Author: pyrzm
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Broken Warriors + Chapter 75

Wufei shifted in the uncomfortable waiting room chair. Zechs was still off making that call, and Catherine had gone to get more coffee from the commissary downstairs. He was starting to feel a little claustrophobic in this windowless, overheated room, and more than a little useless. A television in the corner delivered a steady stream of commentary on this situation; the crowd of well wishers on the sidewalk out front continued to grow. The pile of offerings had become a problem and the police were trying to deal with the island of flowers, circus posters and stuffed animals blocking the stairs. People were holding up candles, flowers, signs with messages like "C. D. N. Forever", "We love you, G-Boys!" and "The war is over! Leave them alone!" One group had shown up dressed like the opening act of the circus, complete with a tall, skinny man in black clothes and a dented top hat. There were close ups of people hugging each other and crying, and interviews with total strangers in tears over the fact that Trowa and Quatre had been hurt.

"The war's over, you know?" one young man made up to look like Quatre in the show, complete with blue body make up said angrily. "He and Trowa are more than just ex-soldiers. They're artists. They've created something magical and the show's been good for New Orleans."

"What's going to happen to the show?" a fat girl in a top hat and streaked make-up cried, holding a crumpled tissue to her mouth. "I've seen the show ten times, no twelve now! My friends and I work extra shifts at the diner and stand in line for rush seats. We even got tickets to the New York opening. The whole show is beautiful, but let's face it, without Trowa and Quatre? I dunno. They are the circus. What's going to happen if they can't perform anymore? I heard they're crippled. Someone said Quatre lost an arm or broke his back." She broke down and the camera shifted away to a knot of weeping girls, all in approximations of show makeup and costume.

"Well wishers continue to flock to New Orleans, some them from as far away as New York and Mexico," a reporter intoned, as if reporting on a state funeral. "Authorities have determined that this was in fact a bombing, although no suspects have been identified. There seems no doubt, however, that this must be in some way connected to the Winner-Barton's past as Gundam pilots. For many, the wounds of war are still fresh. Yet as you can see from this outpouring of emotion. Doctors continue to say that it is too soon to comment on Quatre Winner-Barton's condition, but assure us that there was no dismemberment, and that he is expected to recover. Trowa Barton-Winner is conscious, and his injuries are said to be minor."

Wufei shook his head, torn between a grudging gratitude for such a show of support, and unease seeing total strangers trying to claim some emotional connection to his friends.

It was a relief when Heero came back in, but his expression had Wufei on his feet at once. Heero was white and looked unsteady on his feet.

"Here, sit down!" Wufei urged, guiding him to a chair. "You should eat something. You haven't had anything all day. You didn't even get any breakfast.

Heero slumped down and rubbed his hands over his face. "I'm all right. It's just--" His voice was thick with emotion. "It's hard, seeing them like that."

"It's not your fault."

"That's what everyone keeps telling me," Heero muttered through his fingers.

Wufei sat beside him, and, after an awkward pause, put a comforting hand on Heero's shoulder. The man didn't acknowledge it, but he didn't shrug him off, either.

They stayed like that until Zechs came back in and sat down on Heero's other side. "I have some information for you."

Heero sat up at once, and a mission glare replaced the fleeting look of despair. "Where from?"

"I have a contact in Tokyo. He got me this." Zechs handed him a list of names and addresses. "The first two are the names of bars in the Kisarazu district where ex-OZ hang out. My contact says they're rough dives, and the patrons are a bitter bunch. It sounds like a good place to start. The last is the man who makes the S.K.U.M. films. He's in Tokyo, too."

Heero read the list, then folded it and put it away in a pocket. "Thanks. I appreciate it."

"He also said there's a lot of hatred against you there. I don't know what you have planned, Heero, and I know I can't tell you what to do, but I'd be very, very careful, no matter what you decide. Understand?"

Heero nodded. "I copy. I should be telling you the same thing, I think. You were wise to call in your security detail. The rest of us are in no shape to watch out for you now, except Wufei. You have more people hating you out there than I do."

