Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 57
Swept Away

Wufei woke reaching for a gun that hadn't been under his pillow in weeks, and then blinked in the sudden brightness flooding the room as Tomas finished with the drapes.

"Forgive me for disturbing you, Captain Chang. Mr. Peacecraft requests that you join him at sparring practice this afternoon. I took the liberty of bringing you some lunch."

"Lunch?" Disoriented, Wufei sat up and rubbed his eyes. It was already past noon. He'd overslept. He was supposed to spar with Zechs. What the hell was Tomas doing in here, waiting on him?

The valet uncovered the tray he'd left on the desk and took his leave. Wufei lay back, trying to sort out the situation. Had Zechs really slept with him last night, or was that a dream? But no; a familiar scent lingered on the pillow next to his. No dream. He'd asked Zechs to stay and he had.

And he hadn't tried anything, either.

Wufei wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that, but decided it was a relief to have a normal activity to look forward to. He could concentrate on that, rather than the lurking confusion.

He glanced at the tray on his way to the shower; tea smoked chicken and rice, a favorite of his when he'd been here before. There was also a folded note tucked in between the water glass and a small vase holding a single white rose.

The handwriting was Zechs's, of course, but much smoother and more legible than before. It helped, no doubt, to have a second hand to hold the paper still.

Dear Wufei,
If you're fretting about having slept in, don't. You were exhausted last night, and looked so peaceful this morning, asleep in my arms. I didn't have the heart to wake you any sooner. Have your lunch and meet me in the gazebo for practice when you're ready. Let's see how I measure up against the great Chang Wufei, with two arms!

You did me a great honor last night. I have never slept better. Let me leave you with a bit of Chinese poetry I discovered while in the hospital. It is from a poem by the Emperor Jianwen, written in the seventh century, PC. Seems apropos.

"Charming boy - You look so handsome!
You surpass Dong Xian and Mizi Xia.

Our feather curtains are filled with morning fragrance,
Within pearl blinds I hear the distant drips of an evening water clock.
Kingfisher quilts bear the hues of mandarin ducks,
Our curtained bed is inlaid with ivory.

You are as youthful as Zhou Xiaoshi,
Your face is more beautiful than rosy red dawn clouds.

Your teachers missed a few things, I think.


Wufei read the poem again with interest. An emperor of China had written those lines? To a boy? He wondered if Zechs had been tampering with gender again, as he had with the Byron poem. But the names were masculine and he didn't think Zechs could have known that. He reread the stanza, then folded the note and slipped it into the desk drawer.

It was still gray and rainy outside. He ate and bathed, then pulled on his workout clothes and a loose white cotton sweater he found in the dresser. He studied his reflection in the bathroom mirror as he bound his hair back. Was it simply a matter of convenience, that Zechs provided clothing for him, or did the man enjoy dressing him? He thought of the look in Zechs's eyes that night he'd worn the blue silk shirt and the necklace for the first time. Wufei was surprised by a throb of guilty pleasure at the thought, and the way his reflection was smiling. Shaking his head, he threw his shoulders back and gave himself a stern look.

On the way out to the garden he noted a few discretely placed security guards. They were not Preventers, but wore the nondescript military uniforms of paid mercenaries. Many of the servants were people he did not recognize, either.

The floor of the gazebo was neatly swept, and the wooden practice blades were there in a rack out of reach of the rain. Zechs sat on railing the above the koi pond, reading a book as he waited. He was dressed for fighting, in sweatpants and a fleece pullover. As he stood to greet Wufei, he noted approvingly how balanced the man's stance was these days, a far cry from how he'd been back in early September. Their practices had corrected a great deal; the new arm seemed to have completed the job.

Wufei didn't realize he'd been expecting another embrace until Zechs instead gave him a formal fencer's bow. "Good afternoon, Wufei. You look well rested." He took up the wooden saber and made a few practice cuts with it.

"I am, thank you." The poem, the rose, a night spent together, and yet it was suddenly as if they were back as they'd been a month ago. Wufei told himself he was not disappointed as he took up his sword. "I see you have new security guards. I hope you vetted them carefully."

"Yuy and Maxwell assisted me before they went back to New Orleans. These men have all served under me before, which should be enough to guarantee their loyalty, even without the absurdly high salaries I pay them. Come, let's see what I can do, shall we?"

