Author: Enchantress101
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Notes: This is more of a relaxing chapter, because the story was getting kind of heavy. Enjoy the humor.

Shades of Obsession + Chapter 08
My Kind of Guy

Okay Duo, get it together! Sit up straight, smile, try to look intelligent and wipe away that bit of drool hanging out of the corner of your mouth! Much better.

You know what they say about first impressions . . .

Zechs/Milliardo came further into the room, glancing around at each person sitting at the table, and I pretended that his eyes lingered on me for a bit longer than appropriate because hey, a guy can dream, right? Right.

Well, apparently Heero had put two and two together, because in an instant he was out of his seat and growling dangerously at Une and Zechs/Milliardo. "No! Absolutely NOT! He will not--"

"Heero!" Une snapped, giving him a dirty and evil look. "Sit down this minute!"

Heero hovered for a minute, torn between continuing his protest and obeying Une's command, but he decided to sit once Wufei tugged the back of his shirt. Whew! Close one. I vaguely wondered whether or not this conference table was too heavy for Heero to toss into the air . . . maybe it was bolted down?

"Zechs, please," Une said cordially, giving the man a friendly smile that I'd never seen her give anyone else before. "Take a seat."

Take a seat? I looked around. Take a SEAT? Holy crap, the only empty seat was between me and Une . . . Eep!

Zechs (I guess that's what he goes by) cautiously took his seat, and I was awestruck. This man had such a presence about him . . . it's hard to explain, but it was if I could feel his strength, power, and influence radiating from him, and it was something else, let me tell you. I shifted nervously in my seat as I snuck little glances at him out of the corner of my eye, hoping that he wouldn't notice.

"Zechs doesn't know why he's here yet," Une said calmly, aware that on the other side of the table, Heero was breathing like a raging bull. "And now it is time to fill him in. Zechs, I need your expertise as a bodyguard."

Zechs sat back in his seat and eyed the men on the other side of the table. "Guarding which one? Mr. Winner?"

I cleared my throat. "Ahem, ahh, no. That would be me."

And then he turned to me and looked at me, as if he'd just noticed that I was in the room. His eyes scanned my face and seemed to take all of me in, committing every bit of my appearance to memory.

"Pilot 02," Zechs murmured, "Duo Maxwell. I don't believe we've met face to face."

"Nope." Never had the pleasure, I wanted to add, but that would've sounded totally desperate, and I wasn't totally desperate. Honestly.

I grinned and stuck out my hand for him to shake, which he took in his own after a moment of hesitation. His hand was quite big, and I began to wonder if what they said about shoe size also applied to hands. Hmm.

Heero resumed growling, and I quickly pulled my hand out of Zech's grasp. His face was just too nice for Heero to jack up in a fit of rage.

"Une, I don't think that this is such a good idea."

Not a good idea? What! Who said that! TROWA? That traitor!

I looked to Quatre for support, but he looked just as disturbed by the whole idea. "I have to agree with Trowa."

Wufei nodded, and Heero just snarled.

Une wasn't having any of that, though. "You four blew your chance, I told you that already! Zechs is good, he's kept Relena alive this long, and we all know that she has a penchant for getting herself into sticky situations. Put the past behind you," Une ordered us all, giving each man in the room, including Zechs, a stern look. "The past is just that--the past. Zechs is the best in the business, and I'm not willing to lose Duo to some nut job just because the four of you can't get your heads out of your asses!"

Ouch. Une's voice had gone up quite considerably since the beginning of her spiel, and now she was just yelling.

Heero opened his mouth to protest but Une cut him off. "That's the final word, Heero. You caused considerable damage to my office when you flipped that desk--" Quatre snickered and received a nasty look from the boss-lady. "--and you'll have to work extra hours to pay for it. You cannot look after Duo yourself. I want him on this job."

"Why? What's in it for you?' Wufei asked stiffly. "You know very well that any of us could do the job, but you don't want him to do it. Why?"

Wow. When Wufei dared to question his superior like that, it had to mean that something else was indeed going on under the surface. And it made me wonder . . . hell, Une had admitted to me before that none of us really did anything important around the office, so Heero, Trowa or any of the others could've been placed on Duo-duty.

"Don't question me, Chang. I said that Zechs is Duo's bodyguard, and I meant it." Une slid a manila folder over to Zechs. "The case information is in there. Read it whenever you get the chance, and I'm sure that one of the boys will be willing to fill you in. Now get out of here."

