Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 65
Juxtapositions Pt. 2

Wufei did his best to ignore the others grinning up at him as he led Zechs upstairs and into their room. He'd had just enough champagne to keep a hold on Zechs's hand until they were safe behind a closed door. Then he set the books aside on a chair, rose up on his toes a bit and kissed his lover.

Zechs returned the kiss hungrily, stroking his hair with one hand as the other wandered down to cup Wufei's backside. "You like your presents, I take it?"

"Yes, but that's not why I'm kissing you," he said against Zechs's lips, then found his lover's tongue with his own, sharing the slick, champagne-tinged glide of wet flesh on flesh. Then he kissed his way down the slight roughness of Zechs's cheek and chin to the smooth throat. "And the Porsche really is too much."

Zechs let out a raspy chuckle. "It's only a car."

Wufei sucked at an ear lobe. "A very expensive one!"

"So I'm a spoiled, rich noble. It didn't occur to me to give you anything less. Are you angry with me, mei?"

Wufei sighed and rested his head against Zechs's shoulder. "No, but I should be. You don't need to keep giving me such lavish presents, you know."

"Of course not. That's why I enjoy doing it so much." Zechs leaned back to give him a fond look. "I have another for you, one I hope pleases you more. Two, actually, but one isn't from me."

"Later," Wufei murmured, kissing him again.

"No, I want to do this first. Then I'm yours." He released Wufei and went to his suitcase. Reaching into an inner pocket he took out a very small gift wrapped box and a long blue envelope. He gave him the envelope first. "These are somewhat unrelated. This one is not from me. It turned up among my papers that had accumulated during the time I was incapacitated after the war. Relena had overlooked it, and I only learned of it a few weeks ago myself."

Curious, Wufei opened it and found a long complicated letter from some lawyer he'd never heard of, dated two years earlier, and what appeared to be a portion of Treize Kushrenada's will.

Zechs directed him to the paragraph at bottom of the page which read, "I hereby also bequeath a sum of two million dollars to my beloved friend Milliardo Peacecraft, known to me as Zechs Merquise.

I also hereby place in trust the sum of two million dollars, to be divided between the Gundam pilots known as Chang Wufei and Heero Yuy, 05 and 01 respectively, should they still be living at the time of my death, and not convicted of crimes against humanity. These funds are to be held in trust for them until they reach the age of eighteen, and forthwith made available to them to live as they see fit, with my blessing. Should one predecease the other, then the survivor shall be the recipient of the entire amount.

Be it known that although we fought on opposite sides, I considered these three the finest warriors I have ever known. Would that we had met in kinder, more civilized times. I pray they will work for peace and find more success than I did."

Wufei read it again, unable to believe what he was seeing. All he had left after L-5 was destroyed was his modest war pension and some savings from Preventers. The tumult of the last few months had kept him from looking to the future, but the gifts from Zechs had raised some very real fears. He didn't want to be beholden to anyone, or to be anyone's kept boy, no matter how generous Zechs was. This changed everything. He might not be as wealthy as Zechs, but his independence was assured.

"But--but how can I accept this?"

"Look at the date, love. This was drawn up after I left for White Fang, but Treize still named me as executor for this part of his will, and left me provided for. I don't need the money and have already donated it to the Peacecraft Trust. But you must keep yours. He wanted to help you, and you should honor his gift. I'll say the same to Heero tomorrow when I give him his copy."

Tears blurred Wufei's eyes and Zechs gathered him in again and held him close. "You gave him the death he desired, my love. Trust me, he would thank you for it if he could. You are a warrior, Wufei, and I believe you understand that."

"Yes," Wufei whispered, letting Zechs lead him to the armchair and draw him down into his lap. He was still tormented by Treize's death, it was true, but there was more than sorrow behind his tears. Even now, he could not admit out loud what it meant to learn that Treize had considered him the equal of Zechs and Heero. He didn't feel much like a warrior at the moment, though, sheltered in Zechs's strong arms. He drew in a shaky breath. "So, I'm rich now, too?"

Zechs chuckled, a comforting raspy rumble under Wufei's ear. "Yes, you are a man of means. And you don't have to keep the car if you don't want it. I'll understand."

