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Shades of Obsession + Chapter 09
Just Call Me Daddy

I'm sure that Quatre was saying something.

In fact, I'm absolutely positive that Quatre was saying something, but I couldn't hear a damn word that was coming out of his mouth. The two of us were sprawled out on my bed this time and cramming candy and chips into our mouths, Trowa was sitting on the other side of the room with his laptop, and Zechs . . .

Ohhhh, boy. Zechs was in the shower!

Quatre's mouth was moving, but all I could hear was the faint sound of running water coming from the bathroom as my mind wandered to exactly what was going on in there. I could see it all clearly---Zechs in the shower, steamy beads of water falling onto his tan skin as he rubbed his hard, lean body down with soap, white suds sliding slowly down his arms, his chest, his butt . . . ummm . . .

"Eww, Duo! That's gross!"

"Huah?" I muttered, snapping out of my daze.

Quatre goggled at me. "You're drooling!"


Well what do ya know, I was! Quickly I wiped the loose bit of saliva away and gave my friend a sheepish grin. "Er, sorry."

I heard Trowa chuckle softly. "And just what were you thinking of, Duo?"

Quatre snickered and gave me a knowing look. "What do you think, Trowa? Not the potato chips, that's for sure."

I looked over my shoulder to see Trowa's reaction. A frown---not good.

"You just met this man, Duo. He used to be our enemy, you know very little about him, and it wouldn't be wise to get involved with him, or hope to get involved with him."

There was no way that I was not getting involved with Zechs Marquise. I mean, this was the man of my dreams---tall, handsome, strong . . .

And then something from weeks earlier came back to me. I grinned smugly at them and sprawled out on the bed with a leisurely sigh.

"Trowa, do you remember what you told me a while ago?" I asked.

He blinked at me. "Duo, I've told you a hell of a lot of things."

"I mean, do you remember reading my palm?"

". . . you don't think that---!"

"Wait, what are you two talking about?" Quatre demanded.

I smiled at him. "A while ago, Trowa read my palm. He saw me with a tall blond guy, ice blue eyes, and he said that I wouldn't meet him until after something happens. I'm guessing that that something would be Rankin kidnapping me."

Trowa made a funny noise. "You honestly don't think that what I said is really going to happen? Duo . . ."

"What? You said it was real."

The bathroom door opened and out came Zechs dressed in loose night pants and a tight tee, his blond hair still wet from his shower. "Go ahead and shower now, Duo."

That sounded like an order! I rolled my eyes and made a face at Quatre. "Yes Dad." I had a pile of clothes sitting on the end of the bed, all ready to go. I grabbed it and sashayed into the bathroom. The place was foggy and smelled really good, like some sort of fruit. Shampoo, maybe? I saw two unfamiliar bottles sitting on the shelf in the shower stall, and when I read the label, I was in heaven.

I grabbed them and returned to the bedroom with wide eyes and a slack jaw. I looked straight at Zechs who was sitting by the window, assembling some piece of equipment, and said, "You use this shampoo?"

". . . yes . . ."

Quatre and Trowa looked confused. But of course they didn't get it, their hair wasn't anything like mine or Zechs'. "This stuff is the top of the line, man! Like, the shampoo and conditioner are what . . . two-hundred dollars a pop? Ohhhh . . ." If I could just get some of this on my hair!

Zechs stared at me, and then went to the closet and pulled out a large duffle bag. He waved me over as he unzipped it, and when it was open, I saw what seemed like an endless amount of the shampoo and conditioners. Jack pot! I stared at it like he'd just shown me his million dollar stash from a bank heist, slack jawed and wide eyed.

Zechs took out a bottle of each and handed them to me. "Whenever you need more, feel free to take some."

He shared shampoo? I loved this guy. "Oh, god," I moaned, clutching the stuff to my chest and ran into the bathroom to try it out.

Ecstasy. Pure and utter ecstasy. There is no other word for it, okay? I've never seen my hair softer, more shiny and luxurious feeling.

I was blow drying my hair when there was a knock on the door. I opened it a crack and Quatre shoved his way in, closing the door and flipping on the fan. He gave me a serious look. "What was that?"

I glanced at him and continued to brush out my hair. "What was what?"

"The shampoo thing."

I flashed him a brilliant smile. "Just another connection, Q. Cars, food, hair, shampoo . . . did I miss something?"

"Oh Duo . . ."

"Don't say `Oh, Duo' in that tone of voice, Quatre! We have connections, you can't deny that. I think he likes me."

