Author: Honor A. De'Mandoren
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Common Sense + Chapter Four
Rubbing Elbows

I reject your reality and substitute my own!
- Myth Busters


The San Andreas Fault was actually a premier dance club roughly three blocks from the resort. Zechs and I shimmied into leather pants, low heeled boots and then he put on that ice blue shirt I found for him and I put on a dark wine red shirt that let me hide a gun in the back of my pants. (Yes, Trowa finally clued me in on how to hide a gun in skin tight pants, but since that's confidential information I'm not saying another word about it.)

At this point, it must be mentioned how HOT Zechs is in leather. I mean, the man could set the room on fire he was that hot. I had the hardest time not staring...and drooling...and indulging in brief fantasies that didn't involve clothing...


Eek! I snapped back into the present. Okay, think of some good reason why you were staring at his ass-- "Are you armed somehow?"


I knew better than to ask how or where. Maybe he'd picked up a trick or two from Heero. "Cool. Then let's get this party started."


The club was a ritzy one, for obvious reasons. Huge dance floor at the bottom of a small staircase, little tables scattered around at the back, a bar off to the right, then another level that I assumed had more tables. The light was low, and a soft yellow. I could feel the beat of the place and the mood as soon as I cleared the door--be free, do whatever, no consequences.

Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to me. Everything right now has consequences. I can't be suckered into the mood. Especially not with Zechs right behind me. He was temptation at its most potent.

Our beach buddies were already there, dancing away. One of them spotted us and waved enthusiastically. I waved back, tugging Zechs in that direction.

You couldn't really hear over the music it was so loud, but I can read lips with the best of them. Sharon was the one talking "Hey! I'm so glad you're here! Come join us, the music is incredible."

We joined in, and that's when I learned something very interesting.

My partner is really good at doing a vertical tango.

I mean, when Sharon waved us over I thought to myself 'okay, they're mostly doing the group thing' and joined in. But when I saw how Zechs could move, I was privately lamenting that I couldn't hook my arms around his neck and do some rubbing against that fabulous bod.

Three songs in, and Sharon leaned in close to (sorta) whisper in my ear "Why aren't you guys dancing together?"

That's what I want to know! "Whaddya mean?"

She gave me a weird look. "Well, you're together, right?"

Several things just clicked in that moment. Oh shit. Where has my brain been? Did it take a vacation or something? I had no way to respond to her at that moment, and to cover that up I glanced in surprise down at my waist. I pulled my cellphone free and flicked it open. "Hang on a sec, Sharon. I don't dare ignore this. ZECHS!"

He turned to look at me, brow cocked.

"Relena," I said loudly. "Come on, I'm not dealing with her alone."

He followed me off the dance floor, up the stairs, and into a back corner. With that much distance between us and the speakers on the main floor, we could actually have a conversation without yelling.

"What's going on Duo? There is no way in hell that Relena has your cellphone number, or would ever contemplate calling you."

This man is definitely no slouch in the think tank department. "Dude, we're idiots. We have completely overlooked something."

Zechs just looked at me blankly. "Such as?"

"If you were in someone else's shoes, say Sharon's, and you saw two ex-Gundam pilots show up together, at the same resort, sharing the *same* *room*, what conclusions would you draw?"

His mouth dropped open soundlessly.

"Yup. She just asked me why we weren't dancing together."

Zechs took in a deep breath and let it out. "Right. It would be tedious to explain over and over again that we weren't a couple...and I don't think anyone would believe us. The evidence says otherwise." way. He actually wanted to go along with this? I pinched myself just to make sure I hadn't fallen into one of my lustful day dreams. Ow! Okay, so I was still in reality. "Uh, yeah, you're right. And you're okay with this?"

"Yes," he said simply.

Ow! Nope, still in reality. "Cool. Okay, I propose that we're a new couple, that will explain how we acted beforehand, and in the future if we do something stupid."

Zechs nodded. "Good idea. And Relena doesn't like that we're together, so that's why you dragged me away to deal with her. We can continue to use Relena as a cue that something is going on, and we need to discuss it before going any further."

"Not a bad idea. Okay, anything else we need to straighten out before going back down there?"

