Author Note: This is officially dedicated to Dacia! ^.^ *huggles* Hope this one meets expectations, thought I'm not entirely sure.. ^_~ Oh! And I've never really been into Vampy fics or stories and I certainly never thought I'd be writing one, so sorry if it gets a little cliche later on. ^__^
by: Tanith
Warning: Strong Lime. A plot if you squint reeeeeeal hard, but it will steadily gains the spotlight soon! ^.~
Pairing: 1x2...
Disclaimer: Not mine, na no da.

Enlightened Dark + Part Three

Heero laid the pale beauty on the ratty bed previously unnoticed in the otherwise bare room, tracing a finger lovingly over one high cheekbone. Duo's eyelids fluttered, causing a tracery of pale purple veins become even more evident against the pale, thin flesh. His lips twisted into an adorable pout, bringing a tiny smile to Heero's own lips.

He wondered where the boy was now, how far back Heero had sent him as he lay down on the sagging mattress behind Duo. Dragging the thin form against his body, his chest aching as the overwhelming need borne of centuries to be with this boy was finally quenched, hoping with his whole being that it would permanent. Nestling the top of Duo's silken head beneath his chin he allowed cobalt eyes to slide shut, loosing himself in an ocean of memory.


"What did you think you were doing?!" Heero railed at himself, smashing his fist into the hard brick wall of the unfortunate building he was standing beside, a dented crack forming when he lifted his fist, chips of red powder floating to the ground.

"You do not give your true name out, should never give anyone that much power over you," he growled, whirling so his back was to the wall and collapsing against it.

One tapered hand flew up, raking through already messy brown hair his eyes sliding closed wearily. "Should not have so much as spoken to the boy, and yet it seems you are ready to give him all of your secrets," he murmured softly.

::You couldn't let him be defiled by that pig. Such a pretty creature. So pure.:: his mind murmured soothingly, a aching hunger filling him in an instant.

"And you think that turning him into one such as myself would not defile him?" he shouted, at himself, revolting from his thoughts.

::Nay, you would not have to turn him... Merely taste that beauty, be the first, the only to possess such a creature.::

"No!" he cursed, sinking his teeth viciously into his bottom lip, drawing blood and letting it leak down his chin, punishing himself. "He is different! Innocent..." he trailed off, raking his hand through his hair again.

::How is he different from any of the others? How is he worthy of your retribution?:: his mind murmured sardonically.

"His eyes. I have never seen eyes like his before," he wiped the back of his hand over his lips and chin, turning his head to the side, spitting, ridding his mouth of the cloying taste of blood.

::How does that make him different? Eyes lie just as lips! They tell you naught.::

"He does not look at me in fear," Heero argued weakly, a slight wistfulness rising inside of him. Everyone else who had looked upon him had eyes filled with an unconscious fear, even if their minds had not registered that yet.

::He does not know what you truly are!:: his mind sneered. ::Quit playing at this travesty of humanity! Quit trying to save something beyond redemption!::

"How do you know he is beyond it?!" he shouted, his eyes squeezing even more tightly shut.

::How do you know I spoke of him?:: the voice murmured, the tone almost seductive, smooth. ::How do you know I did not speak of you, who cannot seem to accept what he is!:: A tangible presence seemed to wrap itself around the cobalt eyed man, suffocating. ::For your pet, it is simple. Because he is just like any other shallow human, deep down where it counts. For you... for you the answer is even more blatant:: a mocking laugh beat against the confines of his skull.

"Hello? Is anyone back there?" a soft voice called out inquisitively, halting the laughter within his head, causing Heero's eyes to snap open almost painfully.

"No..." he whispered softly, his own ear having to strain to catch the word.

::How is he different?:: the voice was ghostly soft now that it had proven itself, feathering over his consciousness.

"I thought I heard a moan. Are you alright?" the soft voice grew louder as its owner drew nearer, further into the darkened alcove between buildings.