Zechs had made considerable strides on his recovery before the surgery, and now he was a truly formidable foe. He gave no quarter and asked for none.

Fighting cleared Wufei's mind, driving back the nagging confusion. The dance of battle was simple, focused, something as natural to him as breathing or walking. His muscles warmed and his spirits rose. Zechs's attacks were strong and well calculated. Wufei had to work hard to stay ahead of him.

He scored the first touch, but Zechs caught him out almost immediately. Their feet made light thunder on the hollow wooden floor and their breath steamed on the cold air. After the first few rounds they both threw off their sweaters, stripping to almost identical close fitting black tank tops. Wufei got his first good look at the new arm. It matched the real one very well; some artist had put a great deal of effort into the detail of tendons and musculature, and the delicate shading of the skin tones. But the metal attachment ring had been left unadorned. It glinted silver in the dull daylight, looking like an archaic armband. It was an appropriate image, Wufei thought, watching the natural muscle flex above it. Zechs was a warrior, first and foremost, no matter if there was a war left to fight or not. Nothing could take that away from the man, or from Wufei either. Fighting like this, he saw his own rising excitement mirrored in those sharp, amused blue eyes. Whatever they'd been to each other last night, here and now, they were opponents both equally determined to best the other.

They are evenly matched. They fought on for over an hour, until they were both red faced and sweating. At last Wufei scored a lucky hit, knocking Zechs's sword from his hand. Zechs jumped back and Wufei sprang after him, aiming a mock blow to the head that would have finished him if he'd allowed it to connect. Instead of ducking, however, Zechs caught the blade between his palms, stopping it mere inches from his face. It was a move worthy of a samurai and Wufei was impressed. Relinquishing his hold on the hilt, he stepped back and bowed. "The match is yours."

Zechs tossed the wooden sword aside and returned the bow. "A draw. You are magnificent, as always."

A serving man brought tea and they drank it sitting on the railing, watching the fish. An armed man patrolling the perimeter caught Wufei's eye.

"Do I work for you now, too?" he asked.

Zechs raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Wufei, you are here as my guest, and my friend, or so I hope."

"Ah. I see." Wufei pondered this. "I quit Preventers."

"Yes, I heard. Do you have anything else lined up?"

"No. I thought perhaps you might--"

"I won't hire you, Wufei, but not because of any doubts as to your abilities. If you ever do have cause to defend me, I'd like it to be out of more than a sense of duty."

Wufei clasped both hands around his cup, so that Zechs would not see the sudden tremor there. "I see. You do want me to be--?"

"My companion? My friend? All of that, and more, if you'll have me."

Wufei stared down at the fish. "I failed you before. I was too weak."

"Don't be ridiculous!"

Wufei kept his gaze averted. Zechs hadn't seen how he'd fallen apart so uselessly and turned to the pipe.

"I asked you before if you'd teach me some Wu-Yi fighting methods. I'm still interested, if you're willing."

"Of course!" Wufei found himself back on solid ground again, and aware that Zechs had put him there. "Empty hand fighting would be a good place to start."

Zechs refilled their cups and settled himself more comfortably, motioning for Wufei to continue.

"There four general techniques which apply to all styles: Kicking, striking, throwing, and controlling. Kicking can involve tripping, in addition to foot and leg strikes. Striking refers to the blows from all areas of the body. Throwing refers to the techniques of wrestling used to down an opponent. There are also methods of controlling one's opponent by the use of joint locks, painful tendon or muscle stretching, striking at nerve points, and the obstruction of breath or blood flow. It is most important that a warrior express these fighting techniques clearly and with grace as well as strength. One is judged on the Eight Qualities: hands, eyes, body, steps, spirit, breath, strength, and ability. In Long Fist, the hands are to be 'fists like shooting stars," the arms, hands, wrists, and fingers moving with relaxed strength and speed. The eyes must be alert and alive, following the hands with lightning speed. One's torso, with its central point at the waist, must be agile and lively, 'like a crawling snake,' my teacher used to tell us."

They spent the rest of the waning afternoon going through some basic katas. Afterwards they parted to shower and change for dinner. Wufei put on the jeans and black sweater, and brushed his hair out, leaving it loose over his shoulders. He was beginning to get used to the look of it.