Zechs shrugged it off, but Wufei felt a sudden chill. It was true. Zechs downplayed it, but on the way here he'd overheard Captain Stigman, the head of Zechs's bodyguards, giving Zechs an update on threats received. Wufei had also noted that Zechs had tried to keep him from overhearing. They were going to have to talk about that later.

"Any word from Sally yet?" Heero asked him.

"I haven't been able to reach her. I'll try again."

Just then they heard raised voices from the corridor beyond the waiting room, and the high pitched beeping of several monitor alarms.

"1018, stat!" a woman shouted.

"That's Quatre's room!" Heero was already on his way to the door. Before he'd even reached it, they heard more shouting, and the sound of running feet. Then Duo yelled, "Heero, Wu, get in here!"

Wufei, Heero, and Zechs burst through the waiting room door just in time to see Trowa shake Duo and a nurse off, and punch an orderly who must have been trying to get him back into bed. The man's head snapped back and he went flying across the corridor to slide down the far wall.

"Get out of my way! He needs me!" he snarled, elbowing a nurse and shoving Duo away again. Even with a concussion, Trowa was a force to be reckoned with. He appeared to be disoriented again, and was enraged. And all but naked. The torn remains of a hospital gown hung off one shoulder, tangled in the trailing remains of a broken IV line. His body was covered in cuts and bandages and one shoulder was darkly mottled with bruises.

"Heero, make them back off!" Duo called frantically as more orderlies advanced to take Trowa down.

"Let him go to Quatre!" Heero barked, singling out a pretty Hispanic nurse.

"Mr. Winner is coding! Get your friend under control."

"He's coding because Trowa is panicking. He's an empath!" Duo told her.

Wufei and Zechs flanked the others and Duo got an arm around Trowa's waist to steady him as he staggered.

"He's right," Heero told her. "Quatre can feel Trowa's emotions and he's worried about him. The more you keep them apart, the worse both of them will get. Please, let us move Trowa into a bed there. We'll stay with him and keep him from interfering."

"Please, miss, you must listen to him," Wufei said. He was no empath, but he could feel the dangerous aura around Trowa now. The hospital staff didn't begin to understand the sort of people they were dealing with.

Fortunately for everyone concerned, the woman listened, and let them help Trowa limp down to Quatre's room, where a medical team was at work over Quatre.

"Meli!" Trowa cried, staggering to the foot of the bed.

Heero guided Trowa's hand under the sheet to Quatre's foot. "Calm down, 03. Calm down and let him know you're here!"

Making physical contact with Quatre worked. Trowa sank to his knees and wrapped both hands around the small bare foot, stroking it gently. "Corazon, I'm here. Parakolo, meli! Liebchin, can you feel me? I'm here."

Almost at once, the monitor sound slowed down. Wufei looked over Heero's shoulder and saw that the lower part of Quatre's face was obscured by a breathing tube and oxygen mask, but his eyes were open and he was gazing down at his husband and blinking his eyelids.

"He knows you're here," Heero said, stroking Trowa's hair. Kneeling, he gently pulled the hospital gown back around him and took out the IV.

Duo found a thin cotton robe in the closet and draped it over Trowa's shoulders, put an arm around him, resting his head on Trowa's shoulder. "There, that's better, isn't it?" He shot a grateful look at the nurse. "See? You just have to keep them together. So long as they can see each other, they'll be fine."

Wufei felt a light touch on his arm. Zechs guided him back out of the way by the door as a bed was wheeled in and placed close beside the other. He couldn't take his eyes off Quatre. He looked so tiny and broken, encased almost entirely in regen units, or so it appeared. That bare foot still stuck out from under the sheet, and he saw that the nails were painted a smoky metallic purple today. For some reason, the sight of it made his throat tight and his eyes sting. As the initial shock of it all wore off, however, he found his gaze straying to Trowa.

The nurse had had the bed pushed up right beside Quatre's. Trowa lay on his side now, and was reaching over to touch Quatre's hair and forehead. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he kept whispering something over and over, some endearment.

