Illusions of Love + Part 3 (cont)

"There ya' go. That's your answer."

"I--I don't know..." Duo started to say, knowing that Rikk did not have the whole story, couldn't know all that Heero had meant to him.

Just then Mr. Brentwood came into the shop, interrupting the intimate chat. "Hello, Duo," he called out cheerfully.

"Hi, Mr. Brentwood," Duo said, noticing a large package under his arm. "Making a delivery tonight?"

"Actually, I was hoping you could deliver this." He set the brown paper package on the counter. "I've got to get home to the wife."

Duo tilted his head. The man rarely spoke of his wife.

"Yeah, sure, I'll run it for you."

"Oh, that's great. Now, if you could make me a double Hawaiian latte I'll be set for the evening."

The boy grinned. "Sure."

Brentwood got his drink and then left, and it was then that Duo took a closer look at the package. There was an address handwritten on the top, but no name. He scratched his head. The address was only a few blocks away, in the area where Zechs lived.

Oh, shit, Duo thought. Damn if Rikk was not right about him being frightened, but could he also sense the thrill that Duo felt at the possibility of seeing Zechs again? He was sure the apartment number on the package was the same as Zechs's, but that could've been just a coincidence... or a sign.

"Do you mind if I cut out of here a few minutes early?"

Rikk looked up from mopping the floor. "That's two favors in one day. You owe me big time!" he laughed.

"Okay, okay. I'll close for you any day you want."

"That'll do for starters," Rikk said with a wink.

Duo shook his head and tucked the package under his arm and headed out. He strapped it to the back of his bike and rode down the street. As he turned the last corner his heart beat faster. This delivery had to be for Zechs.

When he arrived at the street address it was the same posh apartment building where Zechs lived. Duo looked up, hoping he could somehow distinguish which light in the windows above was Zechs's.

Inside the building, Duo was stopped by a night doorman. He did not remember seeing one before, but then he had been focused on his companion.

"I've got a delivery," he said, showing the uniformed man the package.

The dark-skinned young man looked down his nose at the package. "I'll ring Mr. Merquise's apartment."

The confirmation of his suspicion that this delivery was for Zechs made Duo's heart rate jump, but he remained outwardly calm. "That's okay, I know the way."

The man's dark brown eyes narrowed on him. "You'll stay right where you are." He picked up the in-house phone and very soon was announcing the delivery from Brentwood's rare bookstore. When he hung up he looked a bit miffed. "Mr. Merquise would like you to take the package up."

Duo lifted his chin in triumph, but the man only frowned more deeply at him. "It's apartment ten..."

"Ten-o-six, I know," Duo said, and turned with a whirl that sent his braid flying behind him.

As he rode in the elevator he wondered why he had been in such a hurry to get here. He did not have the slightest idea of what he would say to Zechs. Obviously Zechs wanted to speak to him again, so that was good. Duo supposed he owed the man an apology, but beyond that who knew?

When the elevator arrived on the tenth floor, he got out and stood in the carpeted corridor, but hesitated going further. He didn't have a lot of experience in relationships, and compared to Zechs, Heero seemed straightforward. Duo had known almost from the start that he had wanted the other boy, and once they had kissed there had been no turning back, and no doubts about what they both wanted. Why couldn't it be that simple with Zechs?

"If I'm attracted to him then I should go for it," Duo encouraged himself.

Easier said than done when guilt was still nudging him in the belly. Okay, so Heero had wanted the guy dead, Duo thought, trying hard to reason this out. But that didn't stop me last night when Zechs made his move. I was willing and it felt good. Hell, Heero doesn't give a flying fuck how I'm doing, so why should I care what he thinks?

That flippant thought was Duo's first true step toward letting go. That part of his life was over. Heero was behind him now. He had to be.

Just then the sound of a soft click drew Duo's attention down the hall. Zechs was standing there. The man's eyes blazed a dangerous mix of sex, need and something Duo could not identify. Zechs was still dressed in his white suit pants, and the pale blue shirt was now unbuttoned nearly to his waist. As Duo's eyes took in all of the man he noticed Zechs was barefoot, a detail he found intriguing and incredibly sexy.

