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Fires + Part 2

Job Market

Heero stirred hot cocoa into some coffee, then added a splash of chocolate milk and sugar, and then sat it down in front of Duo, who was banging his head against the table again.

"You do realize you're killing brain cells." He added, drinking his black coffee.

"I obviously don't NEED them." Duo cried back and dug his hands into his hair. "The job market sucks. It doesn't help I've been black-balled from every major company on the planet except Food Service Grunt work."

Heero took the paper from Duo and looked over the business section. Indeed, there was a job shortage. Was he a terrible person for being happy that there was also a housing shortage, meaning that even if Duo got a job he might still be forced to stay with him?

Yes, but he was a happy terrible person.

"I have some connections." Heero shrugged.

Duo stopped killing dendrites and stared "Wha?"

"You're a computer-guy, right?"

"... yeah... "

"You specialize in firewalls, right?"

"And general big-network security."

"Okay then." Heero picked up the phone dialed a number and waited patiently.

"Wait- hold on- HEERO!"

<Hello, you've reached the office of Quatre Winner, this is->

"Hello Trowa, this is Heero."

<Oh. Hey.> The formalities dropped from his voice it was like an accent change.

"I need to call in a favor."

Duo was gesturing madly and trying to either pull the phone from his grasp or push it closer.

Duo's common sense fighting with his pride again. Heero rolled his eyes, sat Duo back down in his chair, and Heero distracted him with caffeinated chocolate.

<Like what?>

"I have a friend who needs a job."

<Friend? What friend, boyfriend?>

"No, unfortunately straight man who is a genius with computers, but ran on the wrong side of the big man in town and now is crashing at my apartment friend."

<Oh. What's he good for?>

Duo was staring up at him as he talked to the mysterious person on the other side of the phone, and he twisted his empty cup in his hands. Seriously, Heero did not even know him, and here he was giving him a place to sleep, not caring that he occasionally burned incense (it smelled good damnit) had removed all brand-name anythings from his kitchen, played crazy alternative music when he was trying to chill off, amongst other... things, and now Heero was getting him a job.

Heero hung up the phone and remarked "You have a interview with WEI at five o'clock tomorrow evening."

Duo's jaw dropped, just unhinged like a snake, and wobbled there a moment. Heero leaned over and pushed it closed with a crooked finger.

"But... .but... .but they...WEI... you... .but... " He grabbed Heero's shoulders and shook him "How do you know people at WEI?!"

"Met at a gay bar." Heero smirked.

"Do you live at those places?"

Heero shrugged "You meet interesting people. My iron is in the linen closet." He turned and went to his room.

Duo stood in the dinning room and watched him leave and his eyes narrowed. That man was up to something. Something... sinister.

He could just tell.

Jail Bait

The head of a multi-billion dollar company does not usually interview you when you want to work for said company. You are interviewed by nice little interviewer grunts, with sexy-librarian glasses.

Duo stared at the man who was in his shirtsleeves and working on paper work. He looked up at the knock and grinned, "You must be Duo."

"I must be." He grinned nervously and sat where Mr. Winner gestured.

"Heero didn't say much, but I got the general jist of it. Sanq Corp did send me a rather terrible review."

Duo's grin went strained and he shrugged "That's what you get for sleeping with the CEO's daughter... "

"Well." Quatre thought "My daughter is five, so I sincerely hope that won't be a problem."

Duo laughed, a little "I think we should be good."

"Good. You're hired"

"Wait, what?"

Innuendo Nintendo

Duo came home from his first day of work and stared at Heero. "Why didn't you tell me I work for you?"

"It was more fun this way."

"You just like having me under you!" Duo accused as he ripped off his one existent tie (item 22) and his suit coat (item 23).

Heero turned and remarked with a straight face. "It usually a good idea for the more experienced person to be on top."

"Yeah but you could have told me." Duo continued, not catching on.

"I figured you notice eventually. If I told you while I was preparing you, you might have gotten scared." He continued looking over his paper.

"You did prepare me at all." Duo snapped back.

"Of course I did. It eases the passage." Heero bit his bottom lip.

"Still, you working above me... ye gads Yuy, that could be awkward."

"Oh I don't know. I'm sure if you ask me very nicely I could be below you someday. " He then snickered and escaped from the room.

Duo paused and then followed Heero's retreating back into the kitchen "What?"

Mirror Roles

They were chilling on the couch watching the news and Duo was coding on his laptop (beloved item number 3).

He looked up and blinked "Hey 'ro?"