"Your Long Hand combat is good therapy for my arm," Zechs said, flexing the new fingers as they sat together over dinner that night. Zechs had ordered the meal served at the small table in the morning room, rather than in the cavernous dining room. A fire burned cheerfully on the hearth behind them, and rain lashed against the tall windows. The cold and darkness outside only made the room feel cozier.

Zechs flexed his arm again and smiled. "The more I use it, the more the neural pathways develop. And I have to admit, I've always envied you your hand-to-hand combat abilities. I only hope I'm not too old to start this training. I'll be twenty-three in a few months, you know."

"You're as well trained as anyone I've ever met. This is just a different technique. And I assume you're more interested in self defense and improvement, rather than competition."

"True." Zechs sipped at his wine.

Wufei's confusion had returned, and increased as Zechs made light conversation though the meal, then invited him to the library for their usual game of chess. It felt the same, being here, and yet it didn't. Wufei had had a purpose then, and thought he knew where he stood. Now he was treading water, waiting for some sign from Zechs. Would they sleep together tonight? Would Zechs expect more than just sleeping? Did Wufei? He grew distracted. He made foolish errors and lost three games in a row.

"You're very quiet tonight. Tell me, what's troubling you?" Zechs said at last, and Wufei realized he'd been hiding nothing from the man.

Wufei folded his hands in his lap. "I don't know what's going to happen next. I don't know what you want."

"Don't you?" Zechs voice was suddenly lower, a husky caress.

"You want--to have sex with me?"

"I want to be your lover, Wufei."

There it was, out on the table at last, with no equivocating. Wufei shivered and shook his head, drowning once again in his own conflicting emotions: fear, guilt, desire, and more guilt. "Why? Why me? You could have anyone, someone beautiful and experienced, like those men in Le Fleur. Not--not me!"

Zechs leaned across the chessboard and took Wufei's hand. "Listen to me. I told you before; those young men in the club meant nothing to me, anymore than I was anything to them. It was just sex. With you, it's so much more than that.

"But I know it's more than that, for you, Wufei. I've watched you war with yourself, fighting what you feel because of what you think you *should* feel. I'm a great deal more experienced in these matters than you are, so I hope you'll listen to me when I say that it's a losing battle. Like it or not, you are discovering who you are, and Wufei, that person is very good!"

Wufei shook his head and tried to pull his hand away, but Zechs held him.

"There are only five people left in the world whom I consider my equals: you and your friends. And of that five you are the most exquisite. Only you possess the combination of mind and soul and passion that makes me feel alive. You pulled me back from a very dark brink when you came to work for me. You made me feel something besides bitterness and self-loathing. You gave me the will to determine my own future again, and not be my sister's puppet. I consider you a very good friend, Wufei, and I want you to feel that way toward me."

"But you do want sex, too, right?"

"Oh yes!"

Wufei sighed and shook his head. "This new self you speak of. I don't know who he is."

Zechs sat back and folded his arms, looking at him with disapproval as if he were some junior officer who'd disappointed him. "If armed men burst through that door and attacked me right now, what would you do?"

Wufei straightened at once in his chair. "I'd fight them, of course! Kill them, if necessary."

"Why? You're no longer my bodyguard, or a Preventer. You don't even have a gun. And I'm not paying you. I told you that earlier."

"I don't need a gun, or a job title, to protect you!" Wufei exclaimed, bristling at the unexpected slight.

"Why then?" Zechs demanded. "What possible reason could you have?"

"Because I-I care for you!" The words tumbled out before he could stop them.

Zechs's stern expression softened at once to a fond smile. "There, you finally said it. I've been waiting for that."

Wufei slumped again, hiding his face in his hands. "It's true. I do. I must, to feel the way I have these past weeks. But how can a man like you to want someone so weak?"

He heard Zechs get up, and then strong hands were pulling him up from his own chair and into a comforting embrace. "You have it all wrong, little Chang," Zechs murmured against his ear. The warm lips moving against his skin sent a sensuous tingle down Wufei's entire right side. "I began loving you when you first revealed that side of yourself you call 'weak'. You can't even imagine the powerful attraction you have for me. You are so intelligent and cultured, so delicate in your sensibilities, and utterly fearless in battle. You are a true warrior, and my equal. And yet a single touch of my hand leaves you shy and trembling, just as you are now. You blush and turn your face away, even as your body presses closer to mine."

