Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 62
China Doll Interlude

Zechs glanced at the bathroom door, feeling more nervous then he had in a very long time. After all, it wasn't really fair to hold a lover to commitments made in the blissful afterglow of orgasm.

"You like it, that I dress you?" Spooned in behind Wufei a few nights earlier, bodies glued together with sweat and semen, Zechs had savored the erotic shiver his words, and the tickle of his lips against the back of Wufei's neck caused. "It turns you on."

"Mmmmmm, yes!" At that moment Wufei was wearing nothing but the skin tight, midriff-baring green shirt he'd worn to go out dancing that night. It was pushed up under his armpits at the moment and didn't cover much, but technically, he wasn't naked. It was becoming something of a game with them.

Dancing had gone very well; Wufei had been his usual reserved self on the dance floor, letting Zechs hold him close, but not encouraging too much groping in public. But he'd enjoyed himself, there was no mistaking that. They'd started making out a little in the car in the dark parking garage afterwards, and barely made it into the bedroom before they were pulling each other's clothes off.

Wufei sighed, snuggling closer, with his bare backside against Zechs's spent cock. He had no idea the risk he was running by doing that, even now. They were still keeping to caresses and blowjobs, with no penetration, but Wufei's orgasms were explosive, and always left him languid and cuddly-- and often soon ready for more. Truly, he was incomparable.

Zechs rewarded him with a kiss on the nape of his neck. "You feel different in the clothes I choose for you, don't you? Tell me, how do they make you feel?"

Wufei turned in Zechs's arms, pressing the taller man onto his back and stretching out on top of him. He ran his fingers through the damp hair at Zechs's temples, his black eyes dreamy. "It's like having your hands all over my body, even when you're not touching me. I feel very pampered, and--" Even in the candlelight, Zechs could see him blush, but those lush lips curved into a deliciously wanton smile. "Sometimes I really do feel like your 'sizzling hot bottom boy.'"

Zechs cupped Wufei's taut buttocks and kneaded them appreciatively. "You are my absolutely perfect little bottom boy, mei, and I love you beyond all reason."

As always, such declarations earned him the glimmer of happy tears and kisses all over his face and chest. Laughing, Zechs rolled him over and pinned him to the bed to get his attention again. "Do you trust me, Wufei?"

"Of course!" But there it was, that hint of fear in those bottomless dark eyes.

"Would you like to try wearing something more adventurous? Something very different than I would ever have you wear in public, just for me in the bedroom?"

Those eyes went very wide and Wufei caught a hitching breath but it wasn't fear, now. "Yes!"

"That's my good boy." Zechs had to kiss him again, tasting himself deep in that oh so very talented mouth. Wufei was still far too naive to imagine all that he might have just committed himself to. Zechs's own commitment to protecting the boy from Zechs's own baser desires was a turn-on in itself. Who said chivalry was dead? "I'll surprise you sometime, then. A special treat for both of us."

The mere suggestion of it had been enough to get them both up a second time that night, and they'd sixty-nined like two wild, rutting animals and come moaning each other's names around each other's cocks.

Zechs had enjoyed watching Wufei's anticipation build over the next few days. He gave no hint of what the "special outfit" would be, leaving it to Wufei's imagination. He debated waiting until they were in New Orleans, and making it a birthday present, but he wasn't at all certain what his welcome would be there, and didn't want his little experiment spoiled by any outside tension. It was enough of a risk as it was. No, better here in the privacy of their own bedroom where Wufei had already learned to feel safe.

Yes, tonight was the night, and Zechs's heart was beating fast as he sat on the edge of the bed, waiting nervously for Wufei's reaction and trying very hard not to touch himself through the tight white military breeches he'd worn for the occasion. He was still as lanky as he'd been when he'd last worn them, and was glad to see he'd regained enough muscle to fill them out properly. His tall black dress boots still fit, too. The long red jacket open over his bare torso was trimmed with gold braid, but it was only a clever approximation of his OZ uniform. He wasn't sure if the Gundam pilot would appreciate that or not, but he knew Wufei liked him in red.

