't know if I can take anymore!" Duo gasped out, but his only answer was Heero's free hand finding his hands and holding them down against the mattress over his head. Pinned and helpless, Duo felt himself building unbelievably fast to a new pleasure peak.

"That's two," Heero mouthed around his half-hard cock, wiggling his fingers to be certain Duo knew what he was talking about. Then Duo felt a shift down there and more stretching. "Three," Heero informed him, and Duo could tell he was grinning.

Three was good. Three was a lot, considering that Heero's hands were not exactly small, but then he felt himself stretched even further as Heero rumbled, "Four!"

"Oh god!" Duo moaned. "Good, but all-- all I can handle, baby, but so good. Gonna-- Think I'm gonna--"

"Come for me, Duo!" Heero ordered, twisting those fingers in his ass and even half-hard, Duo had no choice but to obey.

Not to be outdone, across the hall Quatre was crying out, "Fuck me, Trowa! Put it in! Oh baby, all the way!"

Duo's legs were twitching and shaking as Heero lifted them over his shoulders. As he entered him again, Heero's cock was as hard as if he hadn't just had a mind-blowing orgasm ten minutes ago.

"A little competitive, are we?" Duo panted, too wiped out and caught up in his own afterglow to do anything but go happily along for the ride.

Heero froze, then stroked Duo's thighs gently. "No. That is--"

"It's OK, baby, go for it!" Duo said, wiggling against him. When Heero sighed softly and resumed his steady thrusting, he added jokingly, "Send Q-ball a little sugar while you're at it, huh?"

Perhaps it was only a coincidence. Perhaps it was power of suggestion or maybe Quatre even overheard, but at the same moment Heero let out a warning growl and smacked Duo on one ass cheek, Quatre let out a ragged yell across the way, and Trowa followed with one of his own about two seconds later. Heero gasped and stiffened, and Duo felt a fresh flood of heat deep inside.

Heero really did collapse this time, sprawled on his back beside Duo, one hand tangled in his hair. "Very naughty, Maxwell," he growled, but sounded too winded to do much about it.

Duo curled up beside him and kissed his sweaty shoulder. Cum was leaking out of him, making his butt itch and his thighs stick together, but he was too exhausted to move, much less drag himself to the bathroom. He was dozing off when he felt the bed shift as Heero got up. A moment later he heard water running, then Heero was back, gently wiping him and the sheets clean. Well, cleaner. Duo could hardly keep his eyes open, but managed a grateful "love you, baby" and a nuzzle as Heero moved them both away from the wet spot and curled up with him under the covers.

"Hey Yuy?" he whispered, tucking in under Heero's chin and wrapping his arms around him.


"That was hot, huh?"

"Hn." But it sounded like a happy 'hn.'

Duo chuckled and kissed him on the chest. "Never figured you for the biggest perv of the group."


Heero woke up just after dawn, feeling like he'd been run over by a truck. A truck that loved him, perhaps, but he was still stiff and achy, and a little fuddled from having slept longer than usual. It had only been late afternoon when they'd taken Trowa up to bed.

Duo was still fast asleep, face buried in the pillows. Heero let him sleep and went downstairs, tying his bathrobe sash as he went.

October was nearly gone and it was cold in the morning. The house was not meant for winter occupancy. There was no central heating. Heero built a fire in the living room fireplace, then went into the kitchen to make coffee and find something to eat. Walking around barefoot on the cold floors had woken him up fully and now he was starving.

He stared into the refrigerator for a while, wondering if baloney and American cheese would taste good in an omelet. Maybe with some salsa. He turned, intending to look for some in the cupboard, and found Trowa pouring himself a cup of coffee at the counter. He had on his sweats and a loose black sweater. His hair was sticking out in odd directions and he appeared to still be half asleep.

"Is Quatre still asleep?" Heero asked.

"Mmmm. Put him back in bed with Duo."

This was stated as if it were the logical thing to do and nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps among the three of them it had been?

Trowa wandered off toward the living room with his coffee and Heero saw that he'd also poured one for him.

