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Pairing: 1x2
by Tanith

Enlightened Dark + Part Five

Heero watched as his finger was removed from still reddened lips, the arm moving to wrap itself around Duo's slender waist, aware on some dim level that it was his body the boy was dragged up tightly against. He tried to stop, tried to break away, but it was as if he was trapped by an invisible steel cage, unable to control his own self. Only able to watch as violet eyes stared back up at him. So trusting...

// Say something! My name... tell me to stop before this is started! // Heero shouted, pleaded within his mind, but he could not make his mouth form the words. And Duo's soft lips stayed closed. ::Do not wait.:: the voice was sharp, flowing through his mind on a swift reprimand, Heero's entire being immediately, against Heero's frantic protests.

His head lowered, lips brushing softly over Duo's, the arm not wrapped tightly around the boy's waist moving to scoop him up, lifting him easily into his arms.


Duo sighed softly into the other man's lips, his arms moving to wrap themselves around Heero's neck as he was carried easily out of the vast library. His tongue flickered out, boldly brushing against the chilled flesh of Heero's neck, teeth scraping lightly, drawing a half moan from the man as they moved down the hall.

Duo was set on his feet when they reached the bedchamber he had woken up in, Heero's hand immediately drawing his already loosened tunic of his head, baring creamy skin to his view. Duo shivered as that hot gaze raking over him, his groin tightening painfully when Heero dragged him back against him, lips falling over Duo's in earnest. He was pushed backward as Heero's tongue twined perfectly with his own, sliding languidly against each other, dancing smoothly. Duo felt himself pressed against a soft mattress as Heero's hands slid downward, easily pushing his breaches from his hips, tossing them aside.

"Aah..." Duo could not help the startled moan as a cool hand wrapped lovingly around his burning arousal, causing sharp waves of pure pleasure coursing through him. "Mmm..." Duo sagged forward against Heero, his hands bracing on the man's hard shoulders as that hand slid up his pulsing length.

He was pushed backward, falling onto the plush bed, a despairing whimper falling unheaded from his lips as the hand wrapped possessively around his erection tightened then let go completely. Heero backed away, quickly stripping himself of his clothing before climbing onto the bed beside Duo.


// No! // Heero cried out in denial as he hovered over Duo, his head slowly lowering, capturing those tempting lips again. He struggled against the overwhelming rush of sensation, the feel of Duo's satiny skin under his finger tips, the shape of his burning length in his hand. He could not... // Damn it, no! //

His lips trailed down Duo's chin, nibbling a path across his neck, his tongue tracing one fine collarbone, dipping to lap at the pulse beating in the hollow of Duo's throat. He brushed downward, lips closing over one dusky nipple, rolling the flat nub under his tongue. His hands smoothed over Duo's sides, cupping the boy's buttocks, spreading the firm globes.


"Nnng..." Duo bit his lip as a finger brushed against his sensitized opening, his hips bucking upward, begging for something, anything. His eyes clenched shut as the fingers slid inside of him, a sting of moisture gathering behind the lids until it began to move, another long digit joining the first, searching...

His body reared upward, a scream trembling on his lips as the chilly pads of those fingers grazed something within him, sending blinding sparks of pleasure shooting through him. "Oh gods..." he moaned, his head lolling as those fingers brushed against the spot again and again. "Mmm... gods... Heero take me... please.."


// NO! // The scream ripped through Heero's mind as he removed his fingers, positioning himself. // Gods, no no NO! // he cried inwardly, helplessly, willing himself to break away, begging himself to stop, know if he didn't Duo would be lost.

"No..." he whispered, the near silent word shattering whatever hold had been on him. He stopped moving, sweat beading on his forehead, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip, blood trickling down his chin as he fought against the urge to finish what he had unwillingly started.

"Heero?" Duo whispered, voice strained, ragged, each shallow breath reminding him of the dull ache, the emptiness that had not yet been filled. And Heero couldn't resist.

He groaned, slowly sinking himself deeply within Duo's tight channel before he stopped, his lips falling gently over Duo's own, drinking in the gasping moans tumbling from the boy's throat.

Duo's eyes opened slowly, violet orbs locking on cobalt as their tongues twined, the coppery tang of his lover's blood filling his mouth, but Heero did not seem to notice. He began moving, gently pumping his hips into Duo, his hand gliding downward, wrapping itself around the long-haired boy's swollen arousal stroking him softly in time with each thrust.

"Nnn...aah faster...please...harder..." Duo moaned against, his legs wrapping around Heero's hips, bucking against the man, urging him to speed up. Heero pulled out nearly to the tip, bringing an anguished moan from Duo, his eyes staring accusingly up at Heero, legs tightening trying to drag him back within himself, seeking release. Heero plunged quickly back into the boy, striking hard against the sweet spot that made Duo's world flash white, his grip tightening around the pulsing erection in his hand. His hips rocked almost violently, pushing them both toward a nameless ecstasy, driving them further, deeper into wells of bliss.

Duo screamed, the sound filling the large chamber as the long-haired boy released himself into his lover's hand, his body jerking spastically as he came. //I love you...// Duo's mind cried out silently, revealing the truth he had not been able to previously see. And somehow it was true... somehow...

Heero pounded into the boy once, twice more his head falling back on his neck, losing himself in the tight heat surrounding him, the tremulous noises Duo made, filling him completely with his passion. And then something dawned on Duo, watching Heero as he found esctasy...

Heero collapsed forward, onto Duo, before rolling away, dragging the boy against him, relishing Duo's warmth as they slowly came back to themselves.

"I know what you are," Duo whispered and Heero took a deep breath, loving the lingering smell of lavender surrounding the boy, his eyes opening to gaze down that the top of the chestnut head resting on his chest.

"You should leave," Heero rumbled, not even trying to move to push the smaller boy away, not wanting to loose the warmth Duo lent his chilled flesh. "You are not safe here."

The boy curled into him further, an arm falling over his middle, wrapping around his side, a soft cheek rubbing languidly against his chest. "I'm staying. I trust you," the boy finally murmured.

"You cannot trust me," Heero scoffed, his fingers twining in soft chestnut hair unconsciously, rubbing the rich texture between thumb and forefinger. "You do not know me..." one hand lifted, the cool pads of his fingers brushing gently over Duo's cheek, drawing amethyst eyes open. // You do not know what that creature can make me do... //

"But I do," Duo whispered, his head lifted so he could gaze honestly up the other before he settled back down, resting his face comfortably in the crook of Heero's neck. He did. As surely as he had felt anything he knew that he could trust Heero with his life.

"Then you are a fool," Heero's hand began brushing lightly up Duo's side again, marveling at the silken feel of his skin, causing the tired boy to purr contentedly. // And I will wait... I will make it safe here. Sleep... //

"I know..." Duo breathed, losing himself in the perfect feel of the body pressed against his own.

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