"Duo. Seriously."

I set down the blow drier and the brush and turned to him. "What Quatre? What is it now?"

"I'm concerned about you. I . . . You think that you two will end up together, and if that doesn't happen, you'll be devastated. I hated seeing you so unhappy after Heero left you, and I don't want to see you like that ever again."

I gave Quatre a quick hug. "I'm glad you're concerned, but it'll be okay. If he doesn't want to be with me, then I'll just have to deal with it. Like I dealt with Heero." I turned on the blow drier and continued working, trying to ignore Quatre's presence in the room.

Okay, I was pissed. You would think that your best friend would have your back when it came to this sort of thing, but I guess not. I couldn't count on Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and certainly not Heero to support me in this, and that upset me.

Hadn't I urged Quatre to peruse Trowa, even though Tro was trying to resist his attraction to him? Hadn't I nagged Trowa to get over his little insecurities and go after the guy he loved? Didn't any of that matter?

Quatre yanked the blow dryer's plug out of the socket. "Duo, don't be like this, please! I'm just worried about you."

"I've been through hell this past couple of weeks. Sorry if I'd like for my friend to support me a little!"

"Just because I'm your friend doesn't mean that I have to do what you want me to do! If I think you're making a mistake, then I'll tell you whether you like it or not!"

"Oh please. When I saw that your heart was breaking because Trowa wouldn't return your phone calls after the war, I was tempted to tell you to get over him and find someone else! But I saw how much you cared about him and I stood by you! Why can't you do that for me?"

Then the door opened, and Trowa stepped inside. "All right, what's going on in here?"

I turned pale. "Wait. You could hear us out there?"

"Not really. I had my ear to the door, so that's why I heard everything, "Trowa said as he stepped between me and Q. "Why are you two arguing?"

"This whole Zechs obsession of Duo's is ridiculous!" Quatre exclaimed. "If he gets hurt because Zechs dumps him or, heaven forbid, doesn't even want him, then I will be the one that will have to pick up the pieces!"

Trowa seemed to consider this. "Quatre, you have to realize that that is Duo's choice to make. If he wants to risk his heart on this, then that is his business. As his friends, all that we can do is tell him our opinion, ask him to consider it and stand next to him whatever the outcome may be."

Quatre's shoulders slumped and his eyes began to water. "I'm sorry, Duo. I just hate to see you hurt, and I just want you to be happy . . ." He burst out into tears.

I gave him a real hug this time. "I'm so sorry too! I'll be careful, okay? I'll back off a little, all right? Okay?"

Now we were both crying into each other's shoulders, and Trowa took note of the tears and slipped out quickly and quietly before he got pulled into it.

Once we were done dripping snot all over the place, we exchanged goofy smiles, and then worked on controlling my hair together. We left the bathroom and plopped down on my bed, watching as Zechs began setting something up next to the phone.

"What's that? A wire tap?" I asked.

He looked up from his work momentarily. "Yes. Just in case Rankin decides to contact you. We may be able to track him down if he stays on the line long enough, and I'll be able to listen in."

"Cool," I murmured.

Quatre cleared his throat. "Um, is that legal?"

We all stared at him until he blushed and said, "Never mind."

"Was the shampoo beneficial?" Zechs asked with his head still bent over the machine.

I sent Q and Tro a significant look. "It was amazing. Like a . . . hair-gasm. No wonder why it costs two hundred bucks a bottle."

"Who makes it?" Quatre asked, fingering the end of my braid and then a strand of his own hair for comparison.

"Some company named Tonik, with a 'k'," I said.

Quatre's eyes grew wide. "Tonik with a 'k'?"

"Yes, Q, that's what I said. Why are you looking like that?"

Quatre laughed. "I'm pretty sure that WEI owns Tonik! What do you know? Small wor---upmh!"

I smacked Quatre in the face with a pillow and gave him a nasty, evil look. "Wait a minute! You've owned Tonik the entire time and you never told me?!"I hit him again, and Quatre began to laugh even louder. "You---I---Damn! I've forgiven you for what you said in the bathroom, but this? NEVER!"

"Duo---ow! Duo, if you don't---ouch---forgive me, I won't get some FREE SHAMPOO for you . . ."

I froze in mid-smack. Free shampoo? . . . Oh, what the hell. "Okay, but get on it now." We took over Trowa's laptop by shoving him onto the floor and crowding into the armchair that he had been sitting in.

