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Broken Warriors + Chapter 78
Mission Mode

It was a sixteen-hour flight from New Orleans to Tokyo. Heero slept like the dead for the first eight hours, which was really odd for him before a mission. They'd hardly done any planning, and Heero was usually the one who could go without sleep for days in the field. Duo got in a few hours rest, then sat watching his lover for a while, trying to interpret the subtle play of emotions on his face as he dreamed whatever he was dreaming. They didn't look like happy ones. He muttered in his sleep, too, and Duo caught bits of what sounded like Japanese. He didn't speak any himself, and it was frustrating not to be able to know what he was saying.

Giving up, he kissed him on the forehead, then went back to the cockpit and opened up Heero's laptop to look for information on their destination.

Kisarazu was an old industrial port located on the eastern shore of Tokyo Bay, and was connected to Kawasaki City by a long raised highway called the Aqualine that spanned a narrow point in the bay. There had been all sorts of heavy industry there, including steel mills, and a huge thermal power plant. There was also some big science institute called the Kisusa Akademia Center. That probably explained why the Alliance had located a suit factory there. Duo found pictures and maps, as well as archived news reports of Heero's raid on the factory early in the war. There were even photos of Wing smashing through towers and hangars.

From what Duo could tell from public records, it had been a decent surgical strike overall, limited entirely to the confines of the base. Only bad intelligence had screwed that pooch and civilians had died. It was a damn shame, of course, but what the hell had the Alliance planners been thinking, putting personnel housing in a place like that?

He took out the list of enemy gathering places Zechs had given Heero and checked them against a city map, pinpointing locations. There were just two names, and he found they were within a few blocks of each other in a neighborhood near the wharves. The third item was a person, rather than a place. Raphael Conte; the S.K.U.M. filmmaker. Duo did a search and found the address of his studio in Tokyo, and a website. Turned out he was based there because of the more lenient laws on the production of hardcore porn.

Zechs hadn't let them watch any of the vids, but the website featured plenty of stills and video clip samples. Duo looked back at Heero, making sure he was still asleep, then jacked in a pair of earphones and began wading through the filth.

It was sick stuff, nothing Duo would ever have gone near on his own. Worse yet, the actors looked way too much like the pilots they were portraying. The kid playing Duo could have been a brother. He wondered if the guy's long hair was real or a wig.

There were all kinds of still shots of him being beaten up and abused. In some he was defiant, in others he was crying and begging. Duo gritted his teeth. He'd cried sometimes, but he'd never fucking begged! Sickened as he was, Duo could not resist clicking on a link to vid clips featuring his character. They were about what he'd expected: lots of mouth fucking and penetration shots, along with really nasty stuff like guys pissing or coming in his face. That hadn't happened, either. Queasy and furious, he watched just a moment or two of each, then clicked to the next. But the sixth one brought him up short. In it, four big goons in OZ uniforms had "Duo" pinned face down on a table wearing nothing but his black shirt. A fifth guy was whaling on him with a belt. And his hair was loose. And his arms were in manacles.

Duo barely made it back to the head in time, and then he was retching miserably into the stainless steel crapper, praying the blue water didn't splash back up in his face. He'd done a good job of forgetting that night in custody on the moon base but it all came back now: the way the drunken Ozzys had pawed him, beaten him, and then-- the rape. Trowa had saved him that night, but not before they'd left deep scars on Duo's soul, and a few on his body, too. A few faint pale lines still showed on his ass and left hip where the belt had cut into his skin.

He hung on the edge of the bowl, fighting back tears, wanting the memories to stop. When they'd thrown him back in the cell with Heero and Wufei, he'd wanted so bad just to curl up in Heero's arms, the way he had in Finland, but it hadn't been possible. Not in front of Wufei. Not with the OZ bastards probably watching them through the view port. Heero had sat close to him the rest of the night, but it hadn't been enough. He'd wanted to die.

It all came back on him now as he crouched shivering over the toilet. Try as he might, he couldn't seem to bury it. Sliding down the wall in the confined space between toilet and sink, he wrapped his arms around his knees and clutched his braid hard, twisting it in his hands.

He didn't know how long he'd been there when the door slid open and Heero leaned down to help him up. Duo let Heero lead him back to the bed. The laptop was there, and the opening shot of the damn clip was paused on the screen. Fuck. He'd forgotten to clear it and Heero, being Heero, had figured out what he was up to in no time flat.