Hesitantly we got out of our seats and went into the hallway, where the atmosphere was no better than what it had been in the conference room. Zechs didn't seem fazed by the daggers that my pals were shooting at him, but I was. Une was right, this guy was good (and I don't just mean good looking). Right up there with Mr. Perfect Solider Heero Yuy.

"All right guys, cut it out," I interjected. "Quit giving him the death stares. I need him to stay out of Rankin's hands, okay? The last time was not fun." Huh, the understatement of the year.

Quatre sighed. "Duo is right. Our main focus should be keeping him safe. We should put all of our . . . issues aside for the sake of making sure our friend is safe." He seemed to be directing most of this towards Heero, who was visibly tense, with his fists balled up at his side and a furious look on his face.

Trowa didn't look happy, but nodded. "Let's go to the mansion, and we can work all of this out there."

Wordlessly we all piled into an elevator, and much to my dismay, Heero yanked me into a corner, as far away from Zechs as possible. He kept a firm grip on my upper arm, and once we reached the parking deck level, he practically dragged me out and began making his way over to his car.

An equally firm hand on my other arm stopped Heero. "He rides with me," Zechs said coolly.

Heero's eyes narrowed. "Like hell he does. I don't trust you, no matter what Une says."

Uh oh, looks like it was time for a showdown of the titans, round one! Go!

Zechs let go of my arm and stepped into Heero's . . . er, personal space and said in an almost dangerous fashion, "I don't really care what you think. Une put me on this job. I'm his bodyguard, and he is not to leave my sight. If you have problems with that, you know who to talk to."

"Heero, let Duo go," Trowa said.

After giving Zechs a very nasty and very scare look, Heero roughly released me. He kept his eyes on Zechs and said to Trowa, "I will meet you at your place." He stalked off towards his car, and Wufei quickly followed after him.

Quatre sent me a concerned look and went with Trowa to their SUV. I followed Zechs through the parking lot, all the while wondering what a prince would drive . . .

Holy shit! No way!

Zechs was unlocking the door to a super-rare sports vehicle, sleek and black and shiny. Wow. In amazement I went over to the passenger side and peered in, careful not to touch anything. The car just oozed wealth and sophistication. I would be riding in this?

"Get in," Zechs said, eying me with what I thought was a hint of amusement.

Anxiously I threw open the door and slid in. I stroked the leather seat as my new bodyguard started up the car.

"Seat belt," he ordered.

Once I was safely secured, Zechs revved up the car and sped out of the parking deck. I could barely mumble out directions to Zechs because I was so preoccupied with the fact that this car ran like a dream--it stopped on a dime, absorbed the shock of the pothole filled city streets, and when it turned a corner as tight as a glove, I could help but moan, "Oh God."

We stopped at a red light and I casually began rubbing the leather again and sighing. Then, for the first time since he'd started the car, Zechs spoke.

"Stop that."

I snapped out of my high. "Stop what?"

"Stop having an orgasm in my car. You'll ruin the leather."

My face seemed to catch on fire as I glared up at the man, whose face was absolutely straight, although I think I saw his lips twitch a bit. "I am not having an orgasm in your car."

"Oh? I'm sorry, I must have been mistaken." The light turned green and we sped off again. "But you can't blame me; you had your head thrown back and you were moaning and rubbing the leather like . . ."

Oh, c'mon. He had to be exaggerating.

"Like what?' I dared him, sticking my chin into the air.

He glanced over at me momentarily before returning his eyes to the road. "Like you were having an orgasm, of course."

" . . . I can't believe I'm talking to you about this," I mumbled. And that was the truth. Who the hell talks about sex with someone they just met a few hours ago? "Besides," I added with a grin, "I'm not an exhibitionist. If that's what you like, then you need to talk to Heero."

That got a snicker out of him, and I settled back into my seat, making sure that I kept myself from rubbing anything in the car.

Zechs and I arrived at the mansion first. We got out, and Zechs went to open his trunk to remove his luggage,.

"I am assuming that you also live here," Zechs said as he tossed a duffle bag over his shoulder.

"Yep, for now at least. I didn't feel too safe staying by myself with all that's been going on." I took my copy of the key to the mansion out of my pocket and went up to the porch. I unlocked the door an invited Zechs inside. "Welcome to the mansion/fortress! State of the art security system, twenty-something rooms and a bathroom in almost every room, Olympic size swimming pool, two tennis courts that no one uses . . . everything you could ever want."

