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Broken Warriors + Chapter 68
Fox in the Hen House

Once the six of them got started on the mission in question, it came together quickly. Hardly surprising, Heero supposed, given the talent and training he had sitting with him around the dining room table that morning.

Wufei had already contacted Sally and couriered her all the envelops the pictures had arrived in, as well as the scrapbook page, but without the rape photos. Everyone agreed that those should be kept secret for now. Wufei told Sally only what she absolutely needed to know; that Heero had received threats and that they needed to know from whom.

"Spec analysis, fingerprints, radiant imaging, and whatever else you can con out of the lab without telling them anything," Wufei said, then smiled at something she said. Heero was glad that friendship had survived everything Wufei had been through. He had few enough friends as it was.

Meanwhile, Heero and Duo tracked down the Weltbeobachter's online database and hacked it, but found nothing related to the rape story, although there was plenty on all of them, including Zechs. Duo broke into one especially heavily encrypted file, then let out a yelp of surprise. Heero glanced over at his screen and caught sight of a photo of a much younger Zechs Merquise naked on a bed, giving it up the ass to an older man wearing nothing but an Alliance officer's jacket. He looked like he was enjoying it.

Zechs and the others looked over, too, and Heero saw the tall blond grimace.

Duo hastily deleted the download. "Sorry. Didn't know what was in there."

Zechs shrugged. "Ah, yes. The great Victoria Military Academy scandal. That was a big story for Meir. He must have kept those for his own private enjoyment."

"I remember hearing about that, but I never heard that you were mixed up in it," said Trowa.

Zechs chuckled. "My Romefeller 'guardians' saw to it that my name and those particular photos were kept out of it." He glanced over at Wufei, who was scowling at the blank screen. "Ancient history. Don't give it a thought."

Duo tapped busily away at the keyboard for a moment, then let out an evil cackle. "Oops, silly me! Looks like I accidentally corrupted some files!"

"Thanks." Zechs tipped him a nod, but added, "Don't go committing any more crimes on my behalf. It's no secret I was no choirboy, then or now. Can you find anything on Meir's whereabouts?"

"I have his schedule here," Heero muttered. "He's out of town on some assignment until Thursday, but there's a contact number."

"Well, isn't that convenient!" Duo produced a lock pick out of thin air and twirled it in his fingers. "No one home if we just happen to drop by after hours."

"The nature of his business attracts that sort of thing. He doesn't keep anything important lying around to be found," said Zechs.

"That what your Romerfeller buddies found out?"

"Among others. No, I think a more direct approach might work better. Barton, how's your German?"

Trowa gave him a lazy, one-eyed grin. "Wenn's dir nichts ausmacht dass ich mich wie ein Landarbeiter und Soldat anhs"re, nicht gerade schlecht.* The guys who taught me weren't very educated."

"Perhaps your accent is better for our purposes. In any case, my voice is a little too distinctive these days."

"So what have you got in mind?" Duo asked.

"You're familiar with the concept of a honey trap, aren't you? All we need is some nice sweet, carefully leaked scandal for bait."

Quatre piped up at once. "'G-Boy Union Goes Sour!' They've been sniffing around for that one since Tro and I got married."

"Yeah, I can see the headline now!" Duo chimed in with a Shinigami grin. "'03 Caught with 02 in 69 by 04. You do the math!' Whaddya say, Tro baby? Wanna have a photo shoot with your favorite home wrecker? Get all nekkid and kinky?"

"Hey, how come he gets to have all the fun?" Quatre objected, looking less than thrilled with this adaptation of his plan.

Duo laughed and pulled Quatre into his lap. "Hey, we can do a gangbang orgy scene, Kat! Whatever you like. It's only going to be a couple of out-of-focus shots. And it's not like they'll get published or anything."

"One jpeg should be enough to get us in the door," Heero said. "I can attach a virus that will destroy it when we're done, just to be safe. I'll go get my camera."

In the end they decided to go with Duo's original suggestion, and Wufei and Zechs discretely excused themselves. Trowa and Duo rolled around together under the sheets in the big bed while Heero snapped pictures. With a little skillful doctoring, the results were suitably low quality, but titillating.

Trowa made the call and got Meir on the first try. Introducing himself as "Herr Schmidt", he spoke in a low, nasal voice, and even to Heero, who spoke no German at all, he sounded like a sleazy lowlife with cheap smut for sale. With a last impatient "Ja, ja!" he rang off and looked around at the others. "He wants to see a sample, then we'll talk. I told him I'd only deliver the rest in person."