Heero didn't say anything, didn't ask any questions. He just cleared the screen, then gathered Duo into his arms the way Duo had longed for that long ago night. He rocked him as Duo wept and stroked his hair and rubbed his back. Duo suddenly flashed on how Heero had looked that night and wondered if this was what he'd really wanted to do, but couldn't. Heero hadn't known how, back then. But he sure did now and Duo calmed quickly under that loving touch. Heero had changed so much, but then he guessed they all had. He'd loved that Heero back then, but he liked this one even better.

"I knew they hurt you worse than you said," Heero said at last. His voice was rough with sorrow and anger, but he was still stroking his hair so gently. "I wish I could have killed them!"

"Wish I coulda helped you." Duo sighed. "This Conte guy? He really did some research, didn't he? I wonder what he's got on the rest of you?"

"I've looked. Some of the settings regarding me are accurate, but the events are pure fabrication. I was never raped or tortured during the war. But there are some post war scenes . . . I think he either knows what happened to me, or his mind just works the same way. But to my knowledge, none of the rest of us was ever abused as badly as you were during the war. Of course, you got captured more than anyone else."

"Still rubbing that in, aren't you?" But Duo wasn't pissed. It was true. Feeling safe now in his lover's strong arms, he snuggled closer. "You saved my ass a lot of times though, didn't you, babe? My knight in spandex armor."

"But other times I didn't." Heero's arms tightened almost painfully around him. "All those times when I wanted . . . But those days are gone, Duo, I promise you." He pulled back, holding him by the shoulders, an almost desperate look in his eyes. "No mission will ever get in the way of taking care of you, helping you. I promise you that! Nothing in the world is more important to me than you. Nothing. No one!"

"Baby, you're shaking," Duo said softly, cradling Heero's face between his hands. Heero didn't look right all of a sudden. There was look in his eyes that Duo had never seen before. It was like fear, but with something else, something wild and scary.

"You shouldn't be here, Duo!"

"What're you talking about, 'ro? I'm your wingman, remember?"

"My wingman . . ."

"You all right, baby?" Duo asked, concerned. Heero seemed confused.

The look disappeared as suddenly as it had come. Heero pulled free and sat back, looking at him oddly. "I'm fine. You just had some bad luck, that's all."

"Huh?" Had they skipped a groove somewhere?

"And more guts than sense," Heero added, giving him a fond smile.

Still puzzled and a little unsettled, Duo shook his head. "That may still be true. What the fuck are we doing, Heero? We're walking blind into a situation we know almost nothing about, with all that!" He jerked a thumb at the bulging duffle of contraband weapons they'd liberated from Tro's secret stash. "This whole adventure could end real quick at Japanese customs."

"I've been thinking about that." Heero was all mission now. "We'll stash it here, and reconnoiter."

"I've scoped out those two bars online. I say we start there, unless you have a better idea?"

"No, that's good. We'll save Conte for later."

"Undercover or full frontal?"

"We don't know how many we're up against, so undercover first."

"Which bar you want to start with?" Duo picked up the laptop to call up the map he found. "We've got the Black Horse and the Samurai. A message prompt blinking up in the corner of the screen caught his eye. "You got mail, Heero."

"Hn." Heero keyed in the password and opened the email. Duo leaned in and read over his shoulder.



What the FUCK are you doing??? Sandrock freaking out! Get your asses back here! Preventers already involved! Risk too great, with toybox! Copy now!!!!

Duo shook his head. "Wow, it's not like Tro to yell. I think he's pissed about us borrowing his stuff."

"He's scared for us, and angry at being left behind." Heero's fingers hovered over the keyboard for a moment. Then he hit "delete."


Zechs sat on the edge of their unmade hotel bed, watching morosely as Wufei buckled the belt of his Preventers uniform and pulled his hair back into that tight ponytail. Sally was waiting for him out in the living room. Zechs had made up his mind to put up a good front for Wufei's sake and so far he'd managed. "Under different circumstances, it might be sexy to see you like this again," he said, trying to cover his own pain.

Wufei wasn't fooled for a moment, of course, He came over and knelt between his knees, looking up at him sadly. "I'm really sorry about this, Zechs," he said for at least the tenth time in the past two hours. "I can only imagine how hard it is for you, staying behind. But you know--"

"Yes, it's for the best. I'd be a liability," Zechs finished for him, not able to mask his bitterness. But it was the truth, and they both knew it. He kissed Wufei and pulled him close, winding his fingers in that silky black switch of hair. "I meant what I told you when we became lovers, Wufei. You do what you have to do; I'll be here when you get back. I just--well, I don't suppose I thought you'd take me up on it quite so soon."

Wufei hugged him hard. "I'll make it up to you, I promise!"

Zechs chuckled in spite of himself. "Really? And how do you mean to do that?"

