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Low + Part 13

Seb had a cat on his lap when Duo got back, a grey one that must have wandered out from the owner's house. His arms were scratched, indicating that he'd probably made the mistake of trying to move it at first. Seb seemed happy enough now though stroking it and beaming when it purred. All in all, it was insanely cute.

"Why are you so happy?" Seb asked, when Duo joined him.

"Huh? I'm happy?"

"What've you been doing with Wufei now?"

"You're just jealous because Wufei is, in fact, hot."

"No he isn't. He's short."

"So are you."

"Yes, well, I'm not hot either."

Duo flicked Seb's nose, the cat him the evil eye when he jumped.

"You are hot, well, you're cute," Duo said. "But once you get to the end of puberty, you shoot up and you look, well, less like a kid, you'll be hot. Your dad'll be on the porch with a shotgun... Don't scowl at me like that. You're gorgeous. Now leave me alone before I say something incriminating. What are we doing today anyway?"

"Going home. Wufei said it was an eight hour drive and he's going back to work tomorrow."


Wufei came back after a little while of stroking the cat.

"Is everything packed?" he asked.

""Duo's stuff isn't," said Seb.

"I cannot believe you just told on me," said Duo.

"Hurry up," said Wufei. "You can eat in the car."


The most careful thing that happened on the journey back was a near-deathmatch between Seb and Wufei over the last sandwich. Duo reached a compromise by eating it himself and earning glares for another two hours. And the rest was just complaining of boredom, complaining of pins and needles and looking for public toilets. When they reached Quatre's house it was well after eight. Sally answered the door in a robe, flushed and ruffled.

"Oh," she said.

"Hi there," said Duo, trying to restrain a knowing grin.

"I was just taking a bath. A hot bath," she said, a little too loudly.

"Can I sleep at Duo's?" Seb said suddenly.

"If Duo doesn't mind..."

If Duo doesn't mind, right. Brat. What possible excuse could he give that was true except that he just didn't want him there? And that would make him seem like a complete bastard.

"Yeah, he can stay," Duo said, as cheerfully as he could manage.

"Thank you," Sally said. "Really. I think this is about three favours we owe you."

"Don't worry about it. You just have a good time."

Ha! Now he got to wink at someone.


"You sneaky little..." Duo searched for a word he could comfortably call Seb. "Agh."

"Well, if you weren't so cool and fun I wouldn't want to be with you all the time," said Seb, giving him the puppy eyes again. People with big brown eyes should be barred from doing that.

"No shameless flattery. Now let's not stand around in the kitchen... And I'm sleeping on the sofa. Don't get any ideas. I still have a load of that processed meat and chemical crap in the fridge. Want something to eat?"

"Yes, please."

He put something potato and in the shape of dinosaurs and some chicken nuggets in the oven and put a stupid sitcom on the TV.

"You don't watch much TV, do you?" Seb asked.

"No. Why?"

"Because you always put rubbish on. Can I change the channel?"

"Go ahead... Look, is there no one at school you like?"

"No. They're all stupid and only interested in boobies and football," said Seb, kneeling on the floor to flick through the channels. "I don't think any of them like boys anyway."

"Hm.. You don't even like any of the popular ones?"

"I hate them. Anyway, even if I did like someone, I wouldn't like them as much as you."

"I told you to stop the shameless flattery."

"It's not. There's nothing on," said Seb, leaving the TV on some music programme. "Why should I wait for people my age to grow out of being mean and then have to wait to find out if they like me when you're here?"

"Agh... Stop it."


"No. It's okay. Let's just eat and go to sleep, huh? That was a dull drive and don't even think you're not going to school tomorrow."


There seemed to be a limpet stuck to Duo's side. He shrugged and managed to dislodge Seb.

"So I give you a double bed to sleep in and you squeeze into two inches of space..." he muttered.

"But it's really dark and the radiator keeps creaking and the shadows on the ceiling look like hands and something's scratching under the bed."

"It's just the mice."

"Mice?!" Seb attached himself to Duo again. "Please? I can't get to sleep."

"God, do you want me to go to hell?"

"No! I'm just scared. Please..."

"Right! Come on, back in bed then. This thing's no good for my spine."

Duo settled as close to the edge of the bed as he could without falling off. Which didn't help at all since Seb got gradually closer to him until he was pressing his face into his back. Somehow they both ended up cuddled into each other. There was a horrible sort of inevitability about it, really.

Seb was asleep way before him, with his skinny, bare legs wrapped around Duo's, and clean-smelling blond hair in his nostrils. He had to be a light sleeper, didn't he? When Duo kissed the top of his head he woke right up. Not his fault this time at all. He didn't say a thing before Duo was pulling him into a kiss, braces, banged teeth and all. It was completely and utterly disgusting. Or it should have been. He could probably pick Seb up and hold him over his head. He was a kid for Christ's sake... And yet Duo was still trying to choke him with his tongue.

He remembered kissing like this with Trowa, like breathing was something only people who didn't have him to kiss did. Seb was making cute little 'mmm-mhhhmmm' noises too. Some still coherent and abusive part of his brain was telling him that he was a fucking pervert and this time he really was gonna have to castrate himself, or wait for Quatre to do it, and another was telling him that his and Seb's legs were still entwined, areas pressed against areas and Seb had to be able to feel that, although Duo could feel something too. And Seb wriggling vigorously against him wasn't helping anything.

As if he could sense that, his movements got more purposeful. Still a child, Duo reminded himself. He wasn't doing it to get him into trouble or to make him feel like a paedophile, all he knew was that it felt good. Duo found his hips shifting into the motion too, rubbing pelvises and oh God, if he came...


"School," Duo said, after a shower that had nearly had him strangling himself with the cord.

Seb ducked under the quilt, wrapping them around him so only a few wisps of hair stuck out.

"I'm tiiiiirrrrreeeeddd..." he whined.

Duo swiped the quilt, then picked Seb up and deposited him in the bathroom.

"School. I mean it," Duo said.


Duo shoved him forward so he took a step closer to the sink, then coated his toothbrush and handed it to him.

"I'm assuming you can take care of the rest," he said, and went into the kitchen to bang his head against the bench for a while.

"Duo..." Seb said, after he'd emerged, and with his full uniform on, no less. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Just get out, go to school, and I'll talk to you at lunch. Okay?"

"Okay... You're not going to kill yourself or anything, are you?"

Duo snickered a little despite himself. "Don't worry about that. You just get going before you're late, right?"


Duo watched Seb leave and then went right back to banging his head against the wall.

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