Family (cont)

'I'm glad,' I told him, needing to answer that tone even though I didn't entirely understand it. He didn't immediately reply and I was surprised to find that the whole stupid thing had completely distracted me from my other thoughts. I decided to put the lid back on the pot and forget it for now. Maybe I'd take another gander at it when Heero came home. I could talk it through with him without all the filters. As close as I felt to Wufei sometimes, there were things you could talk about with your best friend... and there were things you couldn't.

'What do you say I fix us something to eat and we give this sleeping thing another try?' I ventured, reminded by a pang in my mid-section that my dinner had rather rudely checked out some hours ago.

There was a noise that sounded disdainful. 'How about I fix us something to eat... so we can actually eat it?'

'I can manage the complexities of cheese and crackers,' I groused and he just shook his head.

'Yuy is right,' he groaned theatrically. 'You really would starve to death if there was nobody around to feed you.'

'There's nothing wrong with cheese and crackers,' I informed him, and rose to lead the way to the kitchen, uncomfortable topics set aside for the moment.

'I was thinking something with a little more sustenance,' he scolded, and I knew he was letting me take us to more familiar ground. I'm not sure I could have stood the harsh kitchen light otherwise. As it was, I had to avoid looking right at him for a few minutes, feeling the last of the awkwardness fading as we bantered.

He set me to digging out bowls and spoons while he heated us a can of soup, ignoring my protests that I could handle a damn can-opener.

'It's not handling the can-opener I worry about,' he quipped, grinning at me while he worked. 'It's the application of the pot and stove after that part.'

'Hey,' I objected. 'I'm on a first named basis with the Campbell guy! I can heat a stupid can of soup without mishap!'

He turned from his stirring to look at me, a hint of challenge in his eye. 'Oh? Then just what is his first name?'

'Joseph,' I informed him haughtily and got down the box of crackers. Wufei just shook his head at me.

'The Gods only know if you're right or not,' he sighed, sounding indulgent. 'But I don't even want to know how you know that.'

'I am a sage of useless information,' I intoned, and got a chuckle.

'Not sure that's any claim to fame, Maxwell.'

I didn't grace that with a response, just taking my bowl and doing my two-handed David Copperfield impression, when I saw the soup was ready. I'm not sure Wufei got it, because he just split the pot between us without comment.

We sat down opposite each other and I took a careful spoonful. 'You'll make a good Mommy someday, Chang.'

He snorted, blowing on his own soup before replying. 'Since there are no gender-changing plans in my future... not very likely.'

'A Daddy, then?' I asked, giving him my blatantly hopeful look.

'Don't start,' he said, reaching for the crackers. 'Besides, if any of us ever actually had children, you'd spoil them too rotten to live with.'

He made me laugh, even while it made me feel a little sad. 'But you're our last, best, hope, man... the only straight Gundam pilot in existence!'

He stopped with a spoonful of soup half-way to his mouth and gave me a look that was absolutely unreadable. It took him a second, and the best he could come up with was, 'Don't hold your breath.'

I sighed theatrically and we ate in silence for a moment. The soup was nice, warming me all through. I was glad he hadn't let me get away with grazing out of the fridge. Sometimes there's more to it than just filling the void.

'You know,' I said into the quiet, the topic somehow turning serious in my head. 'Sally really does like you.'

He didn't respond and I glanced up at him, half expected his usual quick retort, but he was just looking down into his soup as though there was something there besides vegetables and chicken. I had just about decided he wasn't going to speak, when he said, 'She reminds me of you sometimes.'

I blinked at him. 'Me?'

He smiled a little bit and glanced up at me, taking a moment to dip a cracker into the soup. 'She has your easy manner... and sometimes your weird sense of humor.'

Something told me to leave off all the usual jokes and I waited a moment to see if he would say more and when he didn't, I found myself asking, 'Why haven't you ever asked her out? I know you're kind of attracted to her.'

I shocked myself that I'd just come out with it, without it being wrapped in teasing and innuendo. It surprised me even more when he didn't evade with his usual sarcasm.

'I... I don't really know,' he said at length, his spoon moving slowly through his soup, maybe hoping he might uncover the answer there. 'Dreams, maybe,' he said softly. 'Cowardice? Maybe there are things I just need to stop wishing for.'