Wufei sat back on his heels, hands resting on Zechs's thighs. He was blushing, and the sudden shyness in his dark eyes was at odds with the uniform and gun. It really was an erotic contrast, Zechs couldn't help noting despite the situation. "It's been a while since--since I've worn something--special for you." He swallowed hard as he went a shade darker pink. "In the bedroom?"

Zechs caught his breath, his concern and frustration momentarily swept aside as he realized what Wufei was saying. The memory of his tough, lovely little warrior in stockings and satin gloves still gave him an instant hard on. This time was no different, especially when Wufei leaned up and kissed him deeply, then whispered, "Anything you want--my emperor.*" The boy's cheeks went from pink to scarlet; he'd never said anything like that before, never called him anything but 'Zechs', even in bed. It was all Zechs could do not to rip that ugly uniform off him and ravish him right there on the floor.

Instead, he stood up, pulling Wufei to his feet with him, and straightened his tie for him. "I'll give your proposal serious thought. In the meantime, you stay sharp out there, agent. Keep in contact and come back to me in one piece. That's an order, 05."

"I'd better. I haven't driven that Porsche you gave me for my birthday yet, have I? You keep me updated on Trowa and Quatre." The shy blossom boy was gone; Wufei was all mission now. "Watch Trowa. I wouldn't put it past him to do something stupid, too. He's worse than Yuy and Maxwell put together at times, when it comes to a mission. I'm a worried about him. I've never seen him like he's been since the explosion."

"He nearly lost Quatre in that blast. In his place, I'd be hysterical, too, even without the concussion. But he's in no shape to go anywhere. "

"That won't stop him, if he makes up his mind."

"I'll keep that in mind. I'll have him sedated, if necessary."

Wufei managed a wan smile at that, even though Zechs hadn't been joking. "Well, I better go."

They walked out together to meet Sally, who was speaking with several other field agents and the head of Zechs's security.

She smiled as she tossed Wufei his badge. He checked the number and saw it was the same as the one he'd had before.

"Une's had you on inactive status," Sally told him. "The paperwork for your resignation keeps getting 'lost'."

"Stubborn bitch," Zechs muttered. Inactive status meant that technically, a retired agent could be called back in whether he wanted to or not.

She handed Wufei a padded envelope. "Here are the rest of the things you requested. I don't know what you two said to her, but it worked."

Zechs smiled. "I'm not one to overlook an advantage. "

There was no putting it off any longer. It was time for them to go. With all the other people in the room, many of them strangers, Zechs limited himself to a last nod to Wufei as he headed to the door with Sally. The warmth in Wufei's dark eyes as he returned it was a good as a kiss, but Zechs already felt the distance between them, even before the door closed after him.

//Be careful, mei, my love. Come home safe.//


A/N: 1/20/05: *I'm totally enjoying the feedback on Wufei's "my emperor" comment! So far it's been mostly amusement, with a few undertones of horror, perhaps? (Hugs to ahorse, priscel, annissa) Since I'm in the mood to state the obvious, a couple of things.

For those of you who've forgotten, the "emperor" line, along with all Zechs's "blossom" talk, stems back to Ch. 57 when Zechs quoted pre-colony Chinese homoerotic poetry, written by an ancient Chinese emperor to his boy lover, to show (and seduce) Wufei that such things were indeed part of his culture. The poems are real, btw. In another poem from this period, beautiful boy lovers of the emperors are compared to "peach and plum blossoms". For poor confused, innocent, repressed Wufei, such things were shocking eye openers, but also deeply meaningful in coming to terms with his own true sexuality. And they turned him on no end, of course.

Wufei is, in sexual terms, a submissive, as well as repressed. That doesn't mean that he's a wimp in everyday life, obviously, or that he needs to be tied up or spanked to get off. (That would be Duo, and that's a *whole* different kettle of fish.) It just turns him on to be with someone who takes control sexually; Zechs is a very loving, refined, and elegant top, Wufei's perfect match.
Being pushed to his limits and beyond, as in the China Doll chapter, is both educational and exciting, but it's also strictly bedroom play. In daily life, things like Zechs choosing his wardrobe are more subtle manifestations of this. The real thrill isn't what he wears, but the trust needed in giving up control. For someone as tightly wrapped as Wufei, that's a big deal. But he doesn't need to wear women's lingerie under his clothes or anything.

Beyond all that, he and Zechs are also deeply in love, each having found both a soulmate and a perfect sexual partner in the other. Don't look for any "Now it's your turn on top, Wufei" scenes. Ain't gonna happen.

BTW, if anyone has any suggestions for that "special" outfit, email me!

Can you tell I really get into this pairing? Actually, they're all great fun, because they are all so different, given the personalities involved.

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