"Excellent!" Zechs said, slapping him approvingly on the shoulder. "I see you deserve your reputation for undercover work."

Heero whipped up a suitable bogus email address, Trowa and Zechs wrote the message in gutter German, and they sent it off with a beer toast for luck.

"Now what?" said Quatre.

"Now we wait," replied Heero.


They ate a late lunch in the dining room and found themselves yawning over their gumbo.

"Man, that was a short night. Think I'm gonna grab a nap," Duo said, getting up and holding a hand out to Heero. "You, too, babe. You got less sleep than anyone."

By unspoken agreement, everyone else drifted off to their own rooms, leaving the evening open for now. A definite tension had settled down over the house, now that they'd set things in motion. No one really felt like going out.


Heero raised an eyebrow as Duo led him to a spare bedroom downstairs, instead of their beds upstairs. With the shutters closed against the gray winter rain, the room was cool and dim.

"Feels good to get started, going after those bastards, doesn't it?" Duo asked, stretching out on the bed with him and wrapping an arm around Heero's waist.


"Kinda felt like old times again, too, didn't it?"

"We didn't work together as a group all that often," Heero reminded him.

"No, but when we did we were unbeatable, right?"

"That's true." Of course then they'd had Gundams and a license to kill. He decided not to bring that up right now. He'd caught a manic gleam in Duo's eyes a few times that troubled him, even though he knew it was on his own behalf.

"So, did you and Trowa enjoy yourselves?" Heero inquired, changing the subject.

Duo snuggled closer and tightened his hold on Heero's waist. "I hope you noticed that I kept my hair braided. Didn't want my photographer getting any wrong ideas."

"You were pretty quick to set it up for you and 03, though, weren't you?" Heero teased. Duo was worried that he was jealous. "Why not: '04 Caught with Pants Down, on 01'?"

Duo snickered, tweaking Heero's nipple through his tee shirt. "Like anyone'd believe you'd leave me for Blondie!"

"Oh yeah? Why not?" Or maybe Duo was feeling jealous? Heero hadn't sensed any bad feelings when Duo had found him kissing Quatre this morning, but now he wondered if he'd only been covering. Or maybe it was just the tension of the mission. In any case, Duo clearly needed physical contact now.

"'Cause he's not a mermaid, and he can't do this." Duo pulled the tie from his braid and slowly unbound his hair. Pushing Heero's shirt up, he dragged the heavy tresses across Heero's bare skin.

"Hn! That's true," Heero gasped, arching under the sensual onslaught. Yes, physical contact was definitely called for. Heero had no objections, whatever the cause.

Duo was pulling his fly open now, and dragging that wonderful silky teasing fall of hair south. Grinning, he wrapped a handful around Heero's hardening erection and slowly worked his fist up and down on it.

God that felt good! He'd long since given up worrying about whether or not he had a hair fetish; screw that, he just knew what he liked! "Uh! Ooooh! Careful, little mermaid, I might cum in your hair." He could feel Duo's necklace brushing against his thigh through his jeans. That felt good too. Everything felt good!

Duo kept up the maddeningly slow caress, adding a few licks to the tip of his cock. "Y'know, I think I read somewhere that semen is a great conditioner."

Heero reached down and wound his hand in another long strand, loving the way it felt. Duo took the head of his cock in his mouth, sucking and kissing just right.

"Ah, Duo!" Heero sighed. It was amazing how much fun you could have with your clothes still mostly on. "Wouldn't trade you if Quatre grew his hair down to his ankles."

Taking Heero's cock a little deeper, Duo chuckled and said something that was probably "I'm glad to hear that."


It had been ages since they'd had the big bed all to themselves in the middle of the day. Quatre curled up against Trowa's side, trying to decide if it was nice or a depressing preview of days to come. Fortunately, Trowa didn't seem to be dwelling on that just now.

"Did you and Wufei have a good talk?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

Trowa nuzzled against Quatre's neck. "Was I right?"

"Of course." Quatre ran a hand over Trowa's denim covered crotch, wondering if it was this conversation or the photo shoot with Duo had left him so horny. "Wufei thinks you have a really big cock."

Trowa's green eyes widened at that. "He said that?"

"He tried to. You can imagine." Quatre couldn't help chuckling.

"So, do you think I have a big cock?" Trowa purred, thrusting up against Quatre's questing hand.

"I dunno," Quatre mock-pouted. "Maybe I should ask Duo about that. You gave him a real good look this morning."

Trowa flipped Quatre onto his back and knelt over him. "You mad at me, mele?"