"A house this size makes security even more complicated." Zechs sat his bags on the floor.

"Of course. But like I said, Q made sure that this place is equipped with the best--" The sound of heavy, angry sounding footsteps put me on alert. "Oh boy, that must be Heero."

Sure enough Heero came barging into the house with Wufei, Quatre and Trowa on his heels. "Hiya," I said cheerful, ignoring the twitching vein on Heero's forehead. "So, what next?"

"I need to review the case file," Zechs said, "and then I want to take a look around the house and evaluate the security system. Tomorrow I will need to look around the property."

"Um, okay," Quatre replied and immediately switched to host-mode. "Let's go sit in the living room, all of us, and we'll fill in any holes and answer any questions that you may have."

The atmosphere in the living room was just terrible, but it didn't seem to phase Zechs one bit. I had to hand it to him, he was one cool guy with the way that he kept his composure despite all of the evil looks that the others were sending him. I sat in the middle of the floor in between the couch on which Wufei, Q, Tro and Heero sat and the loveseat that Zechs sat on, just in case someone decided to take a flying leap at my new bodyguard.

Zechs opened the manila folder containing my case file and began to read. "Mr. Maxwell--"

"It's Duo. I'm too young and good looking to be a Mr. Maxwell," I said pleasantly.

" . . . Okay, Duo, why don't you tell me what's been going on?"

"Well, it started out very innocently, with smelly roses being delivered to the Preventers office just about every day . . ." In about fifteen minutes I summed up the Rankin business, and once in a while the others would chime in to add something.

"Have you handled a case like this before . . . er, Mr. Merquise?" I asked politely, knowing that the others would also want to know that bit of info.

"Relena, just like the five of you, is prone to attracting many fanatics for the obvious reasons," Zechs said in a very business-like manner. "I've had to . . . persuade some of them that pursing their interest in her would not be the best idea. It worked quite effectively." He closed the manila folder and glanced at me briefly. "And you can call me Zechs. After all, we will be very close until this is solved."

Very close? I liked the sound of that . . .

I guess Heero didn't, though, because he got to his feet, the scowl on his face growing nastier. "What exactly do you mean by very close?"

Zechs looked offended. "I'm a professional, Mr. Yuy. Don't ever suggest otherwise."

"It's just," Trowa began slowly, giving Zechs a level look, "that Duo is very important to us. If any harm were to come to him because of something that you've done--"

I got to my feet and gave everyone a friendly grin. "Okay! Well, how about we show Zechs around the house, huh? Then afterwards we can go out and get something to eat for lunch because I'm starved, and then we can watch some movies and pig out on popcorn or something so let's get to it!" I marched into the foyer and waited patiently for the others to join me.

"Well, it's pretty obvious that this is the foyer, and you've already seen the living room--" I was cut off when Quatre elbowed me in the stomach.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" he asked playfully, trying to lighten the mood I guess. "This is my house, all right?"

"But I'm here almost all of the time these days, so I practically live here too. Besides, this place is so big that if I let you do the talking, we'll be bored out of our minds by the time we're done!" I cleared my throat. "Like I was saying, you've seen the living room, and right through here is the kitchen . . ."

We moved into the kitchen where Zechs went to work examining the windows and the locks on the door that led out to the backyard as I continued to talk. "I don't know why Quatre even has a stove--we don't really use it. The phone is our just about the only thing we use, because it lets us get in contact with some of our closest friends and some of our favorite people in the world--the delivery guys. Seriously, they know us by name."

We went to the back of the house where there were some bedrooms, sitting rooms, studies and a library. Then it was up the stairs where I took him to each and every room, and when we stopped outside of the door to my room, I frantically tried to remember how I'd left it that morning. Were there pairs of dirty underwear, stinky old socks and other pieces of already-worn clothes on the floor? Was my porno collection securely hidden?

Wufei noticed my hesitation and snickered. "Got something in there that you don't want us to see, Duo?"

I saw one of Zech's slim eyebrows go up slightly, and I blushed. "Heck no! C'mon in!" I opened the door and was relieved to find the only things that were messed up were the bed and the cot that Alex had spent the night on.