I couldn't answer him; he almost didn't seem to be speaking to me. It was like... he was just musing out loud. I was afraid if I spoke, it would break the spell. I knew there had been an arranged marriage when he was a child, one of those honor and tradition things that I'd never really understood. They'd never really been married, though there were promises made and something deeper that Wufei never talked about. I don't even know if he loved her. It was like... maybe... he was seeing her reflection in that bowl of soup? I don't know. He was seeing something, and he stared at it for a long time.

But then the spell broke of its own accord and he shook himself, coming back to the present. 'Eat your soup before it gets cold,' he ordered, just as though I'd been the one star-gazing in the vegetables. 'I slaved over a hot stove for hours.'

'Yes sir,' I murmured, understanding that the mood was gone and wondering just what it had been.

We finished eating and just stacked the dishes in the sink for later, it being something like three in the damn morning and neither of us inclined to wash them. The full stomach and the complete change of topic were conspiring to make me actually think I might be able to lie down for awhile. I hoped so... it was turning into a long, weird night.

As we walked out of the kitchen Wufei settled his hands on my shoulders, steering me as if I might argue about trying again to go to sleep. There was a... hesitancy in his touch that told me it was just a bit deliberate. I wasn't sure if he was trying to reassure me that he wasn't afraid to touch me, or if it was something else. But it was gone in another moment as he gave me a little shake.

'You're still so damn tense you feel like steel,' he admonished, like I could do something about it.

I sighed. 'I know... I'm trying to relax, but I doubt it's going to happen until Heero gets home.'

He didn't have an answer, and I was just as glad, because I had been a little nervous that he'd meant to do something about it. The only two things that came to mind were drugs and massage. Neither of which was gonna happen, thank you very much.

We settled back into our places on the couch and I decided that even if I stared at the wall all night, I would stay where I was, so that maybe Wufei, at least, would get some sleep. Really no reason for the both of us to be up all damn night.

Though, a half an hour later, when my eyes had adjusted enough that I could see, and I looked his way... I saw the faint glitter of his eyes and knew he wasn't asleep.

He caught me looking, and I was expecting to be reprimanded for still being awake, but he surprised me.

'Duo,' he asked me in a very quiet tone, voice almost somber. 'Why... I'm not saying I'm sorry you called me, but... why not Heero?'

I stared hard, trying to see his expression, and didn't manage it. 'I wanted to,' I finally admitted. 'But... he'd have just made himself sick worrying. I was afraid he wouldn't stay and finish what he needs to.'

He was quiet and I could feel him staring back at me. It made me wonder if perhaps there was some light shining on me that was letting him see when I couldn't.

After what seemed like a very long time, he snorted softly. 'He's going to kill us both for not calling him.'

I leaned my head on the back of the couch and sighed. 'I know. But I couldn't risk it.'

'Two self-sacrificing idiots if I ever saw them,' he teased, but his voice sounded very odd. Almost strained. He shifted then, and settled back a bit so that he was looking up at the ceiling and not at me. I was surprised what a relief it was to be out from under that dark-eyed regard.

I didn't answer him, somehow just not knowing how. We lay in the dark, me staring at him and wondering... him staring into space and thinking, I couldn't say what. I swear, the light of false dawn was hinting at the edges of the windows when he shifted to look at me again, somehow not looking surprised to see me still awake.

'Duo?' he asked, voice almost a whisper, and I thought of young girls, slumber parties and secrets. 'What do you suppose Sally would like to do on a date?'

I hoped he couldn't see the almost manic grin. I thought about it for a minute and replied just as softly, 'Anything, man... I really don't think she'll care, as long as it's you.'

He snorted rather explosively and settled back down, obviously embarrassed, and that was all he had to say on that topic for the rest of what remained of the night.

But oddly, it gave me something else to think about, and might well have been what finally let me fall asleep.

I decided before I did, that I was probably right... Sally would do any damn thing Wufei wanted, from going to a demolition derby, to taking in the opera... all she'd care about was the fact that Wufei was finally asking her out.

