by Caer

Death Becomes Him + Part 2

Old and weary from a lifetime of war, she sank into that which was her savior. It drew her finally down into the cold dark nothing of eternal peace. Her body creaked and groaned at the strain of ensuing death, but she made no move to stop it. Peace at last was laying claim to the massive tool of war. Triumphantly, it pulled to it's silent bosom, another victim to feed it's eternal hunger.

Inside of the marinal tomb, suspended in silent beauty, two angels. One, slender and willowy with tendrils of gold to crown an innocent head hung reclined slightly as if in relaxed surrender to the infinite. Tiny bubbles clung to his delicate white eyelashes and a tinge of pink, still clung to youthfully rounded cheeks.

The other, similar in size, but built slightly more powerful with olive toned skin and tresses of dark chocolate had one slender arm wrapped around the waist of the fairer youth while the other arm was snaked up behind his back, the blade held in his hand glinting in the receding sunlight. Strands of the thick russet mane reached out and wrapped around the smaller youth as if alive, hiding them both in a mellifluous curtain.

The two figures were captured in time as they rode peacefully within the tomb of the giant boat as she surrendered to the sea.

Until she was yanked back up, groaning in anguish, by a stronger comrade of war than ever was built.

Water poured from her thousand orifices as the mobile suit held her aloft once more.

And the two angels now lay like drowned rats on a dingy waterlogged desk.


Duo coughed once and his eyes snapped open. He was lying, soaked on the tiny desk inside their cell. He couldn't see for all the hair in his eyes, though he couldn't open those for all the coughing he was doing, trying to evacuate the water from his sore lungs.

" Qua... Qu."

He coughed some more and put his hand on the still boy somewhere in front of his soppy hair. At the feel of the motionless body, though, he weakly rolled off his back and onto his elbow beside Quatre, lifting the troublesome locks out of his face and looking down at his friend.

No breath escaped the pale lips and rivulets of red pooled in the water under the boys neck.

"No... I didn't ... Quatre!"

He grabbed Quatre's shoulders and yanked the boy to him. Tears threatening.

Quatre coughed violently, puking up water.

Duo ignored the warm water and saliva all over his shoulder and turned the blond over, supporting him by a pale slender shoulder and hitting him solidly on the back. Quatre continued to cough. Duo noted with no small amount of relief that the blood that poured freely was from a simple cut on the back of Quatre's neck, where the knife must have slipped when they were... um... saying goodbye.

But we're OK, he thought.

Suddenly, the factor of why they were Ok seemed somewhat important. Due tried to get up.

"Quatre! We're Ok!"

He found rising a bit of a quandary as his hair was wrapped quite painfully, all about the coughing Quatre.

"Ow! Duo! What happened?" The blonde's coughing was less now and he attempted to pull pieces of the smooth wet hair off of him. As soon as Duo was free, the energetic brunette jumped and popped his head out the window.

The familiar outline of Wing Zero towered above them.

"Hey! Heero!" Duo shouted, knowing that the Gundam's internal detectors had already zoomed in on him and he waved. Heero's voice boomed out over the external speakers.

"Duo, get back, I'm going to melt a hole for you two to get out."

Duo smiled and waved happily at the Gundam Shenlong as it appeared, hovering above the surface, brandishing its staff.

"Great! That's just... SHIT!"

Duo ducked back in, realizing that they were both still dressed in oh... nothing and that was about to become common Pilot knowledge.

"Quatre, get away from the window and for God's sake, put your clothes on!"

He jumped to the floor, grabbing the small piles of sopping wet clothes from all over and throwing them at the other boy. Quatre pushed himself off the desk to his feet and grabbed the clothes to him as they hit his chest with a squelchy plop. He was still trying to stop coughing, but his eyes widened as he imagined the possible implications of the other pilots finding them in this state. He began shake the wet vestments into some sort of order and followed Duo in redressing with speed. As he pulled his shirt on, he felt sudden pain as the collar settled around his neck. Reaching up, he discovered the long cut. He glanced around the room and his eyes settled on Duo's knife, still lying on the floor. He stood up and glared at the knife in questioning consternation, but the knife didn't want to talk, so he turned to Duo.