Wufei thought about that for a moment, then sat up and shook his head. No matter what Zechs said, Wufei knew he'd be hurt if he refused it. And it would be very rude to refuse such a generous gift. "I can't wait to get home and drive it." He felt Zechs relax a little and knew he'd done the right thing.

"Home," Zechs murmured, touching his cheek.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Zechs took Wufei's face in his hands and kissed him. "Nothing. Nothing at all." He held up the small box. "This is from me, and it comes with a story. Open it, please."

It was a jeweler's ring box, and inside, cushioned in red velvet, was a golden ring beautifully engraved with a Chinese dragon. A small ruby had been set in its upraised claw. "It's beautiful!" Wufei gasped. "I was born in a dragon year."

"I know, my love. I did a bit of research. That makes the ruby your lucky stone. But look inside the band."

There, in tiny precise script, was the inscription "To my Wufei, lovelier than Long Yang, joyful as nine springtimes. Love, your Zechs."

"Oh!" He recognized the reference to the poem Zechs had found for him. More tears welled up, and Wufei fumbled the ring as he tried to put it on his ring finger. It was too big.

Zechs rescued it before it could roll away. "You are lovelier than that fabled beauty, Chang Wufei, and I will fill your life with such joy, if you let me. You have already given that to me." He took Wufei's left hand and slipped the ring on his forefinger, where it fit perfectly. "It goes on this finger, with no expectations or strings. It is a pledge of love and admiration, not a commitment." He kissed the back of Wufei's left ring finger. "This one we will save for later. All I ask is that you remember the great love I have for you when you look at it."

"I will, Zechs. Thank you. I'll wear it always." He was surprised to see a hint of sadness in Zech's smile again. He kissed him deeply. "What is it? Are you still afraid I'll leave you?"

"No. Truly I'm not, mei. But I told you it comes with a story, and here it is." He touched the jade lotus at Wufei's throat. "Treize gave me that when I was younger than you. I wanted so badly for it to mean something more than it did, and at that moment, so did he. But he couldn't be my lover, as much as we loved each other. When that became clear I put this away in a box. I couldn't part with it, but I couldn't wear it or even look at it, either. Then I met you. I admit I was feeling rather cynical when I gave it to you, but when I saw it around your neck that night, old feelings came back to me and I knew I was beginning to fall in love again, for the first time since Treize broke my heart."

"But you had lots of lovers. You said so yourself."

"Yes, and I loved some of them a little, too, but not the way I loved him, or you. And you've already given me so much more than he ever could, Wufei."

The naked honesty in Zechs blue eyes, and the strength of love behind those words filled Wufei with something so beautiful and strong it was bordered on pain. He unclasped the leather thong of the necklace and took it off. "I'll keep this always, because you gave it to me. It means so much to me. But this," he held up the hand with the ring. "This is all I want now. I love you, Zechs. And it's not about the money or gifts or even the sex, though that is something I love very much. You see every part of me, show me parts of myself I could not accept, and show me how to love them. If I can give you even a little of that back, I will."

"You did, my love, when you spoke of Sanque as home a moment ago."

"You gave me a home, when you told me to come back to you. I didn't want to be anywhere else. I sat in this room alone, without you, and I was so miserable! I can't even tell you how much. I know that tonight you'll make love to me like one of those blossom boys in the poem, but tomorrow we'll meet on the practice mat as fellow warriors. I could ask for no more than that. You make me whole."

Love gave him the courage to stand up, to do what he most wanted to do right now. It would be a test of both of them, and what if Zechs didn't react the way he hoped? But he couldn't stop, wouldn't stop. He wanted so much to give this to Zechs tonight.

He kissed him again, pushed the leather blazer off Zechs shoulders, then fumbled at the hem of the linen shirt underneath, pulling it free from the waist of Zechs's dark slacks. This had all seemed like a very good idea back in the limo, but now he felt clumsy and ridiculous. Zechs's look of surprise didn't help, but he didn't laugh or tell him to stop. That was a good thing, because Wufei would have given up.

Instead, Zechs raised his arms, letting Wufei pull the shirt, still buttoned, off over his head. Wufei took a moment to comb that silver blond hair free to frame that handsome, bemused face. Gazing up into those intense eyes, he whispered unsteadily, "I meant what I said to you earlier, during that last act of the show. The way Trowa and Quatre looked together there-it is how I feel when I'm with you. Does that make any sense at all?"

