Authors: Pyro and Skeller
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Disclaimer: We have successfully kidnapped Duo... or it might be the neighbor's hyper-up cat, we aren't sure yet.

Fires + Part 5

Bondage Bandage.



"... This is going to sound weird, but have you been on a date recently?"

"No, why?"

"Nothing just... before you seemed pretty serious about finding someone."

"Lost interest." Duo shrugged and scratched Gobbet's head. "I figure I'll find the right person eventually, and all this pushing it has just gotten me a load of bad dates."

"What about the Kathy girl. She seemed... nice... "

Duo shook his head. "Anti-consumerist and a leather-mama, can you believe it?"


"She had the spiked brassier and everything. My idea of bondage leans more on the strawberries, feathers and blindfolds than the whole... whipping... thing."

Heero snorted. "How to you find these women?"

"I don't know, but I give up." Duo rubbed his neck.

"Bothering you?"

"Yeah. I was working through lunch again."

"Want me to-"

Duo flopped in front of him and bent his head before he finished the sentence. "Yes, please, now, thank you."

Heero chuckled and began rubbing at the knots.

Ha... Mistress Kathy.


Mmm... Duo-flesh...

Mmm... . Chained up Duo-flesh. With strawberries and feathers and blindfolds... .

"What about you, you h-purrrrr."

Heero worked at the lump of spin at the base of Duo's neck and sighed. "I had a ONS a few nights ago. Nothing big."

"Oh. Listen, Heero if I'm-"

"Duo there's nothing you can-"

"I know, but Heero I want you to be happy. You're my best friend-"

"What?" He stopped rubbing.

"You're my best friend and I want you happy."

"Best... friend?"

Duo looked up. "Yeah. You're always there for me, we have loads in common, and you've got my back like no one else. Of course you're my best friend."

"You're... my best friend too."

Duo snorted "What about Quat and Tro?"

"They're friends, and I'm know them longer, but... nothing... " he stopped talking and went back to rubbing.

Duo dropped the topic and then went back to watching the news in silence.

That Kid's Going to Be Hell in Sex Ed.

"Unca Duo?" Amaris stopped eating her organic ice cream long enough to turn big aquamarine eyes up at Duo.

"Yeah baby-girl?"

"Whens you and Unca Heero gonna gets married?"

Duo sputtered and flushed. "Amaris, it isn't like that. Uncle Heero and I are friends."

Amaris blinked. "But I heard Unca Heero talking and he said that he wants ta marry you."

"Lets sit her chipmunk." He gestured to the park bench and she hopped up by him and continued to stare.

"It's like this baby-girl. Uncle Heero likes boys, and I like girls. Uncle Heero likes me and I... don't in the way he wants me too."

"You don't like boys Uncle Duo?"

"Not in the marrying way."

"But Papa married Mama and he and Uncle Trowa kiss. Mama and Aunt 'Rena kiss too, but Mama doesn't like it when I ask 'bout that."

"Jeez, I'll let your parents explain that crazy relationship." Duo muttered. "But that's different chipmunk, because your Mama and Papa needed to get married, otherwise they couldn't get you, which would be a crime." He grinned, and Amaris giggled, but pressed on.

"Unca Heero sounded sad, Unca Duo. I dun't like that sound so I went and gave 'im a hug, and said I'd marry him if it's make 'im feel better, and then he said that he was hon... on... oneeered, but thing didn't work like that, n' I asked why and he said it was cause he loved you in a different way than he loved me, and so now he wants ta marry you, but he can't."

"Oh. Uh... what else did Uncle Heero say?"

Amaris licked her ice cream and thought a bit. "Well, 'fore I hugged 'im, he was talkin' ta Papa about you and he was saying all sorts a nice things about you and stuff and then he said he didn't wanta hurt you, but I didn't get that 'cause if he loved you he wouldn't hurt you. Well... Mama sometimes hurts me, but that's accident, like when she combs my hair too hard. Does Unca Heero combs your hair too hard Unca Duo?"

"No... he... doesn't." Duo looked at the ground and his ice cream melted all over he hand,

"I dun see why you hafta like boys ta like Unca Heero. I dun like boys, cause they're all muddy n' gross n'stuff, but I like you and Unca Heero. Then Unca Heero wouldn't be so sad all ta time."

Duo looked at her a moment. "It isn't that simple."

"Why not?" She pouted, forgetting her ice cream.