The room was more brightly lit than usual. Without saying anything to Wufei, he'd slowly been adding a few more candles each night, so that now the room was warmly illuminated. He was glad of it when at last Wufei emerged from the shelter of the bathroom. Zechs caught his breath, already dangerously aroused, even from across the room. Wufei looked uncertain, ready to bolt back into the small room behind him, but he'd really had worn it, all of it! Zechs had half-expected him to balk, or even storm out angrily when he saw what was in the gift-wrapped box. Instead, there he stood, uncertain perhaps, maybe even embarrassed, but clearly not angry.

The self-supporting black silk stockings ended in wide lace bands just below the curve of Wufei's buttocks. The lacy black satin thong was just visible through the frothy little black apron tied around his waist with a red velvet band. The apron was very short, and made of flaring layers of soft black mesh, spangled with dark sequins that twinkled in the candlelight. Above this he wore a specially tailored black satin and lace bra. The cups were cut low enough to show the tops of his dusky pink nipples and padded to suggest the slightest swell of bosom, without disguising the fact that he was a boy. Fingerless black satin gloves covered his slender arms to just above the elbows. A tiny golden puffed heart on a pink and gold ribbon around Wufei's neck completed the outfit perfectly. Standing there by the doorway, eyes downcast, hair loose over his shoulders, he was a femboy wet dream come to life. The knowledge that he was not in the least effeminate only made the whole effect more striking.

Zechs slowly crossed the room, but stopped a few feet away, still gauging his lover's reaction. Wufei's eyes were downcast, but when Zechs gently cupped his chin and raised his face, he saw with another aching stab of desire that Wufei had added a few touches of his own.

His eyes were carefully highlighted with dark eyeliner, and he'd painted his lips into a tempting cupid's bow with dark red lipstick. The fact that he'd had such unexpected supplies at the ready showed a very encouraging initiative. Zechs smirked, recalling a side trip during one of their excursions to town. He should have guessed Wufei was up to something, but this was the last thing he'd have imagined. Yet it seemed that even without knowing what Zechs was up to, he'd wanted to wear make up for him. Perhaps because he'd seen his friends do the same? Maxwell carried it off particularly well, Zechs recalled, even better than Winner did.

He leaned in and kissed those ruby red lips, running his fingers over Wufei's bare shoulders and down over the black gloves to his hands. Wufei's fingers were slender, beautiful, and quite feminine looking in the gloves, but callused-- soldier's hands. Zechs reluctantly released them, still fighting not to come to the keen edge of arousal too quickly. He wanted this to last for both of them.

Stepping back, he turned Wufei slowly around, drinking in the sight of that perfect little backside so enticingly framed by lace and velvet. The apron ties brushed the cleft between those cheeks, already bisected by the tiny black string of the satin thong. "What a stunningly beautiful boy you are, my little Chang!"

Wufei said nothing, just tilted his head, offering the smooth column of his throat. Zechs tangled his fingers in the silken hair at the back of Wufei's neck and pulled him close, nipping and sucking his way up and down between the earlobe and shoulder and flicking the golden heart pendant with his tongue. Wufei gasped softly and rested his hands on Zechs's waist under his coat to steady himself.

"Do you like your surprise?" He licked the delicate whorls of Wufei's left ear.

"Ooooh! Oh yes! You're so damn handsome! But I-- Is this--?"

"I could come just looking at you, mei!" His erection was straining the buttoned flap at the front of his pants. Wufei reached to stroke it but Zechs caught his hand and returned it to his side. "But I don't want to. Not yet." He kissed those painted lips again, then sank to his knees, kissing his way down that taut belly to the velvet waistband. Ever so slowly he lifted the folds and layers of the apron out of the way, directing Wufei to hold the fabric up for him. Then he rubbed his cheek against the satin and lace-clad erection beneath. The pink, weeping tip had pushed past the waistband and he allowed himself a quick taste, just a swipe of the tongue that made Wufei gasp again and his knees wobble. His nipples had stiffened to hard little points above the edge of the bra; Zechs reached up to pinch them as he licked the tip of Wufei's cock again, delighting in the salty sweetness there.

"Oh god!" Wufei hissed. "Oh Zechs! It's so good!"