Heero stared at the steaming cup; Trowa had done the same every morning back during the time they'd spent together in the war. On missions he'd always woken alert and ready, but during that long stretch of down time, he'd been like this, sleepy and unkempt and slow to wake. But he'd always poured that second cup.

As far as Heero could recall, he'd never once said thank you.

Picking it up, he slopped in a little milk and went into the living room.

Trowa was curled in an ungainly looking heap at the end of the couch closest to the fire, still blinking and groggy. He appeared to be in danger of dozing off and dropping his coffee in his lap. Heero walked over and took the cup from him, setting both on the table in front of them. Then he shifted an unresisting Trowa over, making room for himself by the arm of the couch and pulling Trowa over against him to rest his head on his shoulder. Far from objecting, Trowa shifted a little, settling more comfortably and let out what sounded like a contented sigh. Heero hesitated, then put an arm around him. Trowa accepted this, too, letting his body speak for him. He was, Heero thought with a wry smile, the anti-Duo as far as communication went.

They sat there a while like that, enjoying the crackle of the fire and the sound of the sea outside. Heero drank his coffee, but Trowa hadn't reached for his. Heero thought he'd gone back to sleep when Trowa yawned and said, "Thanks for yesterday."

"You're OK about-- everything?" Heero was a bit uncomfortable about the sex part. It wasn't as if they'd all been in the same bed, but it had definitely been a shared experience on some level.

Trowa chuckled softly and nestled a little closer next to him. "Mmmm hmmm."

That appeared to be his last word on the subject, until he asked softly, with that same hint of amusement, "Did you mean to flash Quatre like that?"

"No!" Heero knew exactly what he was referring to. "Duo made a joke, during-- well, it just sort of--"

"It's all right, Heero. We both enjoyed it."

Both. Pulling back a little, he tried to read the expression in those sleepy green eyes. Trowa's unruly bangs were more of a barrier than usual, and without thinking Heero combed them back with his fingers, trying to put that shaggy brown hair back into some sort of order. Trowa blinked slowly, like a cat, leaning slightly into his touch, then reached up and returned the favor, sliding long, skilled fingers against Heero's scalp, half massage, half caress.

The touch sent a pleasant shiver up Heero's spine, but then alarm bells sounded in Heero's mind as Trowa leaned in and brought their lips together. It was only a brief, friendly kiss, though, with no demands. He retrieved his coffee and settled down beside Heero again like they did this every morning. Heero relaxed a little, thinking of all Duo had told him about how they'd interacted. This felt intimate, but not sexual, at least not at the moment. Having determined that much, he could admit that this felt rather pleasant.

"So, any more interventions planned for today?" Trowa asked.

"Not of that nature. I am supposed to talk to you about seeing a therapist."

Trowa sighed. "Tried that just after the war. Didn't get much out of it."

Heero nodded. Although he did have to admit that his sessions with Dr. B. had been helpful at times, the necessary verbal communication was difficult for him. He could only imagine what it must have been like for someone like Trowa. "Quatre would like you to give it another try," Heero told him. "You do show some of the signs of post traumatic stress."

"I've been a soldier for as long as I can remember," Trowa told him. "It's not a problem. It's all I knew."

"Hn." He was the last person to force such an issue. He'd done as Quatre had asked and brought up the subject.

He assumed the discussion was over. He was thinking about taking a shower when Trowa spoke again.

"When I was in the mercenaries, before Heavyarms, it was mostly men."

Surprised, Heero waited for him to go on. Trowa had never spoken in any detail about that part of his life.

"We moved around a lot, never staying anywhere for long, not making connections outside the group. I was the youngest, sort of the pet. They were good to me. The captain--he looked after me." Trowa went silent again, but Heero knew there was more to come. At last Trowa sighed. "The men-- they had needs, you know? Not just sex, but to feel connected to someone. Some of them hooked up. Some were just fuck buddies, but a lot of them were like Kat and me, you and Duo. Love, you know?"

Heero nodded.