"Hn?" Heero was playing WoW on his computer, coding, watching the news, and going through some basic programs.

"How long have I been here?"

"Two months."

Duo paused.

Heero typed.

"I haven't started looking for another apartment."

It helped that Heero removed the classifieds section from the paper before Duo got to it. Then burned it.

"No rush."

"But I can't keep living here, I mean... I can't keep leeching off of you."

"Then start paying your half of the rent, if it'll make you feel better."


"Isn't it much more environmentally friendly and anti-consumerist if we share the apartment? We waste less electricity and water, spend less money, use less gas because we both go to the same job, get all our groceries together, and you have no social life."


Heero raised an eyebrow "You leave the apartment for work and when I drag you out kicking and screaming."

"So? I have work to do!"

"Duo, you've been working on that same section of code for two weeks because you already finish everything else."

"I'm being... exact... " Duo defended, weakly.

Heero signed off his game and closed his laptop. "You're being work dependant."

"I am not!"

"Close the laptop Duo."

Duo held it closer "But... "

"Close it."

"I need to-"

"Close the laptop, free yourself." Heero stared down at him.

Duo blinked down at the lines of code and his fingers twitched. When was the last time he had gone out to do something?


Since the bar-fest wherein he had met Heero, and he wouldn't call that a social event...

"What are we going to do?"

"Something fun." Heero responded.

Duo stared at him suspiciously.

"It will be gender preference neutral." He added.

"Alright... " Duo stared at him and closed his computer.

Ducks in a Row

Duo tensed, hands tensed into fists as he moved closer to the peek. His blood was pumping; a few beads of sweat were dripping off his forehead. As he went over the crest he screamed, threw his head back and his hands over his head. Heero went with him.

As did everyone else on the roller coaster. They turned a corner fast and dived in the earth, darkness encasing them before being forced back into the evening air. Heero sent a glance to Duo who was screaming and laughing to beat the band.

He was a wet blanket until you got him out of the water. Then he was fun as hell. They got off the roller coaster and he was bouncing (that might have been an effect of the six or seven cotton candy things he had eaten tonight) over to the game stations.

He went to a shooting one and grinned at Heero "Watch this."

The aim of the game was to shoot as many of the moving ducks off the conveyer belt. Duo grinned like a maniac and cocked his gun. Heero blinked and suddenly there was a sound of bullets.

Heero stared.

The carnie whimpered

Duo grinned.

The ducks ate lead.

"I want that one." Duo grinned and pointed to the largest stuffed animal the cotton industry had ever produced. "Thanks." He grinned, hefted the giant panther, and looked it over. "Item number 64, giant panther plushie!"

"You only own 64 things?" Heero blinked staring at the comedic creature.

"I'll probably give this to a toy fund, actually." Duo looked at it "I don't need it."

"You won it."

"I couldn't keep it." He laughed, "I don't need toys."

Heero blinked and took the toy from Duo. "You can't live your whole life with just what you need."

Duo waved his hand in front of Heero's face. "Hello, Anti-consumer? I make my own soap for piss sake."

"I noticed." Heero blinked. "That's kind of weird."

Duo shrugged "There's too much dependence on money in the world. People need to remember how to make themselves happy."

"And how do you do that?" Heero asked quietly as they went to the car, putting the gigantic ball of black and polyester in the back seat.

"Making your own stuff, not focusing on making money and more on just having what you need."

Heero cocked an eyebrow "Yet I have to drag you away from work."

Duo shrugged "Yeah... I... I have a few donations I usually make. Ya'know to orphanages and stuff. The lack of job for awhile kind of put my off track."

Heero was silent. "You work so hard to give other people money?"

"Yeah, I mean... I don't like money, but if you need it, you need it. I don't need it so much, they do." He stared out the window of Heero's car. "I mean, you get it don't you? You built your own car, you don't have stuff all over the place, you still live in an apartment even though you're the head of computer security at WEI. Right?"

Heero nodded "I never really needed many things to make me happy." He looked at Duo and then back at the road.

Duo didn't notice he was going off on one of his speeches. That was okay, Heero supposed. He liked it when Duo got all passionate about something. His braid would swing around, arms waving to make wild gestures and his face animated beyond all reason.

It was just... so... adorable. He could be taking about anything for all Heero cared, narrowly dodging getting hit in the face.


Heero grunted and Duo grinned. "Yeah. You get it."

He leaned back in his seat, yawned, and was asleep by the next turn.

Heero grinned, shook his head, and took the man home.




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