"Duo... no," he denied even as his body straightened away from the wall.

::He is not.::

The chestnut head peeked into view, the boy's smooth brow furrowing in concern as his eyes swept the area. His violet gaze fell on Heero's darkened form, widening slightly but then brightening considerably. "Hee--"

Heero was on him in an instant, mouth fastening onto the other's soft lips with bruising force, tongue plunging inside before he could finish saying his name, not giving him time to protest, to think. He tasted wonderful; his tongue twining with Heero's almost instantly. A moan broke away from the boy's throat and Heero drank it up immediately, greedily.

::So sweet... What do you want?::

More. He needed, he wanted more. He flickered his tongue over the roof of Duo's mouth, tickling him inticingly before sucking boy's own tongue into his mouth insistently, savoring the taste.

::Addicting, is he not?::

Soft, gasping moans poured from Duo's throat, intoxicating him as not other thing could. Heero could not get enough, his fingers ripping the ribbon from Duo's hair, dragging his hands through the shining mass, releasing the heady smell of lavenders into the air. He nipped at the temptingly swollen lower lip, sucking on the flesh lovingly, one hand moving from his hair almost reluctantly to roam over the boy's body. His lips slid lower, nibbling hotly over Duo's jaw. He wanted, needed...

::How much are you willing to take, Heero?::

...everything. Fingers lithely unbuckled the leather strap around Duo's waist, slipping under the thick cloth of his tunic, moving over heated skin, savoring the silken feel. The callused pads of Heero's fingers brushed over the tight nub of Duo's nipple, ringing a soft whimper from the boy's honeyed mouth.

::So take it.::

He moved up Duo's jaw, biting at the soft lobe of his ear, reveling in each new sound, each new taste he discovered. His hand glided lower, away from the boy's straining nipples. The other remained buried in sweet smelling hair as he rubbed the boy's burning length through his breeches. He cupped the aching erection sympathetically, pressing his own raging desire against Duo's thigh.

A loud cry broke from Duo's lips as he threw his head backward, eyes clenching shut at the sensation, baring his long, pale neck to Heero's hungry view.

::Take him.::

Lips moved wetly down Duo's neck, nipping, sucking at the fevered skin. Heero scraped his teeth gently over his luscious flesh, soothing his tongue lovingly over the throbbing vein. He bit down, smoothly breaking skin, his eyes rolling back in his head at the rush of heady flavor, at the whimpering moans flooding from the boy's throat at the mixed sensation of Heero massaging his hardened flesh and of being taken like no other way possible.

"Heero..." the boy whimpered between soft, encouraging moans. "Aahh! Heero... S-stop. Nng... stop."

Heero froze.


Duo was floating, his mind was lost, it was only... pleasure... he needed... he didn't know. What was Heero doing to him? Why was he letting him? He did not even know this man, but he felt... there was something...

His eyes slid open, the feel of Heero's tongue laving at his neck, the blissful sensation of being drained nearly enough to send him spiraling into euphoric unconsciousness. Violet gazed down at the top of that dark head, glazed over with blinding lust, his lips were moving but he didn't realize he was saying anything until the words reached his ears.

"Aahh! Heero... S-stop. Nng... stop."

And the cobalt-eyed man stopped moving. Completely stilled.

::No!:: his mind cried out in denial, trying to take the words back, anything to keep the sensation encompassing his senses to keep from fading.

Heero's head pulled back, dark blue eyes meeting violet before they were dragged away rough. The taller man took a stumbling step backward, stopping when his back hit the dark red wall behind him. He slid downward until he was hunched over on his knees on the ground. Duo watched with enormous eyes as the man buried his face in his hands briefly, before raking them both savagely through his hair, his eyes sliding shut, clenching tightly.

"Oh gods..." that beautiful, richly dark voice murmured, sounding so different than the previously confident man, almost anguished. "What have I done?"

And Duo's lips were moving again, not realizing what he said. "Absolutetly nothing."

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