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by: Tanith

Enlightened Dark + Part Four

"You don't know of what you speak," the voice within the recesses of Heero's mind murmured as his own lips moved on the words, echoing dully in his ears. Heero stared into the braided boy's violet eyes, as his mouth parted on a shuddery breath. His sharp blue gaze following Duo's every slight movement, devouring him from a distance. That soft, chestnut hair flowed around him, framing his face like a cloud of silk, hopelessly tangled where Heero's hands had previously been buried. Amethyst eyes were gazing intently back at Heero from behind the thick fringe of his eye lashes, a strange light glittering in their depths.

The slight boy took a step toward Heero, stopping before him, wavering on his feet as the vibrant glow left his eyes. He suddenly fell forward, landing hard on his knees, the impact sending a visible jolt up his spine. His eyes lifted to Heero's, dulled with confusion, searching the other man's face, his body swaying precariously on his knees. "Heero?" he voice was weak, wispy, and Heero stiffened at his name, his cobalt gaze moving to meet Duo's, taking the vision in hungrily.

"Heero, why..? I feel..." I groan broke away from pursed lips and the boy lost his balance, falling limply against Heero's chest. Heero's arms found themselves wrapping around the boy against Heero's wishes, hoping to calm the violent tremors wracking the Duo's slight frame.

::Do you see? His body has had a taste of what it's like... and it wishes for more. Only now--::

"No," Heero growled, fighting against the voice, cradling the braided boy against his chest as he stood. And for once the voice remained silent.

Heero moved quietly out of the alcove between the two buildings his feet automatically taking him to the place where Duo lived. He moved quickly around the sharp corner jutting out before the steep stairway that lead to the room Duo lived in.

"You there! What're ya doing on my prop'ty, eh?" a gruff voice called out, stopping Heero in his tracks before he was halfway up the steps. The dark-haired man turned slowly, pressing the shuddering boy in his arms against his chest almost protectively, his pulse skipping when Duo burrowed unconsciously closer into Heero's cold flesh.

Heero stared down at the gnarled old man at the base of the stairs, his lips twisting in slight scorn of his haggard appearance. "This boy needs a bed, he lives here," the cobalt eyed man said quietly, but his dark voice carried clearly down to the other.

"Not anymore, 'e doesn't," the man snorted, crossing his arms over his chest. "Got nothing ta pay me wi', ye see? He'll be fired first thin' tomorrow, like as not, an' I kicked him out as soon as his previous guest left," hr peered up at Heero, rheumy eyes squinting. "Come ta think of it, woul' you be --"

"No," Heero cut in, his blue eyes glinting with disgust as the man shrugged and continued.

"S'a good boy, never late wi' the pay, din' want ta have to make 'im leave, but I have to think about my family, see?"

"Of course," Heero murmured evenly, starting back down the stairs with an almost defeated air, brushing past the bent landlord dismissively.

::No way around it, is there now? There is naught you can do. This is fated. He is fated.:: the voice decided to pipe up, willowy pitch curving sardonically. A musical smirk.

Heero shook his head, his teeth clenching with the effort to remain determined to ignore the voice as he moved down the street, his steady steps carrying him toward the sprawling stone manor at the edge of the small village. Huge, wrought iron spikes formed a looming fence, framing the stone workmanship of the house, clocking it in spindly shadows. The curved entrance swung open with the loud groan of rusting hinges as Heero shoved it away from its loose lock, moving quickly past into a barren, dusty courtyard.

A short path of cracked, stone cobbles lead directly to the steel bolted oaken door to the manor. The huge metal gate swung shut with an echoing bang, it's lock clanking into place as Heero pushed through the door. The overwhelming chill hit him as soon as he stepped through the gaping portal into the pitch blackness of his home.

He turned, shutting the heavy wooden door solidly, the moved swiftly, easily through the darkness to the stairwell directly to his right. His pace sped up as the slight tremors coursing through the slender boy turned violent, a moan trembling from those invitingly kiss-bruised lips as Duo thrashed against his chest.

::Your little pet is getting frantic, perhaps you should give him what he needs..?:: the voice asked smoothly, an eyebrow visibly raising in the back of Heero's mind.