It was true, all true. Wufei hid his face against that strong chest, too mortified to look up.

"Oh, Wufei, you can't imagine how much that makes me want you. That probably makes me an egotistical bastard, I know, but please believe me; I truly do love you for your complexity, every aspect of it."

"You love me?" Wufei clung to the front of Zechs shirt like a drowning man. "Even if those men in Le Fleur were right about me? Do you remember what they said? That I'm a--" He caught a hitching breath, and forced out the rest. "They thought I acted like a 'bottom', and I think they must have been right, because when I'm with you, I just want--I want--"

"I know what you need, sweet little one." Zechs kissed his hair and smoothed his hand over it. "You forget just how much experience I have. I recognized it in you almost from the start, that yearning to let go, to surrender. Even when you were angry with me at that club, you did as I asked. What you see as weakness, though, I see as trust. Some part of you trusted me, long before I'd given you the slightest reason to. You know I'm strong enough for you. And that, my little Chang, is the very thing that will make me your faithful and adoring lover for as long as you want me."

Wufei forced himself to look up. What he saw in Zechs's eyes, the mix of affection and desire, made his knees weak and his cock hard. "And you don't call that weakness?"

"Not in my eyes. You're still yourself, Wufei, a Gundam pilot and a warrior. You're strong and independent and deadly, but also so very beautiful and soft and yielding. That dichotomy is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. You can do whatever you want with your life from this day forward, secure in the knowledge that I will shelter you and hold you and spoil you any way you'll allow, not because you are weak or lacking, but because you are perfect and lovely. Needing me to be strong for you when you wish to surrender is the most wonderful gift you could ever give me."

Zechs kissed him again, on the mouth this time, running his tongue lightly across Wufei's lips. "Someday, very soon, I want to look at you across a crowded room, knowing you're armed, knowing that you would kill anyone who threatens us, and at that same moment I want to picture your blushing face as I make love to you and possess you entirely. That's the sort of man I am, Wufei. That's what I have to offer you. Do you want me?"

A delicious answering ache flowing through Wufei's body, so powerful he could scarcely get his breath. He found his voice at last and the words tumbled out in a rush. "Yes! I want you, Zechs. Teach me to be that lover you described."


Zechs kissed him again and stroked his hair. "You're still trembling. You want this, but you're terrified. What is it you're so frightened of?"

Wufei hid his face in his hands again and Zechs caught his breath at the sight. The boy had no idea how utterly irresistible he was. "I won't hurt you or degrade you in any way, Wufei. I'll never ask you to do anything you don't want to do. There are endless ways we can pleasure each other and I want to teach you every single one. I know you have some experience with women--"

Wufei groaned. "I was terrible! Sally called me repressed. And I am! I won't be any good at it, you'll see!"

Wufei simply had no clue how unbelievably sexual he really was; it radiated from him like heat. Zechs felt it in every shiver and press of that slim, supple body against his own, and the hard, impressive erection swelling the front of those snug jeans.

"None of that matters between us," he murmured, fighting the urge to pick Wufei up in his arms and carry him to his bedroom this very second. "I'm sure Sally meant well, taking an untried boy barely sixteen into her bed and asking him to be a man for her. But she couldn't understand you, not like I do. Tonight I will show you that you have never been made love to before. Will you trust me to be your guide, little Chang?"

Wufei sagged against him. "Please!" he whispered, shaking like a leaf in Zechs's arms. "I need to be with you tonight but I'm so scared I'll disappoint you."

"You couldn't if you tried. There's a gift for you in your room, under your bed. Go and see. Then come to my room. I'll be waiting for you."


Wufei was amazed that his legs could support him as Zechs released him and gently pushed him away. His entire body seemed to be ruled by the throbbing erection jutting up against his belly. He was mortified for Zechs to see it, but excited, too. He didn't know what he wanted, or what he could accept, but things had gone too far to hesitate now.

He went back to his room and looked under the bed. Sure enough, there was a large, flat box, wrapped in red ribbon. Inside, he found an elegant full-length kimono made of midnight blue silk. The fabric was the best quality, and it was embroidered across the front and back with plum blossoms. The wide sleeves were lined with rose-colored silk and there was a sash of the same color. He lifted it carefully from the box, unable to imagine himself in it. Underneath he discovered a pair of pajama pants in the same dark blue silk. When had Zechs bought these? Had he somehow known all along that Wufei would give in, or only hoped?