"Perfect sense, mei. I felt the same."

Encouraged and immensely relieved, Wufei kissed his way down that smooth chest, flicking each nipple in turn with his tongue, relishing the faint tang of salt there and the way the pink rounds of flesh hardened under his tongue. Zechs let his head fall back, and let out a long, soft "ah!" of pleasure. So far, so good. This was the first time Wufei had ever taken the initiative before lovemaking and Zechs didn't seem to mind. He had proven to be a dominant lover, a true top, but Wufei needed to know how far that went, what parameters were being set between them. On the practice floor there was no question; they were equals. But in the bedroom, Zechs had always led and Wufei had always yielded. He kissed Zechs over his heart. "I love you. You are beautiful."

Zechs rest his hands around Wufei's waist. "I love you too, little Chang, and this feels very good. What are you up to, eh?"

"I want to show you how much I love you."

"There's no need---"

"I want to. Please."

Zechs smiled and let his hands fall away. Wufei stepped back a little and went to work on Zechs's belt and the fly of his trousers. They were not as tight as his jeans; they fell away and pooled around his ankles. He'd worn no underwear, and his cock was already erect and ready, the glistening tip winking up at Wufei from the top of the satiny pink foreskin. He gave it a lick in passing as he knelt and helped Zechs out of his shoes. He'd worn no socks, either. Had he been planning something of his own? No doubt. Wufei was happy to take advantage of such foresight for his own ends tonight.

Zechs had remained fully clothed the first time he'd made love to Wufei. Now Wufei did the same, guiding the naked man gently back to lie on the bed. The covers had already been turned down; the sheets were dark blue satin. Zechs's doing, he wondered, or Quatre's? No matter. Zechs looked more beautiful than ever, lying against them, eyes half closed, lips parted in pleasure as Wufei knelt beside him and ran his hands lightly over that long, lean body. Zechs reached for him, but Wufei pressed his hands back to the bed beside him and Zechs let them fall again. The prosthesis makers had been great artists. Except for the metal locking ring around the left bicep, the left hand looked almost as natural as the right, even to the relaxed curl of the fingers.

Wufei shook his hair forward, letting it drift and tickle over Zechs's bare skin as he took up his kissing exploration again, starting at Zechs's heart and slowly trailing down to his navel for a quick dip of the tongue there, then on down to the waiting erection. Bracing himself on one arm, he used his other hand to stroke Zechs's thighs and roll his balls as he took the hard cock deep down his throat.

"Ah! Oh, Wufei!" Zechs gasped. He remained prone, but his hips undulated. "You're so good at that!"

Wufei hummed happily and pinned those hips more firmly, holding Zechs still, and increased the pace of his lips up and down the shaft, increased the suction and the swirling sweep of his tongue. He raised his head until only the thick round head was between his lips and looked up to find Zechs's eyes closed. His mouth was open wide with pleasure, his cheeks and chest flushed, and all that pale hair tumbled wild over the dark pillow.

Ethereal was not the right word; Zechs was far too virile, even like this, for such a word. All the coiled potential and power glowed in him, and Wufei felt a thrill of erotic pleasure at the thought that he allowed Wufei to tame him like this so willingly. It told him what he needed to know.

"Keep your eyes closed," he whispered.

Smiling, Zechs squeezed his lids shut tight and asked no questions.

Wufei's hand shook a bit as he pulled his duffle into the bathroom and hastily changed clothes. He should have made better preparations while Zechs was in the shower earlier, but he'd been too nervous, too uncertain. No matter. He washed himself carefully, dabbed on a little of the cologne he'd purchased for the occasion, and put on the flowered blue silk kimono Zechs had given him that first night they'd made love. Gathering up the expensive beeswax pillars he'd bought under one arm, he pocketed his matches and the small bottle of lubricant. If he managed not to lose his nerve, this was to be another night of firsts.


Heero had sipped his wine slowly during the limo ride, hoping the others wouldn't notice how little he drank. They'd all had much more, and despite some playful pawing on the way upstairs, none of them were in any shape for sex by the time they got home, least of all Duo.

