Warnings: Angstish, AU, Blood, Incomplete, Language, Lime & Lemon, Slight Shotakon, Vampires, Violence, Yaoi.
Pairings: 1x2
Disclaimer: GW belongs to Sotsu, Bandai and a multitude of others. Not me. Why do you have to rub it in, eh??
by Tanith

blah :: telepathic speech.
blerg :: thoughts.

(full translations at bottom)

Enlightened Dark + Part Seven

"I am Rayh," a tongue snaked into the shell of his ear, drawing a frightened whine from the small boy. The darkness surrounded him as he was pressed up against the hard chest of the man behind him. One large hand glided over the boy's torso, tapered fingers toying with the pert nub of a tiny nipple beneath the rough silk tunic. The boy flinched, his normally tanned skin a dreadful, ghostly white, dark blue eyes enormous in the thin, childish face. Dry breath washed over his neck, the arm wrapped like a steal band around the boy's waist dragging him closer still until not even the air could move between the line of their bodies.

Cold lips brushed over the golden flesh and a whimper welled up from the boy's lips, his eyes squeezing shut, only to shoot open again, the image of his parents' savagely mutilated forms etched across his mind. "Yamete." The slight form trembled, staring directly ahead, his pupils dilating as the dancing inferno that was once his family home threatened to blind him. The moist, hot flesh of a tongue licked over the soft flesh of the boy's neck. The boy swallowed, throat bobbing convulsively as bile rose; bitter, acrid, steadily burning its way upward. "T-tasukete... one-onegai, y-yamete!" The hand brushed smooth circles over the boy's chest, guiding itself downward, splaying over the heaving stomach.

Sharp points dragged lightly over the rapidly pulsing vein on the boy's neck, tender flesh raising, thin lines of blood welling on the abrasion. The small form quivered uncontrollably, his entire body shaking like a frail leaf in a raging storm. A soft, desperate moan was wrenched out of him as the razor-sharp teeth pressed harder, drawing a thin stream of blood. "Iya da! K-kimi wa yokai. Kyuuketsuki," the soft, quavering voice gurgled slightly as the blood rose, spilling from his neck and into the silent man's mouth with each rapid heartbeat. A soft chuckle was the man's only reply as his tongue laved furiously, sapping the boy, his eyes closed in blissful reverence.

The boy's eyelids drooped over cobalt orbs, his lips moving in a now nearly silent plea, "Yamete tte ba... tasukete...kudesai yo..." The thin frame stopped moving, the strength completely drained from his muscles as the man's head rose from his neck. Dull eyes stared listlessly as the arm was lifted from around his waist, the thumbnail of the opposite hand dragged across the silvery-white skin, crimson blood flooding over the cut. The man lifted his wrist, placing it against the boy's slack mouth, his other hand rubbing at the boy's throat, forcing him to swallow, insuring he did not drown in what would be his first taste of true life.

And those lips pressed against the boy's ear, rubbing his own sweetly blood as he spoke, a rich voice that would follow him everywhere filling his entire awareness. "Mine."


Duo's hands immediately flew to the base of Heero's neck, finger tips pressing against the hollow of his throat, searching blindly for a pulse[1]. A steady throb answered him, relief rising within him, allowing his gaze to travel over Heero's sprawled form. Amethyst lingered on the wide eyes, his heart fluttering helplessly as a battle seemed to rage within the unresponsive blue orbs. His hand came up, brushing the back of one finger against one cheek, lips pursing at the clammy feel the normally frigid flesh had taken. "Heero," he whispered, his voice catching slightly, reaching to brush a lock of dark brown hair from Heero's damp forehead. "Wake up...please..."

A steely grip locked around his wrist before he could finish the movement, Heero's cobalt eyes flickered, blinking away the dryness that had overcome them, taking in their surroundings. Duo tried to smile as Heero's gaze stopped moving almost mechanically around the chamber, locking onto the long-haired boy, but the bruising strength Heero was using on his wrist made him falter. "Heero... that hurts, you know," he tried, but the dark-haired man did not even loosen his hold.