"Should I be? Did you like getting all 'nekkid and kinky' with Duo?"

Trowa didn't answer. Instead, he rose and stood over him barefoot, straddling Quatre's legs. Smiling down at him, he went into a slow, sinuous dance for him. rolling those supple hips as he ever so slowly peeled off his tight tee shirt. The bands around his biceps flexed and rippled, a sight that never failed to get a stir of interest going below Quatre's beltline, at least behind closed doors. During performances or at practice he used them as guidelines, but now he could let himself enjoy that play of muscle, skin and ink. He folded his arms behind his head, enjoying the show.

"We didn't get kinky at all, but we sure were naked, weren't we?" Trowa tossed the shirt across the room, ran his hands over his own shoulders and chest, then walked his fingers down his belly to his belt buckle. "Did you like watching, Kat? Did you enjoy seeing me touch a beautiful stranger?"

Quatre smiled, recognizing the invitation to play, and the distinction being made, the lines drawn. Friends were off limits, even for fantasy. Even friends you'd just been naked for a good cause with. "Hmmmmm. I don't know. Did it make you hard?"

"Yeah, but not as hard as you make me, sugar." Trowa teased the belt open, then the fly button, and then just enough of the zipper to reveal the beginnings of that fine, faint treasure trail below his navel. "Wanna feel how hard you make me?"

"Not until you make me hard," Quatre growled. He knew where this was headed already and he was just fine with it. "How you gonna do that, without touching me, huh?"

"No touching?" Trowa gave him a sultry pout, but they both knew it was an easy challenge. Turning around, he moved to stand over Quatre's face and made his movements even more suggestive. He had an athlete's body and a dancer's grace.

Quatre kept his hands locked behind his head, resisting the urge to reach for those slim hips dipping and swaying so close above his face, or that hardness swelling just below the half open fly. "Why are you still dressed?"

Trowa smirked at him over his shoulder, then inched the back of his jeans down, exposing the intricate tattoo across his lower back. "This what you want to see, lover?" Yes, that was a very clear signal.

Quatre let out a lustful growl and reached to yank those jeans down further. "Oh yeah! Up close and personal while I fuck your gorgeous ass!"

He soon got his wish.


Wufei found himself tired but not sleepy after lunch. The mixed events and aborted lovemaking of last night, coupled with the excitement of the mission planning, not to mention his strange conversation with 04, had left him restless and off balance. Not even the heavy sparring they'd done had taken the edge off. Zechs must have been feeling something of the same thing, because as soon as the others had retired, he took Wufei's hand and led him back to the practice room.

"Shouldn't we change?" he asked, but Zechs just pulled him along down the corridor.

The minute the door was closed behind them he pushed Wufei against the nearest wall and devoured his mouth with a demanding kiss.

"What--what are you doing?" Wufei gasped when Zechs let him up for air. It was a silly, reflex question. The feeling of those long fingers so skillfully slipping the clothes from his body told him most of what he needed to know.

"We started something we weren't able to finish last night, mei," Zechs rumbled, and kissed him again, pressing his body against Wufei's. "And I understand from Barton that you have us sleeping with them tonight?" He mouthed his way down the side of Wufei's neck, wringing a needy moan out of him. "I'm afraid you'll have to help me work off a little energy before I can do that-- safely."

Before Wufei could quite catch up with that thought, or quite connect it with the hungry glances he'd seen Zechs give Quatre and Trowa at their yoga, Zechs growled, "Right here, right now!" and dropped to his knees to devour Wufei's growing erection with ruthless intensity.

The onslaught blotted out any concern or jealousy Wufei might have mustered. Excruciating as his little sex talk with Quatre had been at the time, it had left him with a growing need, too. Zechs was forceful, just bordering on rough, and Wufei felt his whole body catch fire. Pressed to the wall, legs shaking, he covered his face with his hands--why or how this helped he couldn't explain, it just did-- and gave himself up to the rapidly cresting pleasure sweeping through him.

Still sucking his cock, Zechs grabbed Wufei behind his left knee, hoisting it over his shoulder, and stood up, pushing him right up the wall to dangle precariously as Zechs growled and deep throated him.

