Illusions of Love + Conclusion (cont)

"Really?" Duo asked.

"Sure. We were apart for half a year and I don't think either of us thought we'd see each other again."

"Yeah," Duo said, softly, easing with Heero at his side.

"But we are together," Heero said, squeezing Duo's hand. "We've been given a second chance and we should make the best of it."

Duo nodded and then noticed the long, red cut on Heero's arm. "What's that?" he asked, reaching his hand up to examine the injury. "How'd you cut yourself?"

When Heero didn't immediately answer, Duo understood. "Oh, the duel," he said, simply.

"I should bandage that..." Heero said as he started to get up from the bed.

Duo grabbed his wrist, keeping him in place. "Zechs told me what happened, but he didn't mention this."

"It's nothing," Heero said.

"Maybe nothing compared to self-destructing," Duo said with a snort.

"I wasn't trying to get myself killed this time. But I shouldn't have been fighting in the first place."

"You, not wanting to fight?" Duo asked, more than a little surprised.

"There's a time and a place for it... and this wasn't it."

"And now you can never go back to Sank," Duo added.

"That's all right. Let Zechs have his victory," Heero said, lifting his chin. "I've got you and that's all that really matters."

Duo smiled. "I do believe you mean that, don't you, Heero?" Duo asked, as he scooted up more into a sitting position.

Heero nodded with an affirmative grunt.

"Let's not mess things up again, okay?" Duo said, determinedly. "I mean, we really need to work at this... us."

The tone in Duo's voice and the plea in his eyes told Heero that Duo was very sincere in his commitment to making their relationship work. Now Heero needed to be sure that Duo understood he was just as committed to their success.

"We can start by making an effort to share our feelings," Heero said, knowing that had been a major stumbling block for them the first time around.

"Talking is good," Duo said, nodding. "I saw that change right away in you. You're much more open with me now."

Heero nodded. That change hadn't come easy for him. After spending so many nights alone, thinking about Duo and how he had lost him over a little pride, he vowed never to conceal his heart again.

"I knew I had to tell you everything or I might never get you back," he admitted.

"Yeah, the new and improved Heero sure surprised me," Duo said, smiling. "But you know, expressing our feelings doesn't have to be all in words." A little sexy grin curled Duo's lips. "Talking is good, but not all the time."

Heero licked his lips. Oh, he was such a lucky boy. He had Duo back and Duo was in his bed, naked and flagging him in for a landing.

"Right," Heero said, leaning forward for a kiss.

Duo met that kiss and worked his mouth as his hands grabbed for the towel at Heero's waist. "Come here," Duo said, tugging the towel off and rubbing his hands over Heero's thighs.

Heero smiled ferally, dropping the towel to the floor and getting under the covers with Duo. There he found heaven, a completely naked Duo who eagerly wrapped around him. Heero's still damp body sizzled as Duo's slender legs and muscled arms encircled him.

"Mmm... I've waited a long time for this," Duo said, climbing on top of Heero and diving onto his mouth hungrily. His heart was pounding madly and for a moment he wasn't sure how he would contain his lust, his joy at being reunited with Heero. This is Heero, he thought. My Heero!

For seconds, Heero lay almost completely passive at Duo's passionate advance. Six months had ticked by, slow at times, and a blur at other's. Half a year since Heero had enjoyed physical contact of any kind, but more importantly of the Duo kind. He was swept away, very nearly overwhelmed with the mental and physical overload of having Duo make love to him again.

Heero's stillness caught up with Duo's brain and he released the boy's mouth to get a good look at him. "What?" Duo asked, breathless. "No good?"

A low chuckle rumbled in Heero's throat. "Beyond good," he answered, bringing his hand up to Duo's face. "I'm in awe of you."

"You're pretty awesome yourself," Duo said with a wink. "Now let's get to the good stuff. I'm tired of having you only in my dreams."

Heero grinned, pulling Duo back to him and kissing him more roughly, and running his hands over the incredibly lithe body. Duo moved on him, rubbing his growing erection into Heero's belly.

"Never felt this way with anyone but you," Duo said, wanting to ensure that Heero understood he was his man, and the only man Duo had ever truly wanted.

He moved rhythmically on Heero, blending their scents together as their flesh heated with the friction. He had nearly forgotten just how delicious, how equal it felt to have Heero as his lover. Their bodies fit perfectly, with only a slight difference in height and Heero being broader in the chest. Duo wanted to rub his skin raw, imbue Heero's scent on his skin permanently. He and Heero belonged together, they always had.

"Love you, Heero," Duo said, kissing Heero's lips and his face.

"Love you," Heero responded as Duo licked a path along the curve of his ear.

