by Caer

Death Becomes Him + Part 1

"Shit! Shit!"

Just on of many of Duo's colorful expletives since the two boy's had found themselves in their current state of affairs.

Quatre stood in the middle of the small cell, a determined look on his face as he desperately looked around him for some way out.

The more active boy was, however, up on the small desk on his knees, trying to pry one of the small portholes open.

"There has got to be a way out of here." Quatre said in his soft but hopeful voice. He looked down at the floor now, wracking his brain for some hope, something they had missed before. The floor he looked upon was covered with about three feet worth of water that lapped at his knees, teasing him. I can get out but you can't, it seemed to mock. Quatre turned his head away from the liquid derision and looked around the room again.

The 'whooshing' sound and the sudden feel of warm air on his face drew his attention back up to his dark companion. The boy had the small hatch open and now had his braided head all the way out.

Duo looked around outside. He noted with disappointment that there were no boats. Fuck! They're probably on the other side of this crate! He tried yelling for help, but to no avail. There was nothing around but the massive carrier they were trapped within as it slowly slipped into the depths of the Pacific. Huge drifts of black smoke spouted from one end of the craft; marking where enemy Leo's had blasted it apart.


He ducked back in.

"Hey Quatre! Come up here."

Quatre sighed and climbed up on the desk with his comrade.

"You're the bendy one. See if you can yoga your way out of this thing."

Quatre eyed the small hole warily. "I'll try."

Quatre knelt down and stuck one arm out experimentally. He then pressed his head against the arm and slid them both out so that they were outside the window.

"Uggghh. That is so gross." Duo said from inside as he watched the other boy push gently and twist his body, trying to squeeze out. Nice ass though, he thought to himself as he took his eyes away from the contorting top half of Quatre and looked Southward.

Quatre and Duo had roughly the same build although Duo was a bit more muscular than his blond counterpart. Is this what Hilde sees when she looks at my ass? He grinned Lucky girl.

Quatre pulled himself back in and rubbed his shoulder.

"It's no use Duo. Even if I dislocated my arm, I couldn't get out. It's just too small."

"Gah! You're starting to sound like Heero. Almost. He would probably gnaw his own arm off."

Quatre laughed. "Probably."

They sat back down. Quatre looked down at the floor sadly.

"I'm sorry I got us into this Duo."

Duo arched an eyebrow and put his hands on his hips.

"How did you get us into this Quat man? Our cover was blown already. We were set up."

Quatre shook his head. "I should have seen it."

Duo sighed. He had long since given up trying to argue too much when the over-conscientious blond decided to take responsibility. He satisfied himself with kicking his friend lightly in the knee.


They sat in silence for a while. Duo leaned up against the wall. The water continued to rise slowly.

"I'm not afraid to die," Quatre broke the silence. "But I never thought I would have to wait for it. I always thought I would die in my Sandrock."

"You and me both Quat. I had to do this once before."

Quatre looked up. "When?"

"Back in 195, when Une had us all, except you. Wufei and I were in the same cell." Duo carefully avoided telling Quatre where Trowa and Heero had been at the time.

"Une turned off the oxygen supply to the prison block."

Quatre listened with stunned curiosity.

"How did you deal with it Duo?"

"I whined about it. Constantly. Good thing Wufei is so patient. He was usual calm justice infested self. He told me to make the best of it just in case and then put himself in a trance to conserve air."

"But, how did you escape."

"We got lucky. Real lucky. I never found out who let us out. At the time I didn't care. I was too busy breathing."

Quatre smiled at the God of death's levity.

They lapsed into silence again. Duo hummed some American song that popped into his head. The carrier creaked all around them as stressed metal in the hull sent little vibrations through the ship.

Duo looked at Quatre, who was now looking out the window at the cloudless blue of the sky that matched his beautiful eyes. He really was something to covet with his stunning eyes, gentle grace and a warm heart that seemed to envelop the whole universe in boundless love. His short blond hair that was so light, it was the blond you usually only saw on young children and just as soft, hung in damp rivulets around his face. His face relaxed into an unconscious half smile, even when he was sad.

"Do you think we'll go to heaven Duo?"

Duo frowned. They were both killers, but he couldn't ever see the blond boy anywhere else.

"Oh Quatre. If they don't take you in heaven, than God is truly cruel. But then, you could always keep me company on the dark side!" He smiled a grand smile, eyes sparkling and Quatre looked into them with nothing but honesty.

"Oh no Duo. You are a kind, kind person."

"So are you Quatre. Trowa would be lucky to have you."

Quatre blushed, but he knew that Duo would know. Duo saw these things.

"Did you ever tell him Quatre?"

"No." Quatre whispered. "That is my biggest regret, but I was afraid."

"He does like you."

He nodded. "Yes... but I don't think he's... that way. I would rather be his friend. I don't want him to be afraid of me."

Duo put his hands on the back of his head and reclined. He gave Quatre a knowing 'corner of the eye' stare.

"I've been there. It's not fun, but I still think you should tell him."