He paused, uncertainty scrawled all over his face. "How...intimate do you want to get?"

I *don't* think they'll let us screw each other blind on the dance floor, Zechs. "We'll play that by ear. Zechs...I gotta tell ya, I'm gay, so this whole thing doesn't bother me. But if you're straight, you have to tell me what the limits are now." I was pretty sure he wasn't, probably bi, but this was a beautiful opportunity to clarify things and I wasn't passing it up.

"...I'm not straight. But I'm not into public sex either."

Well now, that was an interesting yard stick he had just handed me. "Cool. Then, let's rock and roll." I held out a hand to him and waited. Slowly he accepted it, and tangled his fingers in with mine. I just knew that I was going to love this mission.

We went back down to the main floor. Sharon, being a girl, wanted to know all the details. "Something wrong?"

"His crazy sister is driving me insane," I replied with a roll of the eyes. Subtly I was tugging Zechs in closer to me.

Everyone near us were giving us these appraising looks, and I could see the light go on in a few heads. Zechs must have picked up on it too, because he slid both hands around my waist and pulled me in possessively. I just melted into him. Call me sentimental, but I love being held like this.

Sharon stepped in closer, trying for a confidential conversation in a crowded room. "So what's changed?"

I managed to blush and look sheepish. "We're new at this, and he's a little shy."

"Oh." Sharon seemed to think that was an adequate explanation for everything, because she started dancing again.

And so did we. I twisted my hips, not-so-accidentally into my partner's hips. Even through the music I heard him hiss sharply and felt his reaction. I'm so bad! I know he's only doing this for the mission, why can't I behave a little?

He turned me sharply so that I was facing him, and brought me in snugly. He rotated us both on the downbeat, bending me almost in half. I followed his lead, one arm slung around his neck to keep my balance. Rubbing up against a sexy guy, one that you can pretend is your boyfriend, needs to be added into my missions from now on.

We must have stayed there for a good three, maybe four hours. We met a ton of people, talked to them some, made arrangements to meet some of them the next day and then left. It was a very good thing that we left when we did. During that time, Zechs and I were almost plastered together dancing, and the building sexual tension was getting to me. If we'd been a normal couple, then we'd have retreated to our room in the resort and worked that sexual tension off.

But we weren't a normal couple, now were we?

When had make-believe become too real to ignore? My whole body was aching for Zechs, and it wasn't a pleasant thing either. I wanted to haul him into a dark corner, and give into the temptation to find out just how his body tasted. But I couldn't do it.

I tried to keep that frustration from my face and body language as we left. I tossed Zechs the keys to the 'vette and let him drive, pretending that I just wanted sleep. The drive was silent on the way back, and I let it stay silent as we made our way up to our room.

I had the keycard in the door when Zechs pressed up against me, breath hot on my neck, pressing his pelvis against me...dominating me. My eyes screwed shut as I fought with my body, fought against the impulse to turn around and let him do whatever he wanted. Mission, Maxwell, he's doing it for the mission--

"I think it's time we stopped lying, don't you?"

My head shot up. "W-what?"

The door fell open under his hand and we stumbled inside. I barely managed to turn around before he had me pinned against the wall. Those ice blue eyes were staring right at me, and I couldn't have evaded them if my life depended on it.

"Stop lying, Duo. If you didn't want me, if you weren't attracted to me, then nothing Sharon or anyone else had said would have mattered. You would have found a way around it, made up some story that would explain why we were here together without compromising the mission."

He's right. I would have. But I wanted so badly to have my hands on him that I'd jumped for the first opportunity, the first excuse I found...and he'd seen through me. I swallowed against my suddenly dry mouth. "Zechs--"

Waitaminute. I knew why *I* had agreed to this...but why had *he* agreed to it?

He pressed in closer, head lowering. There was a smile in his eyes that was captivating my full attention. "I can see it on your face. You just realized it. I gave you every hint I could think of, and you never took the bait until tonight."

Later, I would figure out what hints. Later, I would think about why he'd finally said something. Later, I would wonder if we had locked the door. Right this minute, I just had to kiss him.