However, I also decided that we'd have to come up with something really good, because I'd be damned if Wufei wasn't going to sweep her right off her feet, first try. I wondered if I could find the biggest damn scrap-booking store on the continent, and then find a nice little, romantic bed and breakfast right near it. The quickest way to a woman's heart is through her interests, after all. Hell... it's the quickest way to anyone's heart. But maybe that was a bit much for a first date; I'd save that for later. A first date should be fairly simple. Maybe something as easy as dinner and a movie? Didn't want to scare the woman off. Though, maybe something a bit more off-beat, just to show her that Wufei wasn't your average kind of guy? A museum trip, maybe? I needed to make sure she realized he had a cultured side too... he wasn't all about that bluster he throws out for most people.

I mean... Wufei needed to make sure of all of that. With just a little bit of coaching.

I dozed off wondering if his wardrobe would handle a night at the opera.

My phone woke me, and while it roused me from a dream, it had more to do with dinner dates than random jerks. It was a shock, all the same, and combined with the early hour to have me scrambling from the blankets before I half registered what had disturbed me.

At the other end of the couch, Wufei was struggling up as well, obviously as half dead as I was. 'It's ok, Duo... I'm here... I...'

I think it dawned on the both of us at the same time that it was my cell phone that had woken us up. Wufei slumped back against the pillows while I staggered the few steps to the end chair and snatched the phone up, half expecting to see a number that would indicate a work emergency. I was surprised, and a bit concerned, to see Heero's number on the display. Heero hadn't been calling me in the mornings; he hadn't had the time. And I knew they didn't cut them any slack on the last day.

'Heero?' I asked, when I'd hit the answer button. 'Are you all right?'

There was a slight chuckle on the other end, and I dropped down into the arm chair since I was closer to it than the couch. 'I'm fine,' he assured me. 'I just... this is going to sound stupid, but I just had this feeling something was wrong. I wanted to check in with you before I had to go out to the field. I'm sorry... I hope you weren't sleeping in this morning?'

I was still getting my bearings; just starting to feel the sore spots you get from sleeping in your clothes, and wishing I'd dragged the quilt from the couch with me. 'No... it's all right. I... we... I mean...' I took a breath, feeling something inside me uncoiling. 'I'm glad you called; I really needed to hear your voice this morning.'

'Is everything all right?' he asked, and I knew from his tone that he had that little frown line between his brows. It made me smile.

'It's ok now,' I told him, my head falling back against the back rest. 'It was kind of a... not great night, but Wufei came and kept me company. We had dinner.'

Heero was quiet for a second, and I knew he was phrasing something, so I waited, bemused by the fact that listening to him breathe was making muscles that had been tight for hours, gradually relax. 'You're not hurt?' he finally asked.

'No,' I assured. 'Just... had a stupid run in at the grocery, and it ended up making me think about... some very old things.'

That was all I had to say to Heero, for him to piece it together. 'Oh Gods, love,' he almost whispered. 'I can skip the rest of today and come straight home. I'll just leave...'

'Don't you dare,' I grumbled. 'Everything is ok now. Wufei came like the big brother he is, and stayed with me. I'm fine now... was just a little spooked last night, is all.' It made me realize that Wufei was still in the damn room with me, and I lifted my head to look. I found him lying back against his arm of the couch, watching me with an expression that was such a bastard mix of things, I couldn't make it out. Vulnerable, was the first word that came to mind. Wistful, somehow? I don't know... the minute I lifted my head, the look was gone.

I always suspected that Wufei was lonelier than he let on. It made me hurt inside suddenly, to see the evidence of it, and I wondered how the poor guy dealt with being around two perfectly happy couples all the time. It must feel, sometimes, like we were rubbing his nose in the fact that we'd all found each other... and he hadn't met anyone yet. It strengthened my resolve to not let him back down from last night's decision to at least give things a try with Sally.

Wufei rose from his nest of blankets then, and retreated toward the kitchen, making noises that hinted at breakfast preparations, but I knew he was just giving me some privacy.

On the other end of the line, Heero sighed, unaware that my attention had drifted for a moment. 'Are you sure? I really would like to get this over with, I'm almost through, but... you know you're more important.'

I snorted at him. 'I would hope so,' I teased, and it eased his mind, I think, that I was able to. 'I'm fine now... Wufei stayed the night and we're going to spend the day planning the rest of his life.'

There was a moment of long silence, and then, 'Pardon me?'

I chuckled, knowing that nothing would keep Heero from worrying better than hearing me banter and laugh. 'I think he's finally going to ask Sally out, love,' I informed him in a low voice, feeling like one of those slumber-party goers I'd thought about the previous night. 'We just need to work out the finer details of dating today. And his wardrobe. Do you know if he owns any red, button down shirts?' I could almost see Heero blinking at the phone.

