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Low + Part 5

Duo started slightly at the knock on the door. Reasonably, he hadn't expected anybody at four a.m. Unless those Jehovah's witnesses were getting really pushy...

"I thought you'd be awake," said Wufei.

Well, yes. He tended not to sleep for more than six hours a night, and he'd unwisely opted to turn in early yesterday. But how Wufei knew this was anybody's guess.

"Trowa used to complain about your odd waking hours. He said you always woke him up about six times every night," he explained. "I imagine it's fine to talk about him since you were so tactile last time."

"Heh. Yeah. Come in."

Wufei swept what he liked to think was an approving glance around his kitchen, as he offered him a drink of water without asking. Was it his way of saying, look, my house isn't always a complete shithole. 'Course not.

"Preventer stuff?" Duo asked, eyeing the uniform.

He's never really seen the appeal of the uniform kink before. He figured he'd seen too many soldiers. But Wufei's was...yeah. Hugging.

"Yesterday it was," he said. "But then I fell asleep and didn't wake up until my pager told me I had to be in work in a couple of hours. I thought I'd drop by in what time I have. There isn't generally much point in washing these."

Wufei took a gulp of water, exposing the underside of his sleeve. In several of the activities Duo had pursued, dried blood had been a factor. So he recognised it, along Wufei's elbow and upper arm, and now that he was looking, his things, and some of his stomach too.

"It's not mine," said Wufei.

"'Didn't think so. Did you charge straight through a cow or something? I know you don't like to let anyone get away but if you keep doing stuff like that..."

"When have I ever done something like that?"

"I read the papers, you know. Sometimes. When I have time. Anyway, there was that story about the "Preventer agent" who sprang a headbutt on some moron waving a gun around. The gun was pointing at him. Did Une teach you how to headbutt people, Agent Chang?"

"You have no proof that was me."

"Really? The man refused to comment, then told the reporter if he kept pushing for comments he'd be quite happy to repeat the performance. Do you still read over old case reports and brood over the ones you missed, anyway? Or did they actually find a way of printing them onto your eyelids? And do you even take breaks of your own free will? I have this suspicion Une forced you into that last one. You're probably working on something now, aren't you? You've got sandbags strapped to your knees under there, haven't you?"


Duo squawked as Wufei pressed him into the bench. That was a little more undignified than he would like, but he hadn't been expecting it.

"Want me to get you a stool?" Duo grinned, as Wufei tilted his face up toward him.

"Only if you'd like to need major dental work."

"Point taken. So...?"

The glass settled on the bench behind him. Duo wondered if the stubble he'd been collecting was scraping against Wufei's clean-shaven mouth, and reflected that he didn't really care. Wufei tasted like he'd had gum recently. Duo grinned into the kiss. Preparing for him, huh He wished he hadn't eaten that cheese and pickle sandwich for breakfast...

Wufei's fingers dug into his ribcage, pulling him into a harder kiss. Duo clasped his hands in the back of Wufei's hair, and jerked him back a couple of times. The effect was...grrr...Wufei responded twice as aggressively, ripped his hair from Duo's hands and practically bent him backwards over the bench. Fuck that, Duo thought, toppling them both onto the floor. Wufei let out something that sounded suspiciously like a growl. There was a lot of rolling, biting, sucking and all their clothes managed to get untucked and unbuttoned in the process. Duo's hands kept fining their way into Wufei's hair more often than not, which was probably a bad idea considering the way he threw himself around. But it was [i/]so[/] thick...

Shame then that they had to topple into the pile of stuff he'd left next to the door. Trowa's stuff, actually. Wufei threw the pair of bumblebee boxers off him and into Duo's face. If Duo had believed in fate, he'd have been highly suspicious.

Now, he was used to dealing with Trowa's underwear, albeit briefly. Wufei however...

"Fuck! If I wanted to be abused with... Are they dirty?!"

Probably very, very dirty, considering what they must have been doing for him to leave them there. He would've washed them but he just didn't think Trowa deserved the soap powder it would take. He wasn't bitter exactly, only-

He'd have thought that had killed the mood completely but Wufei jumped back on top of him.

"Sorry," Duo said, easing himself out from underneath Wufei. Wufei didn't ask him why he was clutching a pair of, they'd established, unclean underwear.

"Do you mean," he said instead. "That they're not even yours?"


"You look depressed," said Duo.

"So do you," said Seb.

"Let's have a double suicide."

"Why are you depressed?"

"'Cause I'm an idiot. You?"

"I got goosed by some boy in the yard at break and he started shouting that I liked it."

"So he touched your ass in full view of everyone-?"

"I yelped. And he said I moaned."

"You wouldn't happen to know his name, would you?"

"No. He looked like a fifth year. He had a whole crowd of friends who thought it was so funny so I hid in the toilets until last lesson. I'm not going back to school, okay?"

"Huh? What? Wait, you can't do that just because some jerk's projecting."


"No. Look, if he does it again, scream rape."

"Do you know what kind of jokes people are going to be making?"

"Screw them. Do you wanna keep truanting every couple of days? Do you wanna end up working in a convenience store when you're seventeen with a forty-year-old lover called Bruce who pays all the bills as long as you let him call Lucy on the weekends?"

Seb blinked at him. "Duo..."

"Ah-ah. No pouting, no puppy dog eyes, no slumping-Stop slumping."

"Why does this stuff keep happening to me? Do I have a target printed on my head or something?"

"Worse things could happen."

"I know...But please don't make me go back. It's so embarrassing."

"No way. Until the problem is if I go back, my organs will start decomposing you're going back to school. Stomach a couple of days of name-calling, all right? Then you can go back to your mansion and cry into your pillow. Do you know what some people are doing at your age? Well, I do, and a lot more sleazy fucks are grabbing their asses."

Seb's expression would've been funny if it hadn't been all his fault.

"I'm...I'm sorry," he said. "I'll go back to school now. I've got homework I can do for the rest of lunch anyway..."

"Crap, no. Sit down. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be taking it out on you anyway, okay?"

Seb nodded cautiously. "What happened?"

"Something I can't really tell you about."

"Why not?"

"All right. I didn't sleep with Wufei.

"Oh," said Seb. To his credit, he was fighting down the blush. "Why?"

"Because of Trowa's underpants."


"Want me to elaborate?"



"Wufei's not that hot."

"What?!" Duo spluttered.

"He's not."

"You can see, right?"

"You're hotter."

Seb blushed so bright he could've lit up a whole red light district.

"I'm going back to school now-"

"You have another twenty minutes."

"I want to get back before the rush... Maths..."

"Because everyone knows how much kids love maths."


"Do what you want. I'm gonna bang my head against the bathroom tiles until it bleeds."


"Not really. Go on. Go to school. All we're gonna be doing is giving each other embarrassed looks all day anyway."


Seb ran surprisingly fast with that bag he'd been struggling with, Duo thought as he disappeared through the door.

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