Still caught in the riptide of fear and arousal, Wufei brushed his teeth and washed his face, then stripped off his clothes and put on the pants. He debated whether he should keep a tank top on, but in the end he settled for nothing but the lotus pendant. He wrapped the kimono carefully in front of the mirror, and cinched the sash around his waist. He brushed his hair again, pulling it forward around his face. He looked back at his reflection and saw with a start that with his hair like that, in this long flowered kimono, he looked almost like a girl, and a rather pretty one, at that. Grimacing, he shook his hair back and opened the neck of his robe to show his throat and a bit of his chest. That was better.

And now there was nothing left to keep him here but fear. Squaring his shoulders, he gave himself a stern look in the glass. "He wants you. Don't fail him."


Zechs answered his hesitant knock and Wufei saw with dismay that he was still fully dressed. Those blue eyes widened appreciatively as he took Wufei's hand and led him into the room. "Perfect!" He brought Wufei's hand to his lips and kissed his palm and then his wrist, just below the edge of the sleeve.

It tickled. Wufei blushed and looked away.

He'd never been in Zechs's private rooms before. The bedroom was huge, and reminded him of the ornate Sanque embassy. The wide four-poster bed was made of heavily carved dark wood, with a tapestry canopy. There was a chess table near the French windows, and a loveseat stood in front of a fireplace where a crackling fire burned.

"My sister's idea of princely accommodations," Zechs said with a deprecating wave of his hand. He kissed Wufei, then drew him to the couch in front of the fire. Sitting down, he pulled Wufei onto his lap and settled his head on his shoulder, left arm cradling his waist. "Did you like the poem I sent you this morning?"

"Yes. Did the emperor really write that for a boy?"

"Apparently it was not uncommon or unseemly for emperors to have boy lovers. There is a very famous story about one just a bit younger than you named Long Yang. He was famed for his beauty and became the favorite of Emperor Anxi, during the warring states period. They were fishing one day and Long Yang began to weep. When the emperor asked why, he said that it was because he'd caught a fish and been happy, but then caught a bigger fish and thought to throw the first one back. He feared he was like that first fish, and that the emperor would find some other lover and cast him aside, breaking his heart. Do you know what the emperor did?"

"No, I've never heard this story."

Zechs chuckled and stroked Wufei's arm. "He loved the boy so much that he passed a decree forbidding anyone to praise another's beauty in his presence, so that he would not be tempted. Long Yang's name became synonymous in Chinese history with male beauty and homoerotic love."

"Such things were never spoken of on L-5."

"They chose to forget. But not here on Earth. I also found several translations of a poem by Ruan Ji, who was the lover of another famous poet of his day. I've been saving it for you.

"In olden days were many handsome youths like
An Ling and Long Yang.
Young peach and plum blossoms,
Dazzling and radiant.
They were as joyful as nine spring times
And lithe as branches bent under the autumn frost.

Roving glances led to beautiful seductions,
Speech and laughter were filled with fragrance.
Partners clasping each other would welcome love
Together under the covers and blankets.

They were as two birds in flight,
Their paired wings soaring,
Using cinnabar ink they'd write their vows,
'I'll never forget you.'

He ran his fingers over the embroidered blossoms on the kimono. "You put them all to shame, Wufei. You are dazzling and radiant, and nowhere did I read of any of those boys being able to fight like you."

Stunned, speechless, Wufei surrendered to the touch of those fingers and the sound of that soft, rough voice.


Zechs stroked Wufei's long hair back from his neck and kissed him there, savoring the creamy golden skin above the edge of the kimono. Wufei caught his breath and Zechs continued kissing up his throat to his lips. Wufei's mouth opened to his and a hand stole up to lightly touch Zechs's cheek. He could feel Wufei's heart pounding under his hand, and saw with a sidelong glance that the boy's bare toes were already curling.

Slowly, and with infinite gentleness, he slipped the kimono off Wufei's right shoulder and kissed his way down the curve of it. Wufei let out a soft moan and Zechs bared his other shoulder, kissing his way across Wufei's smooth back, then kissing the same path across the top of his chest, all the while keeping the front of the kimono closed over his nipples. Wufei's breathing quickened and his eyes fluttered shut. A faint blush glowed his high cheekbones, accentuating his beauty. Zechs pulled the kimono back up over his shoulders and pulled it closed.

