Author: Kai Michi
Warnings: Yaoi... duh? Lemon. Yum.
Disclaimer: I have an evil hand. And... it took over... and wrote this. Not me. Really...

Lonely + Chapter 3
Save Regrets and Missions till the Morning

"I need to... I have to.." Duo sat up and shook his head. "I just need to get my mind off this. I need to be doing something else right now. Drinking, partying... fucking... anything." He had expected the Arabian boy to blush at his last statement, but the blonde just looked towards the window.

"The street parties will last well into the morning... "

Duo was on his feet in an instant. "Great!" He was already heading towards the door when Quatre stopped him.

"Don't you want to change first?"

Duo paused. "What's wrong with these clothes?" he asked, wondering if he should be offended.

Quatre merely shrugged. "I thought you might be a bit uncomfortable... they seem very warm."

Duo nodded. They were rather hot. Quatre smiled.

"Come on, I have some cooler clothes."

Duo let himself be led off with a single warning: "No pastels!"


A while later, he was exiting the building dressed in simple, loose, dark blue pants, and an embroidered silver shirt. The combination was effective; stunning, yet simple, and very cool. Easy to dance in, Quatre had told him. That was good, because Duo expected to be doing a lot of dancing. Hopefully a lot of forgetting as well.


Hot. That's all he could feel upon exiting the small building was the heat. It was more than just the desert air... it was the people. It seemed the entire settlement had turned out in full festive regalia to take part in the celebration. Girls wearing flounced skirts and loose tops in rich colors and festive floral attachments danced and swayed with young men in loose pants and vests. A myriad of torches cast a shivering light in the darkness, giving a strange appearance to the merrymakers. He grinned. He could get used to this. Joining a group of women who recognized him as a visitor, he let them teach him the basic steps and moves to their dances, let them ply him with a few drinks and some good food, and obligingly danced with them.

A long while later, he was still dancing, but the original group had broken up through the crowd. No matter. He never lacked for a dance partner, although somewhere along the way he had lost his shirt. At the time, he'd hoped Quatre didn't mind too much. An hour later, he couldn't remember that he ever had a shirt. He was having a good time, getting into the light rhythms of the bouncy, charismatic music and dances of the people, enough that he was working up a good sweat.

Then the music changed. It was... darker. Smoother. More seductive. It flowed along rich veins like a dark, curvaceous, beautiful woman, gesturing in a classic come-hither gesture. She wove and spun, embraced him like a lover, enticed him to move, pulling him slowly, surely, through the throng to the source, where his mouth went dry.


He had changed from his khaki-pastel ensemble; now wearing a pair of loose, sky-blue pants, pulled low on his hips, and a short vest in white. A small jewel flashed in his navel, a gold collar of geometric shapes rode low over his collar bones. His blonde hair shone in the torchlight, his expressive eyes closed as he manipulated the violin on his arm like a delicate lover, enticing mellow sound from her ever-willing body. And... dancing. Undulating, rather. Rolling from his exposed hips all the way up his naked torso, then side to side, just... moving. Moving gently and sensually and ...hypnotically to the music. In the background, a number of musicians provided harmonies and beats and...


Not even looking at the crowd or the admirers or anyone, just totally in love with the music. And then he stepped forward, his pale hips just rolling out with that small step, and then back. And then to the side again. Out, back, side to side. Duo was only vaguely aware that he was mirroring Quatre. Around him, others danced in much the same way. Smooth, undulating bodies. Bright colors muted by the darkness, dark hair disappearing into the night. And then, another song, another beautiful, wild woman was entering the mix. For a moment, the violins sang in unison, a perfect blend of matched sound, twins, before Quatre gracefully held out a last note and trailed off, letting the new player take over. The song jumped in beat just the tiniest little bit, and the song took on a life of her own, turned hot, grew red hair, became fiery and peppery and moved. Hips were jumping to match the tempo, and there was Quatre, in front of him now, focused, those clear blue eyes focused.

Hot. It was so hot, so close, so tight... A tiny trickle of sweat ran down the back of Duo's neck, under his braid, but he could only think of swiveling. Hips... forward, back, side to side... drowsy, jumpy, swell of the music. Exposed skin. Gold. Shine. Blue... so blue.

Then Quatre was right there in his personal space and matching him, step for tiny step, roll for roll, ripple for perfect ripple. Against him, chest to naked chest. He could feel the heat from Quatre's pale skin, and their thighs were pressed together, even as they stepped. His arms were around him in an instant, hands on the blonde's naked and exposed hips, feeling the rhythm through his dance partner, thoughts of propriety and decency erased. And then Quatre strove upwards, covering that inch or two of space, until their groins were aligned and grinding, and then there was nothing but the tempo and the friction and Quatre. And Duo wanted. One hand reached up, trailing callused fingers down one exposed shoulder, over tight, hard muscle, but so small, so compact... Fingers explored the sensual trail that was Quatre's abdomen, played with the jewel embedded in his belly button, and suddenly, Quatre's arms were around his neck, and his lips on his, hot wet swollen tongue in his mouth. Desperate. Reached out for something, found it in Quatre, one hand sliding down the sweet arch of the smaller one's back, cradling a handful of perfectly rounded ass. White hot pleasure as he ground into Quatre's hips again, and Quatre's bucked against him, and then they're both panting, staring at each other.

"More," Duo might have moaned, but the words were caught up in the music.

Quatre knew. Duo knew Quatre knew, and he just nodded, also panting, eyes a little brighter. Duo was impatient, suddenly, and Quatre was slung over one shoulder before he could voice a protest, much to his own amusement, and carted off amidst the throngs, back to the room. The music was still coming in, loud and clear, and thrumming through both of them.


