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{ note: i put this site together... many years before i actually got around to putting it up---something which came about only due to the demise of so many other kwg sites. permission was given for any fic that is hosted here, but for some of these authors that was quite some time ago. if any author listed here wishes to be removed from this archive, i will be happy to oblige. }

{ note 2: labels? what labels? *shifty eyes* they were basically all the same, so i got bored with them (the labels, that is). *shrug* these fics are all favourites of mine, and ones that aren't as near and dear are at least pointed to in a roundabout way. you can just go ahead and take it for granted that all of these fics are shinobu/mitsuru, are sap or angst, are shounen ai or yaoi, and are either lime or lemon. *laugh* vague enough for ya? ^_~ }

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None of the authors archived here own or hold any rights to Koko Wa Greenwood. Those rights belong to Nasu Yukie. These fan fictions are written for fun, not profit. However, these stories do belong to their authors. Do not remove from this site or use in any part or form without their express permission.

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{ note: you can find more of cutter's kwg fics here }

keelan @ the keelan chronicles
:: Boys of Summer :: {15 parts}

:: Cabin Fever ::
{6 parts}

:: On HIs Own ::
{5 parts}

{ note: you can find more of keelan's kwg fics at her site}

:: Fog ::

lady aria
:: Graduation ::

lady koneko
:: Belonging ::

:: Summer Break ::
{note: ok. i tell a lie, this one has mitsuru/kazuya, too ^_^;;}

:: To Know a Dream ::

:: The Diary of Mitsuru Ikeda ::

:: Fireflies ::

:: It's About Time ::

:: Prizes ::

:: Secret Admirer ::

:: Stargazing ::

:: Until Then :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 ::

:: White Day Forecast ::

:: You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This ::

{ note: the remainder of samuraiheart's kwg fics can be found at her archive }

torch @ the flambeau factory
:: The Best Policy ::

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