Heero growled, pushing the voice back, refusing to give in to it in his own home. His arms tightened around Duo, his resolve quickening when the boy pressed a chilled cheek into Heero's even colder chest, a small sigh puffing warmly through the material of his tunic as Duo calmed finally.

Heero shouldered his way past a door and into his bedchamber, the only livable room in the house. Pausing before the four poster bed dominating the middle of the room, he allowed a soft sigh to work its way from between his lips, relishing the feel of the small boy in his arms, swearing it would be the last time he would allow himself to touch Duo. So innocent... Pure, kind, caring... He could not harm that.

Clenching his jaw, he laid the boy gently down onto his feather mattress of his bed, quickly covering the slight body with the coverlet resting there. He moved off the raised dias the bed sat off, quickly building a fire in the fireplace, then turned back, his gaze sweeping over the pale form now lit beautifully with dancing light, dark blue fire softening softly at the way Duo curled into the warmth the bed offered.

::Your house, your bed... Tempting. ...tempting.:: the following chuckle seemed to ring off the walls surrounding him, not merely the confines of his own mind.

Heero turned away from the now peacefully sleeping form on his bed with a snarl, stalking out over the room on nearly silent feet. How much longer could he resist?

"Not much longer at all, I'm afraid," a familiarly taunting voice whispered through the hall. Heero spun around, a set of pale silver eyes catching his cobalt immediately, capturing, holding him firmly in place, his muscles locking as a teasing smile curved bloodless lips.


Warm... so warm... Duo pushed his nose into the warm mattress beneath him, breathing in deeply the startlingly rich scent of sandalwood and jasmine clinging to the sheets. Violet eyes blinked open fuzzily, his pert nose crinkling at the sudden light. Then he shot up, taking in his surroundings, suddenly alert. "Where..?" He stood and padded quietly to the door, noting with not a bit of distaste his unbound hair as it enveloped his slight frame.


Heero struggled against the force pulling him after the retreating form before him, fighting against the haze that threatened to take over his senses. They were traveling down a darkly lit corridor Heero had not even known existed in his own home, their destination at the end of the all in the form of a steepled doorway.

Dark blue eyes tried their hardest to bore holes in the back of the man's head, glaring as he stopped and turned to Heero, blue black hair falling loosely into piercing silver eyes. "Calm," the smooth voice whispered and Heero felt his stiffened muscles relaxing against his will.

"Now that we can clearly see who owns who..." the pale lips moved fluidly over the words as the man walked closer to Heero. He was familiar but Heero could swear in all of the long years he had lived he had never once met him face to face. "...you shall turn back. And do as I say. Without question. From now forward."

Heero felt himself nod on some fogged level of awareness, his mind never actually acknowledging the words. "Good," the man whispered, so close now his lips brushed over Heero's cheekbone with the word. The fine sculpted face tilted back, raven hair falling out of silver eyes like liquid as the man nodded slightly, causing Heero to turn. "Your pet should be near any moment. Can you feel him?" a finger grazed up the back over Heero's neck, a shiver coursing up Heero's spine as he took a step forward, then another, heading back done the long passageway.


Duo peered around a doorjamb, his eyes widening enormously on the rows upon rows of bookshelves that were revealed. He stumbled through the door, gazing in open adoration at the various titles etched into the binding of each tomb. "No house this big anywhere in town... no one with enough money for all of this... must be that old estate at the outskirts of the village," Duo muttered to himself, idly brushing a lock of hair behind his ear, uncaring how he sounded. He was alone after all.

"Shit. I thought this place was abandoned. Everyone did. So how am I here?" he frowned, trying to remember what had happened. Getting evicted was clear enough... but then everything was a cloudy blank. Maybe --


The violet eyed boy whirled around, nearly colliding with the solid chest so close behind him, wide eyes looking up. "Wha --"


He was so close, the warmth radiating off of his flesh burning into Heero's cold chest. "Wha --"


Heero shook his head, a small smile quirking his lips as he lifted a hand, tapping a finger against Duo's lips, halting his words.

::Time enough --::

"-- for words later, wouldn't you say, Duo?"

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