Author: June
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Through the Furnace, Unshrinking + Part 6

6. Wufei

Anything I want, he gives it to me
Anything I want
He gives it, but not for free

- The Clash

Wufei strode purposefully toward the gym, eyes straight ahead. With his bag slung over his shoulder and his hair back in a tight ponytail, he made an imposing picture, and he knew it. Many watched him pass, but no one approached. He wasn't exactly dressed to be noticed, in black trackies and a white t-shirt, but his severe, angular features and slender build guaranteed that several would take a second glance.

And one began to follow him. He kept a safe distance, stuck mainly to the shadows. He may have stayed concealed had his target been an ordinary 19-year-old kid, but he seriously underestimated Chang Wufei's predatory senses and his paranoia. When he followed his quarry around a corner into an alley, he prepared to make his move... only to find himself stopped by a razor-sharp knife pressed against his throat.

Wufei stood poised, ready to strike a killing blow, black eyes narrowed and somehow looking down at the frightened young man even though his follower was several centimeters taller. "Yes?" he murmured dangerously, eyebrows raised in question.

The young man swallowed carefully and backed up a step. "Wu- Wufei -- don't you remember me?"


"The, uh, club a few weeks ago. We danced together for awhile." The young man ran his fingers through black hair, cropped shorter than Wufei's, though under much less control. "But you left before I could, before we, you know..." The youth blushed.

Wufei smirked. "Yes, I remember you. Before we what, exactly? And what's your name again?"

"Kalvin," he answered quickly. He shrugged in embarrassment and then grinned. "You know, before we could hook up."

Wufei stiffened and the smirk disappeared. "Well, I'm sorry, Kalvin, but that wasn't on the agenda."

Kalvin shrugged again. "What are you doing now?"

"Going to the gym."

The youth licked his lips and tried to puff himself up a bit. "We could- well, you could get rid of some tension in another way."

Wufei was having trouble deciding whether to be amused or insulted. He noticed the bulge in Kalvin's jeans, sighed and looked at his watch. Hell, he had time. "It'll cost you," he warned, testing the sharpness of his blade on his thumb.

Kalvin suddenly looked nervous again. "What?"

"I mean, you have to pay me money if you want me to have sex with you. That's how it works." He spoke as though to a slow child.

Kalvin's brown eyes narrowed. "Are you a hustler or something?" Almost quicker than he could see, Wufei grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him into the rusty side of a dumpster.

"Yes. I am. But you don't get to call me that."


Wufei released him and gave him a quick once-over, noted the quality of his clothing and the shape of his wallet in his back pocket. "So, Kalvin. What's the plan? Fuck on the dumpster?"

"Well -- we could go to my place if you-"

"I'm on my way to the gym. And I'm very particular about my routine. Fuck on the dumpster?"

"H- how much?"

"Hundred," came the automatic reply.

Kalvin pulled out the wallet, quickly digging out a few bills. "I have 70. 72." He looked up, clearly worried. "I'm sorry, I- I didn't know that-"

Wufei slid the strap over his head and dropped the bag in one fluid motion. In the next second, his knife disappeared somewhere into his trackies. Then he shoved Kalvin against the dumpster again, effectively cutting off whatever excuse he had for not having the money. He smothered Kalvin's breath with a cruel kiss, grinding his hips against the surprised but willing customer. He ruthlessly squashed the disgust and shame that rose up in him every time he did this, especially when he accepted less than his going rate. 'You sell your body not even to the highest bidder.' He growled low in his throat, trying to silence that persistent voice. Kalvin gave him an answering noise, a strangled groan of desire and pain as Wufei bit down on his neck.

"Do you have a condom?" Kalvin gasped. "I wasn't planning on running into you."

Wufei released him and almost snarled, "Of course," before opening his bag and pulling out the rubber and a tube of lubricant. Duo's cheeky voice echoed in his brain. "Never leave home without'em, Wu. You never know when you'll be workin'." In spite of himself, he blushed as he jerked down the waistband of his trackies and put on the condom. Kalvin quickly undid the button-fly of his jeans and stood ready, excitement, nervousness and something akin to fear written across his boyish features. Wufei felt feral pride at having inspired that expression. He nearly attacked his client when their bodies met again. He knew there'd be bruises; he might draw blood. But, he rationalized, the kid didn't have enough money. That meant they got to do things Wufei's way. And he had quite a bit of energy to work off. He had been on his way to the gym after all.

"Put your arms over the top edge of the dumpster," he gritted into Kalvin's ear. The young man scrambled to comply, but wasn't strong enough to hold himself up for long. Wufei grabbed his legs, wrapping them around his hips. Kalvin locked them together in the back, bringing their bodies together in one sharp movement. The youth groaned and adjusted himself against the dumpster, jacket scraping loudly against the rusty surface. Wufei didn't take much time to prepare his customer. He wasn't trying to impress, didn't care if he ever saw this kid again -- hoped he wouldn't.

Kalvin cried out with the first thrust -- both pain and pleasure -- but learned quickly that noise was unacceptable when Wufei clamped a hand firmly over his mouth. Neither said a word from then on, the only sounds cloth against metal and Kalvin's heavy irregular breathing. Wufei surrendered to the building pleasure radiating from his groin, knowing he wouldn't last long. But it didn't look like he'd need to as he watched Kalvin's dark eyes glaze over and his back arch outward. He watched the young man bend and gasp his way to orgasm and then go limp against the dumpster, body shivering with pleasure. Wufei gritted his teeth and finished a second later, shoulders shuddering. Then he stepped back, letting Kalvin collapse into a boneless heap on the pavement. Despite all his effort at self control, his head spun and his fingers trembled as they mechanically removed and tied off the condom. He tossed it into the conveniently located dumpster. 'Good spot for business,' he smirked.

Within ten seconds, Wufei had the bag over his shoulder, his track pants in order, and 70 dollars -- he'd let the kid keep two in case he needed to catch a bus -- in his shoe. He didn't look back at the young man stumbling to his feet, longingly staring at his retreating back.

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