'Wufei is going to let you...?' he began, and then there was a sigh. 'Never mind. I don't think I want to know. Just tell me you're sure I shouldn't come right home?'

I let the teasing fade, knowing I'd gotten as much from it as I could. 'I'm positive,' I said firmly. 'I'm fine now. Yes, I want you here and I can't wait for you to get home. But I want you in one piece, and I don't want you having to turn around and go right back. I'll be fine... Wufei's got my back.'

He sighed his frustration and I wondered if he was running his fingers through his hair the way he did when he was upset. 'I just wish...' he began, sounding pained.

But I cut him off. 'Timing is everything, Heero. It's Murphy's Law that I'd run into some random pervert the week you're out of town.'

I thought about phrasing just a little too late. 'Do I need to be hunting this asshole down when I get back?' he ground out, and I couldn't help but laugh at him.

'Sorry, hot shot,' I soothed. 'Last time I checked, it was not illegal to proposition a person in a public place. Rude maybe... but not grounds for arrest or ass kicking.'

'He didn't...' he asked, and left it hang when he couldn't find the exact wording he wanted.

'Didn't lay a hand on me,' I replied, not making him finish, and I swear I heard a sigh of relief.

'Duo,' he said then, and again there was that ache in his voice. 'I have to be going if I'm going to finish this today.'

'It's ok,' I told him one more time. 'Just get out there and pass this stupid thing so we don't have to do this again any time soon.'

'Roger, sir,' he sighed, trying to make it light and not really managing it.

'I'm serious...' I had to tell him one last time. 'Please don't worry. Everything is fine now.'

'I love you,' he blurted, letting it tell me everything else.

'I know,' I smiled. 'Heart and soul. Now get going.'

We hung up and I just sat for a moment, with a silly little smile on my face, wondering that somehow he'd freaking known I needed him. I just hoped he hadn't been up all night, afraid of calling too early.

I realized after a bit, that there wasn't a whole lot of noise coming from the kitchen, so I rose and went to find Wufei, just a little bit embarrassed by the fact that he'd over-heard such an intimate conversation. I had the strange urge to apologize, but knowing Wufei, he'd just pretend he hadn't heard anything as long as I didn't bring it up.

I found him sitting at the table waiting for the tea water to heat, looking half asleep and... a little grouchy. I always seemed to recall that Wufei was something of a morning person, so I wondered if it wasn't at least partially put on.

'If it wouldn't mean we'd just have to take off and go fetch him,' he grumbled. 'I would wish the idiot would fall on his ass today, for calling so damn early.'

I glanced at the clock and figured we'd gotten little more than a couple of hours sleep. 'Well... it wouldn't feel all that early if we hadn't been up all night.'

'It's Saturday morning,' he complained. 'He should have been more considerate.'

I couldn't help but laugh at the almost little-boy petulance in his voice. I had not known that Chang Wufei could achieve such a tone. 'You're just cranky because you haven't had your tea yet.'

He eyed me while I got up to fetch fresh mugs. 'You seem... much more relaxed this morning.'

I smiled as I poured the water. 'Heero has a way of doing that.'

He didn't reply, just waiting for me to bring the mugs to the table. I took my place across from him again, feeling a bit out of sorts, because he was in my seat and I was in Heero's. Funny how little things can become such a habit. He murmured his thanks when I sat the tea down, but he seemed to be thinking, so I just sipped tea and watched him.

I had to resist the urge to grin at his rumpled self. I don't think I'd ever seen Wufei with his hair that messed up before. It made him look... oddly younger and less sure of himself. I wondered if that's why he normally wore his hair in such a harsh style; to gain just that little bit of edge on the world.

I'm not sure what he was thinking about so hard, but I finally got tired of waiting. 'We need to go on-line this morning and check the movie schedules and maybe some of the local museums and art galleries. Depends on what kind of tone you want. You don't want to get too elaborate on a first date. I don't suppose you know what kind of food she likes best? Italian? Indian? Something simpler? And do you own a red shirt, because you would look great in red and black.'

I left him blinking, and again I had to suppress the urge to grin at him, it had been a long time since I'd yanked his chain just for the fun of it. 'What?' he finally sputtered.

