Title: Manguanac Attack 1/?
Author: girl_starfish
Pairings: 2+1, 3+4, R+1, 4+?
Rating: pg 13
Disclaimer: Don't own/profit from Gundaw Wing.

Manguanac Attack + Part 1

The Head of the Winner Corporation, the unofficial leader of the L4 business community, the youngest ever head of a multi-national business and ex-gundam pilot, Quatre Raberba Winner, sighed and swirled his spoon through his cornflakes. This action did not go unnoticed, indeed, considering the wealth and influence of said young man, it would be hard for it to not be remarked upon by someone. The someone in question was Rashid, the Manguanac leader. However, as it had only been a few days since Quatre had called Rashid into his office for a talk that went something like this:

Quatre: I'm not a baby! I'm 18, for crying out loud! I do not need the Manguanac Corps fussing over me like mother hens!

Rashid: Of course sir. Now, won't you have a bit more soup? It's good for you --

Quatre: Aaargh!

-- Rashid thought it prudent not to comment. At least not obviously.

He went into the anteroom, where Abdul was having a surreptitious cigarette and announced in dramatic tones: 'I fear your conclusions are correct! Master Quatre is not happy!"

Abdul put out his cigarette. "I told you so. Now what do you think we should do about it?"

It is a testament to the commitment of the Manguanac Corps that they never stopped to ponder whether they should do something or not. Master Quatre needed them; their duty was clear.

While Quatre chased soggy cornflakes around his breakfast bowl, his devoted friends discussed possible reasons for his lack of joy.

"At least we can cross out money troubles," Abdul remarked. Rashid nodded. "Winner profits just keep on going up and up. Perhaps he feels a sense of guilt from the war?"

Abdul considered this. Quatre was so thoroughly nice that he might feel guilty for being totally wonderful and saving the lives of many people and attaining peace, but -- "No, I think not. I'm sure if he was depressed over that it would have shown up before now."

"Then what is it?"

The two Manguanacs were forced to break off their conversation as a secretary walked past them.

"Perhaps we should continue this conversation elsewhere," Rashid suggested.

Abdul nodded.

So it happened that the two Manguanacs were walking through the crowded market place at the same time as one Duo Maxwell. They met of course and decided to get an ice-cream together.

Rashid licked his vanilla cone thoughtfully as he studied Pilot 02. It was easy to see that he was happy.

"Yeah, me n' Heero are here on Preventer's business. Or at least Heero is -- I'm just tagging along." Duo said, happily occupied with a gumdrop-lemon sorbet-chocolate crunch-raspberry ripple sundae. "In fact I was on my way to visit Quatre, and tell him the good news."

"Good news?" Abdul queried from behind his chocolate fudge supreme.

"Yeah! Heero asked me to move in with him last night!" Duo flashed them a happy grin and a victory sign.

"Heero Yuy?" Rashid and Abdul said in incredulous unison.

"Yeah," Duo's smile faded somewhat. "At least I think that's what he meant. He just kinda grunted."

"That does not sound very promising," Rashid said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, but then he picked me up, threw me inside his hotel room and made mad passionate love to me," Duo said. "Coming from Heero, that's a lot."

Abdul smacked himself in the forehead. "Of course!"

"What is it?" Rashid asked.

"The answer to our problem!" Abdul continued excitedly. "Mad passionate sex!"

Rashid was so excited he hugged his comrade. "You're right! That's it!"

"Don't mind me," Duo said, hastily grabbing his sundae and making a break for the exit. "I'll leave you guys to it -- "

The Manguanacs abruptly separated and took a big step away from each other. They sat down again.

After a few moments, Abdul had enough composure to say, "It's clear then. We must find Master Quatre the perfect mate."

Rashid nodded. "That should not be too difficult. Who does not adore Master Quatre?"

"Let's call a meeting of the Manguanac Corps," Abdul decided. "A matter like this calls for our unlimited resources and attention." Rashid concurred wholeheartedly.

-- oOo --

"Thanks for dropping by, Duo. It was nice catching up with you."

"It was great seeing you, Q-man. We don't get to spend as much time together as we used to, nowadays." Duo smiled as he said goodbye to his host.

"Come by anytime," Quatre smiled back. "And goodluck with Heero."

"Thanks man! We'll be seeing you!"

Quatre stood by the doorway, watching as his friend left. Once Duo was out of sight, he sighed again, letting a wistful expression creep over his face. How nice for Duo and Heero to get together -- if only he didn't feel so lonely himself --

"Don't be silly," he told himself. "You're head of a multinational corporation, with a lot more important things to do than mope around." He headed inside with new resolve. He also wondered if there was a reason for a member of the Manguanac Corps to be lying in the rose bushes, but decided he was better off not knowing.

-- oOo --

"Sir?" Abdul signalled Rashid's attention. "I have an update from operative Petals. He says Pilot 02 has left and as he did so, Master Quatre apparently looked slightly sad."

"There!" Rashid said to the gathered Manguanacs. "You see! Master Quatre desires meaningful companionship!"

The assembled Manguanacs nodded. "What do we do?"

"We find him a mate, that's what!"

"But where does one find a mate of suitable breeding and rank to equal Master Quatre?"

Let's face it, the Manguanacs were somewhat biased.

"Abdul and I have considered this question long and hard," Rashid said. "And we have come to the conclusion: the only partner of suitable standing for our beloved Quatre is -- " he paused dramatically as he pulled the cover off a stand holding a picture of Relena -- "The Queen of the World."