Wufei moaned behind his hands, and then more loudly as Zechs reached up to fondle his ass. He braced willingly for a painful intrusion but instead Zechs squeezed and kneaded his cheeks together, turning the lingering soreness there into a trigger for deeper pleasure. Wufei cried out loudly, unable to help himself. For the first time since they'd become lovers, he felt like he was with that dangerous, feral man he'd seen in Le Fleur. Zechs wasn't rough with him, not really, but there was a thinly veiled hint of violence in the bruising way he gripped Wufei's thighs, the way he was sucking so hard, the guttural noises he was making. Helpless, pinned to the wall, head inches from the ceiling, Wufei came hard and fast, biting the heel of one hand in a vain effort to stifle his cries. He was still coming hard when Zechs lowered him to the mat and continued his erotic attack with rough kisses and nips all over Wufei's body.

Sizzling in the afterglow, Wufei was moaning steadily now, every nerve singing with pleasure and amazement. As his senses cleared, he sat up and fumbled clumsily with the buttons on Zechs's shirt. Zechs helped by pulling it off over his head and shucking out of his jeans and shoes. Kneeling, legs wide, he guided Wufei's mouth to his cock. Whimpering with pleasure, Wufei swallowed him whole and had the satisfaction of hearing his lover's desperate groans begin.

"Oh, yeah. Suck me, mei. Take it, little Chang, every inch!" He clutched at Wufei's' head, holding him in place as he fucked his mouth.

Wufei shifted his balance and regained control, sucking and mouthing just as wildly. Finding Zechs's balls with one hand, he wrapped his fingers round them and tugged. Zechs let out a harsh yell of pleasure and thrust harder, pushing Wufei back a few inches, abrading his knees on the mat. Wufei growled and pushed back, taking Zechs deeper down his throat and was rewarding with fingers bruising convulsively on his shoulders and a choking, hot flood of cum down his throat. Wufei gagged and swallowed and sucked him dry, not stopping until Zechs laughed and pushed him off.

They collapsed in each other's arms, sweating and spent, and just lay there for a while. It occurred to Wufei that the noise they'd been making might have sounded alarming from outside, and that perhaps someone might come to see if they were all right, but he just couldn't summon the energy to get up and check if the door was locked.

As his wits slowly returned, however, he thought of what Zechs had said. "All this, so you can sleep with my friends tonight? Safely?"

Zechs captured his face between his hands and stroked his thumbs across Wufei's lips. His smile was lazy, but Wufei caught a mix of amusement and concern in those eyes. "You can't send a man with a sweet tooth into a candy shop and blame him if his mouth waters, mei. It doesn't mean I'm going to eat anything. Only you." He kissed his way down Wufei's neck again.

"Hn. So you do find them attractive?"

"Certainly. Don't you?"

"I--I've never thought of them in that way."

"Really? Well, you have more control than I do." He rolled up on top of Wufei, pinning him again, and smiled down at him. "I'm a lustful, lascivious wolf, mei. You know that as well as I do. But wolves can be faithful mates when they choose. And I've chosen you. I still enjoy looking at other men. I'm not about to lie to you about that, or apologize for it. But it's you I love, and you alone that I touch." He pulled back a little, frowning. "Wufei, you've captured my heart completely, not just my lust or my interest. I love you. I'd never hurt or betray you. You aren't worried, are you?"

Wufei gazed up at him, considering the question. It was all so easy, when they were sequestered away in Sanque. Zechs was being honest with him now, and asking for his trust in return. "All this, just now, was it because you found them attractive?"

"No, Wufei. I enjoy their company, and they are very nice to look at. That makes me horny, true, but my only focus is you. Do you understand?"

"I don't know," Wufei replied, repaying honesty with honesty. "But I do trust you, and I guess I don't mind, if you're only looking."

Zechs kissed him again. "It means a lot to them, to have you join them tonight. I can stay in our room, if you'd rather."

"No," Wufei replied without any hesitation. "No, I want you there, too. You belong with me, no matter what."

Zechs sat up and pulled Wufei up into his arms. "Thank you, Wufei, my one true love."


Without much being said, they all came back together in the parlor with the television and big furniture that evening and watched movies. Heero and the other others settled together on a large sectional sofa in a complicated tangle of arms and legs and bowls of popcorn. To Wufei, curled up against Zechs's side on a loveseat next to them, it appeared that no one cared who was touching whom. At one point he caught Trowa kissing Heero on the lips. Duo had Quatre's bare feet in his lap, massaging them absently as he concentrated on the movie.

Zechs was watching them, too, Wufei knew, and he tried to see them through his lover's eyes. They were attractive, all four of them, and each in his own way. Could he imagine them as sexual partners? He pondered this carefully, and realized that Duo and Quatre simply weren't his type, as much as he liked them. But Heero and Trowa were another matter. Both of them had something of Zechs's power and hard virility. They were, he concluded, tops, and Trowa was the more intriguing of the two, even though he still admired Heero more. Trowa looked over and caught him staring just then and he hastily grinned and looked away. Zechs might be right about simple male attraction, but he wasn't ready to start thinking of his closest friends in that light.