Taking Wufei's left hand in his, he slowly pushed the sleeve back to the elbow, kissing his way up the pale, sensitive skin of the forearm. Reaching the crook of Wufei's elbow, he swirled his tongue there, flicking lightly at the corded tendon, then slid the sleeve back down and repeated the process with the other arm. When he was done, Wufei was flushed and trembling and completely, modestly covered. Wufei's skin smelled faintly of some floral soap.

"Do you like that, Wufei?" he whispered.

"Yes!" Wufei breathed.

"Shall I touch you some more?"

"Oh yes! Please!"

Zechs lowered Wufei back on the couch with his head against the cushions at one end, then knelt on the floor beside him to caress one bare foot. He stroked and kissed it from toes to ticklish ankle, then the other. Sliding the loose pant legs up, he massaged those slender calves and licked the sensitive place behind each knee.

Wufei whimpered at that. His eyes were still tightly shut, hands pressed over his heart.

Zechs smiled, then pulled the pant legs back into place and slowly slid his hands up the outsides of Wufei's thighs under the robe, the dark silk slick under his fingers. He wished he could feel with his new hand, but it was enough that he could touch Wufei and make him shiver and blush like this, still fully clothed. He stroked up over those slender hips until his fingers touched bare skin above the waistband. Looking up, he saw that Wufei had both hands pressed over his face, but his back was slightly arched, seeking more. Zechs stroked those long legs again and heard a soft answering moan. Sliding his hands up again, he let his thumbs trail over Wufei's hipbones and his right one felt how the silk pants were tightly tented across the front.

"More?" he whispered again.

Wufei moaned through his fingers.

Zechs slowly slid his right hand up the inside of one thigh, then found the rounded bulge of the scrotum and circled his fingers lightly there. The moans turned to a soft, high pitched whine as Wufei's back arched again under the touch. He slid his hand higher, palming the hard column of flesh to the swollen head, and the small patch of wetness at the tip.

Wufei gasped, shuddering under his hand.

"Shall I stop?" Zechs murmured, teasing now.

Wufei let out a needy whine, pressing his cock up into Zechs's palm, but those hands stayed over his face. It was too charming. Zechs's fingers found the silk tie of the pajamas. Fortunately Wufei had tied it in a bow. He grasped one of the ends and very slowly pulled it loose, then even more slowly undid the two small buttons of the fly, one after the other.

With the kimono still modestly closed, Zechs eased the pants off, then ran his hands up the bared legs and hips. Wufei was deliciously smooth, with only the lightest dusting of baby fine hair on his shins and thighs. Zechs's hands traveled over his hips again to play across the tight, quivering belly. Wufei was tense as a bowstring now, but had not asked him to stop.

Zechs slid his left arm under the boy's shoulders, pulling him up to cradle him against his chest. Wufei covered his face with one hand and clasped the front of Zechs's shirt with the other as Zechs slowly pulled the lower folds of the kimono apart, exposing him from the waist down. Wufei's long slender legs were pressed tightly together, but his toes were still curling and his cock stood up proudly from a tidy patch of silky black pubic hair. His sac was enticingly hairless and Zechs could not resist bending to place a kiss there, inhaling Wufei's delicate musk as he did so. Wufei let out a choked cry and his hips bucked.

"You like that." Zechs kissed the puckering skin again and ran the tip of his tongue over the rounded contours of his balls. Wufei was biting his thumb now, but let out a hissing cry around it. Zechs reached up and pulled the hand away from his mouth, leaving the one pressed to his face alone. "I want to hear you. Let me hear you."

Wufei moaned again, then whispered, "Never--"


"Never felt-- so good!"

"Then you do want this?"

"Yes!" So soft but so full of need.

"I am your lover now?"


"And you are mine?"

"Yes! Oh please, please!"

Zechs kissed his lips again, invading that shy warmth with his tongue while he took that slim, beautiful cock in his hand and gently stroked it.

"Ah!" Wufei arched up again with a cry bordering on pain.

