Author: UtopiaDoesn'tExist
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Low + Part 11

Duo found himself in-between two glares as they walked, slightly more wattage coming from the left, where Wufei was. Duo stopped dead, so he and Seb had to backtrack some.

"All right, are you two gonna stop trying to laser my ears off and tell me what the hell's wrong?"

Seb gave him a sulky look and walked ahead.

"That," said Wufei, jabbing a thumb at Seb.

"What do you mean 'that'?"

"Stop acting like a nanny."

"What? Are you annoyed because I'm spending more time with Seb than you? You know, that's kind of womanly, Wufei."

"Don't be ridiculous. He worships you, and now he's upset because he saw that...incident..."

"This is my fault how?"

"You should have been more careful."

"I should have been more careful? I've got fucking whiplash from the way you shoved me down there."

"And when has attempting you do something by force ever been enough to make you do something?"

"Oh no, no, you're not blaming me for that. If you had been more concerned with the bacon than my face on your cock there'd have been nothing to walk in on!"

"That sounds remarkably like projection."

"Oh fuck you, you're the one trying to hand over the guilt. What? You can blow up soldiers all over the place but you can't deal with upsetting little boys. He had to get the message somehow."

Wufei glanced at Seb, who had stopped despite apparently storming off, then back at Duo.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Huh? What?"

Wufei gave him a sharp glance and then continued walking.

"Did you just apologise?" Duo asked, catching up to him.

"Yes. Now let's pretend I didn't. And stop grinning."

Duo stuck his tongue at him. "Okay," he said. "Now I've gotta sort out the other one. You just enjoy the scenery."

"I'll do my best," said Wufei, manoeuvring around a cowpat.

"So..." said Duo, sidling up to Seb.


"You know, that comment from anyone else would've earned them at least a wedgie."

"Well, you had Trowa and moved straight onto Wufei and kiss me when he's not here-"

"Whoa! And quiet."

"What if I was eighteen?"

"Quatre would have been fifteen when you were born, and that would've just been wrong."

"Would you still want Wufei?"


Wufei was quite a way back from them, he had stopped to out-glare a sheep. That should be so clear-cut, shouldn't it? And if he was sensible, he'd just tell him yes outright. Honestly, sometimes this not lying thing was way more trouble than it was worth.

"I don't know," he said.


Now let's go to the gift shop, he'd said, I wanna get souvenirs. Which was true, by obligation. No need to mention that he also didn't want to be at the campsite in such close quarters with Seb.

"I know there's something very wrong with the world when you look at a box of pooping clown keyrings so mournfully," said Wufei. "Would it help if I cut off his bang while he was sleeping?"

"Nah, he'd look hot without it, said Duo. "Go for the ear. Are you keeping an eye on Seb anyway?"

"He's debating over what to get Quatre and Sally."

"What should I get them?"

"All I see is novelty keyrings and comedy ornaments... Although it would be a good juxtaposition to see that mooning gnome on Quatre's porch. Do I have to steer you away from the pooping clowns?"

"Why am I not over it?"

"It's normal. As I said, you value relationships, and you like to be liked. I suppose it must be confusing, to be rejected when you were simply acting normally. Do you think you were in love with him?"

"No! No."

"Did you want to be?"

"Huh... Look, I dunno. I don't try to do the whole self-analysis thing."

"I see. I'm sorry."

"Wow, twice in one day."

"Yes. I may have to kill you so the secret doesn't get out."

"Look, will you do me a favour? You sleep in the tent with Seb. It's gonna be way uncomfortable after today."

"Of course."

It turned out there was only so much time Duo could spend staring at obscene gnomes and cuddly toys, so he eventually had to just pick something for everyone and get in Wufei's car. I can't believe I don't know... he thought, when they were all settled and Wufei was making something more greasy than the bacon on the stove. Maybe Seb was a bit uncomfortable too, he was sticking close to Wufei. Or maybe it was just that he had the food.

Why didn't he know? If Seb was eighteen, he, well, he wouldn't be so very, very off-limits. Quatre would still give him those 'if I even hear about you touching him...' looks, but that was a dad thing, he couldn't really do anything about it.

Seb tried to grab whatever meat Wufei was cooking as soon as the stove was turned off, but Wufei was faster, covering his mouth with Wufei's hand. Seb bit it. The two of them started a tiny mock-fight, Wufei even laughed.

Duo felt a stab of jealousy. But he had no idea who it was for.

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