"I... it's... there's some things adults do that... that's pretty much based on whether you like girls or boys."

"Like kissing?"

"Yeah. Like kissing."

"But Papa and Mama kiss and-"

"That's different."


"It just is."

"Papa says that's not a good reason." She shot back, and Duo wondered why he was arguing with a little kid. And why the little kid was winning.

"Trust me baby-girl, if I could like Uncle Heero, I would. If he were a girl I would... marry... him in a second. He's nice, he cares about me, he puts up with a lot of my sh-uh... less endearing traits, heck he let me keep a dog when he can't stand the things."

"So...?" She pushed again.

"It's just... I... it's not... that easy." He sighed and slumped.

"Well you're making Unca Heero sad and I dun like that. You could at least try."

"Eat your ice cream baby-girl, it's melting."

She gasped and then began licked her hands off. Duo tossed his ice cream and wiped off his hand.


"Hey." Duo hung up his coat.

"You have fun with Amaris."

"That kids gonna be one hell of a business shark one of these days."

'Why, what happened?"

Duo froze and looked up. "Am I... am I really making you sad?"

Heero blinked slowly and put down his laptop. "What?"

"Apparently Amaris walked in on you and Quat talking and... she gave me quite the talking to." He shrugged.

Heero's eyes cleared and he got up. "Don't go." He blurted and Duo looked up "What?"

"I know it's weird with me loving you and everything, but please... don't leave."

Duo started to say something and then stopped. "You... wait... you love me."

Heero paled and looked like he was going to try the 'hold Gobbets from ransom' trick again. "Y... yeah. I didn't mean to tell you like that, but yeah."

"Damn it Heero." Duo cursed. "You can't live like that. It isn't healthy."

"I know." Heero looked at the ground, going into 'socially awkward' mode. "Please don't leave. Honestly, you won't even notice. I just want you to be happy-"

"That's exactly what I mean, Yuy." He poked Heero in the chest and Heero paled more. "You can't live life trying to make me fucking happy. Then I'm even more of a leech than I was before."

"You aren't a-"

"If I'm sucking your life out of you then yes, yes I am. Damn it, do I really make you sad?"

Heero looked at the door and back and pleaded again "Don't leave?"

"Answer the question."

"You'll... leave... "

"I'm not going to stay here if it's making you miserable."

"I'm not miserable." Heero responded quietly. "I'm... happy... just sometimes... " he sighed "Sometimes it's harder than not. Like when you come home from another bad date and... you just look like you think no one wants you. Like... Gobbets."

Duo looked at the dog in question, he perked his head at his name.

Duo was silent for a long time, and Heero just stared at the ground. "I want... I want you happy too, Heero. I don't think you can do that if I'm still here."

A horribly pained expression twisted Heero's face, but he didn't say anything. "I... I don't want you to leave, but if you don't want... want a male roommate who loves you... "

"This isn't about me."

"Yes it is." Heero growled and he looked up. "If you go away, I'll be miserable. I'd rather have what we have now than nothing. If you stay then... I'll be sad on occasion, but it's nothing I can't live with. I want you to be happy. If you'd be happy somewhere else... I'll help you move. If not... please don't." His intense blue eyes were burning again. They always looked like they were on fire, but they didn't flicker like flames would.

Everything under those eyes underwent intense scrutiny; Heero Yuy didn't do things lightly, no more than Duo Maxwell did. If he said he loved someone... that wasn't going to change no matter how far or close it was. It was a statement that he had burned over in his mind until he had forged the answer in steel.

Duo didn't pick up things unless he needed them, he didn't take what he didn't sincerely require, that included relationships. More so with giving away things, if he had it, it meant he loved it and needed it. He didn't give away the things he actually needed lightly Even the title of Best Friend had to be save and kept carefully, taking good care of it, until he bestowed it on someone else.

They stared at each other for a long time.

"How long?"

"Pretty much since we met." Heero responded.

"That doesn't happen." He protested, weakly.

Heero didn't even justify the protest with a response.

"I want you happy." He slumped, defeated.

"I want you happy." Heero responded and led him to the couch.

"What if... you can't just change your sexuality, Heero? It doesn't work like that."

"I know." Heero responded quietly. "I wish I could say I didn't want sex, but I do. I... can live without it. I'd rather keep the best friends than have nothing at all."