The wall beside them suddenly turned white, sending out waves of heat before it completely melted away and the two pilots were faced with the crackling energy of a very deadly energy beam which was quickly pulled away so as not to melt the two soaked pilots. The room was now filled with steam that smelled of hot seawater and smoldering wood and metal.

The giant metal hand of Wing Zero descended and steadied by the melted wall. Quatre and Duo climbed on and waited. Heero's voice boomed out again. The two wet, tired boys could feel the vibrations carry through the Gundam and into their feet.

"I don't suppose you managed to keep your Gundams intact?"

Quatre looked down in shame. Duo didn't do much better, though he did manage to reply.

"No Heero. It was an infiltration mission only. Our Gundams are fine."

"Good, because the cargo deck is about 5 miles down. We'll take you home and you can explain how you both managed to screw up a simple infiltration mission."

Duo hmphed, but Quatre looked up.

"Thank you for coming for us Heero."

The Gundam was silent as the hand closed about them and they were ensconced in shadows. Duo smiled a little.

"He's getting better."

He couldn't see Quatre well, but he could almost feel the smile and good humor from the other pilot.

"Yeah. He hardly ever tries to kill us at all anymore."

Duo looked down and sighed. He nervously tried to re-gather his scraggly hair together into some semblance of order.

"I'm really sorry Quatre."

"Hmm? Why?"

"I bet you wanted Trowa to be your first. Now I've ruined that."

He heard a shuffle and the sopping Quatre suddenly plopped down beside him with a squelch and hung a dripping arm over the dark pilot's shoulder.

"Don't be ridiculous."

"Oh great... here comes another one of your angel-Quatre speeches."

Quatre attempted a death glare, but ended up chuckling instead.

"Look Duo, I told you... I love you all. I don't regret anything."

"Oh no?" He asked, gruffly sarcastic.

"Not at all. Besides, I could have fought you off if I wanted to."

"You wish. You couldn't .... If the .... Were...."

The wind picked up as the Gundam lifted off the boat and sped off, letting the carrier sink back toward it's original destination and communication was effectively drowned out as it grew too loud for them to hear.


3 Months later.

Duo closed the door of the lodge and smiled as he watched Quatre revel at the newly fallen snow. He had dressed the blond appropriately in the latest in outdoor fashion. He wore a white fitted body coat with black boots and gloves. Duo himself was more casual, in jeans a turtleneck and sweater and a knee-length black trench. He was used to this weather, but he figured on the blond being more used to the desert.

Quatre gasped as he watched his boots sink into the beautiful white blanket of crystallized water. It stuck to his hair and eyelids and he felt peace descend on him in the silence, disturbed only by the wet taps of flakes that hit the outside of his coat. The world seemed cleaner this way... innocent.

Duo crunched up behind him.

"You like it?"

"It's beautiful! Just like the rest of earth. Is there no end to the beauty here?" He said the last part quietly to himself, but Duo heard anyway.

Not now that you're here, Duo thought, watching his graceful companion reach out an ungloved hand to catch the flakes and watch them melt. Duo laughed.

"I told you it was cool. This isn't even the good part. I have the whole weekend planned out."

"I can't wait. When's Hilde going to get here?"

Duo put his hands in his pockets and smiled.

"Hilde and I split up."

Quatre's eyes widened and he took a step forward.

"But you were doing so well together. What went wrong?"

"Everything. Basically mobility. She's a homebody and I like to move around. It happens when you actually try to settle down with someone."

"I'm sorry Duo."

I'm cool with it."


Quatre looked down and pushed the snow with his boot. He didn't like being lied to. He hated it when his friends tried to protect him from their hurt. Due was wearing that devil-may-care smile he usually put on when he was in trouble or unhappy. Then the braided boy sighed. Quatre looked up and found Duo looking back at him with an expression that said "I'm not fooling anybody am I?" Duo smiled sadly and kicked at the snow, sending a puff of white into the air.

"I guess we're both on the rebound now eh Quatre?"

"No... Kind of... I mean, I never actually told Trowa how I felt."

"What!? What did I tell you about..."

"I know Duo, but he already had a girlfriend."