"Duo... come in," Zechs invited in velvet-soft tones that resonated in Duo's ears.

Duo was too nervous to fuss or make a scene in the hall. He followed Zechs inside and closed the door behind them.

"Please sit down," Zechs said, gesturing toward the living area.

Duo nodded and sat down in the middle of the sofa as Zechs settled in a chair. He could not decide if Zechs was angry with him or not, so he decided it best to get this over with. "I'm sorry about today," he said, smoothing the brown paper packaging. "I should've talked to you..."

"Obviously I still make you uncomfortable, and for that I'm the one who is sorry."

"Oh. Well, I..."

"You want what happened between us last night to remain in the past," Zechs said, tapping his finger on the arm of the chair. This was not what he wanted, but he would not force Duo into a relationship. "It would seem that's the way it has to be. I don't blame you. We both were looking for sex. I just didn't plan on my feelings getting away from me."

"Your feelings? For me?" Duo asked, surprised.

"I know, you still love Heero," Zechs said quickly, wanting to prevent Duo from saying the words. "But please take the book," he said, gesturing to the package. "Take it with my compliments and utmost respect."

"This is for me?" Duo asked. He looked down at the package on his lap and then back up at Zechs. "Is this payment for services rendered?"

"Of course not!" Zechs exclaimed, appalled by the assumption. "Last night..."

"Yeah, what the hell was last night?"

Zechs stared at Duo, studying the confusion that was all too clear on the boy's face. "Are you asking me to explain your feelings, Duo? I can't do that. Maybe last night was too intense for you."

Duo's chest tightened as he gripped the package in his hands. "You mean I couldn't handle it?"

"On the contrary," Zechs said, crossing his legs. "I thought you handled it quite well... until today."

"Oh, and I suppose you handle everything in your life absolutely perfectly?" Duo asked in a sarcastic tone.

Zechs narrowed his eyes. This confrontation was not what he had planned. He wanted Duo in his bed, not sitting here battling with words. The boy had done more than just turn his head. The boy had gotten his complete attention and after last night Zechs could easily see himself devoting days, months, even years to discovering all the charms and secrets of Duo Maxwell. It had been a very long time since a night of sex had turned into something much, much more for Zechs Merquise.

"Duo," Zechs said softly, uncrossing his legs and leaning his elbows on his knees. "Something brought you here tonight. You didn't have to deliver this package. Once you knew it was being delivered here, why didn't you turn around and go home?"

The large blue eyes looked down at the floor. Duo was afraid to admit it, but at last he did. "Because I like you," he said, barely above a whisper.

Zechs reached his hand out and lifted Duo's face by the chin. "You like me?"

Duo swallowed as he met the gaze of those crystal eyes. "Yeah, you've grown on me. You're an interesting guy, complicated, but I seem to like that in guys... and you're damn sexy, too."

Zechs smiled. "How about if I'm uncomplicated for a moment and tell you I want to continue what we started last night?"

Warmth raced across Duo's face. He was tired of being alone, so why not? "I'd say that sounds good."

Zechs's hand slipped from Duo's chin to his hand. He took the smaller hand in his and asked, "Are you sure? I don't want you running away from me again."

"Yeah, I'm sure. All the old ghosts are where they should be."

Zechs leaned in and kissed him, tenderly, and then withdrew. "It's time for you to open your present."

"Right, the book!" Duo said happily. With Zechs's ice blue eyes watching him, Duo hastily peeled back the brown paper. "A Pictorial History... of Motorcycles. Wow!" he exclaimed, letting the paper fall to the floor as he paged through the rare book. He became more excited as each page revealed photos of bikes he had only ever heard about. "Zechs, this is perfect. Thank you!"

"You're welcome," Zechs grinned, pleased that he had found the perfect gift for his new lover. "Now," he said, seductively, running his hands over Duo's hands and gently removing the book from the boy's grasp and setting it aside. "I want to show you the difference between fucking and making love."

Duo was pretty sure he knew the difference, but he was not about to skip out on this tutorial. "You've got my undivided attention."

With that, Zechs pulled Duo off the sofa and onto his lap, wrapping his arms around the slender body and finding Duo's lips with a searing kiss. Duo put his arms around Zechs's neck and immediately opened his mouth to the questing tongue. He moaned as Zechs French kissed him and the man's hand rubbed his cock to wakefulness.