Quatre opened the web browser and I rested my head against the back of the chair, staring at the blonde hottie out of the corner of my eye. There he was, tinkering away with that damn machine. "Soooo . . . Are you getting paid for this, Zechs?" I asked him, hoping that he would say something, start a conversation with me, anything!

"No," was his very brief reply. That made me wonder---if he wasn't getting paid, then why the hell had he taken the job? What was in it for him?

"Well, Q, we'd better get him some, too, since Une is being stingy." I watched as Quatre typed a long winded e-mail to the Tonik headquarters which I guess was supposed to result in having fifty sets of shampoo and conditioner and a large amount of other hair products shipped directly to the mansion. Wow, it sure was great to be rich and powerful.

"There, all done!" Quatre hit the send button and jumped out of the chair. "I'm stealing some of that shampoo and trying it for myself. Would you like to help me wash my hair, Trowa?" He said quite innocently as he dashed into the bathroom and came out with the bottles. The two left hand in hand, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were about to get up to.

"Please excuse them, they get up to it more than bunnies do," I said to Zechs. The man was still tinkering with the phone, and not even paying any attention! Damn! My hair hadn't looked this good in ages, I'd taken the time to put on the one pair of pajama bottoms that made my butt look just right, and he had his face buried in a bunch of wires and crap.

Feeling more than slightly annoyed, I huffed a sigh and decided to check my e-mail before I went to bed. Let's see, junk mail, junk mail, even more junk mail (c'mon, Duo Maxwell did not need to enlarge his you-know-what) and . . . what was this? A message from Heero's Preventer's e-mail address.

Without a second thought I opened it, and was surprised to see a large photo loading on the screen.

My skin began to crawl. It was a picture of me, with my face totally scratched out by a pen or a marker---my braid being the only indicator that it was actually me.

I was sure to get Zechs' attention now. Just not in the way that I had hoped.

"Uh, Zechs, I . . . I think you might want to take a look at this . . ."

He came over to my side and stared at the computer screen. He tensed and asked, "Who sent this?"

"I got it from Heero's e-mail address, but I don't think he would---Rankin, maybe?" I tried to keep my voice calm, but blushed when it hitched as I said Rankin.

Zechs reached for his cell phone and began dialing. "Une," he said crisply and abruptly. "I need you to trace an e-mail, sent to Duo Maxwell's Preventer's e-mail account from Heero Yuy using his e-mail address . . . How soon can you get that for me? Not good enough, I want that by yesterday." He ended the call and I gapped. No one bossed Une around . . .

He was calling someone else again, and this time it turned out to be the police. Now they were on the job too. Great---the more the better.

I shut down the laptop and crawled into my bed, burying my face in the pillow. What a nice day it had been---finding out that my Dream Man Zechs Merquise would be guarding my fine body from harm, the car-gasm incident, the restaurant and all . . . and then Rankin had to show up and ruin it all. Right about then I was feeling emotionally exhausted, I just wanted it all to stop---

"Are you alright?" Zechs asked softly from somewhere very close to me.

I lifted my head from the pillow---and put it right back in because with the way that he was standing so close to the bed, I'd ended staring right at his crotch. "M'fine," I mumbled.

The pillow was yanked away and tossed on the other side of the bed. "Hey!" I cried indignantly. I mean, sure he was friggen hot and all, but that didn't give him any right to do such a thing! I glared up . . . way up at him. "What was that for?"

His eyes seemed to burn into mine. "You're doing exactly what Rankin wants you to do---cowering in fear of him and what he might do to him. You are stronger than that."

"What the hell do you know?" I asked grumpily, snatching up my pillow and flopping back onto the bed.

"Don't let him get to you," was Zech's reply. He paused before asking, "Are you ready for bed?"

"Yes, Dad," I replied as he turned out the lights. The room was dark, pitch black except for the tiny flashing green light on the wire tap. I heard Zechs rustling around a bit on the cot before things finally got silent.

I was halfway asleep when I heard Zechs say something.

"I really think that you shouldn't call me that again."

"Call you what?"

"Dad. Just earlier you were giving me the okay to feel you up, so that would kind of be . . ."

I sniggered. "I dunno, some people think that's kinky, you know?" I chuckled into my blankets and then sighed. "G'night Zechs."

". . . Goodnight."

I didn't go to sleep right away, because I kept wondering what would happen if I rolled off the bed in my sleep (or, on purpose)---and coincidentally right onto Zechs.


