Author: srusse87
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is the property of Bandai. I didn't make any profit writing this.
Warning: Some groping and bad language
Pairing: Heero and Duo...of course
Author's note: So this is it. The last chapter. Thank you to everyone who read and commented. I've had a lot of fun writing these and I hope you've enjoyed them as well.

Happily Ever After... Part VI

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie . . .

So I forgot the damn milk. I didn't particularly like the stuff, didn't usually drink it and didn't think to look in the fridge when Heero called for the grocery list.

It wasn't my fault traffic was bad, the grocery store was packed and he had to wait in line for thirty minutes. Nor was it my fault some guy clipped him in the parking lot and dented his rear fender.

But it was my fault I forgot to put milk on the list.

Some days I piss Heero off and he goes off to scowl and I leave him alone and eventually it all blows over. But this time I really did feel bad. And he was standing there looking in the fridge as if he could conjure up a carton if he tried hard enough; which made me feel even worse. I might not like milk all that much but Heero did. Not enough to usually fly off the handle because we were out but he'd had a bad day.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and contemplated the Duo Kicked a Puppy atmosphere we had going on. Finally I sighed. "I'm sorry."

He looked over the fridge door and scowled at me. I decided that an apology wasn't going to cut it this time and Direct Action was needed. "Ok. Look, I'll go out and get milk."

He slammed the door shut and stalked past me headed toward the living room. "Don't bother."

A guy can only feel guilty for so long. I folded my arms and glared at his back, "No I will. And I'll even pick up a pizza on my way home."

He was still ignoring me and I began to get frustrated, "Heero, I said I was sorry."

His only response was a shrug. I caught myself thinking about chucking the car keys at the back of his head so I left. Hopefully by the time I got home he'd have cooled down and the desire to put up my picture and throw darts at it would have faded.

I liked shopping for groceries. While Heero preferred to shop at the large supermarket on the way home from work, I liked the smaller grocery store that was closer to our house. The supermarket had a larger selection of goods but the produce section at the smaller store was far superior in my opinion. Besides, how many boxes of cereal did a person really need to choose from?

I was comparing milk expiration dates when I overheard two ladies talking over by the cheese. They were discussing some birthday party and how it conflicted with a romantic anniversary dinner the one woman had arranged for her husband.

She mentioned candles and tiramisu and an evening involving oil and a foot massage. When edible underwear and bath toys were brought up I tuned out before I overheard something that would traumatize me permanently.

Heero and I didn't celebrate our birthdays, and we certainly weren't married so there had never been an anniversary. I imagined the expression on Heero's face if he walked in on a table set with candles, fine china, a bouquet of roses and me standing there clutching a bottle of lavender scented oil, flower stuck between my teeth; and burst out laughing right there in the dairy section.

The two ladies looked up and glared at me so I quickly grabbed a carton of milk and snuck off down a different aisle still trying to get my snickers under control.

It was an interesting idea though. Not the romantic dinner, but having a special day; something to mark . . . well something else. What did Heero and I have to remember? End of the war? Meeting each other? Moving in together?

When I thought about it, the first time we'd met was during the first war so that'd make it . . . nine years.

Shocked I stopped right in the middle of the aisle between the noodles and canned fruit.

Nine years? Where'd the time go? One minute I'm fifteen and blowing the shit out of the world and the next I've got a house, steady job, and a Heero waiting at home for me. Annoyed with me at the moment, but still . . . there.

And yet had it really only been nine years? Little over seven since Heero moved in. It seemed much longer and yet so fast at the same time. Some memories were clear as day and yet I couldn't remember what we'd had for dinner the night before last.

Just thinking about the time made me want to check the mirror for grey hairs when in fact the face of a twenty-four-year-old had looked back at me just that morning.

Nine years. I wondered if Heero knew about it. Fucking hell.

I knew lots of people who'd been married and divorced in less time than that. They'd separate over stupid shit and then move onto the next person. Heero and I had never declared, 'this is it, you and me' it just was the way things were. Partners, best friends, the guy I shagged regularly.

I knew for a fact Heero wouldn't appreciate a romantic gesture like the woman by the cheese had planned, but I wondered if there was something that I could do, just some way to let him know that his company meant . . . well a lot.

Without getting too sappy. Or sentimental. And despite the fact that he was being pissy.

The great thing about the grocery store is you can find just about anything. Two-ply toilet paper with aloe lotion, thirty different kinds of bread, fruit from all over the world, and in this case- just the item I needed to say what I wanted to say without actually having to say it.

After all, isn't that the whole point of an anniversary? Well maybe not, but the hell I was going to go up to Heero and profess my undying love. I didn't think I could do it with a straight face anyway.

I asked the woman to put my item in a separate paper bag and she gave me an odd look but did it anyway. I tossed the small package in my hand and smirked. See I could be romantic; it was gift wrapped and everything.

When I got home, Heero was sprawled on the couch flipping through the channels. Finally he settled on the news and tossed the remote back onto the coffee table. Looking up at me he folded his arms and scowled, "There's nothing on TV."

I guessed we'd moved on from pissed off to petulant sulking.

"Here you grouchy bastard, I got you something."

I tossed the package at Heero and he opened it, suspicious. I shrugged when he looked at me and then back down at the jar of cinnamon he held in his hand. "Gee Duo, you shouldn't have."

I snorted and went to fetch the pizza. "Only the best for you."

I was pulling the milk out of the fridge when I felt him tug on my braid, forcing me to turn my head and look at him. I scowled, "You know, most people would get my attention by calling my name."

He loosened his grip but didn't let go. "Most might but I'm special. Thanks for getting the milk."

I leaned back so I could get the door closed and he took the opportunity to reach down and grab something else. I smirked and shoved against him, "No problem."

After a quick tussle of who could grab who and where, he finally let me go so we could eat.

"Hey Duo?" I looked up. Heero was standing barefoot in the middle of the kitchen, pizza halfway in his mouth. "If I share the pizza can I stay?"

I grinned, "Might as well. After all this time you've kind of grown on me."


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