This comfortable and arousing interlude did not last long, as Zechs scooped the boy up into his arms. He stood, holding Duo close and kissing him as he carried him down the hall into his bedroom. At last, when he set Duo on the bed and the boy lay panting, looking up at him with a wide, needy gaze, Zechs thought he might lose himself, lose the control he so jealousy guarded.

"This is where I've wanted you all along," he said, pulling his shirt from inside his trousers.

Duo wriggled on the burgundy silk covers. He had never felt anything so cool and soft and wanted desperately for Zechs to undress him so that they could tumble naked on the silk.

Zechs's bedroom was decorated richly in red, burgundy and gold, a striking contrast to the neutral tones used in the rest of the apartment. Such disparity in decor could only mean this was another side of the man, a passionate side that Duo was privileged to see.

The boy scooted to the middle of the large bed, pulling his black t-shirt off and flinging it across the room. Zechs got onto the bed and straddled Duo's thighs, bending down to kiss him languidly. Duo melted into the kisses, as his hands roamed over Zech's smooth, broad chest and then down to his belt. Those lips on his were driving him mad. He wanted so much more, so he quickly unbuckled the belt and unzipped the white trousers to give his hand access to the object of his desire.

"God, you're huge," Duo mumbled through the kisses as he took Zechs into his hand.

Zechs laughed. "That's what you said last night and you did just fine."

Duo stroked the long, hard cock, making the man above him moan. Zechs sat up and thrust into Duo's hand as he arched back. Damn it felt good to Zechs to have a lover again, to have someone he found attractive touch him and pleasure him and fill his lonely nights. He leaned forward again, his lustrous white-blond hair covering them as he kissed Duo deeply while he was stroked.

"Duo," Zechs said, between kisses. "I need to get you out of these clothes."

His words were met with a chuckle. "I was just thinking the same thing."

The man was in action immediately. He retreated to the foot of the bed where he removed Duo's boots and black jeans, leaving the boy clothed only in a pair of emerald green bikini underwear. "How many colors do you have?"

"I bought a six pack," Duo laughed.

"I can't wait..."

This time Zechs's plans did not include the underwear and they were slid off and tossed into the pile. Standing at the foot of the bed, Zechs's eyes raked over his little lover. "You're beautiful," he said, and then lifted one of Duo's legs, kissing along the calf to his heel and then sucking one toe into his mouth.

"Oh!" Duo exclaimed. This was definitely something new for him.

He watched, rapt, as Zechs paid equal attention to each toe and then began kissing a path from his toes all the way to his waiting cock. The man was now kneeling between his legs, licking his cock.

"Zechs..." Duo said, moaning, and twining his fingers in the man's hair.

"This is making love," Zechs said, his heart swelling to hear Duo call his name.

He sucked Duo inside his mouth, learning the shape and taste of him. Duo writhed and moaned beneath him, and when Zechs thought the boy could hold back no longer he swallowed Duo's cock deep down his throat, taking him all, making Duo cry out in pleasure as he came.

Licking him clean, Zechs surged up and kissed Duo, letting him taste himself on his lips. Their tongues twined and Duo found himself craving more, wanting more from this man as though Zechs could fill the gnawing void. He did not have to wait long as Zechs grabbed a large pillow and coaxed Duo up so that he could slide it under his back.

"My back's not bothering me," Duo chuckled, not sure what the fuss was about.

"Your innocence is charming," Zechs said as he lay on his stomach and pulled Duo's bottom towards his face.

"Hey," Duo said, sounding a bit worried as he lifted his head to see what the man was doing.

Zechs did not bother answering as he buried his face in the boy's balls. One lick was all it took and Duo practically leapt off the bed, but Zechs's arms were curled under and around Duo's thighs holding him in place.

"Easy," Zechs purred, as he sucked one ball into his mouth.

"OH!" Duo cried out. This was amazing. Zechs was amazing. He had already brought Duo to orgasm once and now was continuing to pleasure him. Duo knew he should protest, tell Zechs it was his turn, but God this was just too good.