One of the doctors came back in. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but we simply can't have so many people in an ICU room. There's nothing you can do. You should all go get some rest. I'll make sure they are looked after, and no one will try and separate them. You have my word."

Catherine had appeared in the doorway. "He's right. You all look wiped out. I'll sit with Trowa while you get settled somewhere. I spoke with the police a while ago. You can't get into the house yet. It's a crime scene."

"I've reserved rooms for us nearby," said Zechs.

"What security measures are in place, doctor?" Heero demanded.

There were local police, detectives, and a detail of Preventers. That seemed to satisfy him for now.

"Come on," Zechs urged gently. "The hotel is just down the block from here, and my security will cover for us. You can be back in less than five minutes if need be. Sally has your cell number."

Heero and Duo went to Trowa's bed. Duo leaned down and smoothed those ragged bangs back. "Hey buddy, will you be OK if they kick us out?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Trowa said, still touching Quatre's face. "We're fine now. He's going to sleep."

Wufei's eyes stung again and he had to turn away. Then Zechs was there, brushing the back of his hand with his as he led the way out. Wufei shivered at the touch, grateful for the contact. Suddenly he felt very shaky. He hadn't eaten much today either, but he knew that wasn't the reason he suddenly felt so weak and faint. Seeing Quatre like that, seeing Trowa, normally so strong for everyone else around him, shattered and weeping by his lover's side, had upset Wufei badly, though he tried to shake it off.


Zechs's dark-suited bodyguards closed ranks around them as the four of them made their way through a back entrance to the waiting car. Even so, Wufei's hand strayed to the gun holstered under his arm, and he saw the others checking their weapons, too, as they found themselves confront with more crowds of well-wishers. People shouted to them, begging for information, called out to all of them by name or call number. There were expressions of surprise as people recognized Zechs.

Duo paused, as if to make a statement, but Heero put an arm around him and guided him into the car. He stared out the tinted window at the crowd, then shared a baffled look with Wufei. "Who are all those people?"

It was Zechs who answered. "Not everyone hates you boys. Don't forget that."

Wufei wanted to believe that, but he kept seeing Trowa and Quatre in his mind's eye; one moment they'd been happy, going about their business, making all these people happy with their new life. The next, in the blink of an eye, it was all shattered. It didn't matter how many people forgave them, were willing to move on and forget. All it took was one lunatic with a knowledge of C-62 and their address . . . He shuddered again and Zechs closed a hand over his. Heero still had his arm around Duo, who'd more or less collapsed against him, eyes closed, face pale and tired. How long had it been since any of them had eaten or slept?

"Wish they are all like that," Duo mumbled, then sighed.

Heero exchanged another look with Wufei, those dark blue eyes still filled with anger and guilt.

"We will find them," Wufei promised.

Heero just shook his head and stared out the window but Wufei saw his arm tighten around Duo's shoulders.

Zechs had booked them adjoining suites on the twentieth floor of a luxury hotel. A few eyebrows were raised in the lobby as the four of them checked in without luggage, but Wufei stared them down disdainfully and none of the others seemed to care. Heero and Duo thanked Zechs again and disappeared into their room. The door closed and Wufei heard the lock snap into place.

Leaving the security men outside, he followed Zechs into their room and locked their door, too. It was a large, lavishly appointed suite, but he scarcely noticed. Leaning on the wall just inside the door, he suddenly felt very empty and scared.

"Mei?" Concerned, Zechs came to him and cupped his cheek. "They're going to be all right, love."

Wufei drew a shaky breath, and nodded. Then he was in Zechs's arms, clinging to him and kissing him. "Make love to me?"

Zechs held him close and stroked his hair. "What's this?"

Everything felt like it was caving in on him; the war was over but not for them. Not for any of them. At any moment a stranger could come out of nowhere and take it all away. There were sick, angry people out there sending his lover death threats, sending his friends hateful mail and bombs! It was a miracle that no one had died today, and it could happen again tomorrow, to any of them!

He wanted to say all this to Zechs, to make him understand, but all he could get out was, "Make love to me, Zechs! I need to feel you! I need to feel you inside me!" He stepped back and pulled off his leather coat and his shirt and fumbled at his belt. "I need you. Please!"