'You do not think that I'm going to let you back out of this after all this time, do you?' I chided, sipping at my tea.

'Maxwell...' he warned, but I just smiled.

'Oh, we're well past that stage, buddy,' I informed him. 'You as much as gave in last night and I'm holding you to it.'

He frowned at me. 'It was merely conjecture.'

'Didn't sound like conjecture to me,' I said, and was a little surprised to see him start to look genuinely uncomfortable. He usually rises to my teasing quite handily.

He stalled with a sip from his own mug. 'Duo...' he finally said. 'I'm just not sure...'

I sat my mug down and leaned forward, suddenly feeling something slipping away, and compelled to reach for it. 'Fei, please... give yourself this chance.'

He looked startled by my sudden vehemence and unsure just what tone to take with me. I think he wanted me to just drop the whole thing, which made me feel like I couldn't.

'I worry about you,' I blurted. 'We both do. I want you to have somebody in your life the way I have Heero.'

Wufei does not blush very often, but when he does, it kind of creeps up his neck and always looks like it takes him by surprise. He tried to cover it up by raising his mug. 'There's no need to worry,' he grumbled, not meeting my eyes.

'But we do,' I told him, feeling a little odd for pushing so hard, but I'd never seen him at this point before, and I had the feeling if he backed down this time... he wouldn't manage to attain it again. I couldn't stand the idea of him being alone for the rest of his life.

He sighed. 'I'm just not sure, sometimes,' he admitted, doing that thing where he looked for answers in his tea. 'Sally is a wonderful person and I value her friendship, but... what if I try for something more and it doesn't work out?'

'But what if it does,' I countered.

'You're such a damned optimist,' he groused, and frowned at his poor innocent tea.

'Are you telling me you're not up to a challenge?' I prodded, giving him a wide grin to make sure he knew I was deliberately goading.

'Is this where I'm supposed to lose my temper and call her just to prove your allegations of cowardice wrong?' he shot back.

I snickered. 'Hey... I did not call you a coward; you did. Sub-conscious trying to tell you something?'

He snorted and shook his head. 'Well, at least this way I have you to blame if it turns out to be a mistake.'

'And the credit, if it works out?' I said blithely, making him give me the quelling look that never seems to work on me. You'd think he'd quit trying.

'I'm sure you'll take the credit one way or the other,' he muttered, but it was kind of lame, and he didn't seem to half be trying, his concentration elsewhere.

A million miles and half a life time elsewhere, I'd bet. I stopped the teasing and he just didn't really seem to notice. I found myself just watching him while he mulled over... something. He seemed troubled, and it made me wonder what it was in his past that made it so hard for him to reach out. So hard to accept what was so obviously right in front of him. There wasn't a one of us that didn't know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sally Po was his for the asking. I'd seen her when he'd been hurt during a mission. Seen her when he'd broken a particularly hard case. Seen her watching... waiting... hoping.

His protests of 'what if' weren't very convincing when looked at in that light.

To this day, I don't know what made me do it... maybe the hour, maybe the almost vulnerable, tousled look of him, but I reached out and laid my hand over his where it rested on the table and gently said, 'You have to let go, 'Fei.'

He looked... positively stricken. And the strange urge that had over-taken me pushed forward. 'That was a long time ago... it's time to move on.'

He just sat and stared at me for a long moment, until I started to feel foolish. Started to wonder what had made me open my mouth and insert myself where I obviously didn't belong. 'That's not...' he began, but then stopped and just blinked at me some more. I couldn't tear my gaze away from those dark eyes of his, and was just seriously starting to wish for a time machine, when he turned his hand and took hold of mine for a second, reminding me where my fingers had been resting. 'That is... very perceptive,' he finally said, and squeezed my hand before quite deliberately pulling free.

'I'm sorry,' I told him. 'I know it's none of my business... I just hate to see you lonely.'

He took up his tea mug with both hands, a gesture that made me feel like he was running from my touch, and it finally let me break eye contact. I went searching for answers in my own cup.

All I came away with were more questions, as I realized I really didn't like tea all that much, and found myself wondering why I was even drinking the crap.

I decided to blame it on the lack of sleep. Blame the whole weird morning on the lack of sleep.

'Stop looking like you just ran over the neighbor's dog,' he suddenly said, and when I looked up, he was smiling at me.