With no show to do tomorrow, Trowa and Quatre had let themselves go, topping off the night's drinking with a few rounds of absinthe. Soused to the gills, they'd stripped naked and climbed into bed, but fallen asleep in each other's arms as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Duo had cheerfully done the same, his head on Heero's chest, bare backside snuggled against Quatre's. Under different circumstances, he might have found the situation more than a little bit of a turn on, but not tonight. Tonight had purposefully kept to the outside edge of the bed. Before long Duo was sound asleep, too, and Heero was able to free himself and steal out without waking any of them.

Two more of the obscene photos had arrived, one yesterday-more of the same, and one today. He'd made certain he was there alone to get the mail when it came, but today Quatre had happened by at just the wrong moment and he'd had to hide the new one unopened in a kitchen cupboard. It had nagged at him all day, and he knew he'd never get to sleep until he saw what this one held.

Going down the inside passage rather than through the garden, he passed Wufei's room. They were still awake there. Light showed under the door and he heard the low murmur of voices inside. Wound up as he was in his own troubles, he couldn't help smiling. Wufei was so different than any of the rest of them in love, so reserved and seemingly fragile, but then, he'd always been different. What Heero had told Duo was true, though. He really did think the two of them were happy together, and if he'd held any lingering resentment against Zechs, it had been banished by the look of quiet, wondering joy he'd seen on the man's face when Wufei took his hand again in the limousine. Heero understood what it took for someone like Wufei to make such a gesture in front of the rest of them, and so did Zechs. Under that solemn, reserved act of his, Wufei really was happy with Zechs.

The warm feeling drained away as Heero reached the kitchen and approached the cupboard near the back door. He felt a chill, recalling how Duo had looked after seeing those photos of him being raped. That was not a look he ever wanted to see one his lover's face again--- such pain and grief and rage. That, even more than the photos, had dredged up forgotten memories that polluted Heero's dreams and left him feeling soiled to his very soul.


Zechs gamely kept his eyes shut as he listened to the sounds of Wufei bumping around in the bathroom. Despite the wine he'd had, this new side of Wufei had him very excited, too excited to doze off without seeing what his little love had planned, now that he'd decided to take the initiative.

Presently he heard the bathroom door open, the whisper of bare feet across the carpet, and the scratch of a match. He smelled sulphur and wax, then warm breath bathed his face. "Open your eyes now," whispered Wufei.

The lights were off, but four large candles gave off more than enough light for him to admire the sight of Wufei standing by the bed in the silk kimono. He hadn't belted it and it hung open. He was naked underneath, and his hair hung loose over his shoulders. He'd outlined his eyes with kohl again, too.

Dark blue silk rippled in the candlelight as he knelt on the bed beside Zechs and began a slow massage. Zechs rumbled happily deep in his chest as warm, slightly rough hands kneaded his arms and legs and molded the muscles of his chest. Wufei's eyes were half closed, his face still and intent.

"My beautiful blossom boy," Zechs whispered as those fingers traced his face. He caught a finger that strayed across his lips and sucked it. Wufei smiled, then traced the wet tip down Zechs's chest and circled his erect nipples. Zechs purred again, then gasped as Wufei tweaked the sensitive nubs. Wufei smiled and did it again, then bent quickly and captured Zechs's weeping erection in his mouth again, and Zechs was engulfed body and soul in a wave of exquisite pleasure. Wufei licked. He sucked. He swirled the clever tongue in maddeningly erotic patterns, then shifted slightly and deep throated him. Zechs fought down the urge to buck up into that amazing, hot wet mouth, so as not to choke him. There was no question that Wufei enjoyed this and he let himself go now, moaning softly and humming deep in his throat as he took Zechs down again and again.

Zechs stayed relaxed, riding the waves of pleasure, keeping himself just detached enough not to reach climax too quickly. "Oh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh, mei, bring your cock up here where I can suck it!"

To his surprise, Wufei released his cock and sat back. Without a word, he climbed up to straddle Zechs's hips, his smooth, hairless balls a heavy caress against the base of Zechs shaft and balls. Zechs watched in growing surprise as he produced the kimono belt from one hanging sleeve and gestured for Zechs to hold up his hands. This was different! Zechs held up his crossed wrists and allowed Wufei to bind them, then draw them over Zech's head and secure them loosely to the headboard.