I didn't want to get up the next morning. I really didn't not want to get up the next morning! So when Zechs yanked the blankets off of my bed and onto the floor, inadvertently taking me with them, I was pissed.

"All right, now that was uncalled for!" I exclaimed as I rubbed my sore butt.

He shrugged his wide, handsome shoulders, which were already covered by a dark blue button up shirt which he'd paired with a pair of dark slacks. "I tried to wake you up in various ways, but this was the only one that would work."

Oh . . . well, he was too foxy to stay mad at, so I gave him one last semi-evil look before going into the bathroom to put on some clothes. I came out five minutes later and together Zechs and I went downstairs and into the kitchen, where the two lovebirds were grabbing some food to take on the road.

Zechs snagged a muffin and a stack of books that were sitting on the kitchen table before turning to me. "Aren't you going to get something to eat?"

"No, I'm not hun---"

"Get something to eat."

I took a sprinkle covered donut and slipped it onto my finger like a ring. "Yes Daddy," I said sweetly, and accompanied it with a fluttering of my eyelashes.

Quatre was giving me a strange look. "Are we all set to go? Good. Zechs, I'm assuming that Duo is riding with you?"

He nodded. "Just so that you know---this is your last chance to have sex with my car, Duo---"At that, Trowa started choking on his coffee and swearing as he spilled some from his mug onto his hand. "---I'm trading it in for something a little more practical this afternoon."

"Oh, shoot. Normally I'm not one to screw-and-run, but I guess this time I have no choice. C'mon, Daddy, let's get going."I threw open the door and hopped up to the side of the car, stroking it longingly. "Man, am I gonna miss this beauty."

I think Zechs made the ride to the Preventers headquarters extra special---stopping on a dime, taking corners fast and sharp---just for my enjoyment. That or so that he could get off on seeing me have another car-gasm. And really, either way was fine with me.


For what was quite possibly the hundredth time since I'd gotten to work two hours ago, Heero passed by my cubicle, try to be nonchalant about the fact that he was peeking above the walls and glaring at Zechs as he did so. I was tempted to flick him off on his next round, but I was able to control my urge.

I sat in front of my computer shooting at asteroids as the passed in front of my spaceship and grinning at the funny firing sound the game made every time I shot my cannon. "Haha! Got ya, sucker!"

Zechs looked up from his book and raised a slim eyebrow at me. "Don't you have work to do?"

I looked around conspiratorially before leaning in to whisper to him. "Let me fill you in on a little secret here, Daddy. No one in this division works, okay? Seriously."

"Is that so?" he whispered back.

"Yes . . ."

"And this is common knowledge?"

"Yes . . ."

"Then why are we whispering?"

Before I could answer, Heero came by and growled at us. "What is going on here?" I guess our heads were a little too close for Heero's liking.

Surprised I pushed myself away from Zechs and sent my rolling chair into the wall of my cubicle. "Ouch! Hey, a little more warning next time Heero, okay?"

"What is going on here?" he demanded again.

Zechs returned his attention to his book. "Duo was just informing me about various office policies. For some strange reason, he thought that it would be better for him to whisper."

Heero stared at us for a little while longer before slinking off to circle the office again. Knowing Heero, he'd be like clockwork. Maybe I should time him.

"Why do you work here, if you don't do anything?" questioned Zechs even though he kept his eyes on the pages in the book.

"Preventers policy keeps me and the guys from doing anything else until we're twenty one," I said. Boom! Another asteroid was gone. "So we just bide our time and relax until we hit that age."

Another half an hour passed, and then someone came by my cubicle and stuck his head over the wall. "There you are, Duo. This place is like a maze, it took me forever to track you down."

"Alex!" I jumped to my feet and gave him a grin. "What's up? Got any new information for me?"

Alex frowned and nodded. "Some bad stuff, unfortunately. Is there some place private that we can go and talk?"

"Sure!" I left my cubicle and went to the break room where I shooed out some other workers and locked the door. I sat at the table and waited expectantly for the detective to begin.

He just stood there, though, staring at something just over my shoulder. "I said that I wanted to speak to him in private," Alex said coldly, his eyes narrowing.

I turned around and realized that I'd forgotten that Zechs would be following me everywhere. "Oops. Look, Alex, he's okay. My new bodyguard."

Alex looked very surprised. "Zechs Merquise, your bodyguard? Whose idea was this?"


". . . maybe I'll have a talk with her about that." Alex sat across from me. "First off, we were able to track that e-mail you got the other day."