"Yes, you are," Zechs chuckled. He pinched those nipples a bit harder and gave them a slight tweak. Wufei gasped and shivered. More precum welled up from that tiny slit and Zechs lapped up every drop, probing a little as he did so and slipping a hand between those tensed thighs to palm Wufei's balls through the thong.

"Ayyyyy! I'm going to come!" Wufei whispered, burying both hands in Zechs's hair.

"No, you're not. Not until I give you permission. Do you understand me, little Chang?"

"I can't help it!" That was nearly a whine!

"Yes, you can," Zechs ordered. "You are strong. You are disciplined. You will wait until I give my permission."

Wufei swallowed hard, but nodded. Such a good little soldier.

Still kneeling, he clasped Wufei by the hips under the apron and turned him, making him brace his hands against the wall by the door. The boy had to bend forward slightly to obey and this left his bottom more exposed than ever. As always, he kept his thighs close together, but bent forward as he was now, that wasn't much protection. Those firm round buttocks were already slightly parted, showing Zechs how the thin thong pressed between them. He spent some time kissing those creamy golden cheeks, then added a few nips and bites to the mix as Wufei softly moaned and squirmed under his hands. Oh yes, he liked this, all right: the outfit, the caresses, the position Zechs had put him in. Zechs's budding little bottom boy loved it all, and so did Zechs. Kneeling there behind him, he slipped a finger under the elastic cloth and pulled it aside, exposing the tiny pink virgin opening underneath for the first time. He flicked the red velvet apron ties, letting them tickle there. It was beautiful, a perfect rosebud, untouched.

Wufei moaned and buried his face in his arms. Of course, this only left him more exposed, Zechs noted with amusement. He could see enough of Wufei's face to know that it had gone scarlet.

He slipped a hand between Wufei's knees and gently tried to get him to spread his feet apart. Wufei resisted, but Zechs stroked his back and bottom with his other hand and kissed the backs of his thighs, coaxing silently until Wufei relented a little, face hidden more deeply than ever against his gloved forearms. Zechs wished he had a camera to capture this scene.

"I'm not going to fuck you," he assured him, as he always did before attempting something new. Instinct told him Wufei was still very fearful of that. He'd gifted Zechs with his trust their first night together and he'd been very careful not to betray it, even inadvertently.

Pulling the thong aside a bit more, but in such a way that left Wufei's cock and balls still fully covered, Zechs leaned forward and ran his tongue down the cleft of his buttocks from tailbone to the just barely revealed back of his scrotum, pausing just an instant at his entrance.

"Oh god!" Wufei cried out and turned to look down at him with startled, wide eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Enjoying the most beautiful ass I've ever seen, and hoping to relax you enough to let me rim you. Do you want me to stop?"

Wufei couldn't begin to formulate an answer to that. He had no idea what "rim" meant and his brain was on overload already from everything else Zechs had done to him so far. Actually, he'd been on overload from the moment he'd opened that box in the bathroom and seen what was inside.

The stockings and bra had been on top of the pink tissue paper. Moving them aside in disbelief, he'd taken in the rest of the contents. He should have been horrified, or at least insulted, he told himself. Even in his wildest imaginings he'd never conceived that clothes like these even existed. Bras for men? Stockings? Instead, he'd been incredibly turned on, not only by the utter outrageousness of it all, but by the fact that Zechs seemed to know him better than he knew himself. And his arousal only increased as he'd made himself put these strange clothes on. It had taken an effort leave the bathroom, but the new part of him that Zechs had awakened was anxious to see his lover's reaction. It had been everything he'd hoped for, and more. Any embarrassment he might have felt was swept aside by Zechs's first heated look, and by the sight of what his lover had worn for him.

The Lightning Count himself stood waiting for him, blues eyes smoldering, that full, wide mouth set in a soft smile. Wufei marveled at the beauty of the man. Those fine features and long platinum hair might have been feminine on anyone else, but instead they gave him a wolfish air. Almost boyishly slender as he still was, he was so much taller than Wufei, and moved with such feral grace, that he seemed older and infinitely worldlier. That last was no illusion. Wufei could not bring himself to be jealous of all the other lovers Zechs had had, so long as he was the last of that line, and the beneficiary of such experience.