"You are adventurous tonight!"

"It's my birthday. As Maxwell observed, I'm old enought for anything now."


A stray strand of hair tickled Duo's nose and he rubbed at it, then reached out for Heero. His lover wasn't there.

Opening his eyes, Duo looked blearily around for him. There was no light from the bathroom or the spare bedroom. Duo was still pretty drunk but not so far gone that concern didn't swim up through the fumes. Heero had never left the bedroom in the middle of the night before. Duo slipped out of bed and pulled on his discarded jeans. Heero had kept up a brave front about the letters and photos, but maybe things had caught up with him. His suspicions were confirmed when he stepped out on the to balcony and saw a light on in the kitchen across the way. He noted in passing that light was still showing through a gap in the curtains of Wufei's room, too. Not his concern, he told himself, feeling more sober by the moment as he hurried down the stairs and across the garden.


Quatre tossed restlessly, sleepily aware of the lack of warmth against his back. He turned over, and snuggled closer to Trowa.


Trowa muttered and rubbed at his nose.


"Wufei?" A hint of unease crept in through Zechs's arousal as the boy produced a small bottle of lubricant from his other sleeve. Wufei blushed and averted his eyes from Zechs's as he dribbled some of the slippery liquid over Zechs's erection and smoothed it over the burning skin. With past lovers Zechs would have been in danger of coming just from that and the light bondage, but instead he let out a small sound of alarm as Wufei shifted his straddled stance, spreading his legs wider on either side of Zechs's hips, and took hold of Zechs's erection, guiding the tip to his tight entrance.


Heero's hand trembled over the torn envelope and the hateful contents spilled out-- a folded sheet, scrawled wtih black block letters: "We know where you are. We can get you anytime, you murdering bastard!" The Japanese postmark, and another picture, his younger, sicker self being sodomized in ass and mouth. The same men, he thought, fighting down the despair and nausea the picture brought on. The faces were out of frame, but he recognized the bodies well enough by now. Some detached, dispassionate part of his mind noted that they not wearing the same clothes as they had in the other pictures, and that the scene had changed from the alleyway to what looked like an abandoned warehouse. How long had they kept him, hurt him? Used him like a whore.

That German tabloid reporters question came back to him, twisting his gut. // Mr. Yuy, what say you to reports that over the past two years you have sometimes supported yourself as a common street prostitute? //

Was it true? Could it be true? Heero's fingers knotted in his hair as he leaned his head in his hands and stared down at that damning picture.


Duo found him in the kitchen, sitting at the table hunched over what was obviously another of the fucking hate mails from hell. Well, from Japan, but same difference. Heero had his head in his hands and he was crying. Crying! It was soft and choked and tortured. The sound of it made Duo's finger itch for a trigger and someone to shoot. He'd start with the knees and work up, real slow.

Duo knew better than to just go over and grab it away from him. "Heero? Baby? I'm here." Heero started and, safely acknowledged, Duo strode over and hugged him, pulling Heero's head to rest against his belly. Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist and pressed his tear-streaked face against his bare skin.

"I don't--"

"What, baby? You don't what?" Over Heero's shoulder Duo saw the latest picture and his stomach did a slow flip.

"I can't remember everything, but some of it--- God, it hurt. I was so scared and I was too sick and weak to make them stop. What if-What if Meir was right?"

"He wasn't, Heero." Hardening his heart a little, he picked up the picture and held it where Heero could see. "Does that look like consensual sex to you? Look at your face, Heero. I'm sorry, but you need to know. That wasn't sex for money or food or anything else. They were hurting you, and they're trying to hurt you now." He paused, trying to get control of his mounting rage. He crumpled the horrid picture and flung it away, then stroked Heero's disheveled hair. "I won't let them do that again, Heero. We're going to find them and we're going to make them stop." Preferably with a bullet between the eyes, he silently vowed.

Heero sat back and wiped his face on his arm. He looked so lost, but anger was creeping in. For a moment Duo thought Heero was going to say something stupid, like "it's my problem and I'll fix it myself." But he didn't. He just reached out for Duo's hand and pulled him into his lap and held him tight, face pressed to Duo's bare chest as more tears leaked out.