Heero's reserve melted away with the writhing of Duo's body. The dance that was going on above him and on him had brought him to a full and sizeable erection very quickly.

"Tell me what you want," Heero said, running his hands over Duo's bottom and slipping his fingers between the cheeks.

"You," Duo breathed, hotly. "I want you."

Heero groaned. With his arousal building, he pressed a finger to Duo's opening. The boy arched, tossing his head back and pushing on the finger, letting it slide inside him.

"Oh, God," Duo said, his face flushed with want.

He kissed Heero again, darting his tongue into Heero's mouth as one finger, then two moved inside him, fucked him to readiness.

"Yeah," Duo breathed, rubbing his face against the boy's neck. "Come on... let's do it."

Heero withdrew his fingers and then looked to the nightstand. Shit, they had forgotten lubricant.

Duo nipped at his jawline all the while humping him, needing Heero badly. He understood the hesitation, but didn't care. "Just do it," he said, taking Heero's mouth again. He couldn't wait any longer. Six months, a week, a day... even an hour had been too long to be apart. Now all Duo wanted was to hand himself over body and soul to the only boy who had ever touched his heart.

Heero fed on Duo's hunger and then pulled away. They would make do, and so he spit into his hand and reached between them, stroking the saliva along his hardened shaft. Duo leaned forward, his braid falling to Heero's chest, as Heero held his cock in place to receive him. Their eyes locked as Duo sank back.

"Oh!" Duo gasped at that pure contact. And then his eyes squeezed shut with the first inch of hard flesh inside him.

Heero froze, not wanting to hurt Duo. "Slow down," he said, spitting into his hand and slicking his shaft again.

Duo nodded and opened his eyes, watching Heero watch him as he slowly pushed down, taking more of Heero into him. God, he needed this. Not just as a sexual release, but his entire being needed to connect with Heero in this way. He moaned with the sensation of being filled. Oh, yes, he had forgotten the feel of Heero inside him, hot and rock hard.

Watching Duo make love was like watching a dance. He moved so sinuously, arching his neck and his back, and rubbing his cheek on Heero like a cat. When he started his slow slide up and down, pulling off and then sliding back down, Heero thought he would come. He had forgotten the power of the sensations he felt when fucking Duo. Heero was almost buried to the balls, and he could see Duo trying to take all of him, knowing Duo wanted all of him.

"Fuck me, Heero. I want to feel you," Duo said, his passionate, wide eyes pleading with the words.

With a grunt, Heero rolled them over, tucking Duo under him and moving him with such care, strength and finesse that they remained connected. Duo's breath quickened and he blinked large, surprised eyes up at Heero.

"Now I can give you what you want," Heero said and pushed long and hard until he was completely buried inside.

"God, Heero!" Duo cried out, feeling the burn of hard flesh inside him. It was amazing, almost too much. Seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling Heero aroused Duo into a fever of need. He needed all of him, every hard inch of him and more.

Duo was so tight around his cock, squeezing Heero, making him tremble and worry that he might not last until they had completely enjoyed each other. But he waited, Heero forced himself to calm and wait for Duo. When Duo wriggled beneath him, Heero began his slow assault, thrusting in and out with patience. The rhythm was easy at first, for several thrusts, but neither one of them was prepared or hoping for a slow fuck tonight. This was six months of emotion, longing, hunger in one fuck. This was coming back together, forgiving, loving, pleasuring, and remembering.

Heero increased the pace, thrusting faster, easier as Duo relaxed. He slid in and out, making Duo whimper and moan with each deep thrust. They alternated between kissing and watching each other. It was as though they had to see in order to believe.

As Heero rode him, faster and faster, building them toward a mutual climax, Duo slid his hand to Heero's ass. At first he just wanted to feel the tightness, the clenching muscles of Heero's buttocks. But then his fingers wandered, finding the sweet pucker. He rubbed his finger over Heero's entrance, remembering how they had always taken turns, how Heero would give himself to Duo just as willingly as Duo to him.

The image of fucking Heero aroused Duo even more and he thrust back harder as he pushed at the tiny entrance. Heero nuzzled in his hair, moaning as he fucked and moaning at Duo's exploration. "Go on," he breathed into Duo's ear.

Duo grinned, eager to fill the request, and fill Heero with his finger. He pressed inside, easily slipping one slender finger inside his lover. Heero moaned even louder in his ear. Oh, yes, he would have to be next.

The added sensation brought Heero to the crest of the wave, and he frantically re-positioned Duo for the final assault. He hooked his arms under Duo's knees, forcing Duo's ass a little off the bed and giving a better angle of entry. Heero pounded Duo's ass, the bed thumping under them as they fucked each other to orgasm.

"YES!" Duo cried out first, coming in great bursts as Heero took him hard.

