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Warnings: Slightly less weird, mostly less dark. AU.
Pairing: Shounen ai.
by: Tanith

Enlightened Dark + Part Two

"Duo? Do you have an answer?" the man's rich voice was hopeful, as if his very existence depended on what the braided boy had to say. Violet eyes stared up at him vaguely, mind foggy, "How... did you know--"

"I know you, Duo," the man's lips quirked slightly, he pulled back, setting Duo unsteadily on his feet.

//"Who are you, anyway?" a soft voice rang out, so like Duo's own and yet completely different, he tried to see who had said it, but everything was pitch black.

"Someone to fear," was the bitter reply in that rich voice he was recognize anywhere, now.//

Duo blinked, trying in vain to clear his head. The man leaned forward again, deep blue gazing intensely into violet. "Who am I, Duo? Remember." Please. It wasn't spoken, but the entreaty was there. Soft lips fell over Duo's own in a lingering kiss, but those eyes remained open, drowning Duo in their depths.

//"How should I fear you? Why? You seem safe enough to me," the soft voice replied. Do blinked rapidly, trying to see something, anything. His sight cleared, but only slightly, the world still shadowed in a dense fog. The only thing he could make out was the dim form of a man standing in front of where he was sitting.//

The man sucked lightly on Duo's lower lip, his teeth nibbling gently at the soft flesh before his tongue plunged between his lips, flicking against the roof of his mouth, swirling around Duo's own insistently. Remember.

A soft but achingly cold hand found its way under the hem of Duo's tight black shirt, ghosting its way over the heated flesh of his stomach. It stopped its quest upward, rubbing softly against the tight nubs of Duo's unusually sensitive nipples, plucking gently. Remember.

A soft sound fell from Duo's throat, half moan half whine. The other hand found it's way to the end of Duo's long braid, gently tugging the black elastic off, running through the silken chestnut locks, unraveling the thick plait. Remember.

The man's mouth moved downward, trailing a wet line down his neck, tongue lovingly caressing the vein there. His head raised for a moment, lips moving silently, slowly and it took a moment for Duo's clouded mind to process what he'd said.


Duo's eyes rolled back in his head, his slender body collapsing limply against the taller man's.


::He's there again...:: Duo thought to himself, his eyes glued to the slightly hunched form at the bar. He hefted the heavy tray holding tankards full of ale, trying to ease the ache that was developing in his arm. ::He's always here. Every night.:: Duo sighed, coming to a stop at a table that had four men crowded around it, conversing loudly to themselves and, so it seemed, the rest of the tavern. He passed out the frothy mugs, his amaryllis eyes continually darted back to the silent man.

::He really is beautiful. Those eyes...:: he turned to walk away, not really paying attention to his surroundings as he made his way back to the bar. One of the men reached out, his grimy hand grasping the back of Duo's tunic in a vice-like grip. One sharp tug brought the boy hard onto the man's lap. His back stiffened as he turned furious amethyst eyes on the filthy man, cringing as his mouth opened on a wide grin, the smell of rotting teeth and ale enough to make Duo dizzy.

Duo tried to stand, but the heavy arm across him lap kept him rooted in place. "Let me up, Master Corven," Duo ground out between clenched teeth, voice icy.

The obviously drunk man was not listening, though. "'Enry to ye, lad. Ye shoul' kin this by no'," the man hooted, his rancid breath washing over Duo. A grubby hand trailed up the boy's thigh, making its way to the waist of Duo's breeches, sweaty flesh making the cloth stick to his palm.

Duo gritted his teeth, trying desperately not to wretch. "I have tables to wait, Master Corven," he said, putting emphasis on the name. "Let me up," he repeated.

"Come no', 'gel. Pretty li'l lad like ye shouldna have ta work. Ye come wi' me an' I'll fix ye up right nice," Corven leered crudely, his bulbous red nose making the expression look like a distorted mummers mask. He leaned forward, most likely trying to claim Duo's lips in a slimy kiss. "No' dun resist, 'gel. Ye kin yer boss wouldna be to pleased ta learn ye were denyin' his honest patrons a thin'," Corven grunted, face centimetres away from Duo's his noxious breath making Duo's stomach heave in protest.

He new Corven was right. The man who ran this tavern was a hard man, and whoever didn't submit to a patron's every whim would be cast out. So far, Duo had been lucky in the four weeks he had worked there, but now...

He needed the money the job gave him, but right then he didn't care. Duo pushed at the man, trying to get him to back off, but the bulky man wouldn't budge, hat pox scarred face continued to inched closer and closer. Then he was suddenly staring at the darkly clothed back of a man a bit taller than himself. Duo would know the back of the head anywhere.

The man leaned forward, grabbing onto the collar of Corven's sweat stained tunic, dragging the man's face close to his and Duo had to wonder how he could stand the stench without even flinching. "I believe he said to leave him alone," the man growl as the entire tavern suddenly became still, his rich voice filling the air almost tangibly.

Corven floundered, mouth opening and closing rapidly his jowls jiggling with each movement as he tried vainly to form words. The man shoved Corven forward, releasing his collar and staring at the paunch man with disdain as his tumbled out of his seat onto the floor. A loud voice shouted from the back room, "Maxwell! What the 'ell is going on out there?"

"Shit!" Duo muttered, his hand coming up to rub his now throbbing temple. The man raised an eyebrow at Duo and the braided boy, "We have to get out of here... I've no longer got a job and if you're still here that old man may get the magistrate in here." Grabbing onto his savior's arm, he dragged him unceremoniously to the door.

The thick night air washed over them, the moon's silver glow casting a blue tint to the villiage surrounding them. Duo walked to the towering building in front of the tavern, his hand still circling the man's wiry arm. Moving to the shadowed side of the building and climbed the sole set of stairs which ended at rough oaken door. Releasing the man's arm, he dug through the pouch attached to his belt and pulled out a wrought iron key. Fitting it into the lock, the door swung open as he turned it, loose on it's hinges. Duo stalked into the tiny room, plopping down on the bed, it's lone piece of furniture, the mattress sinking weakly beneath even the boy's meager weight his silken chestnut braid curling behind him.

Duo's head turned to the door where the man remained standing, his dark brown hair moving slightly with the faint breeze. Duo's brow furrowed slightly, "Well, come in!" The man stepped of the threshold with an almost relieved air, coming to stand in front of the sitting boy. Duo craned his neck, looking up into those intense blue eyes, grinning slightly. "Who are you, anyway?"

The man looked startled for a moment, then his eyes darkened considerably. "Someone to fear," his rich voice was so bitter, it made Duo's heart clench. What was it about this man..? It seemed as if his very being was tied to him somehow. ::Idiot.:: Duo scoffed inwardly.

"How should I fear you? Why? You seem safe enough to me," he quipped, trying to lighten the scowl on the man's face, but it only seemed to get darker.

"You have no idea what you're talking about, boy," the man muttered, turning back toward the door.

"You're right. I don't even know your name, but there's something..." Duo's violet gaze was burning into the man's back, willing him to stop.

He did not turn, but paused in the doorway. "Heero," his beautiful voice pronounced almost gravely, and then he was out of the room, the door closing reflectively behind him.

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