"I need... to go to bed." Duo sighed, and Heero helped him to his bed and put him down, then went for the door.

"Where are you going Yuy?"


"Your ass, bed now. Don't be stupid."

Heero flushed at the words despite himself, but he kicked off his shoes and shucked off his shirt. He kept his sweats and then clicked off the light.

"Goodnight Duo."



Duo lay back on the sofa and flex his feet, finally free from his shoes after a long day at work.

Heero was making dinner and he was listening to his Raging Waterloos to try and chill out. Gobbets was slobbering on his pants and he shoved the dogs head. "Save it for your pillow buddy."

Heero came in after knocking and looked at Duo's feet. "What me to rub those?"

"Nah, I just need to put them up for awhile. How's dinner coming?"


They paused a moment and Heero hovered then got ready to leave.

"Actually, ah... My neck was bothering me... " Duo hedged and Heero turned, "Okay."

They positioned themselves and Heero began kneaded the abused and overworked muscles.

They sat like that for awhile and Duo finally let out a shaky sigh.

Heero made a questioning noise and Duo looked up. "I'm willing to try."

It took Heero a few moments to figure out what Duo was talking about, but then he stared, probably giving him the full intensity of his gaze. "You are?"

"Yeah I... I figured that... damn Heero I lik... lik... damn it love you." He forced through his own social preconceptions and he let Heero's hands calm him down a bit "I l-love you more than I ever did Relena or Hilde or... anyone really. I can't say much for the physical part of it, but... I don't know... maybe it's not as clear cut as all that."

"You seriously want to try?" Heero's hands were shaking, his voice was more than a little scared, and hopeful. Duo whipped around to... stand there and look awkward.

"I don't say things like that, and not mean them, Yuy. So now you need to kiss me."


"Well if I can't even kiss you, how can... I... you know." Duo flushed and looked pointedly at the ground.

Heero put his hands on Duo's shoulders.

"What?" Duo looked up, and was trapped in the intense, utterly focused gaze of his roommate.

Heero stood, and the lazy smile slowly covered his face, both sides lifting equally. "It's kinda hard to believe it when your wildest and best dreams come true."

Duo snorted, "Don't be a sap."

"Sorry." Heero grinned unrepentantly and then slowly moved forward and hugged Duo. Then, slowly moved back, and raised an eyebrow.

"Just fucking do it, Yuy." Duo growled.

Heero bent and pressed his lips against the coveted ones. It was a light touch that sent chills running down his bloodstream.

He pulled back and Duo glared. "I'm not a kid. A real kiss."

"I'm just testing the waters." Heero replied with a chuckle.

Duo sighed and kissed Heero himself, lips moving over Heero's quickly responding ones. Their teeth stayed closed together, but lips gently partook in a seemingly never-ending rub. They held and released, stroked and retreated. The two pulled apart and looked at each other again.

"You do realize I'm going to keep asking if you're sure until sometime next week, right?" Heero finally asked, heart thumping oddly as his brain tried to tell the rest of him that this was a fantastical dream, and he was going to be miserable in the morning. The rest of him wasn't listening.


"And if I go... too fast... for you, or whatever, freaking tell me." He growled "Don't push yourself because you want me happy."

"Yes sir."

Heero pulled back, and very, very slowly, he reached up and put his thumb on Duo's chin, then stroked the skin there, marveling at it.

"You're really sure?"

"Yes, Heero." Duo smirked "Promise me something."


"Promise me that you aren't a scary leather daddy in disguise."

The smile turned into a smirk. "If I didn't know the history behind that I would be insulted."

"But you do, so you aren't." Duo teased.

Heero rolled his eyes. "Dinner."

Duo nodded and sighed. "I just... I just want you to know... "

Heero paused and waited.

"I know this sounds weird but... I'm still not gay, I'm just... in love... with you... and stuff."

"Hn." Heero grunted, running a thumb over the slightly wet lips, marveling that it was his saliva coating them. Waha.

"Okay. Just wanted you to know this was a special one-time offer, limited restrictions apply, not available in United States territories or-"

"Shut up and let's eat." Heero held out his hand, moving gently so not to scare the other guy away.

Duo chucked and took it. 'It's not like I'm going anywhere."

Heero smirked "Of course not. I have your dog."

"Oi, don't forget the cake recipe."


They closed the door behind them and Gobbets blinked, yawned and proceeded to drool on the couch.

The End

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