Quatre woke with a stabbing pain in his chest. One look at the empty half of the bed told him all he needed to know. Not bothering with clothes, he slid out of bed and hurried out to find the others. Heero was in trouble.

He found him in the kitchen, holding Duo on his lap. Another of the hateful letters had arrived. There was no picture in sight, mercifully enough, but Heero was pale, his eyes red from crying, and Duo looked ready to kill someone. They both looked up at him as he appeared in the doorway and both held out a hand to him. He went to them and wrapped his arms around them both. "It's going to be all right. We'll find them and make them pay." His own rage surprised them all.


Too tight. Wufei was too small, too untried. Zechs had only stretched him once before, and that was two days ago. Wufei was shivering as he straddled Zechs cock, but his downcast eyes and pursed lips spoke more of fear, not arousal. "Wufei wait, you're not ready!" Zechs pleaded, pulling at the silken bonds.

"I want to give you this," Wufei whispered stubbornly, pressing the slicked head against his entrance. "I want this, and I want to give you what all those others gave you." He pressed back, still holding Zechs's cock up straight, and Zechs felt the tight resistance of that untried ring of muscle at the opening.

"Mei, please wait. Let me--"

Wufei pressed back harder and the ring gave a little as the tip of the head forced its way inside. He froze with a hiss of pain. The muscles in his jaw and throat flexed as he gritted his teeth against the pain. "I--I'm all right. Please, Zechs, just let me."

Zechs yanked at the silk bindings. "Wufei, no, this isn't the way!" It wasn't; it was all wrong and Wufei didn't understand the kind of preparations that had to be done first. But he wasn't listening.

"Give you this!" He pushed back harder and the head of Zechs's cock popped through, gripped hard by tense, unlubricated inner flesh. Wufei pushed again, too hard, then let out a sharp cry of pain. Zechs felt something warm drip down his shaft and yanked harder at his bonds, heard wood crack above his head.


Trowa sat bolt upright in bed, brought out of a dead sleep by the sound of a loud crack //gunfire!!!!// somewhere nearby. Instinct outran half-awake mind.


Room dark.

Quatre missing.

Then he heard the sharp cry of pain.


Downstairs, Duo both heard the cry and recognized the voice, though he'd only heard Wufei cry out like that once or twice before. "Fuck, I knew it!" he snarled as every good thought he'd had about Zechs Merquise evaporated.

All three of them ran for the door. They were halfway across the garden when they heard the crash of a door being kicked in overhead.


The pain was worse than Wufei ever imagined. It only got worse as he panicked and pitched forward to pull off that huge cock. At the same moment Zechs broke free and lurched up. His forehead caught Wufei hard in the nose and the door behind them exploded.

Even through their pain and shock, both of them recognized the evil snick of a pistol safety being released.


Heero bolted up the outside stair to find Trowa standing naked in the open doorway of the guestroom, training a pistol one someone inside. The door hung broken from one hinge. Trowa's green eyes were wide and confused, and his gun arm trembled but his finger was curled around the trigger. Looking past him, he found Wufei standing by the bed, also naked except for a blue kimono slipping off one shoulder, with a gun trained on Trowa. Shock, anger, and embarrassment were clear on his pale face, but there was blood running from his nose and tears on his cheeks. Zechs was on his knees on the floor just behind him, completely naked except for the blood on his face, also armed and also aiming at Trowa.

"Trowa," Quatre said calmly but firmly, pushing past Heero and going to his lover. "It's all right, querido. You flashed, but you're ok. We're all here with you. It's all right." He glanced into the room, then closed his hand gently over Trowa's gun hand, making him lower it. Wufei lowered his weapon slowly, but made no move to stand down.

"Quatre?" Trowa blinked, then let his lover take the gun.

Heero and Duo approached cautiously. Quatre had an arm around Trowa now, murmuring softly to him as he handed the gun off to Heero.

Heero took it and looked past them again. "05?"

"All clear," Wufei growled. Zechs stood up beside him and eased the safety on his weapon. It was clear what had been going on, but neither of them was erect, Heero couldn't stop himself from noting. Fuck, even limp Zechs was huge! He felt himself color as he made himself look away. Then he saw the trickle of blood running down the inside of Wufei's left thigh.

And the stinking, garbage-strewn pavement of that long ago alley was rushing up to meet him as he fainted.

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