Illusions of Love + Part 3 (cont)

Slowly, Zechs let his hand drift from Duo's knee up his thigh, and then leaned forward to kiss him. Just as their lips were about to meet he asked, "This is what you want?"

Duo answered in deed rather than word. He grasped Zechs by the shoulders and pulled him to him, kissing him hard. Zechs responded by wrapping his arms around the lithe body and kissing the boy thoroughly, their tongues challenging one another.

This time, when Zechs moved his hands down to pull off the jeans, Duo helped him. He wriggled out of the snug jeans and felt a bit breathless as they were tossed aside. Zechs looked down at him, his crystal eyes raking over the slender body and settling on the hardness within the red bikini underwear.

"You are such a tease," Zechs said, seductively, and pulled the elastic back on the underwear and dipped his hand inside.

The moment he touched Duo's erection with his bare hand the boy cried out with need, thrusting into his grasp. Nothing compared to being touched by another. No matter how many times Duo masturbated it never reached this level of pleasure.

Zechs worked the hardened sex, but not for long, he had enough experience to know that this boy was wound tightly. He released the organ and then pushed Duo's t-shirt up and off. The long braid fell onto the boy's chest, drawing attention to his already hardened nipples. This was a little wanton creature, Zechs realized, making his own cock ache with anticipation.

When Zechs pulled away to stand and begin removing his own clothes, Duo watched with fascination. The man was lean and tall, and as he stripped, he slowly unveiled a very fit body. The unbuttoned linen shirt slid from his shoulders and onto the floor, revealing a broad, muscled chest and well-developed arms. Duo swallowed, feeling his mouth grow dry.

The admiration was obvious in Duo's eyes, and Zechs bent over to kiss him on the forehead. With the man so close, Duo put his hands behind Zechs's thighs and pulled him between his legs. He then leaned forward and nuzzled the needy erection.

"Yes," Zechs moaned, and ran his fingers through Duo's bangs. He watched with increasing hunger as Duo rubbed his face over the bulge and then closed his lips around it. Unable to control himself any longer, Zechs growled and gently pushed Duo away. "I have to have you... now," he said, the words laced with a deep need.

Duo recognized his urgency, and jumped from the couch, running into the bathroom. When he returned, Zechs was completely naked and standing before him with a powerful erection. Duo squeezed the tube of lubricant in his hand as he appraised the length and breadth of Zechs's cock nestled in white-blond hair.

"Wow," he said, before he could stop himself.

Zechs grinned ferally. "It's all yours."

"Yeah, but will it all fit?" Duo asked, laughing, and only half-joking.

"I have great faith in your... abilities," Zechs said, holding out his hand to take the lube and then drew Duo into his arms for a long kiss.

He cupped one cheek of that firm little bottom with his free hand and then dipped his hand inside the underwear to slide a finger along the boy's crack. To his delight, Duo wriggled in his embrace. Oh, yes, Duo Maxwell would be a very responsive lover.

They remained entangled and kissing a moment longer and then Duo pulled away and turned around, kneeling on the couch with his backside to Zechs. He definitely knew the routine and for that Zechs was grateful, because his own need was being wound tighter by the minute.

Zechs caressed Duo's ass and then smiled, remembering how he had ached to touch him the other night when this same little bikini clad rump had been on display on his sofa. Though Duo was not aware of it, that voyeuristic moment had been the one to break Zechs's resistance. From that moment on the boy with the braid had dominated the blond man's thoughts. Now, as he admired how Duo looked in the tiny red underwear, he decided to leave them on as long as possible. They accentuated his slender hips and curved bottom so deliciously.

He covered a finger in lubricant and then slipped it along Duo's crack once more. "I'll be careful," he said, and meant it. He was certain the last time Duo had had sex was four months ago with Heero Yuy.

Duo nodded and spread his legs to give the man better access. He could barely contain himself, his need was so strong.

Zechs's finger rubbed at the opening. The first touch, though light, made Duo jump. He wanted this, needed this badly, but as Zechs had said, this was their first time together and with that came a bit of nervousness. The finger rubbed again and then slipped inside easily.