He held onto that thought when the uncomfortable moment of bedtime finally arrived. When Trowa turned off the set with the remote and unwound himself from the others to stretch, Wufei realized he couldn't have told anyone what the movie had been about, or who was in it.

Heero stood and pulled a yawning Duo to his feet. Trowa did the same and wrapped an arm around his little husband's waist. Looking over at Wufei and Zechs, he smiled and murmured, "Shall we?"

Wufei glanced up at Zechs, who just smiled and shrugged, leaving the final decision to him.

"You all do wear pajamas or something, don't you?" he asked, and then blushed as the others burst out laughing.


Zechs and Wufei changed in their room, and Zechs could tell that Wufei was nervous but determined.

"I've never done this before," he muttered, staring into a dresser drawer.

Zechs reached in and handed him a tee-shirt and a pair of clean boxers. "I think you'll be comfortable in these, love." He pulled on a pair of loose sweats and an old tank top.

The fact was, Zechs had never been in exactly this situation before, either. Any time he shared a bed with any number of other men, sex was expected, the goal of the exercise. But he was also an expert at reading situations. Without saying anything to Wufei, who was already nervous enough, he took his time in the bathroom, giving the others time to arrange themselves in bed as they liked, without any added awkwardness. Giving Wufei a last, encouraging kiss, he led him down the balcony to their room.

Barton hadn't been joking when he said it was a bed purchased with company in mind. It was huge, a custom made affair. Even with the other four already in it, there was still plenty of space for two more. And the others did wear pajamas, or at least reasonable approximations thereof.

He smiled to himself, wishing he could have heard the discussion that resulted in this arrangement of bodies. Was it only by chance that Maxwell was the furthest away, on the far side of the bed? The occassional flashes of challenge and mistrust he still read in those lovely violet blue eyes told him it wasn't, though he suspected it hadn't been entirely Duo's decision to be kept so far from Zechs. Heero was sitting up next to him, of course, then Trowa, leaving Quatre as the one directly besides their guests. Was that relief on Wufei's face? He smiled, and hung back a little, making it clear to all that he intended to take the outside spot.

Wufei carefully left space between himself and the blond boy. That still left plenty of room for Zechs, but he made a point of spooning in against him and wrapping an arm around his lover's waist. 'He's mine, boys.' He could see they got the message. Not that there's probably been any doubt in anyone's mind, of course, but he didn't' see any reason to play coy. Besides, Wufei needed it. He was tense and embarassed at first, but once Duo put the lights out, leaving only a single candle burning on the dresser he gradually relaxed and settled down.

They talked quietly of the mission, and arrangements for the show, should Quatre and Trowa be needed on short notice. Quatre made Zechs and Wufei promise that they would come back here after the mission, so that they could properly enjoy New Orleans. Wufei's new ring was noticed and admired. Duo cracked a few joking warnings about "sleep humping". Wufei was rather quiet, but Zechs didn't pick up on any problems. Poor boy, he hadn't so much had his horizons broadened these past few months as totally blown apart. Propped up on one elbow behind him, talking with Winner about clubs and restaurants he wanted to show them, Zechs gently caressed the back of Wufei's neck and shoulders, letting him feel their connection, letting him know he knew of his nervousness. The gratifying reply came in the form of Wufei nestling his backside more firmly against Zechs's lap. Head cradled on one arm, he was the first to doze off.

Quatre noticed and gave Zechs a warm grin. Zechs stroked the hair back from Wufei's cheek and noted the closed eyes, softly parted lips, and even breathing. He kissed him gently, then smiled up at the others, who were all taking an obvious interest. "Good night, boys. Sleep well."

It was a pleasure, watching two other beautiful couples settling down together like that, while holding his own sleeping lover in his arms. Yes, he could get used to this, he thought, closing his eyes. Still, old habits died hard; the tumble of limbs, the pleasant mingling of body heat and all those different, delicious male aromas? Zechs couldn't be blamed if his body took notice, could he? In his world, that all just screamed "orgy time!" It struck him now that his orgy days were far behind him, and that he did, in fact, rather miss that sort of thing. But not so much that he wasn't very glad he'd wisely enjoyed the daylights out of Wufei that afternoon, so he could allow sleeping near all these lovelies to be enough.

He only hoped that Wufei was a fast healer.

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