The Manguanacs nodded. Who else would suffix? The only other young lady of rank with which Quatre was acquainted was Dorothy, and the Manguanacs would never forgive her for stabbing their adored leader.

"How do we get them together?"

This was the hard part. To the detriment of the Manguanac Corps, none of them had yet managed to go on a date, hampered greatly by the fact that all of them were painfully shy around women, and most had crushes on one or the other of Quatre's sisters.

"Perhaps we should throw a party?" Abdul suggested. "We'll invite the other pilots and enough political figures to make the inclusion of Relena not seem suspicious."

This idea was applauded. Rashid was nominated the duty of taking the idea to Master Quatre, while other Manguanacs set about planning the menu, drawing up a guest list, and making the decorations.

-- oOo --

At first, the party went well.

Relena arrived as one of the earliest guests. She was dressed in a beautiful gown, adorned with tastefully expensive jewelry, and had her hair up in a complicated knot. She was the epitome of princessly dignity.

Quatre, handsome as ever in a formal Arabian costume, spent quite some time chatting with her, although the politicians would keep butting in to talk to one or the other of them. The Manguanacs were ready to celebrate the success of their mission, when it happened. The other pilots arrived in a group and Relena turned away from Quatre mid-sentence.

"Oh, Heero!" She said, fanning herself very quickly. "Fancy meeting you here!"

As the Manguanacs elaborated dark thoughts on her slight to Quatre, the blond ex-pilot smiled as he spoke to Wufei. "I see some things haven't changed."

"Unfortunately not," Wufei smirked. "Silly onna is just as obssessed with Yuy as ever."

Maguanac heads reeled with the thought that someone else might be preferred over their wonderful leader -- inconceivable!

"And the fact that Duo and Heero are together? That doesn't worry her at all?"

"That's not Yuy's version of events."

"What?" Quatre looked concerned. "You mean -- they're not -- "

"Duo seems to think they are, Heero doesn't."

"Oh dear," Quatre turned to watch Relena clinging determinedly to one of Heero's arms while Duo hung just as tightly on to the other.

At that moment, Trowa approached. "Wufei, would you mind if I talked to Quatre?"

Wufei smirked and went off to persecute Relena.

"I'm glad you could come," Quatre said, with some nervousness. "I've missed you -- "

"I've missed you," Trowa said. "Come on, Quatre, this is stupid. We should be together." He stroked Quatre's cheek, arousing instant hatred from all members of the Manguanac Corps. "You know you want me -- "

Quatre sighed. "Things haven't changed. We both want different lifestyles. You want the freedom to travel, I have my office, my responsibilities on L4. All it would cause is more unhappiness."

"And you still believe that if you wait here, the perfect person will happen by?" Trowa's tone was mocking. 80 pairs of Manguanac hands itched to wipe that smirk of his face.

"I have a much better chance of finding who I want to spend the rest of my life with if you're not here," Quatre said. "What if I met the right person but they thought I was with you and never made a move?"

"Quatre, face it -- you're never going to find someone who understands the war and what we've been through, than me," Trowa insisted. "You should -- "

"Master Quatre!" Rashid said appearing at his elbow. "You're needed urgently!"

"Excuse me," Quatre nodded to Trowa and followed Rashid. "What's the problem?"

"Uh -- " Rashid racked his brains urgently. "Duo is eating all the hors d'ouevres!"

"Just tell him to stop."

"He's a gundam pilot!" Rashid said. "Last time we tried to take a tray of food off him -- "

"Oh, yes, thanks for reminding me," Quatre said. "I'll get it."

Rashid let out a sigh of relief.

Behind him there was a scream as one of the Manguanacs spilled a tray of drinks over Relena and in the process of cleaning her up, somehow managed to set her dress on fire.

-- oOo --

Abdul sat smoking in the driver's seat of Quatre's limo as he waited for the blonde businessman to leave the hospital. Quatre was far too good, the Manguanac reflected. Who else, after being snubbed so rudely, would go to visit the person who had insulted them in hospital the next morning? With flowers, no less?

Quatre climbed into the limo. "Relena's doing well. The doctors say the burns are just superficial."

"That's good news," Abdul said.

Quatre leaned over and took the cigarette out of his mouth and dropped it out the window. "You know the Winner smoking policy."

"Yes sir. Sorry sir." The Manguanac started the engine, and pulled out onto the road.

Quatre was quiet the long ride back to the Winner Corporation.

Abdul decided to be bold. "Master Quatre?"


"What is troubling you?"

"Oh, nothing much." Quatre sighed. "I was just thinking."

Abdul took a risk. "I hope it is not about Pilot Trowa. He is not worthy of your time."

"What makes you say that?"

"I heard something of your conversation last night. He is not right to try and make your decisions for you. And, you should not settle for anything but the best. You are a good person, Master Quatre, you deserve more than a partner who will go off and leave you alone."

Abdul had the pleasure of seeing Quatre smile. "Thank-you." The smile was, however, only momentary. "He was right about something else though -- its going to be hard to find someone I can share my experiences during the war with he won't either detest me for it, or try and make me into some kind of hero."

"But you are a hero!"

"You see?" Quatre sighed. "I want someone who'll treat me like a friend, listen to me, but have no compunctions about telling me when I'm overreacting -- "

The car pulled up in front of the Winner mansion. Both Quatre and Abdul were surprised, the ride had gone very quickly.

Quatre said goodbye to Abdul and went inside. Abdul called an urgent meeting of the Manguanacs.

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