'I just...' I blurted. 'I don't know what's makin' me run off at the mouth this morning, man.'

'The same thing that makes you run off at the mouth most mornings?' he supplied helpfully.

It was a return to safe and familiar ground and I let him take us there, even while my head was struggling with the change of mood. Struggling with the notion that I'd just missed something damned important.

It's a very weird twist to go from feeling like the wise friend offering sage advice, to feeling like you don't know what in the hell is going on, and never did. I couldn't even think of a come back.

He looked a little frustrated with me, maybe irritated that I wasn't working with him to lighten the mood back up, and I decided to regroup. 'Gods,' I muttered. 'I think I just need a shower and maybe a soda instead of this weak-ass Kool-aid you and Heero drink; I can't seem to get woke up.'

He nodded, seeing the retreat, I'm sure, but letting me make it. I stood, and stretched, and yawned... and firmly tucked my tail between my legs and fled.

Sometimes, I really do wonder what comes over me.

In the safe privacy of my bathroom, I tried to go back over the conversation and just got lost somewhere around the third loop on the roller coaster ride.

If you could say nothing else though, you could certainly say this; I'd sure as bloody hell gotten distracted from my own damn problems.

Although... if I really stopped to think about it, that was probably what was driving this whole damn coaster ride to begin with. It wasn't Wufei... it was me. I always had been thrown off balance emotionally when dealing with those stinking nightmares. And I suppose it only stood to reason; they tore the hell out of my head to the point it was a wonder I could function at all. I glanced toward the corner of the bathroom, the toilet seeming all watery and blurry through the glass and the water of the shower, and I could remember being hunkered there, hiding from ghosts.

Yeah... I suppose there was little doubt what had my undies in a knot, whether I'd been consciously dwelling on it or not.

Just thinking about those flash-backs always left me feeling vulnerable and seeking the nearest source of comfort and safety. Being deprived of my main comfort, I think I'd just let that transfer over to Wufei. Or maybe I'd just been hunting for a distraction.

As much as I hated to admit it, Wufei's love life was none of my damn business, and the fact that I was feeling abandoned and lonely and a little bit scared, did not make it my business.

I'd just washed my hair the night before, but I did it again, needing to stretch the time and make damn sure I was wide awake and ready to get my head on straight. I washed, conditioned, combed, brushed and flossed and went to get dressed. I was determined to set aside the previous night and stop being such a pain in Wufei's ass. I'm sure he would appreciate it.

I was even able to put on my own clothes and stop leaning on the weird little crutch of wearing Heero's. Proud?

It wasn't until I opened the bedroom door, that I noticed Wufei talking to someone. I hesitated, not wanting to intrude, and sort of became an accidental eavesdropper. Really... I didn't mean to listen in, but it's a small apartment.

'... well, if you'd rather not...' Wufei was saying, and there was a broad stroke of sarcasm in the line, as he let it peter out suggestively. There was a pause while he listened, followed by a light chuckle. 'You're back-peddling, woman,' he accused, and I was surprised by the tone of affectionate teasing.

No doubt who he was talking too, and I couldn't help the mad grin that spread across my face despite my earlier resolve to uninvolve myself.

'I perhaps could be persuaded to a concert instead,' he mused. 'Provided it isn't that band you were listening to the last time I was in your office.'

I don't know what she said, but it made him chuckle again, and I couldn't help remembering what he'd said about Sally reminding him of me. Their banter made me think a bit of the way Wufei teased me. Made me wonder what would happen the first time she accompanied him to our place. Between the two of us... we might just manage to make Wufei spontaneously combust.

Though... I suppose that was rushing into the future just a bit. Should probably let the poor girl go out with him a couple of times before making Wufei bring her home to 'meet' the family.

'Yes,' Wufei said then, and his voice had sobered. 'I... I guess...' he stumbled to a halt, and I could almost hear him taking a breath before he tried again to answer whatever it was she'd asked. 'Let's just say that a good friend told me it was time to get on with my life, and... I believe he might be right.'

It made something odd happen in my chest that I didn't think was bad, but felt strange all the same. Standing in the bedroom doorway, my gaze fell on Quatre and Trowa's quilt, and I resolved to work a little harder to get it done, just in case I'd be needing to start something new one of these days. You know... for the special occasion of a very good friend. For the special occasion of... a brother.


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