Zechs laid him back again and kissed up those golden thighs to lick and kiss those perfect balls, still stroking his cock. Wufei had both hands to his face again, panting hoarsely as he began to thrust helplessly into that fist. Zechs knew he couldn't stand much more of this, not this first time after such a long period of stress.

"I'm going to make you come now, mei." He'd picked up the word for "beautiful one" in his research and it could not have been more appropriate now. Wufei was slowly abandoning himself to the pleasure, but so shyly, so delicately, just as Zechs had known he would. "Relax and just let yourself feel it." He slipped one arm under Wufei's lower back, the other under his thighs and lifted his hips, taking the weeping head of his cock between his lips and rolling his tongue around on it, tasting the salty tang of the fluids that already glistened there. Wufei let out a louder, throaty cry, shuddering in his arms. Zechs took him deeper, sucking and licking him to the root as he moved his right hand up to cup those small, firm buttocks and tickle the cleft between them.

Wufei shuddered against his face, but pushed at Zechs's head, trying vainly to warn him off. "I'm going to--You have to--"


He as going to come and Zechs's hot, unbelievably talented mouth was still on him. And he wasn't listening, either, as Wufei tried to warn him. He couldn't want it, to have Wufei actually ejaculate in his mouth like that. Even Sally hadn't--

But Zechs only tightened his left arm around his shoulders and squeezed his bottom with his right hand. Long fingers danced along the cleft between the cheeks, not probing deeper, but the promise was there. Wufei was terrified that he would try to penetrate him with those fingers, but the fear brought something else with it; a sudden flash of him spreading his legs and welcoming those questing digits, opening himself, letting Zechs in.

His fingers locked in Zechs's thick hair as the orgasm hit him and it was too late to think or worry about anything at all. He didn't cry out; he couldn't get enough breath to do so, but the unbearable rush of pleasure stretched his mouth in a silent scream of ecstasy as he shot his load in that hot mouth and Zechs just kept sucking him. His body rose and fell under that mouth with its own rhythm and Zechs rode it out, not letting go with hands or lips. The waves of pleasure just kept coming, better than anything he'd ever experienced in Sally or his own hand. Lying there, still so dressed and yet feeling more naked than he ever had in his life, Wufei accepted that everything Zechs had told him about himself was true. This is who he was and what he wanted, and needed. And this man that he loved-yes, loved!-loved him enough to take this sort of care with him and shatter him to the core with pleasure.

Wufei surrendered with every fiber of his being, and when it was over he was weeping aloud and Zechs was pulling him down into his lap and holding him, rocking him like a child. And it felt so good, so right! Wufei wrapped his arms around him and held on, unable to do anything else.


Zechs wrapped the kimono around Wufei's legs again and held him tight until he calmed down, then carried him to his bed. He tucked him in there, stripped to his boxers, and joined him. Wufei's eyes were closed, but he wrapped himself around Zechs again and burrowed into his arms. An instant later, however, Zechs was being kissed wildly, as Wufei tasted himself on Zechs's tongue with complete abandon. Zechs looked up into those wide black eyes and saw awe there, and all the yielding softness he'd guessed was there. And now there was no fear.

"Wufei, you are so beautiful!" His own neglected cock felt like it was on fire, he was so horny, but he could live with that for now. It was enough to see Wufei looking at him like this.

"So are you!" the boy whispered back, and Zechs thought he knew how those emperors of old must have felt, with those blossom boys in their beds.

"I love you, Chang Wufei, and I claim you as my own." Saying those words aloud at last was almost enough to make him come.

Wufei let out a soft moan and kissed him again. "I'm yours. I love you! I've never felt like that before, ever!"

"Of course not!" Zechs chuckled, combing his fingers though that silken black hair and letting it fall to frame that lovely face. "You were waiting for me."


Wufei gazed down at him, eyes still filled with wonder, then he moved slowly down Zechs's body, hands seeking the waistband of the shorts, pulling at it, pulling it down.

Zechs caught at his shoulder. "You don't have to do that now."

But a bit of steel had come back to Wufei. Pushing Zechs's hands away, he tugged the shorts down, gripped his erection at the base and gingerly lapped at the head, as if curious about the taste. Perhaps he was, for he kept at it and the light, slick exploration of that virgin tongue instantly had Zechs moaning and gasping. It was a reversal to rival the one Wufei had pulled on him with their poetry battle.