"Okay, and now we've reached the best room in the entire house! Mine! This is where the beautiful, smart--" I glared at Wufei when he snorted. "SMART, clever and friendly Duo Maxwell lays his head every night. Behold the splendor, the wonder, the--"

"Duo," Trowa said in a slightly warning tone.

"Fine. Jeeze, sorry for trying to make sure that no one spontaneously combusts from all of the tension," I muttered.

"Um," Quatre said while Zechs made his way around the room. "There is a spare bedroom next door. You can stay there."

"No. It would be best if I stayed in here," Zechs declared from the bathroom and my heart stopped.

In my bedroom? He wanted to say in my bedroom!

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Heero bellowed at the top of his lungs. "If you think--"

Zechs left the bathroom and gave Heero a stern glare. "You need to learn how to separate your emotions from this, Yuy. If Rankin were to climb up the balcony and get into this room, chances are that if I'm next door, I wouldn't know that something was wrong until too late. I'm staying in this room."

"Sounds good to me!" I exclaimed. "He can stay on the cot. It's already in here, so . . ."

Quatre glared at me. "Don't be ridiculous, Duo! Just because you--"

"Wha? What's that you said, Q? Can't hear you over the sound of Rankin screwing my brains out!" I gave my fellow Gundam pilots a sugary sweet secretly sarcastic smile. "Look, we need to put this rival-enemy crap behind us because I don't want him screwing my brains out. So what I say goes because this is my life we're talking about here. He stays in my room. That's that." I turned to Zechs, who, if I'm not mistaken, looked a little impressed. "Let's go get your stuff, okay?"

Zechs and I headed down the stairs and we each grabbed a couple of bags from the foyer.

"You don't let them push you around, do you?" Zechs asked with a tiny smirk.

I lifted a duffle bag and threw if over my shoulder. "Hell no! No one tries to tell Duo Maxwell what to do, not even Heero Yuy. Drives him up the wall." I headed up the stairs first with Zechs behind me . . . I wondered (and hoped) if he was looking at my butt.

I put an extra little sway in my step . . . just in case.


Maybe suggesting that we all go out for lunch was a bad idea. I found myself sitting in a Chinese food restaurant in a semi-circular booth sandwiched between Zechs (yes!) and Heero (oh boy . . .) who was pulling me so close to him and as far away from my bodyguard as possible that I was almost in his lap.

Well. He certainly hadn't wanted me in his lap back when we were together, so he sure as hell wasn't getting it now.

"Heero, stop it! If you want someone in your lap, talk to your boyfriend, all right?" I snapped at him, and the young man who was busy taking Quatre's order began to choke.

Heero glared over at Zechs. "I can't see his hands. Where are they?"

"Why do you want to know?" I asked innocently as I batted my eyelashes as him. "Afraid they're going where yours haven't been?"

Trowa began snickering and Quatre covered his face with his hands.

"I'm sorry," I said to the waiter as he began to look increasingly anxious to get away from us. "Look, I'll have the . . . General Tso's chicken, okay? Heero, order something and shut up."

We all placed our orders, and then the table fell into silence, with everyone sipping quietly on their drinks and doing their best not to meet anyone else's eyes.

I sighed heavily. "You all are acting as if your doggy just died! C'mon, buck up, this is a celebration!"

They all looked at me strangely.

"And just what are we celebrating?" Zechs asked me.

Wufei rolled his eyes. "He probably doesn't even know."

"Yes, I do Mr. Know-It-All," I said with my chin raised. "My birthday, duh."

"Uh, Duo . . ." Quatre trailed off with a very confused look on his face.

"I don't really know when my birthday is, so I might as well celebrate on the off chance that today is the day. Heck, I should be celebrating everyday!"

"Well, in that case," Zechs drawled leisurely as he sat back in the booth and raised his glass. "Happy birthday."

I ginned goofily and clicked my glass with his. This was my kind of guy. The others were too busy looking sharing incredulous looks to play along.

"I still have serious concerns about this," Heero said stiffly. "And will you put your fucking hands on the table? I don't trust you."

Zechs' eyes narrowed. "You don't trust me to do what? To not attack you . . . or to not touch Duo?"

Heero snarled. "You--"

"Because you seem very concerned with keeping him away from me."

"Duo is very attractive, I will admit that," Heero said. "I don't trust you to leave him alone."

Hey! Who said that I wanted to be left alone? But before I could open my mouth to speak, Zechs cut in.