Even so, he now found himself in a quandary, standing here with his ass in the breeze and Zechs awaiting his answer. There was no denying that being licked there felt exceptionally good. He just wasn't certain it was right to let Zechs do that, even though he knew he was immaculately clean. He always saw to that carefully before bed.

//Why bother with all that extra washing, if you didn't secretly want this, all along?//

//I don't know. Just in case?//

Zechs smiled up at him, those piercing blue eyes filled with a mix of amusement and lust that made it very hard not to just turn around and stick his cock in that amazing mouth. But Zechs was in charge, and Zechs was waiting.

"I-- I--"

"Do you want me to stop?" Zechs repeated, his voice taking on that edge of command again that made that newly awakened part of Wufei's mind want to bend over and grab his ankles. That part of him had surfaced a few nights ago and vied mightily with all of Wufei's ingrained fears and prejudices at moments such as these.

When Wufei still couldn't formulate an answer Zechs shrugged and sat back on his heels. Wufei heard the shiny black boots creak as he moved. He smelled leather and polish. Cut off from Zechs's touch, Wufei blurted out, "No, please. Don't stop!" What the hell, whatever "rim" meant, Zechs had already promised not to penetrate him and that should be reassurance enough, right?

Zechs smiled and stroked his ass, tracing the edges of the stockings with tickling fingertips. Wufei pressed his face to his forearm again, giving himself up to whatever his lover thought best for him.

The acknowledgment of his own surrender always hit him like the first few puffs on an opium pipe. It was the next best thing to actual orgasm. God, he really was a bottom! Zechs was kissing him again, and biting him, too, sometimes almost to the edge of pain, but so good! Zechs worked across both cheeks, and then nibbled along the very sensitive edges of his cleft. Then Wufei felt him pull the thong aside again, and that tongue was back, lapping between his cheeks, filling his whole body with swirling fire, fraught with brighter sparks as the tickling tip found his balls and then moved up to--To--

"Oh god! Oh godogodogodo--GOD!" Zechs was tonguing his asshole, and it felt unbelievably GOOD! It was such a bizarre thing to do, but Zechs had obviously done it before and liked it. He was humming happily to himself as he circled the edges that secret pucker with the tip of his tongue, then probed gently at the center. He couldn't mean to--- NO, it wasn't possible! But yes, oh yes! He was pushing at the opening, slipping just slightly inside and introducing Wufei to just how incredibly sensitive that small part of his anatomy could be under the right conditions. Wufei arched back, clawing at the wall. "Oh, god, Zechs! How can I not come if you do that?"

"Don't. Come." The vibration of lips and breath against his ass was a cruel contradiction to the order.

Panting, Wufei tried to fix his thoughts elsewhere, picturing mundane things, but it was impossible. His entire being was on fire with arousal and the core of it was wherever Zechs's mouth moved on him. Zechs's hands were busy, too, slowly stroking his thighs: up the inside, down the outside, up the inside--a brush of fingertips across the satin-encased bulge of his scrotum, down the outside, with a flick at the lacy straps of the thong, and up again----

"Zechs, please! I can't--!" His knees were about to give out.

Zechs stood abruptly and scooped him up into his arms. He carried him to the bed and placed him on his hands and knees, facing the far edge of the bed. Standing behind him, he slowly pulled the thong down to Wufei's knees, leaving him completely exposed to view. That mouth came back, and that tongue explored him mercilessly. Teeth gently nipped at the back of his balls, fingers found the shaft of his cock and tested its length and hardness, and that tongue! It tickled up and down between his cheeks, and then began that soft circling and probing that had driven him to distraction before. Wufei clutched a pillow under his face, then bit it, fighting back the unbelievable waves of pleasure rocking his entire body. He was dizzy with it, delirious, and shaking all over. Just when he thought he couldn't last another moment, Zechs stopped.

"Turn around, Wufei."

It took every shred of coordination he had left, but he managed it, rock hard erection jutting ridiculously out under the twinkling layers of the apron. The mesh was stiff and a little scratchy against his fevered flesh. Zechs stood there by the bed, looking like a wicked angel come to torment him in the candlelight. His bare chest shone like gold under the open coat and his hair and boots glistened. Wufei fell to his knees in front of him and threw his arms around those slim hips, rubbing his face against the erection straining through those tight white trousers. "I want to suck you!"