Zechs caught him close again. "Calm down, love. I understand. I do. But are you sure? This isn't how--"

"Yes! Please! I won't try to control anything this time, I promise. I need you, Zechs."

"You have me, mei." Zechs kissed him again, and the tenderness and understanding in his eyes brought Wufei close to tears again. Zechs had seen as much death as he had, maybe more. He did understand. He would take care of Wufei. He'd take care of everything. As always, that thought alone was enough to bring a rush of arousal, and safety, too. Wufei was long past questioning that in himself.

As if reading Wufei's thoughts, Zechs nuzzled his neck and whispered, "My lovely boy! My beautiful little love!" He kissed away the tear that escaped down Wufei's cheek, then released him. "We'll do this right this time. You go start a nice hot bath. I need to send down for a few things. You go ahead and get in. I'll be with you in just a minute. And mei?"

Wufei paused on his way to the bathroom. "Yes?"

"If at any point you change your mind, you will tell me."

Wufei nodded. Yes, Zechs would take care of him.

The tub was a huge square spa affair, with whirlpool jets. He bound his hair up in the back with an elastic, then sat on the toilet lid, watching the tub fill with steaming water. He wasn't scared now, not of the sex, anyway. Some part of him had wanted this for a long time, and that need had been stripped raw by what he'd seen at the hospital. Zechs had been so good to him, so patient in their lovemaking. What if something had happened, something like this or worse, and they'd never had the chance--?

He must have blanked out, because suddenly Zechs was there already naked. He turned off the water, helped Wufei out of his jeans and boots, then guided him into the tub and held him close the way Wufei loved so much. After a few minutes he reached over the side of the tub and then put a small glass of something into Wufei's hand. Absinthe. Wufei hated the taste of the stuff, but liked the effect. He downed the shot and Zechs poured him another. It was vile, bittersweet, but the golden heat of it spread through him almost instantly, melting away the last of his panic //hysteria, let's be honest with yourself, Chang!// but leaving the desire, warming it, spreading it though his belly and groin. Zechs bathed him gently with a thick washcloth, working the rough cloth over his skin in loving circles, and scattering kisses over his face and shoulders.

The hot water, the liquor, the caresses: Wufei floated languidly in Zechs's arms, and parted his thighs willingly at his lover's silent request. Skilled, knowing fingers stroked his half hard cock, cupped his balls, then moved lower, parting his cheeks and gently, oh so very gently massaging the tight ring of nearly virgin muscle between them.

"I'll make it good for you, mei, I promise. There will be some pain at first, but it should pass quickly. If it doesn't, if it hurts too much, you must tell me. I won't risk damaging you."

"I will," Wufei murmured, rocking slowly against those softly massaging fingers. "I promise, but if I don't tell you to stop, just keep going."

Zechs kissed his ear. "I will."

The absinthe was doing its work. He was half asleep but still very aroused as Zechs helped him from the tub and dried them both, then lifted Wufei in his arms and carried him to the bedroom.

The lights were off but candles burned here and there around the room. The bed was turned down and Wufei shivered a little as his skin met cool satin. Looking around he took in how elaborate the furnishings were. "Where are we, the honeymoon suite?"

"Actually, yes." Zechs pulled the tie free from Wufei's hair and combed his fingers through it. "It was one of the only rooms available."

Something dangerously close to a giggle bubbled up in Wufei's chest. "How appropriate."

"Mmmm." Zechs knelt beside him on the bed and kissed his way up Wufei's chest to his lips, then back down to lick his nipples to hard little points. Wufei wondered fleetingly if it was wrong to feel so turned on, given the circumstances, but deep down, he knew he needed this, a defense against a world turned ugly.

Zechs moved lower, down his belly to trail tonguing kisses down the front of his left thigh, and then his right and on for tickling, licking attentions to his ankles and feet, then up, ever so slowly, to his cock. Wufei's erection was stiff and aching as those incredible lips closed around it, but he instinctively pulled Zechs away. "No, later. Don't want to lose the edge . . ."

