Author: Crivassan
Genre: romance
Pairings: 2+5
Rating: PG
Series: Gundam Wing
Status: complete
Warnings: not really sappy, yaoi, romance, Wufei POV
**Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing and I do not have any money, so don't you dare sue me. If you can really stand there and say that you think I could possibly own Gundam Wing then either you are a great liar (where were you when Nixon needed you??) or you are more delusional than I am, my friend. And that is a feat...I mean, here I am calling you my friend when I don't even know who on earth you are...that's pretty delusional, dontcha think? the point is, no I don't own Gundam Wing. Let's not get into how much I wish I did...that could be longer than the fic itself. **

I Watch Him As He Sleeps + (Wufei)

I watch him as he sleeps. It's amazing, but he seems more mature when his eyes are closed. It's the manic gaze in the amethyst orbs that makes one think of a child on holiday, instead of a man who calls himself Death. He still does. It's a comfort actually, because now when he says it, you can tell he's just talking. The anger and desperation of Shinigami doesn't fill him anymore. My love does.

And what more can a man ask for than being someone's light? That's what he calls me. His light. I smile, recalling how this not quite perfection became what I like to call life-rather than existence.

We'd been lovers on and off through the wars. And when the others all paired off and found themselves in relationships, we'd decided we would give it a try. It had nothing to do with feelings, and everything to do with companionship and normalcy.

Normal people had relationships, not stress-relief fuck buddies.

We tried it.

It was rather more different than I thought it would be. Not for the reasons one would think though.

The fact that we were no longer trying to prove our strengths against one another made our similarities all to clear to both of us. For the first time, we were truly seeing each other. And what we saw changed us. For the better, we agree, but still. It was the little habits that manifested themselves in peacetime that made me really take note of who he was.

It's difficult to imagine, but Duo Maxwell is one of the most painstakingly organized people I have ever met. Almost every cabinet in our house has a small, printed label. If ever someone were stupid enough to break in, they wouldn't have a hard time finding what they wanted. That was when I told him we were changing the labeling system to Chinese. He agreed immediately to my logic.

When he can't sleep he watches b-rated horror films on our television. The noises from which never fail to wake me.

When he's upset, he distracts himself.

When he's happy, he has a craving for oranges, hot showers, and romance novels.

And sometimes, randomly, he'll email me at work and describe to me in detail all the things he plans on doing to me when I get home.

And we fell in love so slowly it was like falling asleep on a winter morning.

I watch him as he sleeps, and press a gentle kiss to his forehead before slipping down next to him and easing into my own slumber.

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