He tasted like warm sunshine, and male, and some tart flavor that was all Zechs. Someone groaned low as our tongues tangled, not that it mattered who. What did matter was that there were too many clothes in the way.

Zechs was of the same mind. He started tugging my shirt off about the same time I started arguing with his. We might have been able to do it smoother if we could stop kissing each other, but personally I didn't care to stop kissing him anytime soon. Maybe next century.

The shirts hit the floor with soft 'whumps'. My hands were already roving, over smooth skin and muscle. He shivered, or hummed in soft delight as I learned what places he liked touched, and how his body was shaped. His hair was soft against my skin, and I ran my fingers through the edge of it a few times, feeling absurdly giddy that I could.

I wasn't built like Zechs. I was more like an alley cat, lean and tough. But damn if the man didn't home in on all of my sensitive spots. He stopped kissing me to nibble on a particularly sensitive spot on my neck, and I only allowed this because the man knew exactly what to do with that tongue.

His hands had been roving too, learning what my body felt like, but I felt him hesitate at the waistline of my pants. He was wondering how far he could push this...I was wondering too. I didn't do one-night stands, or mission flings. At the same time, I was so hard it was painful and if he stopped now, I would in fact break down and cry like a girl. "Don't stop," I moaned into his shoulder.

He still hesitated, head lifting to look at me. "This won't stop here."

I grinned up at him fiercely. "If I thought you were just using me for stress relief, Merquise, you'd be in a world of pain right now."

He grinned back--and unlaced the front of my pants to slide his hand in. My breath caught as his hand wrapped around me, tugging me free. "Oh god." Then he started moving that hand, and I swear fireworks started going off. "Ohgodohgodohgod."

I couldn't just stand there and let him touch me, I'd go crazy. I jerked his pants free and started exploring what that leather had been hiding all night. Enough brain cells were still working to inform me that Zechs was hung like a stallion, and he really liked it when I lightly rubbed my nails against his skin.

At some point we started feeding off each other's mouths like starving men, hands working over each other's erections. Minutes, hours, days, I couldn't tell you how much time passed before I lost control. My climax jerked out of me so hard and fast I almost fainted. My knees definitely couldn't hold up to the strain and started buckling.

Zechs groaned low, trembling a little as he climaxed in my hand. Judging from how he was swaying a little, his knees were mutinying on him too.

We stood there, breathing in each other's mouths, and just looking at the other. I had no idea what to say. Whatever came to mind seemed like the wrong thing to blurt out at this moment. This was happening a little too fast for me, but not fast enough at the same time.

Finally he broke the silence. "Floor or bed?"

I looked at the bed behind him. Maybe ten feet away. Way too far. "Floor."

"I'm so glad you said that," he muttered with a smile playing around his mouth.

Thankfully we both sank to the floor. Zechs pulled me against him before I could wonder if he wanted to snuggle a bit. I sank onto his chest with a sigh of part relief, and part contentment. Oh good...I was wondering if he were too 'macho' to snuggle. It would have been a definite point of friction between us if he only wanted to touch during sex or something.

A short eon later, curiosity finally won out over afterglow, and I twisted so I could look at his face. "Zechs?"

He peeked open an eye at me. "Let me guess. You want to know why I didn't say anything before this."

I grinned at him and nuzzled a little against his jawline. "You're so gosh darned intelligent, Zechsy."

"Brat," he grunted at me. "If you must know, I..." With a deep breath he gathered up my hair in both hands, staring straight into my eyes. "I never thought I had a chance with you, Duo. I thought there was just too much history, too much opposition. And then you reached out and helped me. Why did you do that?"

I have no idea. It had been impulse on my part. I was bored, he needed help, we both wanted to be somewhere else than Relena's stupid party. "I just...I never thought of you as my enemy, Zechs. You were just someone I didn't really know."

He shook his head, almost laughing at himself. "So the only barriers were the ones I had created... Thank god for your friendly nature. Otherwise none of this would have happened."

Thinking back on that moment...I had to agree with him. Feeling mischievous (and yes, I will admit it, horny) I rubbed up against him. "I can be a lot friendlier."

His eyes went smoky blue as he rolled and put me underneath him.

It was a long, long time before we managed to get off that floor.

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