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Broken Warriors + Chapter 58

Heero and Duo returned from Sanque to find they'd missed Wufei by a day. They took a well-deserved rest, hanging out at the house and making noisy love while Trowa and Quatre were off at the Saturday night performance. Everyone kept an eye on their email, but there was no word from Wufei. Heero pointed that Wufei was not in the habit of writing to any of them, but decided that if they hadn't heard from him by midweek, he or Quatre would write.

Circus della Notte was closed on Sunday and Monday nights and Trowa stubbornly resisted numerous requests from local reviewers and city officials to add matinee shows. The Circus of the Night was performed at night, and only at night. Any suggestion that additional shows meant additional revenue was met with disdainful silence. Money was not the issue, and besides they were making pots of it with the current schedule. The New Orleans engagement ran until mid-December, and then the show moved on to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, where the first weeks' runs were already sold out. After that, it was on to Paris in the spring.

After a great deal of consideration, Heero and Duo decided not to go on the road. They would fly out to help with the opening performances in each city, but remain based at the New Orleans house for now, trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Duo was the official mask maker for the circus, but that wasn't a full time job and it didn't require his permanent presence. Heero had plenty of money, but was beginning to feel restless. He needed a mission of his own.

It had been a difficult decision. The group relationship with Trowa and Quatre was working well as far as it had gone, but the deeper bond between Heero and Duo was still new and needed its own space. None of them had come out and stated to the others whether or not they were willing to extend sexual relations between the couples, but Heero knew Duo was still too fragile to share him.

That suited Heero just fine. Being able to sleep and mess around with the others on a friendly basis, together with frequent auditory orgies, was enough. He was going to miss having all four of them in bed together, though, and the general companionship of everyday life. They were, by their own unique definition, a family now.

The tabloids had gotten wind of the fact that they were sharing a house, of course, and their public antics promoting the show had fueled rampant speculation. "Gundam Boy Menage a Quatre?" the Modern World News trumpeted, an unfortunate choice of words for Quatre, whose long-suffering relatives erupted with varying degrees of dismay. "Gundam Boy Wife Swapping Parties, But Which Ones Are the Wives?" the National Tattler coyly asked, then went on to identify Quatre and Duo as effeminate bottoms, complete with doctored photos. The Berlin Weltbeobachter was unusually restrained for once, settling for paparazzi photos of them at clubs and a few mild insinuations.

The mainstream press was curious, as well, but all four refused interviews about anything other than the circus and countered with a terse statement that there was nothing untoward going on. That they were measuring that by their own standards was nobody's business but their own.


Early Monday morning Heero came half awake as Quatre squirmed out from between him and Trowa. It was pouring outside and the room was cold. A puff of chilly air invaded the bed when Quatre moved and Heero grumbled and pulled the covers back up to his chin, pressing back against Duo, who was still fast asleep spooned against Heero's back. Trowa muttered some sleepy endearment to Quatre, then rolled into his place, nestling against Heero. Comfortably trapped between two warm bodies, Heero slipped an arm around Trowa and went back to sleep. He'd have been very content to stay there the rest of the morning if Quatre hadn't come bursting back in still in his robe, with his laptop under his arm.

"Wake up, you guys!" he said, climbing in under the covers beside Trowa and flipping his computer screen up. "Read this!"

Heero took the computer from him and blearily scanned the email displayed there. Trowa and Duo grudgingly cracked an eyelid and leaned in to read along with him. Everyone was wide-awake after the first few lines.



19 November 198
02:17 am EST

My good friends:

I write to thank you all for your care and assistance, and to apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you. I'm still with Zechs Merquise at his Sanque estate and he has accepted me as his lover. I am, for the first time in a long time, truly happy. You are probably as surprised as I am at this development. I cannot fully explain it, except to say to Quatre, you gave me excellent advice in New Orleans. I finally listened to what my heart and my body were trying to tell me; they are wiser guides than I had been taught to believe. Do you remember that copy of the Tao you gave me? That has also been instrumental in reclaiming my life and putting me where I am so glad to be.

Quatre and Trowa, thank you both for your forgiveness. I know I do not merit it. Your circus is wonderful. You are exceptional artists. "Passage" was heartbreaking, and your "Meld" is one of the bravest, most beautiful love poems I have ever experienced. I hope to see it again.

Heero and Duo, thank you for rescuing me. You did, you know. I cringe at the memory, but am grateful beyond words to you for being there when you were least wanted and most needed. Please forgive my boorish behavior in Madrid. You two are as perfect together as Trowa and Quatre and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Zechs has said several times how helpful you were to him when you were here, and I thank you for that, as well. He also said he is grateful to Duo for not shooting him, but it seems to be joke of some sort, though he will not explain.

You have all been my teachers. The love you show one another is admirable. I'm sorry I was too blind and stubborn to accept it before. I feel like such a different person now, one who wishes very much to be a better friend to each of you than I have been in the past.

However, I fear my choice of lover may prevent you from wanting further contact with me. That would make me very sad, but I will understand and respect your feelings. What goes around comes around, as Duo might say. It would probably amuse you to know how much influence you have had on me, 02, something I didn't even realize until recently.