"Like I said before, Yuy, I am a professional, and it would be very unprofessional to become involved with a client. It isn't going to happen."

Oh yeah? We'll see . . .

The table was silent until the food arrived and everyone started to eat. I'd never had this stuff before, and it was a little to spicy for my tastes . . . but the beef on Zechs' plate looked and smelled just right. I guess he saw me sneaking peeks at it out of the corner of my eye because he stabbed a piece of beef and dropped it onto my plate, and then took a bite of my chicken.

My eyes fluttered and closed. Ohh, his was much better, so tasty and delicious and yummy . . .

It was when Zechs switched our plates, giving me his food and taking mine, that I began thinking that this could really be the guy for me.


I went back to the mansion in Zechs sports car, and I tried my best not to go into orgasmic mode again. I failed miserably, I think, because by the time we arrived at Q's place, his shoulders were shaking with amusement.


"Duo, honestly, he just switched plates with you! What is the big deal?" Quatre asked later that evening. We were lying on the huge bed in his room watching another romance flick and pigging out on popcorn and candy. The others were in the adjacent study discussing security matters or some other boring crap like that, leaving us time to gossip about the day's happenings.

"We connected, Quatre, that's what the big deal is," I said as I turned up the volume on the TV a bit so that the guys wouldn't be able to hear us. "I mean, I don't even think he liked the chicken that much and he gave me his food anyway. Men and good food are hard to separate."

"I think you're just making stuff up," Quatre said with a roll of his eyes. He flipped over onto his back to stare at the ceiling. "You want him to like you so much that you're imagining that things happened when they really didn't."

"What, like Rankin does? I don't think so, this is real. And did I tell you what happened in the car earlier?"

Quatre gave me a startled look. "What? Did he try to feel you up or something?"

"Ha! I wish." I went onto my back too. "He accused me of having an orgasm in his car."


"Shhh! Jeeze, if Heero hears this, he'll flip." I turned up the TV even more. "You saw Zechs' car."

"Oh, yeah. It's pretty damn cool."

"Yep. So, we were riding in it, and I think I got a little carried away with showing my . . . ah, appreciation for it, rubbing the leather and moaning according to him, and he told me to stop having an orgasm in his car because I'd ruin the leather."

Quatre giggled. "No way! What did you say?"

"I denied it of course . . ." I grinned widely at him. "And then I told him that if he liked exhibitionists, that he should go talk to Heero."

Quatre squealed and then broke out into a loud laugh, and was laughing so hard that he fell off of the bed and hit the floor with a thud. That got me started, and together we were laughing like maniacs and holding our sides, which must have caught the attention of the guys in the other room because Heero came into the bedroom and demanded us to tell him what was so funny.

Quatre and I looked at Heero, then each other, and then dissolved into fits of giggles. Heero just gave us one of his death glares (which we were quite immune to by now anyway) and stomped out of the room.

"Heero . . . an . . . haha, an exhibitionist?" Quatre snickered as he dragged himself back onto the bed. "He's not, is he? Please tell me he's not."

"I don't think so." I plopped down on the bed. "Of course, I wouldn't know, because we never . . ."

"What I couldn't believe was the way that Heero was acting in the restaurant. Asking Zechs where his hands were. I mean, that was a bit too ridiculous." Quatre punctuated his point by making a face and rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, well, Zechs looks like a private man. I really don't think he's an exhibitionist."

We giggled some more, and when the others returned from the study we did our best to stop.

"Are you two leaving?" Quatre asked Wufei and Heero after he managed to stop snickering.

Wufei had a firm grip on Heero's arm and was busy trying to drag him towards the door. "We'd better go. Heero and I need to have a little . . . talk."

Was it me, or did Heero go a little pale at that? Oh well. "See ya," I called as they left. "Yes! He's gone! Okay Zechs, now you can try to feel me up without worrying about Heero."

Quatre squealed again and buried his face into the bed sheets.

"You'll have to excuse Duo," Trowa said dryly. "He has a . . . strange sense of humor."

Zechs stared at me for a few moments before nodded. "All right. But here? I thought you said you weren't an exhibitionist."

This time it was a strangled squeak that Quatre let out, and Trowa scratched the back of his head, looking very confused.

I laughed and enjoyed the shine in Zechs' eyes that made him even more handsome, if that was possible.

Oh, yes. Zechs Marquise was definitely my kind of guy.

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