Duo clenched his fists and looked down in thought. Even being pissed about Quatre not getting Trowa, he couldn't stifle the little voice in the back of his head that kept suggesting that Quatre could be his now. He shook his head, trying to dislodge the thought physically.

"Damn. So Trowa's straight."

Duo smiled again.

"This girl of his didn't happen to have a beard did she?"

Quatre stared at Duo in shock, then started laughing again.

"Duo! No. She's very nice. She does work at the circus. And she makes Trowa happy. That's what counts. As long as he's happy, so am I."

Duo Hmphed.

"You would be."

They looked at each other in understanding and amusement. After all they had been through it was nice discussing something other than war. Duo went and grabbed the toboggan that was leaning at the side of the house.

"So Quatre, ever been sledding?"

Quatre's eyes lit up.

"Only in simulations."

"Mmm Hmm. Definitely not the same thing. Come on." Duo started walking. Quatre stood still.

"Um, Duo, the course is that way."

Duo shook his head.

"No way Quatre. Those hills are for amateurs. I found a hill that's worthy of a Gundam Pilot."

Quatre followed the evilly grinning Gundam boy warily. Uh oh.


"Ready Quatre?"

The boys sat atop a slope that could only be described as sheer suicide. Quatre was seriously thinking of chickening out and opting for hot cocoa at the lodge, but while his brain said warning, death, his heart said Yehah!. Not only was the slope precipitously inclined, it was covered with large tree sized obstacles and lumps that spoke of many cleverly hidden rocks.

Duo didn't allow for much contemplation though as he "Whooped" and pushed them over, jumping in behind the blond.

"No worries Quatre!" He yelled as the sped down the hill. "If something gets in your way, just lean!"

The boys tumbled down the hill at breakneck speed for about a quarter of a mile, laughing and yelling, before they finally cleared a ledge and crashed in the snow below. Then they just lay in the snow, laughing, allowing the adrenaline and euphoria to wash over them.

Duo stared up at the sunny sky, listening to Quatre laugh, when he decided to hell with it all and went to make a move. He crawled over to Quatre and draped himself over the boy, sticking his face up close to Quatre's and rubbing their noses together. He stared down at Quatre, trying to make his intentions known.

They were, in fact, screamingly obvious and Quatre smiled, and made light of his own intentions by lifting his head up and capturing Duo's mouth in a warm kiss. Duo shivered from something much better than cold.


He then began to ravish the other pilot's mouth with his tongue, nibbling and exploring. Quatre returned the kiss in kind and a bit fiercer than their last encounter.

Duo whimpered as he felt himself stir. He pushed his mouth and nose into the furry hood of Quatre's jacket and captured a delicate earlobe. He felt ungloved hands slide behind his neck and push into the thick hair that pooled at his neck, before assembling itself into the ever present braid and pulling him back into another kiss. Quatre's soft tongue pushed it's way into his eager mouth and he captured it, sucking on it before simply pressing his open mouth against the blonde's and taking turns in the increasingly heated explorations of passion.

Fortunately, it was a sunny day and neither pilot was the least bit cold, especially now. The sun smiled happily down on the pilot in black and Quatre was safely cocooned in the latest in weatherproof technology so that even the cold snow against his back was not enough to disturb the boys' zeal.

Duo took Quatre's mouth again and again, only pausing to come up for air. Now that they had started, it was as if a floodgate had opened up and Duo kissed frantically, wanting to engulf the boy beneath him in all the love he had to offer but had been refused. He threw his leg over and straddled Quatre. Then, sitting up, he removed the gloves and began to unzip Quatre's jumpsuit.

Quatre was still trying to catch his breath.


Duo had gotten through the first layer and was now sliding his hands up underneath the taupe sweater and white turtleneck beneath. Because of the gloves, his hands were warm and a little sweaty as he stroked the firm chest beneath. He looked up, meeting a concerned gaze that seemed to say "Are you sure this is right?" It was merely a reflection of his own logic, but his pent-up need and loneliness had thus far overridden any logical train of thought. They were both on the rebound and they were treading potentially dangerous emotional territory. Duo looked down, shamed but he couldn't stop his hands from caressing gently.