With warmest regards,


Everyone stared at the screen for a few moments, then Duo let out a low whistle. "Wow! He actually went through with it!" His eyes widened. "I mean, those two? Can you imagine?"

"Mmmm, yeah!" Trowa murmured, clearly already doing just that and enjoying the view.

Quatre smacked him on the back of the head. Hard.

"Mele!" Trowa cried, giving his husband a wounded look.

"Don't you 'mele' me, Trowa Barton!" Quatre growled.

Duo cackled and Heero grinned as Trowa tried to sweet talk his way back into Quatre's good graces. Trowa had been his usual quiet self when he and Heero had been Zechs's "guests" in Antarctica, but Heero now suspected that the tall, handsome young Zechs had made more of an impression on Trowa, even masked, than 03 had let on at the time, and that Quatre knew it.

But Quatre's outrage was half-hearted at best, and Trowa soon had him down among the pillows, kissing and groping his way to forgiveness. Duo rolled his eyes.

Heero grabbed Trowa by one bare arm and hauled him off the smaller boy. "You two can sort this out later. What about Wufei's email?"

Quatre sat up and pulled his bathrobe back up around his shoulders. "Yes, he just poured his heart out to us." He shook his head. "Something has really rocked him."

"A tall, blond, extremely persuasive older something," Duo grumbled.

"You still don't trust him?" asked Quatre.

"Damn right I don't!"

"He acted honorably toward us during the war," Trowa said, echoing Heero's thoughts on the matter. Duo scowled and folded his arms.

"Up to a point, anyway," Quatre grudgingly agreed, staring at the email again. "Wufei does sound happy. But this last bit here? He's genuinely scared of losing us, just when he's ready to let us in. Whatever we think of Zechs, we owe him that much. I vote we back Wufei up on this and let him know it."

"I agree," said Heero. "I think Zechs might be good for him, and if he isn't, Wufei will need us."

Trowa nodded. "Agreed. Duo?"

"OK, OK! So I'll give the guy a chance. One! But I say we check him out. Any ideas?"


Zechs stepped from the shower and toweled himself off, taking special care with the locking ring on his left arm, then went to the mirror to dry his hair. It hung a bit past his shoulders now, and Wufei had hinted that he wouldn't mind it longer still, the way it had been during the war. Zechs smiled at his reflection as he finger combed the long pale strands under the blow dryer; if his Wufei wanted his hair long, then long it would be. His cock twitched appreciatively at the thought. In the few days since they'd become lovers, Wufei had proven himself worth any consideration, and he asked little enough as it was. He couldn't even come up with a birthday request, saying that Zechs had already given him too much.

Zechs shook his head at the thought, then checked his shave and dabbed on a little cologne. By day life was much as it had been before. They sparred and rode, played chess, walked on the beach and the cliffs, read, watched the news and movies. But there was a delicious undercurrent to it all, a shared secret smile at the memories of what the nights now held for them.

Wufei remained the most astonishing mix of modesty and wanton desire. He required gentle seduction each time they made love, and so far Zechs had not asked for more than mutual caresses and oral sex, but once his little wildcat relaxed and abandoned himself to the pleasure, he was insatiable. Better yet, he genuinely enjoyed the taste of Zechs's semen and gave one hell of a blowjob for a virgin.

And that little china doll body? It was every bit as responsive as Zechs had guessed. The slightest touch, even a heated glance, was enough to make him blush and shiver. Thus far Zechs had kept things business-like during the day, and enjoyed watching Wufei's need build. He craved Zechs's touch and had to overcome his own natural reticence to seek it out. Zechs did not in anyway discourage him, but let Wufei come to him. It was like taming a high-strung horse, and far more rewarding. By the time they retired to their room at night the boy was practically panting for his touch, and eager to be coaxed into learning new things. From the start he'd given off telltale signs that ass play was probably going to be welcome eventually, if not more. Zechs certainly hoped so! It was sweet torture, denying himself that sweet golden peach of a bottom. He caressed it every chance he got, and had gone so far as to cover it with kisses late last night while Wufei hid his face in a pillow and moaned. But those thighs stayed pressed primly together. So far.

Yes, Wufei was progressing, but still insisted on bathing alone, and changing for the night in the bathroom. Zechs didn't mind that one bit, either. He loved choosing every article of clothing for him online or at the tailor's, with the thought of what it would be like to remove it from that lovely body later. So far Zechs had been careful to leave some article of clothing at least partially on him; technically speaking, he had not yet seen his lover naked. Wufei was also unable to make love with the lights on, but had compromised by accepting firelight or a few candles in the bedroom.

Oddly enough, he stripped Zechs naked every time with obvious relish, and worshipped him from head to toe. Eyes half-lidded with pleasure, he rubbed on Zechs like a cat, twined around him like a vine, and used his tongue like Zechs was made of ice cream. Last night Zechs had come the first time just from having that mouth on his nipples. Despite all the many lovers he'd enjoyed, he'd never had anyone quite like Chang Wufei in his bed.

