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Through the Furnace, Unshrinking + Part 14

14. Duo

And this just feels like...
Spinning plates


Duo liked to run at night. He preferred to do it in the summer, after the dangerous afternoon heat, when the pavement was still hot but the air had cooled enough that it didn't sap away his energy too quickly. But night time runs in the fall were great too. Tonight, he could see his breath, puffing in small clouds, then dissipating as he sped along. His thermal shirt came down over his fingers, keeping out the chill. He wore loose-fitting black sweats instead of nylon trackies. He didn't like that 'swishing' sound, didn't like people to hear him coming when he ran, especially at night. He liked to stay hidden when he ran, keeping clear of the street lights if possible. He kept his braid coiled in a knot at the back of his head so it didn't flop around like I giant tail. When Duo ran at night he didn't like to be seen. So no one noticed his soft breathing and his quiet tread. His arms pumped steadily and his legs carried him with unconscious ease, extending, flexing without thought. The kilometers disappeared under his feet and still he ran. He found it soothing and steadying.

But tonight his brain was speeding along at a similar pace, though not nearly as gracefully. His brain hiccuped and stumbled, tripped and regained lost balance only to falter again around two words: Chang Wufei. His brain felt clumsy and inept.

He really shouldn't be running at all. He'd thoroughly worn himself out today, playing with Wufei and Heero. His cuts stung in the cold air and his split lip throbbed a little. But he'd had to get out of the flat. His brain needed a run. But it wasn't helping. All he could think about was Wufei on top of him, Wufei rubbing and grinding on his leg.

"Do you want to...?"

"Where can we go?"

If Heero hadn't come home they might have gone at it right then.

Wufei's fingers in his braid, tugging, his mouth groaning and smirking. Rough palm and fingers on his ribs, clutching and grasping.

"Jesus Christ," Duo breathed.

"Would you have wanted me if it'd been like this? If I had taken you?"

Duo had liked the feeling of the dragon curled over him, shielding him from... well it was only his room, but he'd felt protected and sheltered. Fuck yes, he'd still want Wufei if he was top. He'd wanted it right then. And he'd felt Wufei's want as well. He'd touched it with his palm, felt the curve of it, felt Wufei push himself into Duo's hand.

Duo was having trouble swallowing. His throat was thick with mucus and saliva. He stopped and leaned over coughing and spitting. Fuck. His breathing was messed up he was so distracted. He'd probably twist an ankle if he didn't cut this nonsense out soon. He looked back up at his surroundings. His loop was almost over. He wasn't far from home. He should really get some sleep. But his head was just...

He saw them in their bathroom, Wufei sitting on a chair dragged in from the kitchen, towel wrapped around his shoulders, dampened black hair standing straight up. Duo stood behind him, scissors frozen in mid-air by his ear. They'd just stared at each other in the mirror's reflection, measuring, searching and touching without actual contact. Wufei's eyes were wide and alert; he looked a bit like a skittish wild animal. They could both hear Heero typing away on his stolen laptop, slowly, painstakingly working his way inside Gael's accounts. They both felt his presence between them, but their gaze never faltered.

A flutter of excitement coiled in his belly at the memory, then very suddenly headed south. Not again. He'd had half a dozen hard ons in the last few hours just thinking about what he and Wufei had done, had almost done, had not quite done.

"Fuck this," he muttered, picking up his pace. He would address this now.


He snuck as silently as possible into the flat, stepping over floorboards that squeaked, controlling his breathing, willing his heartbeat to slow down. Everyone was home. This was really not a good idea. This was, in fact, a very very Bad Idea. But he was beyond fear. Keeping his eyes on the door to his and Heero's bedroom, willing it stay shut and the young man behind it to stay asleep, he carefully turned the doorknob leading to Wufei's room. He hadn't turned on any lights in the flat, so his eyes had already adjusted to the darkness. He could see Wufei in his bed, sleeping on his stomach, back rising and falling with his slow breathing. Duo slid through and shut the door behind him, padding across the floor in stockinged feet. How best to wake Wufei up without rousing the dragon? Duo approached slowly, displacing very little air, timing his breathing to Wufei's. His knee joints groaned a bit as he slid to the ground beside the bed. He grimaced. 'I'm getting too old for that sparring shit.'

Wufei inhaled deeply and Duo froze. Eyelids fluttered and opened and then widened in surprise. No sneaking up on a sleeping dragon. Duo held a finger to his lips, silently begging Wufei to stay quiet. The dragon nodded and mouthed. 'What's wrong?'

Duo hesitated. 'Nothing.'

Wufei's eyebrows drew together in confusion. 'Then what is it?'