Heero growled and then moaned deeply as he climaxed, thrusting into Duo several more times as his cock tightened and then emptied with his release.

He fell on top of Duo, exhausted and gasping for air. Duo removed his finger and rubbed his hands over Heero's back. He was equally breathless, but purring from the release they had shared.

"I swear... I saw fireworks," Heero said between deep breaths.

"Mmm," Duo agreed, completely satisfied. "I saw them, too."

Heero was still breathing hard with the exertion, but he managed to lean up on his elbows and look into Duo's eyes. "I didn't know it could get any better," he said, his bangs falling heavy on his brow.

"Oh, hell, yes," Duo said with a smile. "And I have a feeling it's gonna keep on getting better."

Heero smiled in anticipation and realization. "It's because we love each other, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Duo nodded with a smile. "It's definitely because we love each other."

Heero tenderly kissed Duo and then withdrew, leaning over the side of the bed to grab the discarded towel. He wiped them both off and then re-settled around Duo's body, spooning behind him. Duo wriggled his bottom against Heero and laughed happily when Heero nuzzled and kissed his neck.

"So what's next?" Duo asked, petting Heero's forearm.

"I thought I'd give you a few minutes to recover," Heero teased.

"Gee, thanks," Duo said, laughing. "But what about tomorrow and the next day? What are our plans?"

"We should stay here," Heero said, licking Duo's ear. "We've got everything we need... a fire, a warm bed, wonderful meals..."

"And let's not forget the mind-blowing sex," Duo added.

"I'm definitely not forgetting that," Heero said, giving a thrust of his hips.

They laughed and held each other, but the true meaning behind Duo's initial question still hung in the air. They could not allow their lives to drift apart again. They needed to choose the same path or at the very least two paths that complemented one another.

"It's just an idea," Heero said, taking up the end of Duo's braid and brushing it over the boy's naked hip. "We could contact Lady Une."

Duo turned in Heero's arms to be able to look at the other boy as they talked. "You mean, help her get her preventers organization started?"

"That's one idea," Heero said.

Duo liked the sound of that. It was much more in line with his training and experience as a Gundam pilot, and it would also mean he and Heero could work together... or least for the same cause.

"She's indicated that she would welcome help from any and all of us Gundam pilots," Heero said.

"Now wouldn't that be something if we all ended up working together again?" Duo said with a little chuckle. "God, it'd be good to see Quatre."

Heero brushed aside Duo's bangs. "We should give him and Trowa a call. They've been worried... about both of us."

Duo's eyes widened. "Oh, man, it's been months since I contacted them." He sunk a little deeper into the mattress, ashamed that he'd neglected his friends.

"I haven't had much contact with them either, but I'm sure they'd be happy to know we're together," Heero said.

"Yeah," Duo smiled, a great satisfaction coming over him. "Then that's the plan... we'll make our first stop L4, and then we'll join Une."

"Mission accepted," Heero said with a hint of a grin on his lips. "But first I want you to myself for a few days."

"Is that right?" Duo asked, raising an eyebrow and smiling, smugly.

"Hn," Heero grunted and bent to nip at Duo's collarbone.

"Great, that'll give me time to show off my new skill."

Heero's head popped up and his eyes narrowed on his lover. "What skill?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Making coffee, of course!" Duo crowed with a laugh.

"I'd rather do this," Heero said, going back to his ministrations.

"Ah, but you've never tasted one of my special creations," Duo said, smiling as Heero licked a path to his nipple. "Freshly ground and brewed coffee, blended with milk." He let his fingers brush down Heero's back and swirl around. "And a pinch or two of allspice and cinnamon," he said, adding the appropriate number of pinches to Heero's ass.

"Sounds like you're serious about your coffee," Heero said, sucking Duo's nipple into his mouth.

"Uhnnn..." Duo moaned, his eyes flickering closed with the sensation. "Very serious... and I haven't even gotten to the whipped cream yet."

"Whipped cream, huh?" Heero asked, pulling off the nub briefly. "Maybe we need to ring for room service."

Duo watched as Heero laved his nipple and then slid down. Heero's tongue followed the line of his sternum, down to his navel and down... no longer afraid of drowning. They would make love again and wade into the depths together, for the first time truly on the same page, the same path.

Images of cargo bays and metal floors, starry desert nights, and ivy enclosures played in their minds. All places they had loved each other in one form or another, but none as safe and as warm and as full of hope as this room and this bed. Having found each other again, the despair of the last six months seemed a worthy trial.

And for two former Gundam pilots... a trained assassin and a self-proclaimed God of Death, there were no longer any illusions. They had fallen to Earth and into each other's arms and in the process had fallen in love.


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