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Fires + Part 3

Working On Your Knees

Quatre, owner of over three-fourths of the city, lover to Trowa Barton (shhh.) father of Amaris Winner-Barton, husband to Catherine Barton, was on his knees in front of one of his employees.

No, not Trowa.

"Please Heero? I'm begging you."

"I told you, Duo is using my guest room, and I don't have any space."

"Just one night. ONE night. I'll sleep on the couch. I'm desperate."

"Why can't you just rent a hotel room?"

"Do you have idea the publicity I'll get? Catherine knows I'm with Trowa, she doesn't care, she's with Serena, but the press doesn't need to know. One night, that's all I ask."

Quatre was trying to convince Heero to let Quatre and Trowa stay over for a night, a poker night, actually. Quatre was always trying to just get out a do something fun and normal. Heero and Trowa were his only real friends, only real guy friends. Catherine was a lovely person who married him to get to his sister, and he married her to get to her brother. It all worked out rather nicely save the horrifically awkward wedding night (thank GOD Amaris had been conceived in one try, ye GADS), and the thought that they were sleeping with their lovers siblings... but other than that it was quite dandy.

The only other problem was getting together outside of work, and Heero had made it twice as hard by getting a straight roommate.

"I can't make you sleep on the couch Quatre." Heero responded.


Duo popped his head in, stared at Quatre on the floor, Heero leaning on the desk and Trowa typing away the computer. He was confused at the placement of his boss and his ubber boss. Ubber boss should be on desk, boss should be knees... no...

He switched it around. Ubber boss sits on desk, Boss works on computer Ubber boss's boy toy be on his k...


Ubber boss on computer, Boss on desk, Ubber boss boy toy somewhere in exotic Switzerland.

Once he had everyone arranged in his mind's eye he knocked on the door. Everyone looked up at him.

"Uh... "

"Err... ."

::click clack clikity::

"Uh... I was just here to give... Heero er... my uh... boss... "

They stared at him, he stared at them.

"Uh... what are you doing?"

Heero grinned "Duo, I have a little favor to ask you... "

Winning Fare and with Flair.

Heero and Trowa were equally matched for poker faces. Their pupils didn't dilate, no micro-expressions, just perfect blankness. Quatre, on the other hand, had many, many, MANY expressions, they were just rarely the right ones. They put you off more than Trowa or Heero's blank wall.

Duo, of course, cheated.

They played for free-trade chocolate bars, and damnit, Duo wanted that chocolate.

Didn't hurt he had some chemistry brewing with that bubbly, yet oh-so-awesome woman in research. Hilde... ah... She made her own clothing, sent most of her paycheck to the research of breast cancer. Amazing...

"Take your dark, raise you a milk." Trowa said, tossing a chunk in the pile

"See your milk and your dark and raise you two whites." Heero responded. Quatre was biting his lip, and then grinned like the devil herself. "I see you both and raise you a cream filled.

Heero dropped his cards "I fold."

"Too rich for me." Trowa agreed.

Quatre and Duo stared down, Quatre staring and Duo dropped his money in the pot "Nuts."


They flared their cards, and Duo grinned. "HA!"

"You cheated!"

"I told you I was going to." Duo rolled his eyes "Fork it over boss."

Quatre sighed and pushed the pile of chocolate over. Duo chortled and munched on the cream filled. "Twah, babeh."

"Why are we letting him cheat?"

"Otherwise you would always win." Heero responded and stole his dark chocolate bar back to munch upon.

Quatre sighed and rolled his eyes. The doorbell rang and Trowa went to go get the pizza.

"I'll go get drinks!" Duo ran off and Quatre looked at Heero.

Heero stole more of Duo's chocolate.

"You like him."

"Yep." Heero responded popping a square into his mouth, "I have since I met him. How could you not?"

"He's straight."

"I know." Heero shrugged "Drives me nuts, why do you think I hooked up with 'Fei. He's salivating for Zechs and can't have him."

"You don't think it's strange that the person you're mindless screwing is after the brother of your crushes ex?"

"Nope." Heero ate another piece of chocolate and licked his lips. "Mmm. Phenalathylamine."

"You are odd."

Heero grinned and had his hand slapped before he could steal more chocolate. "I won that cheaply and with underhanded tricks. Mine."

Heero saluted and the night continued without mishap.