Quatre had hardly hit the bed, unleashed from his precarious perch, when he pounced on the unsuspecting Duo. Hard, suddenly predatory, deep amethyst eyes snapped open Shinigami-wide, realizing this little package of desire was no pushover. Another kiss, and they struggled for dominance. Duo had a size advantage, but Quatre had the tactical experience. Breaking the kiss, he trailed his tongue down the hothothot line of Duo's jaw, suckling a sensitive spot at the base of his neck, and Duo was flat on his back, moaning. Quatre continued, kissing, suckling, sucking every inch of Duo's bare chest, licking and sucking at Duo's nipples, feeling Duo arch and sway beneath him until Duo was certain he was going to come again.

"Don't," he moaned. "Just... fuck me."

Quatre ignored him with an imperialistic attitude not at all foreign to him, continuing his oral explorations of Duo's torso. Sweeping his tongue over Duo's belly-button, he nosed his pants, as Duo growled in frustration. Pitying him, Quatre undid Duo's pants, pulling them off and throwing them to some far corner of the room. The underwear followed in similar style. Quatre lowered his mouth until it hovered directly over Duo's erection, tongue reaching out to swipe gently over the head, causing Duo to shudder. Another swipe, then a long lick from base to tip, and Duo was begging. And then he swallowed, Duo's length enclosed in the tight sucking warmth of Quatre's mouth and coming again.

Quatre grinned, looking, distinctly, like the cat who'd got the canary... or the cream... as he sat up and deliberately swallowed. Duo stared. He just doesn't seem like the kind of boy who... but that whole 'innocent' thing is so hot. He watched as Quatre stood up and divested himself of his vest and pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear. With a grin, he pounced on the surprised teen.

"Miss me?" he purred.

The long-haired boy answered that with a deep kiss.


Duo sat up slowly, dragging in a deep breath and looking around. Where was he? And why was his arm numb? He looked down to find that his arm was being commandeered as a pillow by the blonde Arabian. Quatre, he thought. He sat for a few moments, letting the memories of the previous evening and the early morning filter back into his muddled grasp. After gleaning a sufficient amount, he sighed. Irresponsible much? he mocked himself. Slowly, quietly, he got up, gently pulling his arm away from Quatre's grasp. After pulling on a pair of boxer shorts, he went in search of a bathroom.

A few minutes later, Quatre, having been deprived of his warm body pillow, awoke. Yawning slowly, he blinked around, wondering why he wasn't in his own bed. After a few minutes, his brain caught up and he blushed brightly, images of feverish, needy lovemaking filling his memory. He cast a searching glance around the room for Duo first, and when it was clear the other boy was no longer here, he looked for his clothes, finding them in an untidy heap by the bed. He was just zipping up his pants when Duo walked back in.


Quatre looked up, suddenly nervous, his finger suddenly clumsy and tripping over his buttons. "Um. Good morning," he smiled then, the sweet innocence that he radiated so well touching something in Duo's heart. He tilted his head as a few of Duo's stronger feelings crossed his heart. The other boy was feeling... guilty? Duo crossed the room nervously, chewing on his lip.

"I'm sorry," he said at last. "I shouldn't have... I mean, you weren't..."

"But I'm the one that..." Quatre interrupted.

"But I started it!" he protested ashamedly.

Quatre shrugged briefly, offering a smile. "So? I followed. Besides... it wasn't... bad or anything. Was it?"

As Duo shook his head mutely, he pinked, and went back to adjusting his shirt buttons.

"I wouldn't mind... you know... doing it again... if the occasion... uh, came up."

Duo snickered suddenly. "If the occasion 'comes up'...?"

Quatre laughed. "Just let me know."


Duo's eyes blazed as he watched the city that had sheltered him come under fire. And once again, I'm running away. Duo Maxwell: He runs... and runs some more. Well not today. He wasn't going to sit around and let those people die defending his sorry behind. He got up abruptly, snapping the buckles of the co-pilot's seat, nearly running to the cargo hold.

"Duo?" Quatre called after him, worried.

"Circle around!" he ordered.

"But Duo, we don't have -- "

"Just DO it!"

Maybe sensing the feelings that Duo had, maybe just trusting Duo's instincts, Quatre did as he was told. Once secured in Deathscythe, Duo forced the metal giant to its feet, and opened the loading dock.

"Take this, bastards," he hissed as he aimed. Joy, elation, filled him as he annihilated row after row of OZ scum from the air with the borrowed beam weapon.

They would no doubt ship in more, but it would take time, maybe even an hour or two. Satisfied that he had done all he could, he sat back and closed the loading hatch. After a few more moments, he powered down, and ambled back into the cockpit. Quatre gave him a sunny smile.

"Great work, Duo."

Duo winked in response. "Where are we headed?"

"South," Quatre responded. "Oz will be expecting us to go north, of course, so we'll move only a short distance; not the long distance they'd expect, and camp out closer to the interior of Africa. There's a safehouse there, and then we'll hop the distance to Madagascar, and then to Australia."

Duo frowned. "Why so many stops? Why don't we just fly straight to Australia? We have enough fuel, don't we?"

"Tracking," Quatre replied. "At each stop, we'll be picking up new transport, new identities, and new stories. By the time we get to Australia, even if Oz managed to track us that far, and I doubt they will, they'll have definitely lost us."

Duo grinned. "I knew there was a reason I was keeping you around."

"Oh?" Quatre replied, straight-faced. "I thought you just liked my ass."

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