Zechs nodded. "Hands and knees, little Chang."

It was an effort to move, but Wufei did as he was told, and moaned loudly into the pillow as Zechs rimmed him and licked his balls from behind. His legs were trembling by the time Zechs turned him over again. He'd assumed Zechs was going to take him from the back, but instead, he placed two pillows under Wufei's bottom and one under his head. Wufei spread his legs and pulled his knees back. Zechs hummed approvingly, then began tonguing him again.

Wufei gripped his knees, eyes half closed and unfocused, and he found himself thinking over and over, "It's going to happen now!"

Zech reached up and tweaked his nipples, probing a little with his tongue at the same time. Wufei moaned more loudly and arched under him, wanting more. Zechs was tongue fucking him now. Wufei raised his head, trying to watch. A year ago, even a few months ago, he could never have imagined, much less allowed such a thing. Now he knew he couldn't live without it. Silently he thanked Quatre and Duo and Heero and Trowa, and Sally, too, for helping him discover that it was all right to be who he was.

Lost in pleasure, he let out a little mewl of disappointment as Zechs's mouth left his skin, but then he heard the snap of plastic and started a little as something cool was dribbled over his opening.

Ah, lubricant.

His eyes flew open and he pushed himself up on his elbows. Absinthe and candles might be gotten from room service in New Orleans, but lubricant?

Zechs grinned. "Don't ask!"

Wufei decided he wasn't going to think about facing Zechs's apparently well-equipped security men right now. That indignity could wait.

"Lie down, mei, and enjoy. I'm going to grant your wish now."

But Wufei stayed up a little longer, watching wide-eyed and aroused as Zechs dribbled some of the slick liquid over his own very erect cock and spread it around with his fingers. Wufei's mouth watered at the sight, but he also felt a twinge of nervousness return. Zechs was fully erect now; that long, large shaft curved up against his belly, the thick head, freed of the foreskin, bumping at his navel as he prepared himself. He was grinning again, too, knowing that Wufei was enjoying the show. "Are you ready?"

"Yes. Take me."

Zechs poured more lubricant over his fingers, careless of the sheets, and ran them up and down the cleft of Wufei's ass. The pillows were going to be a mess, but Wufei knew Zechs was using so much on purpose. The first gentle press of a fingertip made Wufei gasp and fall back against the pillows again.

"Remember how we did it that other time?" asked Zechs, circling Wufei's opening with the fingers of one hand as he began to gently stroke Wufei's weeping erection with his other. "Relax. Breathe with your mouth open. Let your body open to me."

Wufei gasped as one finger penetrated him. It burned a little, but nothing like that disastrous time he'd mounted Zechs unprepared. Zechs moved it back and forth, working in deeper and deeper, slicking him inside.

"Uh! Yes." Wufei gasped as Zechs added a second finger and began stretching him. There was a little pain, but he could already feel pleasure in the friction of those fingertips deep inside his body. "Oh, yes. More, Zechs. I want more."

Zechs chuckled, then tightened the fist stroking Wufei's cock as he slipped a third finger in.

"Oh! Oh, god! Yes!" He really did want this. He looked up again, watching Zechs touch him, taking in the intensity and heat in his lover's eyes. Zechs looked up and Wufei felt a jolt of connection that went straight to his cock. "I want you inside."

Zechs slowly withdrew his fingers, then leaned down and gave Wufei a long, lingering kiss. "I love you so much, mei!"

Still leaning over him, gazing into Wufei's eyes, he guided the tip of his erection to Wufei's slicked opening and rubbed it there, letting Wufei feel the round, hot press of it. Then, kissing him again, he pressed inside.

It did hurt. That thick glans felt five times the size Wufei knew it to be as it pressed past that still tight ring of muscle. But it was nothing like last time. Slicked and stretched and glowing with absinthe, Wufei willed himself to open and felt the pain subside to almost nothing. He felt stretched, almost alarmingly so, but the pleasure was returning fast as that silky slick head pressed deeper.