"Oh... yeah," Duo said, looking back over his shoulder.

Zechs petted the boy's back with his other hand as he withdrew a little and then pushed back in. Just fingering Duo was making Zechs's entire body sizzle. He could hardly wait to plunge his cock inside that tight hole.

He did not wait long to add a second finger and then a third. And then they both were breathing so hard and moaning so much that they needed to rush to the real fucking before they spontaneously combusted.

Zechs withdrew his fingers and then slid Duo's underwear off. He wanted a full view now. He slicked his cock with lubricant and bent over and kissed Duo's shoulders, nudging the boy's crack with his hard length as he stood behind him. Duo moaned and pushed back on him.

"In me," Duo said with a demanding need.

No more foreplay, this was it. Zechs pressed the head of his cock to Duo's opening and slid inside... just a couple of inches. His hands were on Duo's hips, stilling the boy, keeping him from rushing this and hurting himself.

"More," Duo demanded, desperate to take that gorgeous length inside him.

Zechs groaned and obliged. He pushed in another few inches and then slowly withdrew, and pushed back in. The boy was taking five inches easily, and even Zechs's considerable girth was not a discomfort.

I knew he could take me, Zechs thought, now even more eager to fill Duo completely.

"How much more?" Duo asked, seeming to hear Zechs's thoughts.

"We're half way," Zechs answered with great satisfaction.

The man started a rhythm of thrusting and with each push, he went in a little further. He looked down, his long hair falling forward as he continued to thrust into that beautiful ass. He was three-quarters home now.

"I wish you could see me fucking you, Duo," he said, still intent on watching his cock disappear inside Duo's bottom.

"Yeah, give me more," Duo said, rocking back into the thrusts. God, how he had missed sex, how he had missed having a cock up his ass, stroking him inside, filling him completely. "Oh, yeah, Heero, give me more... deeper... I need it all!"

Hearing Duo call out to his former lover stunned Zechs momentarily. His thrusting faltered, but did not stop. The error stabbed at him, but he was determined to do everything in his power to make Duo Maxwell forget Heero Yuy. Duo was with him now and Zechs was not about to let a former enemy get the credit for this fuck.

As eagerly as Duo rode his cock, sliding back and forth over it, Zechs was still not completely sheathed inside him. They had two inches to go, and Zechs wanted more than ever for Duo to feel the full effect of his cock inside him.

"Come on, just a little more," he encouraged, and placed his hands firmly on the slender hips.

"Give it to me," Duo said, arching his back and giving Zechs even better access.

With that declaration and bodily concession, Zechs shoved himself hard inside, making Duo cry out in a mix of shock and pleasure.

The boy's rhythm slowed to adjust to the new sensation. "So deep," Duo said. "It feels good."

"Yes," Zechs hissed. It did feel good to be fucking deeply, to have his cock sheathed completely in that round little ass, to be slapping his balls against that pale, tight bottom. "Yes, take it all," he said, his arousal peaking.

"Ah," Duo moaned loudly, his head tilting back as his body rocked with the pounding to his ass. "Oh, God, it's good..."

Zechs latched on to the boy's open mouth and kissed him roughly as they fucked. They moaned into each other's mouths, tongues twining, as their orgasms built. With each thrust the moans and the pleasure grew louder and more intense, until Duo came. He pulled away from Zechs's mouth and cried out with complete abandon.

The tensing and clenching of Duo's body sent Zechs immediately into his own orgasm. He bit down on Duo's shoulder as he spurt his seed deep within the compact body. His thrusts continued a minute longer, though languid, as they moaned more quietly from exhaustion and satiation. Then they fell onto the couch, side by side, breathing heavy and sweat slicked.

"That was... fucking... fantastic," Duo said, swallowing between panting breaths.

In fact, it was exactly what the doctor had ordered. Though, had the patient known the cure would be Zechs Merquise, he might not have answered the door tonight.

"Mmm, you were fantastic," Zechs said, kissing the mark he had left on Duo's shoulder.

Just then they heard a loud pounding on the apartment door. "Duo! Are you all right? I heard yelling."

"Oh, no, it's my landlady," Duo said, mortified.