As inexperienced as Wufei was, he was still male and had a very good sense of what felt good. He worked the base of Zechs's cock with a firm hand, all the while keeping up a light, teasing play of tongue and lips on the head. It was fantastic, and excruciating. Zechs had certain qualms about coming in his inexperienced lover's mouth this first time, but Wufei would not be moved. Zechs gave up and let him explore, only too happy to be the subject of such a thorough examination.

That mouth moved to his balls, and he felt the delicious wet roughness of Wufei's tongue lap across his skin, seeking the exquisitely sensitive place underneath the sac. God, how did he know about that? Zechs growled in pleasure, arching up under him, only to find his cock taken to the hilt in that hot mouth and sucked on in earnest now. As much as he would have loved to have it last longer, it had been far too long since he'd come and, after this day's excitement, he couldn't stop the inevitable now. Darker instincts took over. Gripping that sleek head between his hands, he fucked that sweet mouth and climaxed long and hard, shouting his pleasure. Wufei took it like a good little soldier, too, not fighting him, just choking and gasping as he swallowed it all down. Christ, when had it *ever* felt this good?

Remorse set in almost at once. Zechs groaned and released his grip on Wufei's head. The boy pulled back, coughing and wiping his mouth, but then, to Zechs's ever-mounting amazement, he climbed back on top of him and kissed him again, mingling their two flavors together in their mouths as he rubbed and writhed against him.

When Wufei let him up for air again, Zechs couldn't help laughing as he took that flushed face in his hands again, gazing up into those glowing eyes, savoring the totally new sort of smile on those full lips. "And where did you come from, little wildcat?"

Wufei blushed and pressed his face into the curve of Zechs's neck. "I don't know! Was that--was it all right?"

Zechs hugged the breath out of him. "More than all right. Fucking magnificent!" He rolled him off and lay face to face with him, still stroking his face and lips and playing with the jade pendant at his throat. "Say you'll never leave me, little Chang."

Wufei caught his right hand and kissed Zechs's fingertips. "How could I leave you? You claimed me. I'm yours."

Zechs kissed his forehead and he sighed happily. After a moment, however, he stirred, tucking his chin and staring at Zechs's chest in that way he did when he was feeling shy. "You didn't--that is, you didn't try and--"

"Fuck you?" Wufei nodded and Zechs swore he could feel him blush.

"Did you want to?"

Zechs chuckled again and stroked his ass throrugh the kimono. "This little bottom of yours was like a ripe, golden peach in my hand. It was all I could do not to take a bite, it felt so juicy and plump. How could I not want to make love to you there, too? But only when you're ready and want me to, if ever. I haven't even begun to show you all the other things we can do together."

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"I'm sure."

Wufei snuggled closer and sighed. After a moment he whispered, "I owe you a poem."

"Do you have one?"

"A very, very old one. No one knows who wrote it.

If you were riding in a coach
And I were wearing a peasant's coat,
And one day we met in the road,
You would get down and bow.
If you were carrying a peddler's umbrella,
And I were riding on a horse,
And one day we met in the road
I would get down for you.

I want to be your friend
For ever and ever without break or decay.
When the hills are all flat
And the rivers are all dry,
When it lightens and thunders in winter,
When it rains and snows in summer,
When Heaven and Earth mingle---
Not until then will I part from you.

"That's a very beautiful poem," Zechs whispered back, his voice huskier than normal.

"It's really more an oath, like the one at the end of your Ruan Ji poem."

"Even better. 'Until Heaven and Earth mingle,' I will be your faithful lover, Chang Wufei."


I was reeeeeeeally tempted to call this one "The Claiming of Chang Wufei" but thought it was just too much of a spoiler. Even so, I think this fic has officially reached "male bodice ripper" proportions. Couldn't resist, though. Those two are just so damn 19th century romantic together! *sigh!* Never planned it, it just worked out that way. Hope 05 and 06's sharper edges still show a little! Don't fret for Z, either. He's just getting his "little wildcat" warmed up.

The poems are real, by the authors given.

The Long Yang story is one of several very famous ones about emperors and their boyfriends.

Wufei's poem: In the country of Yueh, when one man made friends with another they would make an earthen altar, sacrifice a dog and a cock (rooster!) on it, and recite the oath. My research did not say what this type of friendship entailed, but you have to wonder. Well, I do, anyway.

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