Zechs gave him a loving fallen angel smile. "You may, my lovely one. Unbutton my trousers.

Wufei did so with shaking fingers, lowering that wide flap to reveal his smooth hard belly and the object of his desire, standing up proudly from a patch of neatly trimmed patch of platinum curls. Zechs's cock curved like a saber, longer and thicker than Wufei's, and uncut. He didn't mind the differences. His own was not small and Zechs seemed perfectly satisfied with it. Wufei was always thrilled at the feel of something so very different than his own in his hands or mouth. He kissed the satiny foreskin and watched with growing pleasure as the red tip of the penis emerged, already oozing clear fluid.

And those balls! Round and hot and heavy in their silken sac, he rolled them in his hand, then mouthed and kissed them, loving the way Zechs felt and smelled, and the way Wufei could make his tormenter gasp and catch his breath. He nuzzled his balls a bit longer, then licked up the shaft and pulled back the foreskin all the way to catch the first taste of slick fluids oozing from the purple head. It was as big as a plum, that head, and he stretched his lips willingly to encompass it. Palming the balls with one hand, he used his other to guide the shaft deeper in his mouth. There was no question of taking it all in; it was simply too long, but he did his best, extending his tongue to lick at the base while the head pressed against the back of his throat. He was still learning how to do this without gagging. It was so embarrassing when that happened! But Zechs was patient and responsive, and he claimed Wufei's was the sweetest, most erotic mouth he'd ever fucked. Wufei wanted to believe that and be worthy of the praise. He loved giving head, as Zechs called it, and made a point of practicing every chance he got.

Zechs tasted as good as ever tonight; a little bitter, a lot salt, and something else quite indefinable. It was his own unique flavor and Wufei didn't think he'd ever get enough of it. He licked and sucked and now Zechs was the one moaning toward release. That husky low voice and the way those hips were rocking against his face made Wufei harder still. He knew the signs. Any moment now Zechs would grab Wufei's head and hold it between those firm, big hands while he thrust in and out between his lips. It was always a wild ride, but a good one, even if it sometimes left his throat raw afterwards. He hadn't mastered the art of deep throating yet, but he meant to, and soon! Almost without thinking, he dropped his hand from Zechs's balls to his boot, stroking the smooth column of cool polished leather as he mouthed the hard column of hot flesh. It was a striking combination of tactile sensations and his own cock throbbed appreciatively. Keeping his mouth where it was, he reached up with his other hand and pushed the jacket aside to expose one hard nipple. Zechs's nipples were the same pale pink as his lips. Sometimes during the day he would stare at Zechs's mouth, aroused by that knowledge. They were just as sensitive as his own, too. Wufei took the little nub between thumb and forefinger and gently rolled it. Zechs's cock leaped in his mouth and Zechs groaned aloud.

"Oh, mei, you are inspired tonight!"

Wufei hummed low in his throat and Zechs's hips moved faster.

He did take Wufei's head in his hands, but his motions were gentler tonight. He kept up a steady rhythm, breath increasingly labored, and Wufei felt those long legs shaking. He decided to try a trick Zechs had used on him. Swirling his tongue up and down the shaft, he slid his hand slowly up Zechs's calf, up his long, lean thigh, to cup one flexing ass cheek. He gripped it, kneaded it, and dug his fingers in as he pulled Zechs deeper into his mouth. hands clenched almost painfully in his hair as Zechs spasmed against him, shouting hoarsely as he came. Thick, hot ejaculate filled Wufei's mouth and throat, and ran down his chin. He swallowed greedily, whimpering and groaning in his ecstasy, knowing it would prolong his lover's pleasure, too.

"Ah, Wufei! Oh god! Oh fuck!" Zechs rasped, still thrusting. "Ah! My love! My beautiful---! Wufei! Wufei! Oh, god, how I love you!"

Wufei swallowed hard, licking him clean as best he could before Zechs collapsed to his knees and pulled him into a crushing embrace. Wufei wrapped his arms around him under the coat, his face pressed into the curve of his neck, his aching cock hard against Zechs's trembling thigh. "I love you! Was that good?"