"It wasn't always just two, though. Three, four, even five. It worked out for some of them, those clusters. They all had their own rules, the way they handled it. Who did who and all that. Sometimes it was everyone doing everyone, but in others, only certain people did certain things together." He paused again. "Kinda like last night."

"Were you part of one of these groups?"

"No." A longer than usual pause followed. "No one touched anyone younger than sixteen. But there was one group of three who-- who wanted me, when I was old enough. They were my friends. They were very good to me . . ." He trailed off and Heero felt him tense.

"What happened?"

"They died."

"I'm sorry."

Trowa gave a tight, strange little laugh. "You're sorry? I'm the one who killed them."

Heero waited, letting Trowa decide to say more or not, keeping his arm around him. Trowa shook his head and sipped his cooling coffee. "There was a mix up. Ancient history."

Heero rubbed his hand up and down Trowa's arm, keeping him close, letting him know he was there, not judging, until he felt the tension ebb out of him again. "Quatre was your first, then?"

Trowa shrugged. "First I ever loved."

"Duo is my first."

"I figured."

"He's worried that I want to fu-to have sex with you."

"Do you?"

Heero had asked himself this a few times already. "I don't think so, although the thought is not repugnant in any way."

Trowa nodded. "That's good. He's never given himself to anyone the way he has with you. This may be hard for you to believe, considering how fucked up I am, but I would never mess with that. Would you?"

"No. Not if it would hurt him, or Quatre."

Trowa sagged a little against him. "I've hurt Quatre, but I didn't mean or want to. I would never mean to. He's--" His voice went husky. "He's my heart."

Heero hugged him again. "Duo is mine. I think we should agree to leave things as they are for now."

"How are they, as you see it?"

"Friends who mess around?" Heero offered. "Duo explained the rules."

"Agreed. Once the tour begins, you won't see much of us anyway, unless you come with us. You're welcome to, you know."

"Thanks. I'll talk to Duo. You need to concentrate on the show now. I'm looking forward to seeing it."


Duo knew even before he opened his eyes that it was Kat he was hugging, not Heero. He squinted in the early morning light, and then stroked the silky blond and blue head nestled under his chin. "Hey Q-man. Wakey wakey."

Quatre grumbled something and burrowed against his chest. Duo tickled his nose with the end of his disheveled braid until Quatre rubbed at it and rolled onto his back, mumbling. "Don'! Tired!"

Duo propped his head up on one hand. Quatre did still look pretty wiped out. There were dark circles under his eyes and a major hickey on the side of his neck. And that was only the parts of him that showed. "Sounded like some good make up nookie last night."

Blue eyes flashed open. Quatre looked at Duo, glanced around the room, and sat up, frowning in confusion. "How'd I get back in here?"

"Tro carried you in a while ago. Told me to keep you warm."

Quatre fell back against the pillows and closed his eyes. "How was he?"

"His usual sparkling morning self. One eye open. Single syllable words. No complete sentences."

"Did he seem OK?"

"Yeah, but you'd know better than me. Feel him out."

Quatre hesitated, then got that far away look for a moment. Then he smiled. "I think it worked, Duo. Not completely, not 100 fixed or anything, but he was so much better last night, when we--"

"Screwed each other's brains out?"

"Made love!" Quatre shivered happily and a pink tinge rose in his cheeks. "Best in weeks! He wasn't afraid to touch me, and he wasn't sad. He really got into it. So did you guys, from the sound of it!"

Duo grinned. "That was fun. Like my little present?"

Quatre's cheeks went red. "So that wasn't-- What if he'd freaked out?"

"Sorry. I just made a joke and I guess Heero's brain did the rest. He didn't mean to. It was my fault. But you guys didn't mind?"

"Did it sound like we minded?"

Duo's grin broadened. "Nope! So, was what? Our first Gundam Boy orgy or something?"

"Or something. I'm not quite sure what."

"And Tro's OK?"

"At the moment, he's content. He's with Heero in the living room. He's feeling-" Quatre concentrated again. "He's peaceful for now. Heero is really amazing, isn't he?"

"Back off, Winner, he's taken!" But Duo was mostly kidding.


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