I could hear Zechs coming closer, and in a flash he was seated next to me. "Where?"

"These days, technology is pretty a pretty powerful and amazing thing, but that goes both ways. Apparently someone hacked into the Preveters database all the way in London and hijacked Mr. Yuy's e-mail address. All of this was done from a cybercafé, and whoever this person was used a credit card that was---"

"Stolen," I finished for him, dismayed. "And could this have been Rankin?"

"It's unlikely. We've got all of the airports on alert, and with an injury like the one he had, a lot of recovery time would be needed. I'm thinking that this was someone else entirely."

Oh, great, I had another psycho to worry. This just got better and better.

"You said London?" Zechs asked suddenly.

"Yes," Alex replied, regarding the blond suspiciously.

I stared up at the man's handsome face, and I could almost see the gears turning in his head. "What?" I asked. He just shook his head. "What?" I demanded this time. "Do you know something?"

Zechs sat back in his seat and shook his head again. "I'm sorry. It . . . no. It doesn't have anything to do with this." But he was looking thoughtful, which made me very curious.

Alex and I shared a look.

"Well," Alex continued, "It also turns out that our David Rankin isn't who he says he is. We found some DNA samples out at the cabin and we ran it through the system. Turns out his real name is Daniel Roberts."

"Damn it," I swore. "What did he do that was so bad that it required him to change his name?"

Alex winced. "At first some minor offenses---like drug possession when he was a teenager, which is why his information was in the system. But the most important thing is that he was wanted for questioning in the murder of his father, mother and little sister."

"Oh. Fuck."

"Oh fuck exactly. Turns out his father had been sexually abusing him, the mother knew and didn't do anything about it, and his little sister was the princess in the family, and he was the black sheep. I guess he snapped one day and killed them all in their sleep when he was a teenager."

I took a deep breath. "Okay, so . . . So that means that he'll probably be very pissed at me for stabbing him in the eye. Betrayal and all that jazz."


"Oh. Fuck."

"Oh fuck exactly. Look, Duo---I'm . . . glad that you have a bodyguard, Duo," he said carefully, and I could tell that he sure as hell wasn't glad with the choice of bodyguard. "Please be very careful."

"I will."

"Good. Now, I want to speak to you in private."

"He doesn't leave the room," Zechs said immediately.

Alex pulled me over to the corner of the room and trapped me in between his body and the wall. "How are you with this, Duo? I mean, with Merquise as your bodyguard."

I shrugged. "I---okay, I guess. He's good, Alex, really good. I'm safe with him."

Alex looked over his shoulder and at Zechs, and then turned back to me. "Are you sure?"

I huffed and rolled my eyes. "What is it with all of you? You guys seem to think that I'm so irresistible and that I'll drive him crazy with my non-existent seductive man-powers or something."

He blushed a bit and shuffled his feet. "Yeah, well, we'll have a little talk about your so-called non-existent seductive man-powers another time, okay? Right now I want to make sure that you're doing fine."

"I'm just as good as I can be in this situation."

Alex nodded and took a step closer. "Um, and, well, about the other night . . ."

My face was probably as bright as a lit Christmas tree. "Oh, please, do we have to talk about that? I'm so embarrassed . . ."

"I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay between us. I think . . ." Alex trailed off. "I think I am beginning to understand that we won't ever, you know . . ."

"I don't think so, sorry," I sad as gently as I could. "You're an amazing guy, but I don't---I don't know, it's just---"

Thankfully Alex cut in, sparing me from having to stutter anymore. "That's alright. Really, it's okay. I'll get over it." He shrugged his shoulders, obviously disappointed.

"Is . . . I dunno, is there anything I can do?" I felt horrible. Here was a fantastic man, and I was turning him away. What the hell was wrong with me?

"Nah. Oh, well, you could keep your ass out of trouble, that would always help."

I laughed. "I'll try my best, but trouble seems to follow me around."

"Yes it does, unfortunately." Alex checked his watch. "I'd better go. I'll get back to you if there are anymore leads."He left, but not without giving Zechs a harsh look.

My bodyguard and I returned to my hellish box, where I stared blankly at the computer screen trying to digest the new information, and it was a good while before anyone said anything.

Zechs suddenly looked up from his book and, much to my surprise, said, "That detective . . . did I mistake the signs, or was he interested in you?"

A slow grin flourished on my face as I gave Zechs a sly look. "Why do you want to know, Daddy? Jealous?"

He didn't reply.

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