It was the strangest sensation he'd ever felt in his life, at least of the non-life threatening kind. He could feel his body being opened, filled. That cock felt huge inside him. He couldn't possibly take it all in. He was going to fail, disappoint his lover-

And then he heard Zechs let out a ragged growl, and realized that he was in to the hilt. He could feel those heavy balls against his ass; Zechs's pelvis was pressed to his, crisp pale curls tickling against Wufei's scrotum.

"Oh, Wufei!" Zechs gasped, and now he was trembling too. "Oh my god, you're wonderful! So damn tight! I've never felt anything like it!"

Those words were like another shot of absinthe. Wufei instinctively rocked his hips a little and felt that big head stroke past his prostate. "Ah god! Oh! Oh yes. It feels good, Zechs. It feels so good!" He rocked again, seeking that amazing sensation. He found it and cried out again. "Do it. Please!"

Zechs rocked slowly against him, moving in and out in a gentle, teasing rhythm.

Wufei cried out happily as the huge cock stretched and caressed him. Zechs reached for his cock again, but Wufei shook his head. "No! No, just that! Just your cock!"

And as always, his lover gave him what he asked for. He kept it slow and easy, letting Wufei's body adjust and stretch. Sensation overwhelmed Wufei. He tossed against the pillow and began meeting those thrusts with his own, setting a faster pace.

The more Zechs gave him, the more he wanted. He was crying out again, yips and yelps and moans, but he couldn't stop, any more than he could stop himself from wrapping his legs around Zech's waist and pulling him in deeper.

With a deep growl of pleasure, Zechs gripped his ass and pulled him in harder with every thrust. There was no pain now, none at all, only the overwhelming pleasure of being filled and fucked and taken.


Zechs fought not to come, but it was a losing battle once Wufei started fucking him back. Usually this wild side came out after an initial orgasm, but this time Wufei lost control almost at once. He arched and tossed under Zechs, and his cries grew louder and more abandoned. And the look on his face! Zechs couldn't take his eyes off him. Wufei was the embodiment of sex and passion and primal sensation, his lips pulled back now in a near snarl as his own orgasm bore down on him. Zechs expected Wufei to ask him to jerk him off, but he didn't, just thrashed under him, thrusting himself up and down on Zech's cock like a wild thing until he came like a fountain against Zechs's belly, crying his name.

Thrilled, Zechs let himself go and came so hard he thought he was going to black out. He was still reeling when Wufei dragged him down into his arms and clung to him again. It took Zechs a moment to understand that his little love was sobbing out, "Can't lose you! Can't ever lose you!"

Zechs hugged him close. "You won't!"

"Don't ever die!"

"I'll try not to."

"Don't get killed!"

"Wufei! Little love--"

Wufei pulled back and stared at him, looking a little hysterical again. "I couldn't stand it! I couldn't stand to be without you!"

Zechs pulled him down again and cradled him in his arms. "It's all right. I'm careful. I don't want to leave you, either, and I don't want to lose you. I couldn't' stand that. So I guess we'll just have to take care of each other."

It took some time to calm him down, but he finally managed it. Wufei curled tight against his side, arm locked around his chest, face pressed into the curve of Zech's shoulder. "I love you," he whispered. "And the sex was fantastic! I don't know why I was so scared of it."

Zechs chuckled and kissed him. "I think you were scared of the fact that deep down, you wanted it so badly. I think you've changed a great deal, these past few months with me. Any regrets?"

"None. God, I love you!"

"That's good, because nothing we just did makes me change my mind about keeping you with me forever, little love."

Wufei sighed and snuggled closer. "Do you think your men heard us?"

"I think most of this floor heard us."

Wufei groaned. "What must they think?"

Zechs grinned against that black silky hair. "I chose them all myself, Wufei. They're the sort of men who will hear that and think that their employer is a very, very fortunate man."

Wufei sighed. "I see. I suppose Heero and Duo got an earful, too."


Zechs's head of security could have put his mind at rest on that account; Heero and Duo had left their room while Wufei's bath was still running, saying they were going down to the hotel shop for fresh clothing.

Distracted as the guards were by the noises from inside their employer's suite soon after, no one noticed that the pair had not returned.

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