And, he reminded himself, admiring his own half hard cock in the mirror, he was still only getting started. What an unlooked for bonus, that he was hopelessly in love with him, as well! Resisting the urge to touch himself, he pulled on his black silk robe and belted it loosely, then sauntered out to see what his beautiful boy was doing.

The lights were still on but Wufei had lit the fire and the candles. A subtle rose scent filled the room. Under that reserved exterior, Wufei was as much a sensualist as Zechs. At the moment he was sitting on the bed with his laptop open in front of him and his glasses perched on his nose. The scholarly pose was at odds with the white silk lounging pajamas he was wearing. The tunic had long flowing sleeves and a high Mandarin collar, but that only added to the fun.

Wufei glanced up and smiled. "Sorry. I'll only be a moment."

"It's all right, Wufei." Zechs went to the dresser and took out a few silk scarves for later. He knew that Wufei had written his friends yesterday, though not what the content of the message had been. He'd been a bit distracted ever since and checked his mail more often than usual.

"Sally says hello," Wufei told him without looking up.

"Send her my regards."

Wufei typed a quick reply, then opened the next mail. "Une still wants me back . . ."

"She can't have you." Zechs had lost one man to the bitch. She couldn't have this one.

Wufei deleted the message unanswered, then opened the next. Zechs waited with patient amusement, then noted how Wufei's expression had gone very still. A moment later those dark eyes widened and he let out a soft gasp behind upraised fingers. Concerned, Zechs walked over and sat down next to him in time to see a tear roll down Wufei's cheek. Wufei wiped at it impatiently, still reading the message in front of him.

Zechs braced for the worst. Yuy had been civil and professional when he was here, but Maxwell had made it clear that he didn't trust him. Zechs wasn't certain of the other Gundam pilots' feelings, but he suspected that an "us or him" ultimatum was probably what his lover most feared. "Wufei?"

To his relief, Wufei smiled up at him and tilted the screen for him to read.



19 November 198
09:47 am EST

Dear Wufei,

The war is over. Zechs must be worthy if someone as honorable as you feels this strongly for him. We have all discussed it and want you to know that no matter what, we are your friends. Have no doubt on that account. And no more apologies! They've already been accepted. You were there for all of us when it counted.

Trowa and I go on the road in a few weeks. We'd like you and Zechs to visit us here in New Orleans before we leave. Stay here at the house; the security is better here than at a hotel. You can come see the show again, too, and show Zechs "Meld." Oh, and Duo says to tell you RSVP, ASAP.

Please, come and see us soon!

Your friends,

Quatre & Trowa, Heero & Duo

PS from Trowa: Please tell Zechs I remember his honorable treatment of Heero and me.

PS from Heero: Do as Quatre says. Come ASAP.

PS From Duo: xoxoxoxo Wuffie! They won't let me add the rest of what I was going to say, just that I hope Zechs is treating you good.

Zechs heart swelled; the others were the sort of young men he'd hoped they were, and they'd made it eloquently clear Wufei was still one of them. He stroked Wufei's damp cheek. "You are fortunate in your friends."

"Yes." Wufei leaned against him and sighed contentedly. "I think there is something I'd like for my birthday, after all."

Zechs chuckled, taking the computer from him and setting it aside on the night table. "I'll book the tickets tomorrow. But what will you tell Duo? Am I treating you 'good'?"

"Very good indeed!" Wufei allowed himself to be drawn into Zechs's lap. "I have a new poem for you. Do you have one for me?"

"Of course!" Zechs kissed the angle of Wufei's jaw, then lifted those slender hands and kissed the palms and fingers. "Early twentieth century. Rainier Maria Rilke.

"What fields are fragrant as your hands?
You feel how external fragrance stands
upon your stronger resistance.
Stars stand in images above.
Give me your mouth to soften, love;
ah, your hair is all in idleness.

He kissed Wufei deeply, then laid him back on the bed and stroked that long black hair spread over the pillow.

"See, I want to surround you with yourself
And the faded expectation lift
From the edges of your eyebrows;
I want, as with inner eyelids sheer,
To close for you all places which appear
By my tender caresses now.

He kissed his way under Wufei's chin and undid the top button of the tunic, loving the way that slender body arched seeking his. "And now my reward?"

Wufei gazed up at him and said softly, "Late second century After Colony, by a poet of no importance.

"In the beginning
you were so strange to me,
come from another land, where I
did not know your language, and
your thoughts did not meet mine.

Now your pale hair lies
gently on my pillow
in the tea fragrant morning light.
Silver strands reach for black silk
and softly twine as one.

My hand yearns for yours
as our eyes look away,
to the sound of the water, and
your palm fits mine like two halves
of the same broken shell.

Zechs stared down at him, amazed at all the depth of feeling this beautiful lover of his could awaken, with no more than his voice and his eyes. "This poet of no importance of yours, he's very good. I've fallen quite in love with him."

"He's very glad to hear that," Wufei whispered back, drawing him down for a kiss. "Put the lights out?"


In case anyone is wondering, 'mele' is Greek for 'honey'. Thanks to his life among the mercenaries and circus folk (and Babelfish, of course), Trowa also speaks a smattering of French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

**Wufei's poem is a gift from the wonderful Justkat, my poetic muse, who wrote it for 05 and 06!

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