Author: UtopiaDoesn'tExist
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Low + Part 14

Duo had banged his head some more until the count reached double figures, and then he decided to do something more productive, so he phoned Heero, who did his obligatory shuffle backwards.

"Jesus, Heero. Help."

"What's wrong?"

"I kissed Seb."

"I see."

"And then I...did worse."

"I see? That's all you're gonna say?"

"How much worse?"


"You slept with him?"

"No! No. Not that bad. Christ, no."

"How bad? Groping?"


"Oral sex?"

"Not so bad."

"...Manual sex?"

"Not so bad."

"Duo. Just tell me."

"You'll judge me."

"I won't. Now, we're not going to get anywhere unless you tell me, so do so."



"You promised not to judge!"

"All right. Assume I'd reacted to that the way you expected me to."


"Good. Now, I know you have more self-control than this so what the hell are you doing?"

"If I knew what the hell I was doing I wouldn't be on the phone to you right now!"

"Have you been attracted to children before?"


"Duo... What do you want me to do?"

"Something would be a start."

Heero opened his mouth, then shook his head. "I told you I wouldn't judge you. But I'm not going to help you."


Seb looked absurdly young now, in his school uniform with one hand clenching the other wrist in his lap.

"It's stuff like this that makes me think I'll become an alcoholic," said Duo.

"I'm sorry," said Seb again, in that 'please don't beat me' tone.

"Hey. You're not breaking any laws. Eat your lunch, it worries me when you're off food."

"What should we do?"

"You have to stop coming here-Don't give me that look. It's not your fault. I can't restrain myself, obviously, so you need to stay away. I'm not gonna be able to look Quatre or Sally in the face next time I see them, and I'm not good at dealing with this kind of guilt."

"But if I let you then it's not wrong, right? Because when mom told me about paedophiles and things she said that if anyone touched me anywhere or any way I didn't want them to, then I had to tell. But it's not the same with you because I want you to. And I trust you."

"It doesn't work like that. And I don't think your parents would be too thrilled if you told them that."

"Well, that's stupid."

"No it isn't. You're not old enough to give informed consent and I know you know what that means."

"But if my dad wasn't your friend, or I didn't have parents, you wouldn't feel as guilty about it."

"What? Are you gonna kill your parents?"

"No. I mean, if you were still on L2, then this wouldn't be as big a deal."

"If we were still on L2, you'd be a whore, a junkie, or dead. And what the hell makes you think I'd think it was okay to sleep with you if you were from L2?"

"Then there wouldn't be as big a problem with it being illegal."

"Look, I don't wanna get into this right now. Don't some here anymore. I won't answer the door to you. Trust me, it's better for both of us. You'll be better off once you get over this infatuation, and my sanity'll be intact."

"How do you know it's an infatuation?"

"I don't. But don't you dare say it's anything else."


The knock sounded like someone was willing to punch their way through the door. Duo had a brief moment of panic before he identified it as Wufei, who was already tugging his hair loose as he opened the door. His glasses bounced off the wall and landed somewhere to the right, and his kiss was like a snarl. Bad day at work, Duo guessed, popping Wufei's buttons open, and tearing a few of them off, falling over as Wufei tried to kick off his boots at the same time and pulling up Duo's T-shirt. He managed to kick the front door closed with a bare foot as well, and attack Duo's jeans.

Duo found himself hurled onto his front with his pants around his ankles, bare ass presented to Wufei.

"I've been thinking about this all day," Wufei said, making Duo flinch as teeth sank into his buttocks.

Duo pushed back, resting his ass against Wufei's crotch, feeling the hot skin press into the crevice.

"If...If you want to..." Wufei panted.

"Fuck, yes," Duo said, pressing back again. Wufei pulled away, then dangled a tube of lube with the price tag still on in front of Duo's face.

"Is this okay? No allergies? Not too runny?"

"Yes, just hurry the fuck up!"

Wufei responded to that command quite nicely. Mmmm... Fingers, and then hopefully some violent sex in the hallway. Christ knew, he needed some sort of release after everything that had happened lately- And then the fingers came out and-

"Mmmm, Trowa...."

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