"Maybe... What about you? Do you have a 'special someone'?"

Duo smiled and looked up at the ceiling.

"Yup. Hilde."

Quatre smiled in remembrance. "She's beautiful! I know you loved her."

"I do. She's one hell of a woman. For one thing, she doesn't take my crap. It's nice to have a girl who can stand up for herself. Usually I find the ones that hang all over you. She's pretty independent. Funny..."

Duo dropped off, though he still had the classic Duo smile on, but it was empty for a moment. Quatre got up, concerned.


"We were going to go through with it."


"You know... IT."

Quatre blushed again. "Oh" He said.

"Yeah. She finally agreed, said she wanted it. I had it all planned out. The flowers, the dancing..."

The dark pilot angrily wiped a stray tear away. Strong arms closed around him and he found himself in the warm embrace of his gentle friend. He hesitantly wrapped his own around the boy's shoulders and they stood together in quiet comfort.

After a long while, Duo came out of his own memories and looked at the blond head on his shoulder. The young Arabian was rubbing his back, comforting and steady. Duo brought his hand up to touch the white down on the top of Quatre's head. He smiled. It did feel as soft as it looked. Quatre tightened the embrace and Duo began to wonder if Quatre had ever truly been loved. Though Duo had never been rich himself, he had been scowled at by plenty of them and he knew their type. They were the loneliest of all people as far as Duo was concerned. It was a simple truth. Too rich to touch. It was private schools or home tutors. Quatre being a Gundam pilot to boot, probably meant the latter. Yup... lonely.

Duo made a decision. He would try it and see. He pulled back a little and turned his head, forcing Quatre to lift his own and meet the violet eyes. Duo took the blond by the chin and tipped his head to be kissed. Their lips pressed together and Duo opened his mouth slightly, letting his tongue brush the other's soft lips, while pulling gently with his own. Quatre's hands fluttered and he drew back, but Duo kept them in a firm embrace though he allowed the kiss to stop, looking in surprised blue eyes, searching.

"Quatre. I'm saying this as your best friend and you know in your heart that I never tell a lie."

Quatre nodded faintly.

"Let me show you... this. Let me love you before we go. I'm not saying I don't want this for me, but I want to give you... I want..." he took a deep breath "I don't want you to think that you're alone Quatre. Maybe we both need this, to take our minds off of..."

Quatre looked to the side, still leaning back in Duo's arms. He was not afraid. All he could feel was love coming from his long-time companion's heart. The water kissing his thighs, reminding him that this was it. There would be no more chances with Trowa. It was just he and his best friend. A friend who offered this love out of kindness and a little need, but mostly kindness. He brought his head up and met Duo's questioning gaze squarely.

"Yes Duo. I do want this. Please."

Duo nodded He pulled Quatre's head in and kissed again. This time, he poured his soul into the kiss and took the Arabian's breath away. He moved his body seductively against the other's, rubbing his hands up and down the khaki clad thighs before bringing a hand up between Quatre's legs and rubbing the flesh beneath to life. Quatre moaned into Duo's teasing mouth and practically danced as he pressed his hips against the fervent hand. Duo moved away. He smiled at Quatre, who stood, eyes closed, swaying with need reaching out for the receding warmth. The blue eyes fluttered open and looked at him.

"Take you're clothes off Quatre." Duo said as he removed his own.

Quatre watched the braided boy and absently began to unbutton his own dress shirt. Duo's body was powerful under all that costume. The sinewy muscles were compact, but not over-developed. His stomach was tight and the six-pack, though light, was apparent. Quatre had never really thought about it before, but his friend was indeed beautiful.

With some difficulty, they peeled their pants off and finally stood naked in the water, gazing ate each other. There was no shyness, just appreciation. Pale, almost translucent skin paralleled a slightly more tanned form. Short blond hair counteracting long, now loose chocolate locks. Together, they were a sight that would send any true artist weeping at the beauty. They moved together and began a slow gentle dance.

Their bodies slid together, exploring each other, dry arms against the beginning perspirations of their entangled upper bodies, while their wet legs moved together, pressing in for more attention.

Duo finally broke the desperate embrace and turned Quatre around, whispering into small delicate ear.

"Let me show you Beautiful Quatre."

Duo bent Quatre over the desk, sliding his hands along the other's arms and bringing them to rest along his milky sides. Then he pressed his own nakedness up against the pale buttocks and rubbed himself in the cleft between. He sighed at the soft feel of Quatre's virgin skin as well as the warm water that lapped against the tip of his erect member as he rubbed. The blond was panting now and wriggling in anticipation. His hands had clasped the edge of the desk beneath him down by his hips. He started to get up, but Duo pressed him down by the small of his back.

"Duo!" Quatre protested, but the brunette quickly silenced him by leaning over and placing a hand over the soft lips. He had done this for a specific reason.

"Shhh..." He breathed against the blonde's back and kissed one soft scapula, tracing the ridge with his lips. "Close you're eyes Quatre. Pretend that I'm Trowa... little one."