"Oh god!" Zechs laughed shakily. "Unbelievable! So---Amazing! You are an unceasing wonder, my little china doll."

Wufei colored happily. That was a new one, but perhaps fitting, considering his current state of dress. They stayed like that for a few moments, then Zechs rose and drew him back onto the bed. He pulled the apron ties loose and cast it aside, leaving Wufei in the stockings, bra and gloves. Laying him back, he stretched out beside him and began scattering fevered kisses over his chest, belly, and the tops of his thighs. His long hair brushed over Wufei's erection and he gasped as all his attention refocused there. "Oh god, Zechs, please. I need to come! Please let me come!"

Zechs kissed his throat, then his mouth, deeply. "You've earned it, my love. I want to take you to the heights you just showed me. I think we've determined that your bottom is very sensitive tonight?"

Wufei shivered as anticipation mixed with fear again. "Y--yes."

"Don't worry. I know you're not ready to have my cock there. Not yet. But I want to show you something that will help you prepare for that day. I'm going to use a finger in you, and I'm going to find out how sensitive your prostate is. Don't be afraid, my darling. It may feel a little odd at first, but I promise you, the pleasure far outweighs any initial discomfort. Do you submit?"

Wufei closed his eyes and turned his face away. It was up to him to say yes or no, and no was very tempting. It was a form of penetration, after all. But his body was still humming from what Zechs had already done to him, and he could tell his lover wanted very badly to progress to this new stage in their physical relations. Still not looking at Zechs, he gave one small, quick nod. The die was cast. He prayed it wouldn't hurt too much, and if it did, that he could bear it with dignity.

Zechs chuckled softly and kissed him again. "Don't be afraid, mei. We'll take this slowly."

Zechs was still dressed as he had been, his semi-hard cock exposed now over the hanging flap of his trousers. Wufei made himself concentrate on that as he watched Zechs reach into the nightstand drawer and take out a thin latex glove and a bottle of lubricant.

"I know you're clean," Zechs said, holding up the glove. "This is very smooth, and with the lube, it will make it easier for you to accept my fingers."

"Fingers! I thought you said one!" Wufei squeaked. God, he actually squeaked. He pressed his hands over his face, mortified.

Zechs kissed his hipbones and ran his tongue lightly up Wufei's cock, making it jump. "I'll start with one and we'll see how you feel. I'll stop any time you tell me."

Wufei listened to the snap of latex against skin, and the sound of the lube being opened and applied. He couldn't watch, but Zechs didn't require that. He never did. The only thing he would not allow was for Wufei to muffle his own cries.

He felt Zechs shift beside him, then a warm hand slipped under his right leg, raising it up and to the side to rest over Zechs's shoulder. His left leg was nudged out, leaving him spread wide with Zechs reclining between his legs. That long pale hair fell across his inner thigh, tickling and inflaming him. His cock jumped again as hot lips and tongue caressed his balls, then a hand lifted them, cradled them as Zechs bent to rim him again.

Fear retreated in the face of that erotic assault. How can this be? Wufei wondered again as he felt himself float up on pure pleasure. How could Zechs know such things about him, things that he had never even suspected in himself? He was probing with that tongue now, pressing at Wufei's tight opening, tickling and slicking it with his spit, preparing it for what must surely be about to happen.

Zechs was clever. He kept his tongue there as he brought one slicked fingertip into play and for a moment Wufei could not tell which was which. Then the pressure on his anus increased and he felt that cool, latex sheathed finger breach some outer ring of muscle. It burned a little, hurt just a bit.

Zechs licked his way up Wufei's erection, distracting him from the discomfort. "Breath with your mouth open, my love, and relax."

Wufei did his best to comply, and gasped again as Zechs took his cock in his mouth and sucked hard at the same moment he pressed that finger deeper.