"I want you Quatre." He ran his thumbs over the soft nipples, which were already erect in eager response. Quatre's breathing sped up, but he reached down and pulled the hands away.

"I want you too Duo, but here?"

Duo looked up stunned. He had expected a lecture on the rights and wrongs of relationships from the sensitive blond. Instead, Quatre was flushed with passion instead of the moral reprehension. However, the blonde's eyes looked around guiltily for someone who might witness their activities. Duo grinned.

"What's wrong?" He whispered and slipped his hand down into Quatre's pants. He began to stroke softly. "I'll keep you warm Quatre."

Quatre gasped and threw his head back.

"It's not that Duo, but...wha... what if someone sees?"

"Free porn."

Quatre's body jerked as Duo stroked harder.

"Don't worry Quat. There's nobody up here." He said as he slowly worked the boy into a panted frenzy. He pulled his hand out and then moved up so that their erections could work against each other. Closing his eyes, he became engrossed by his own building pleasure.

Quatre in the meantime, being more ready for this than the first time fought his urge to submit to the ecstasy and had worked his feet against each other until he had slipped his boots off. Now, he wiggled until he could pull his legs out of the jumpsuit and slide them up underneath black jacket and around his braided companion's waist over his hips. He did this quickly and pulled the surprised boy down and against his own body as tightly as he could. Duo yelped as he landed with his elbows on either side of his blond friend. Quatre forcefully curled his hips so that their stiffened arousals worked roughly against each other. Duo let out a more submissive moan and leaned his head against Quatre's shoulder as Quatre took control of the movement of their lovemaking. The nimble hips stroked him from underneath and his ear was enveloped in the warmth of a huskily gasped whisper.

"Take me Duo. Now. Make me yours."

Duo simply nodded and began unbuttoning his pants as Quatre's hips fell away. Quatre removed his own pants and underwear and they both slid the garments to their knees, so they could be intimate without freezing. Fortunately, Duo's thick jacket blocked any wind from their aroused bodies and they were so close to the edge, temperature had ceased to be any sort of deterrent to their completion.

Duo reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of lip balm, being thankful for actually remembering to get some. He took the unused tube and began to squeeze it into his hand. A miniscule string of balm started to come out very very slowly.

For fear of loosing the mood, Duo cursed and ripped the plastic open with his teeth. He slathered a handful over himself and then used the slicked hand to push inside Quatre's tight opening with two fingers.

Quatre had not noticed any delay as he had been busy using his feet to push his boots off and wiggle out of on leg of his pants so he could rewrap his thin muscular legs around his friend. When he felt Duo's fingers enter him, he cried out in excitement and used his legs to pull the other pilot tightly against himself.

"Now Duo."

"Sheesh, for someone who's usually so patient. You can be pretty demanding."

Quatre wiggled. "Mmm! Now! Please?"

Duo pushed into Quatre as far as he could before he felt Quatre tense. He watched Quatre's face, waiting for the delicate features to relax before pushing in further. As he got deeper, Quatre began to smile. Once, Duo was all the way in, the blond smiled sweetly up at him and opened his eyes, looking deeply into Duo's, which reciprocated the gaze with heavy lidded passion.

"And now Duo, you're mine too."

Quatre dug his heels into Duo's back and began to move around him, letting gravity pull him away and then using his strong legs to re-impale himself.

Duo was mentally numb for a minute and then, suddenly everything seemed to snap into place. This felt right. This was right. He began to move, lowering both of their bodies back onto the ground and thrusting lovingly into the beauty in his arms, while mouthing hungrily at Quatre's throat and collarbone. He shifted a bit and began to pump harder, making sure that his... lover received the utmost pleasure from their union.

This is right. Duo thought. We belong together. Did Quatre know all along?

Two elated cries rang out in the eerie silence of the new fallen snow as two souls found their own nirvana in an otherwise harsh and unforgiving world.


Needless to say, Quatre and Duo spent the rest of their vacation in bed drinking chicken soup and trying to rid themselves of a pair of nasty colds brought on by overexposure to the elements. Fortunately, being the resourceful Gundam pilots they were, they were able to find plenty of indoor activities to keep them busy.


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