He brought his other hand down to reach under Quatre's legs and tease. Quatre's length was partially in the water and Duo cupped the end, tracing a circle around the head, before drawing up the underside, trails of water sliding from his fingers to drip back down the hard flesh and back into the lapping warmth. Quatre wriggled and gasped, his fingers tightening on the desk. Duo grinned as he continued to tickle the sensitive organ. Then he cupped the soft sacks at the top, massaging them gently in his open hand. Quatre moaned and jerked his hips forward, not even realizing how much his sincere and innocent reactions were driving the dark pilot crazy with desire. Duo had always been at the receiving end in his homosexual dabblings and had never known the pleasures of this kind of sweet control. He ached to be inside this softness below that cried out in newfound pleasure. He dipped his hip a little, wetting his own eager erection in the water and at the same time, pushing a wet finger into Quatre's anus. The blond boy made no sound except to pant a little harder, trying to relax at the anticipated invasion. He pushed back.

"Please. I want... something... please."

Duo stretched Quatre a little further and then brought a cupped handful of the warm water up to trickle down the crack of Quatre's butt, rubbing the water around and inside. Then he positioned himself and pushed. Once he was just inside but past the initial ring of muscle, he brought his hands up to Quatre's shoulders and began to massage them firmly, pushing himself a little further into the boy with each firm squeeze to the tense muscles in the milky shoulders.

Quatre grunted in soft exhalations as the intrusion moved further inside. It was painful, yet he felt a physical elation as his own muscles gave way and he was filled a little more with each stroke. He moved with Duo by using his hands on the desk to pull his own body back into the other boy's advancing pushes.

Once he was seated as deep as he could go, Duo stopped, clenching his teeth to hold back his desire to surge into the willing boy and still massaging Quatre's shoulders and back to relax him. When the slender pilot's breathing had calmed a bit, Duo began to move back and forth, pulling the other's hips in and out of him, reveling in the tightness that clenched around his thrusting member. The friction was brilliant and he began to pump faster. As he pulled them both back a little, he reached around to satisfy Quatre's own neglected member and they moved together in a beautiful dance, the water they disturbed lapping time with their passion. Quatre began to writhe and his hands released the desk to move up above him and slide down the wall, his hands clenching.

"Please... I... Tro... oh ... DUO!"

Quatre came, spilling his passion into the watery death that had now risen unnoticed above the desk, wetting the cheek and torso of the blond boy. He pulled up onto his elbows and arched his head up as waves of pleasure played havoc with his body.

At the muscles spasming and clenching around him, as well as the sound of his name, Duo let go with a shout and arched his back, pressing himself deep into the flesh before releasing his own golden release. He pumped a few more times and fell over Quatre, pulling out, but leaning breathless over the other boy, his arms threatening to collapse.

As soon as Quatre felt himself free, he flipped around and caught the braided boy, pulling him close and kissing an exposed ear.

"Oh Duo, Duo..." Tears squeezed from his eyes as he pulled them both onto the desk and they lay in the inch of water, exhausted in bliss and oblivious to the death that was slowly swallowing away year after year of the unrealized life they might have had.

After Duo got his breath back, he growled. "Why. Why did you call my name?"

Quatre looked into his eyes with complete sincerity...

"You wanted me to."

"I did?"

Quatre smiled and nodded. Then he lowered his eyes as he spoke again.

"None of you ever knew this, but I love all of you. You are all so kind... and though it's Trowa I wanted, you are the one who is here with me. Right here and right now Duo. You have given me a beautiful gift Duo and I won't cheapen it with the fantasy of someone else, not even Trowa."

Duo stared at Quatre with wide violet eyes. Quatre's eloquent words touched him and his chest tightened. He was about to argue, with what he didn't know when Quatre kissed him softly.

Duo's thoughts floated errantly out of his brain as he returned the kiss, pulling the soft body closer to him. They lay together, darkness and light, talking about religion, their families and why they had become pilots and anything else that came to mind as the water climbed higher and higher. They shared their dreams and sorrows, pouring their hearts out in somber but brave confessions as they awaited the end.


When finally the water was finally lapping at their necks, while their heads bumped against the ceiling of their small cell as they stood on the desk beneath, Duo grabbed Quatre, mid-conversation and pulled him into a searing kiss. Quatre's muffled words fell away as he returned with fierce passion. It was time to say goodbye.

Duo rubbed his erection rhythmically against Quatre's and both boys climbed toward their last ecstasy. As they came together, Duo locked lips with his best friend and drew them beneath down under, holding Quatre tightly against him, while the other hand maneuvered the small switchblade he had kept clutched in his hand as they had talked and released it from it's sheath. It made no sound in the water and he brought it up behind Quatre's back. He would at least spare his companion the agony of drowning. His free chestnut tresses flowed about them, hiding the knife as he prepared to slide it into that vital spot behind Quatre's delicate ear. "Forgive me Quatre," he thought as he pressed them back and tightened his grip on the blade...

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