Duo rested his hands on the bed and looked down at them for several seconds. Then he took a breath. 'I was running to clear my head. And I... I wanted to see you.' Wufei stayed very still, eyes taking on that wild look again. 'I ran and ran but all I could think about was you.' Wufei began to sit up and Duo rose with him. Pulling his legs up against his chest to give him more room, Wufei scooted back until he leaned against the wall. Again, they watched each other, measuring, unsure.

Finally, Wufei's lips moved again. 'What do you want to do? Heero's right over there.'

'I know.' Duo crawled forward, kneeling in front of his friend, tentatively resting his hands on Wufei's knees. The dragon's chest was rising and falling a bit quicker. 'I know,' Duo mouthed again, stretching forward. 'Can I...?'

'Yes,' came the silent reply. His entire body throbbed as their lips touched. The tension was almost painful and Wufei felt it in the way Duo's fingers wrapped around his bicep. Duo knew that probably hurt, but he couldn't seem to let go. The fingers of his other hand ran through Wufei's newly cut hair. Duo leaned forward precariously, his belly just slightly touching Wufei's drawn up knees.

"Wufei," he whispered aloud. His friend silenced him quickly with a firm kiss. 'Wufei,' he mouthed. 'I need...'

The dragon instantly understood and lowered his legs so that Duo could get closer. Duo knew his cheeks were still flushed with cold fall air, but his body was burning as Wufei's hand slid from his shoulder down his chest to his belly to the waistband of his sweats and then inside. Duo clutched him harder and bit his cheek to keep his groan of relief from escaping. The dragon's hands were rough and sure. The friction was exquisite and Duo's hips surged forward. He scooted closer and the two of them worked his pants down lower around his hips, allowing Wufei more freedom of movement. The dragon's breath was definitely coming quicker now. Duo leaned his head back and stared unseeing at the ceiling, then returned his gaze to Wufei, whose eyes had never ceased watching him.

'Shit, Wu. That feels amazing.'

The dragon smirked in the dark. His hand was moving faster now and Duo's hips rocked back and forth jaggedly. His breath hitched. 'I can't... I'm not gonna last long.'

Wufei watched him, unblinking. 'I know. I can feel you.'

He could feel his orgasm building, coiling, stretching upward, focusing until he ached with it.

'I'm gonna...' He felt Wufei's fingers on his face, then a knuckle in his mouth and he bit down, swallowing his voice, as pleasure racked his body, sharp and hard. He thrust into Wufei's hand again and again, his breath harsh and loud in his own ears. Wave after wave shook him until he felt wrung out and strung out, weak and shaking. He released Wufei's knuckle before collapsing into his arms. He shuddered and fell still, listening to the hammering of his heart. Or was that Wufei's? The dragon's breath was harsh in his ear. Duo could see that he was hard. He smiled lazily.

He rubbed his palm against the thin fabric of Wufei's underwear. 'I want to watch you,' he mouthed against the dragon's neck.

'You do?'

'I want to see it, see you come. I want to watch you.'

They slid down the wall until they lay flat on the bed, Duo still held tightly against Wufei's side. Wufei reached hesitant fingers inside his underwear and began to move, slowly at first. Duo took hold of his boxers in slightly shaking fingers and pulled downward, exposing him.

"I want to see it," he whispered.


Duo watched dazedly as his dragon lover's leg muscles clenched, as his ass flexed and his hips pushed upward just a little, into a hand already sticky with Duo's mess. 'You're beautiful,' he mouthed into his ear.

'...Thank you.'

'I want you to come for me.'

'For you?'

'Yes. Come for me.'

The dragon's eyes closed in concentration. 'I will.'

Duo suddenly felt like crying, though, he didn't know why and, of course, Duo didn't cry, ever.

'Oh, fuck, I am.' Duo's breath caught in his throat and his eyes widened in wonder as the dragon's body arched off the bed, spasming in a jagged rhythm. His eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth was open wide in a silent shout. Duo kissed whatever skin he could reach and held him until the tremors stopped and they both rested in silence. In a haze, Duo watched Wufei lean over the side of the bed and pull a dirty t-shirt from the laundry, using it to gently clean them up. Then he tossed it back in the hamper.

Duo draped one arm across Wufei's bare chest and rested his head by the dragon's ear, sharing his pillow. 'Thank you,' he mouthed.

Wufei turned to look at him, eyes unfocused and drifting back towards sleep. He rested one hand on Duo's forearm. 'Stay with me tonight.' Duo smiled sadly. 'Please.'

'You could sleep with me in the same bed?'

Wufei nodded. 'With you, I could, I think.'

'I would like that, but I can't.'

Another small drowsy nod. 'No, I guess not.'

'I'll see you in the morning, okay?'


Hesitantly, Duo sat up, pulling himself away from the warmth of Wufei's little bed.

"Duo...?" It was the softest whisper he'd ever heard.


"I like this secret."

Duo smiled.

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