So Close and Yet...

"I'm just going to sleep on the couch."

Heero sighed and rubbed his head "You are not going to sleep on the couch Duo."

"You aren't sleeping on it."

"You have a bad back." Heero replied calmly, getting some extra bedding. "I'm not going to rape you in your sleep."

"It's just weird." Duo yelled and Heero sighed and looked up.

"Do you trust me?"

Duo paused and then shrugged "I guess."

"Duo, I haven't molested you in your sleep before, I haven't pushed the issue. You're straight and I accept that, I still like you and should you ever change your mind, I'll be extremely happy. If you don't I not going to push you."

Duo shrugged awkwardly.

"The couch is lumpy and no one is going to sleep on it, now get in my bed, lie down, and for the love of it go to sleep."

Duo shucked off his shoes, plopped down on the bed, rolled under the covers, and buried his head under the pillow. Heero just sat down, pulled up the rest of the covers, and switched off the light. "Goodnight Duo."


Fighting like Cats and... oh...



"No Duo."

"He's starving!"

"Duo ... " Heero warned "He's going to shit all over everything."

Duo picked up the puppy and stared at Heero. "I'll train him, I swear. Please."

"I thought you didn't buy things you didn't need."

"It's a PUPPY, Yuy. A Freaking PUPPY. Not a thing, he's starving and it's freezing out here, and your apartment lets you have pets."

"Wufei doesn't like dogs."

"So? He doesn't have to see him. Please Heero?" Duo pestered pushing the brown ratty thing toward Heero,

"NO." He shouted and jerked away. Duo followed with the puppy in his arms. "Damn it Yuy, why not?"

"I don't like dogs." He snapped "and it's MY apartment damnit."

Duo jerked back like he had been slapped and glared "Oh now it's your apartment, eh Yuy? I help pay the rent, I help with the electricity bill and water, but it's YOUR fucking apartment."

Heero paled.

"Fine, if you feel that way, I'll move."

Heero spun around "Fine, move. See if I care!"

"I will!" Duo snarled and hugged the dog "We don't fucking need you."

"It's just a dumb dog."

"IT"S NOT A DUMB DOG!" Duo screamed and several people stopped to stare a little.

Heero pulled back like he had been burned. Duo hunched down on the pavement and petted the mangy starving thing. "If you don't want to help, fine."


"I said FINE Yuy." He growled and marched off.

Heero blinked and watched the braided man stomp off, hair thrashing behind him.

Then he turned and ran.

Duo crouched outside the deli and slowly fed the puppy from his hand. The puppy looked up at him with big, blind watery eyes and Duo tucked him inside his jacket "S'okay pup, I'll think of something. Papa Duo always lands on his feet."

He was shivering when a blanket landed on his shoulders and he looked up. Heero was holding a bag and staring at the snow-covered sidewalk.


"I... I got some pet supplies... for him... " Heero swallowed and stuck his hand forward.

Duo stared at them, and then up at Heero.

"I don't want you to leave."

"Oh." Duo responded.

"I... I have some pet food back at our apartment... it's organic and everything."

He got Duo moving and into the car. Duo fell into the warmed seats and petted the dog.

"Why don't you like dogs?"

Heero shook his head "Bad... memories... "

"Oh." Duo didn't press it, anymore than Heero pressed the whole church issue.

"Why do they matter to you so much?"

"They don't... normally... but... . Jeeze Heero, he was on the street, half dead and blind, but he was still kickin' ya know? He just reminded me of myself... I guess I just... thought... "

"You thought I would have kicked you out." Heero stared.

"Well you told me to leave."

Heero shook his head. "I don't want you to leave."


"Obviously." Heero sighed "If having the dog will make you stay, then we will keep the dog."

"Oh." Duo looked at the puppy. "Why don't you want me to leave?"

Heero looked at him, blue eyes as sincere and earnest as Duo had ever seen them. "I keep telling you, I can't help but want to be near you. Sexual or not, its just the way it is." He rounded it off with one his slow, lazy shrugs that just sort of... pushed the topic off of him.

"Oh." Duo blinked and then grinned "That's weird, but thanks."

Heero shrugged "If you ever change your mind about the whole sexual preference thing. I'm listening."

Duo flushed and stroked his puppy. "Whatever Yuy."



S: My Plot fairie commanded puppy, and so it was.

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