Unbelievably, it got even better. Zechs released Duo's scrotum and then licked his anus. The wet tongue swirled around Duo's opening several times and then dipped inside, causing Duo to moan nearly continuously with every cell in his body tingling. Soon Zechs was tongue fucking Duo, in and out until he knew Duo needed more, and then he slid a finger inside.

"Oh, God this is good!" Duo shouted and then began moaning again.

As wonderful as it felt giving Duo this pleasure, Zechs knew his will was crumbling. The scent of Duo in his nostrils and the feel and taste of him on his tongue was stoking Zechs's desire by the second. He removed his finger and licked around the boy's opening once more before releasing him to get the gel beside the bed.

Duo's face was flushed and his chest rose and fell in panting breaths as he watched Zechs slick himself. The man was so beautiful, so powerful looking that Duo shivered with anticipation.

Zechs knelt between his legs and guided his cock to Duo's opening. "I'm going to take this slow," he promised, knowing that Duo was not fully prepared after only receiving one finger and a tongue.

Duo nodded and spread his legs, feeling needy and wanton as he gazed up at his lover. It frightened him a little how willingly he spread his legs for Zechs, but then this was not the Zechs from the war. This Zechs was kindhearted and trying to survive in a world that might never understand him.

After several steady pushes, Zechs was fully sheathed inside Duo. The tight warmth made him a little dizzy with need, but he fought to keep his focus on both Duo's and his own pleasure. They began to rock into each other, slowly, taking their time tonight. The frenzy of last night's sex temporarily set aside as they explored each other in a new way.

With Zechs moving slowly in and out of him, Duo could better feel the man, learn his shape, sense every inch inside him. There was nothing more intimate than intercourse between two people, and Duo was amazed once more that the man who was making love to him had only months before been his and the Earth's worst nightmare.

Zechs is so beautiful like this, Duo thought as his body moved with his lover's.

The man's face shone passionate with their lovemaking. He gazed continuously at Duo, leaning down to kiss him often as he thrust forward again and again. Duo reached one hand up and brushed aside the damp hair around Zechs's face while his other hand kneaded into the man's firm bottom. This slow lovemaking was even more intense than their vigorous activities of the night before. More intense because, in its ease, it afforded the two men time to look on each other, appreciate what they saw and what they felt. It was definitely the difference between fucking and making love.

After long minutes of loving in this way, both needed their release and the pace was increased. Duo's legs were hooked over Zechs's elbows and the man pounded into his lover, sweat trickling down his chest and back as he worked to bring them both to completion. Zechs was first to come, crying out as though in pain as his orgasm forced him deeper and harder inside Duo. The deep thrusts brushed against Duo's prostate, triggering his own orgasm seconds later.

Exhausted, Zechs dropped onto his lover. They both panted hard, gasping for air, feeling as though they had run a marathon. Their hearts beat hard against their chests, seeming to pound into each other as their bodies had moments before.

Duo could take Zechs's full weight on him only so long and then pushed the man aside. Zechs rolled off, pulling out and causing Duo to groan unhappily at the separation.

They lay in a tangled, sweaty heap for a long time, slipping easily into a light slumber. When they woke nearly an hour later, their bodies were sticky and sore from exertion. Zechs got up and went into the bathroom for a towel. He dampened it and returned to clean himself and his lover.

Neither said a word, but the difference between last night and tonight was so profound it begged notice. Last night had satisfied needs of lust and loneliness, but tonight had satisfied that and more. A door had been opened and a new alliance had been formed, bridging a gap many would have thought impossible to cross.

Zechs pulled the covers down and patted the bed, encouraging Duo to join him between the cool, silk sheets. Duo crawled under with him happily, nestling in the larger man's arms.

"Mind if I stay tonight?" Duo asked, as he rested his face on Zechs's chest.

"You may stay every night," Zechs replied, kissing the top of Duo's head.

The invitation warmed Duo. It seemed an eternity since he had been welcome to sleep in another's arms. What a luxury it was to be surrounded by strong arms amid silken sheets.

After a minute of running his fingers in circles over Zechs's stomach, both he and Zechs fell asleep. Each man equally sated and content not to be spending the night alone.

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