Author: June
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Through the Furnace, Unshrinking + Part 10

10a. Wufei and Duo

All stare, eyes glazed
Garage burnt down, the fire raged
For 40 days and in 40 ways
But through the blaze they see it fade
The sea of black, the beaming heat on their faces
Their figure emerges from the wastage

- "Turn the Page" The Streets

He grimaced and tried to keep the cry of pain from escaping his lips. He lay perfectly still, hoping that not moving would lessen the crippling feeling of being torn in half. It didn't.

"Duo," he gritted. "Do it. Hurry."

Duo held himself above Wufei, arms braced on either side of him. He was buried inside him, hurting him with every move they made.

"I'm sorry, Wu. I'm so sorry," he whispered again and again. He'd tried to prepare him, but the dragon would not relax, could not, and now Duo was hurting him, damaging delicate tissue. Even with lubrication, there was blood. "It'll be over soon. And we can just..." He thrust in and out once and felt his cheeks burn with shame that it still felt good. That he still felt aroused at all was just further testimony of how sick he was. Ralph was right. This job was perfect for him; it was made for him. His eyes burned and he kept them trained on Wufei's shuddering chest. But then the dragon grabbed his chin and forced his gaze up.

"Look at me," his partner whispered fiercely. "Stay here." Duo searched Wufei's face for the hatred he knew he should find there, but he did not see it. He saw pain and anger, but also trust. He didn't deserve that and he couldn't bear the feel of Wufei's eyes on his face, accepting the pain. He shifted so he could get an arm under his friend's back to pull him closer and not see that undeserved emotion in ebony irises.

Wufei's dangerously strong arms went around him and Duo gasped at the increased friction. They now clung to each other, locked together in a frantic embrace. "Finish it," Wufei breathed, voice harsh in Duo's ear. He shut his eyes and obeyed, increasing their pace, bracing one arm against the wall behind them.

Wufei suddenly felt himself move beyond the pain. The fire in his gut dulled and his vision cleared. He was half-sitting, one leg wrapped around Duo's waist, an arm propping him up on the bed. His friend moved steadily inside him, lithe strong body slick with sweat, breathing loud in his ear. Every few breaths, he thought he heard a whispered "I'm sorry," and his heart clenched. He closed his eyes tightly and focused on the feeling of their bodies moving together. There was pain -- it radiated from where they were joined -- but there was pleasure too, bright bursts of it. He felt these flashes when Duo was deepest inside him, and when the young man groaned softly in the back of his throat. He was making those noises more frequently now and his body was growing impossibly tense.

Duo pulled back slightly and they looked at each other, violet eyes glassy, black eyes sharp and watchful. "Wu- I'm gonna-" Wufei cut him off with a hard kiss, eyes sliding shut. Those words were just for him. He didn't want Ralph to hear what passed between them. So he tasted them instead. He felt his partner's pleasure in that kiss as well as his pain and guilt. And in that moment he never wanted anyone more than he wanted Duo. This realization swept him up in a swift heady wave and his eyes opened wide, staring blankly at the ceiling. He saw his reflection in the mirror over his head, but he couldn't focus. He held Duo tightly against him and arched his hips off the bed so that he could feel every muscle twitch, every ragged breath. He knew that Duo was close, felt him losing control, his smooth voice turning rough in his ear.

Wufei wanted and the strength of his sudden and sharp desire sent electric shocks of sensation threading all through his back and shoulders, up his neck and down the insides of his thighs. Someone had told him some time ago -- probably Duo -- that the brain was the most powerful erogenous zone, that the body reacted and needed certain things, but that the brain was what really counted. The brain wanted.

Duo's breath caught in his throat and he groaned. "I'm gonna..." He felt himself slide over the edge, felt his body spasm, breath and pulse racing. Then his eyes focused very suddenly as his partner's body jerked beneath him and blunt teeth sank into the muscle over his collarbone. They both shouted and Duo flushed even hotter when he felt warm sticky fluid coat his stomach.

Then clenched muscles finally gave out and they collapsed onto the covers.

10b. Wufei

Young bold soldiers, the fire burns
Cracks and smolders
Five years older and wiser
The fires are burning on fire, never tire
Slave warriors in the forests and on higher
We sing, hear the strings rising
The war's over, the bells ring
Memories fading, soldiers slaying
Looks like geezers raving

- "Turn the Page" The Streets

Wufei was back in the bathroom, facing the mirror. This time, he wasn't alone. He would not leave Duo with that man ever again. Locked in the bathroom with his partner, he felt the safest he had all night. Duo was in the shower. He was supposed to be cleaning up as well. But he could only stare at his reflection. His hair stood up at odd angles and he knew it was snarled in the back where his head had slid up and down against the pillow. The kohl around his eyes had run a little, smudging his eyelids, giving him an exhausted look. Pretty accurate. The bright red blood on his lips and teeth drew most of his attention. It tasted like metal. He spit Duo's blood into the sink, and then rinsed his mouth until what he spit out was only pale pink, then clear. He put his hair back in its ponytail, then rooted through the drawers, looking for bandages. Duo would need one. All the while he attempted to ignore the throbbing pain below his waist. He couldn't do much about it now.

He found first aid cream and band aids and laid them out on the sink. He then took out the pair of scissors he'd spotted in his search for medical supplies. Smoothing back his hair as best he could, he took hold of the elastic tie and ruthlessly cut through the ponytail. A chunk of black silk came off in his hand. He threw it in the garbage. Next, he cut out the snarl at the back of his head. When Duo turned off the shower water, most of his hair was in the trashcan beside the sink. He wiped the steam off the mirror and examined his reflection. The mark of his people was now shorn off. His hair stood straight up, freed from its own weight, none of it longer than two finger-widths. Duo stood behind him, shock written all over his features.

"Wu..." he breathed.

Wufei turned to face him. "I found some cream for your neck. And some band aids. I would say I'm sorry I bit you, but-"

"You're clearly not," Duo said with a smirk. Wufei knew that tremendous guilt lay beneath that twisted smile. But now was not the time to talk about it. "S'okay. Fair's fair, though I doubt that makes us even."

Wufei shook his head. "I don't wish to hurt you as much as... he injured me. I wish to kill him."

Duo nodded his understanding and made a better attempt at a smile. Tentatively he reached up to run his fingers through Wufei's shorn locks. "Do you think you'll-"

Wufei cut him off with a shake of his head, snatching his fingers from the air and holding them firmly. "We'll talk when we're gone from this place."

Duo nodded again and jerked his chin toward the shower. "If you wanna use it, good water pressure; better than ours. Still don't feel clean though."

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