"She heard all that?" Zechs asked, more amused than embarrassed. He liked the idea of witnesses to his conquest.

"Sure sounds like it," Duo said and then louder, "I'm okay, Mrs. Langtry."

"Are you sure? Who was that blond man with you tonight?"

Duo knew the woman would not be satisfied until he opened the door. He slowly separated himself from Zechs, groaning unhappily at the loss of contact so soon after their climax.

"Just a sec," he called out as he searched for his clothes. Quickly, and with more energy than he thought he had, he pulled on his jeans and shirt. He opened the door just a few inches, Zechs was still lying naked on the couch.

"There you are," the prematurely gray haired woman said with some dissatisfaction. "It sounded like that man was hurting you. Are you sure you're all right?"

Duo blushed. "I'm fine, Mrs. Langtry. Sorry about the noise." There was no way he was going to explain any further.

The woman looked him up and down and then narrowed her eyes. "You tell that man if he hurts you I've got friends at the police department."

"He's not going to hurt me, Mrs. Langtry, but I'll be sure to tell him," Duo said, snickering. Gee, I had no idea she cared, Duo thought.

"All right then," she said, happy to have said her piece. "Good night, Duo."

"Good night, Mrs. Langtry."

He closed the door and chuckled. "Damn, if she heard all that and didn't know what we were doing..."

"She must be a very lonely woman," Zechs finished.

Duo turned to his lover and caught his breath. The man was stretched the length of the couch, posed like a pin-up from a dirty magazine. One knee was raised, an arm rested on the back of the couch, and his long blond hair seemed everywhere. For having climaxed just moments before, Duo's groin stirred with considerable interest.

"You got plans tonight?" he asked, gaping openly as Zechs drew his hand lazily across his flat stomach.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Zechs said, shaking his head so that his silken hair fluttered and then re-settled.

"Oh," Duo said, disappointedly.

Zechs grinned mischievously. "I'm going to be fucking you all night."

"Oh!" Duo said, his eyes brightening. "In that case, would you care to take this into the bedroom?"

"I'll give it to you wherever and however you want it."

Duo gulped. Oh, yes, he had definitely set the wheels in motion.


The buzz of the alarm clock jolted Duo from his sleep. He slammed his hand down on the annoying sound and then stretched, re-settling his body around his pillow. The movement made him aware of his considerable erection as it rubbed against the mattress. Duo loved being horny in the morning, especially when he knew it could be satisfied, and so he rolled over to find... he was alone.

Now he remembered. At some point in the early morning hours, Zechs had left, whispering words that Duo could no longer remember. He had briefly opened his eyes to see the man standing half dressed before him and then fell back to sleep.

Frustrated, Duo curled his hand around his cock, lazily stroking it as he drifted between sleep and wakefulness. The other pillow was still indented from where Zechs had laid his head, and that simple reminder of the man was enough to put him in Duo's mind as he pleasured himself. The previous night's activities came back to him. He had let Zechs stay and they had "comforted" one another. Well, Zechs called it comforting, Duo called it fucking, and this morning the delicious soreness in his lower extremities was proof positive that they had gone several rounds.

Duo thrust his hips as he stroked faster, now imagining that the evening had turned out quite differently. Sasha had stayed and had let him have his way. Oh, yes, Sasha would have been sweet and so very uncomplicated, unlike the other men in Duo's life.

His orgasm freed him from the fantasy, and as he came down and quickly began to wipe himself off he felt a dull, queasy regret growing inside him. Sasha had not stayed last night, Zechs had, and Duo had let Zechs take him... repeatedly. He had not been fucked like that in months. Hell, he could not remember ever being fucked like that. Heero could be intensely passionate, but Zechs was possessive, as though he was making a claim.

Duo swallowed hard and looked over at the empty side of the bed again. How had his life gotten tangled up with the life of Zechs Merquise? Had it been inevitable that they would fall into bed together? And was that all it had been? Just one night to sate desires? It certainly seemed so, since Zechs had left.

Duo got up and took a deep, shaky breath as he stared at the crumpled sheets. Had this been a mistake?