"AHHH!" Wufei bucked, and his thighs tried instinctively to close, but Zechs had him spread helplessly, a shoulder under his upraised leg, the weight of the other on his thigh. Somehow, that turned him on even more, rather than the opposite. He fell back, spread a little wider for his lover, and pressed both hands over his face again as he felt that finger begin a gentle in and out thrusting, in time to Zechs's mouth on his cock. In and out. Up and down. Thrust and suck. And with each thrust, he probled a little deep with that long finger, past the initial tightness to sensitive depths beyond.

Wufei realized he was moaning steadily now, and rather loudly. He couldn't help it. It took away the last of his lingering fears and seemed to melt away the tension in his body. It felt good to moan, to arch, to sigh. God, he began to understand why Winner and the others were so loud during sex. His cheeks burned, but the thought excited him. Then it struck him that this was almost exactly what he'd caught Maxwell doing to Yuy that day in Madrid. That long-suppressed image flashed back in his mind's eye but this time he recognized the powerful emotions surrounding it, the ones he'd worked so hard to repress for so long. Lust. Arousal. Pure, unadulterated need. When he'd admitted to Yuy later that he was a little jealous, he hadn't been able to admit to himself how deep the envy ran. But no more. Now he had it and knew he wanted it!

Zechs was humming now and moving his finger inside Wufei. It was almost as if he was looking for--- Ah god! His prostate! There it was!

"Oh! Ah. AH! Zechs!"

It was almost too intense, but Zechs was moving slowly, almost lazily on him and in him and there was no question of stopping now. Wufei had felt his flesh consumed by desire before, and thought it could not be more intense. He'd been wrong, so wrong! No wonder Zechs had been so insistent. This was phenomenally good!

Zechs kept him vibrating at a fever pitch, then withdrew his finger, relubed it and a second, and worked them back in. Wufei was past making any objections now. He spread his legs, marveling at how it felt to rub them against Zechs covered in thin black silk. His entire body felt like a little boat being tossed on a stormy sea of sensation. He was lost, adrift, and so very aroused. He was past wanting or needing. He could only feel and accept. It was like opium, but he wasn't alone. Zechs, his handsome, domineering, careful lover, was there, taking such good care of him, taking care of everything . . .

That hot mouth left his cock just long enough for Zechs to tell him in that hoarse, rough, sexy growl, "I am going to let you come now, little Chang."

The mouth slid back down his shaft, and that rough wet tongue swirled over it, finding every sensitized nerve ending. Meanwhile, three fingers stretched inside him, probing and flexing, going deeper and deeper until they found that magical little part of him that suddenly became the detonator of a shattering, endless orgasm.

He screamed. There was no other word for it. The cry tore out of his chest, scraped his throat raw, stretched his jaws. And he didn't care. He screamed again as the white-hot pleasure engulfed him like the mouth still sucking his spurting cock. The cries went on, and he gradually became aware that it was Zechs's name he was gasping out now, over and over, claiming the man and surrendering to him all in the same frantic breath.

It felt like it went on forever, and when the last of the shock waves receded he was left still floating in a hot golden haze, only half aware of his surroundings. Helpless to move he felt Zechs move away, then return naked to gather Wufei into his arms.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he whispered, covering Wufei's face with musky kisses. "You are the most amazing lover I have ever had, my darling. I want to make love to you forever!"

"Forever!" Wufei echoed faintly. "Yes, forever." He managed to get his eyes open and looked up at Zechs, his lover, his teacher. Three fingers. He looked at Zechs's hand resting on his chest. Three of those fingers. Perhaps as thick as a cock when combined, but the cock was longer. What would that feel like--? "Love you forever."

Zechs kissed him again, lips trembling slightly against Wufei's. "I have never been this happy in my life, little Chang. Not just the sex, but being with you, learning all the complexities of you. Say you'll never leave me."

"Never leave you. Promise." Wufei somehow found the strength to sit up. Reaching awkwardly behind himself, he unhooked the bra and let it fall away. Then he took off the stockings and threw them aside too. With Zechs watching, he slowly drew off one glove, and then the other, and presented them to his lover. He was naked at last before him, in every possible sense of the word.

Zechs took the gloves, kissed them, and tossed them to the end of the bed. Then he drew Wufei down and pulled the covers over them, leaving the candles to burn down on their own. Tangling naked limbs together, they went to sleep to the beat of each other's heart.

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