Late that afternoon, Duo busied himself with checking inventory in the storeroom at the coffee shop. When he popped his head out the door to holler a question to Rikk he froze, mouth gaping, as he saw Zechs standing at the counter, speaking to the other boy.

Duo held his breath. Zechs looked angelic in a dove gray long coat and a white suit. In his hand he held a small bouquet of yellow and blue spring flowers.

"For me?" Duo whispered in amazement as he retreated back into the storeroom, feeling incapable of speaking to Zechs just now.

His heart thundered. Last night had not been a one-night stand for Zechs after all. Then what had it been? Was the man intent on having a relationship?

Suddenly, the door flew open, startling Duo and sending him stumbling back into the shadows of the room.

"Hey, Duo," Rikk called as he stepped into the storeroom.

Duo took a breath and tried to quickly calm himself. "Yeah," he said softly.

"Your boyfriend's here. He's got something for you."

Duo stepped into the artificial light of the room. "You told him I was here?"

"Of course, you goof. Now get out there. You must be one hell of a lay for a guy to bring you flowers."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Is that all you think about?"

"Yup," Rikk said, unapologetic. "I knew you two had a thing for each other."

"We don't have a 'thing,'" Duo said impatiently. "Could you just tell him I'm in a meeting or something?"

Rikk chuckled. "Yeah, right, like he's gonna buy that. Get your ass out there, Maxwell."

"Really, Rikk. I--I just can't talk to him right now."

The other boy stepped closer, looking carefully at Duo's face. He looked whole, unbruised, but did seem a little frightened. Surely he was not frightened of the Ice Man.

"So good it hurts, right?" Rikk asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Duo blinked. "What?"

"Yeah, that's it all right. He was so good in bed it scared you. You really like this guy, don't you?"

"I--I..." Duo stammered and then dropped his gaze to the floor.

"Thought so. Look, I'll make an excuse for you... this time. But I don't want to get in the middle of this, whatever this is."

Rikk left the room before Duo could respond. Duo felt rotten for not facing Zechs himself, but he thought it would be safer this way. He could not think straight around Zechs. Did he care for the man or was he just being swept away into something?

A minute ticked by, then two. Was Zechs ever going to leave? At last the chime sounded and Duo peeked into the shop. Zechs was gone, but he had left the bouquet. He walked over to the counter and brushed his fingers over the soft petals. This was only the second time in his life he had been given flowers, the first had been from a girl in the Maguanac hangar during the war.

"Did he say anything?" Duo asked, his eyes fixed on the bouquet.

"Not a word. He just stared a hole in that storeroom door for a minute, set the flowers down and walked on out of here."

Duo swallowed, ashamed of his cowardice. "I should've talked to him."

Rikk poured water into a glass and handed it to his friend and then went back to brewing more coffee as a group of businessmen came into the shop. Duo set the bouquet in the glass and then took it behind the counter with him. As he worked he looked between the flowers and the shop's entrance. This had been such a sweet gesture on Zechs's part, so why was it so damn hard to accept?

When business slowed later that evening, Duo decided to open up to his friend.

"I had a boyfriend before I came here," he said, leaning back against the counter.

Rikk nodded and poured himself a cup of coffee. This sounded like the beginning of a long talk.

"His name was Heero," Duo continued, biting his lower lip to stop it from trembling. Hell, why didn't this get any easier?

"So what happened?" Rikk prompted, pulling up a stool and sitting down.

"He left me."

"Geez, how long ago was that?"

"Four months."

"You were in love with this guy?"

"Yeah," Duo said softly.

"Sounds like it's time to move on. The Ice Man..."


Rikk grinned, "Okay, Zechs. I never knew his name. Anyway, he seems nice enough. And he's sure persistent. This isn't the first time you've blown him off."

Duo cringed. It was true that Zechs had been persistent, but now that they had slept together why was he still hanging around? Wasn't that all the man had wanted?

"As far as I see it, you're damn lucky to have this stud chasing your scrawny little ass. You should enjoy it and forget about that guy who dumped you."

Duo looked over at the flowers again. Their sweet scent and the odor of coffee beans gave Duo ideas for a new drink.

"Heero never gave me flowers," he said, a bit sadly.

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