Heero stood, dragging Duo up as well, pushing him backward by his wrist, toward the wooden desk hidden in the corner of the room. He pushed the smaller boy against it, pinning Duo hips against the hard surface with his own, his hand releasing the boy's wrist to grope behind. "Heero? What are you..?" Duo's voice was soft with confusion, unable to understand what was happening, what Heero was doing. He took a deep breath, striving to keep his voice calm, certain, "Heero. Get off me," he commanded, now knowing exactly how Heero had to obey.

The dark-haired man staggered backward as if propelled by some invisible force once the words had left Duo's mouth and the violet eyed boy took a few steps after him, away from the desk before he stopped short when he saw what Heero had grabbed from the desk. His right hand clutched a small jeweled dagger, his tousled head dragged itself upward, cobalt eyes meeting Duo's, desperation deep within them as he moved toward Duo again, his step dragging, faltering as if he was unwilling to take them.

Duo's lips parted, but his voice would not respond to his command and he watched helplessly, his limbs suddenly frozen by some unknown force, as Heero advanced. His eyelids slid closed as Heero stopped directly before him, understanding what was about to happen all too clearly, though why eluded him. This isn't Heero. He can't... His thoughts trailed off as he heard Heero raise his arm and he found his lips moving, the barest hint of a whisper managing to escape the tight lock around his vocal cords. "I...love you."

Duo waited for the impact of the blade, but it never came. His eyes flew open to the sound of a sickening thud, moving towards Heero who was staring over Duo's shoulder with a triumphant look in his eyes. "Never yours," Heero said, defiantly.


Mine. The mocking voice repeated the word ceaselessly through his mind, and he was unaware of anything else but the total truth of the statement. You're mine, only, no one else can claim that. Who he was, where, when, what he was doing, all fell into a blankness, pitch black fog hiding all but the resonant voice, the truth, reality, life. Mine, completely. He belonged to Rayh, he had for as long as he could remember. Rayh had given him release, he owed him is life, his existence, this euphoric feeling that enshrouded his senses, pure weightlessness.

Mine, I will not stand for someone taking you from me
. And yet, it also brought a sense of restlessness, of need for escape, yearning for something, unable to realize what that something was. Complete ignorance, total bliss. Mine. It was fake. No. It had to be real. Nothing else made sense, nothing else existed.

Then one soft voice broke through the fog, hesitant, feathery, without substance, but louder than anything had ever sounded before. "I...love you." He was grounded, trying to grasp onto those fleeting words.

No. You are mine, and you will destroy any who tries to deny that.

Destroy..? What had the words proclaimed? 'I...lo -- '

The sharp command was clear, but Heero pushed the voice back, searching blindly for the other voice, the words that had fractured his existence, warped his meaning to life, shattered his cage.

Heero's arm froze, his mouth opening and closing silently for a moment, the words blocking, destroying the control Rayh had on him. It can't be true. It isn't! His eyes flew upward in rage, arm raising further, hurling the dagger past Duo toward where Rayh had been standing the whole time. Silver eyes were shot with startled disbelief as the blade buried itself in his chest, the fleshy sound of the dagger sinking past tissue filled the silent air. "Never yours," Heero growled out, triumphant gaze raking over the slender body as Rayh sunk slowly to the ground. Cobalt eyes shifted, falling on the boy standing before him, his hand lifting to cup one soft cheek. "Duo -- "

A gurgling laugh broke him off. "'Never mine'..." Rayh jeered weakly, precious blood seeping from his lips. "Nay... always mine... forever, even in true death. ...suffer eternally." Heero's gaze dragged itself back up even as Duo spun around, as if in slow motion, just in time to see Rayh disentigrate in to a fine dust.

The dagger, blood still dripping from the gleaming silver blade, was hurtling back toward them. It whistled through the thin air, a shrill death knell, lodging itself in Duo's heart before either could react. The slight boy was thrown back against Heero with the impact of the blade, and the dark-haired man's arms closed around him, stopping his flight.

Wet. "No..." Duo's once gray tunic was drenched with blood. "No!" Heero sank to his knees, cradling Duo against him, rocking softly as the boy's head turned weakly, dulling violet eyes blinking dazedly, lips moving soundlessly only a few rough gasps managing to escape.

"Hee... yours..."

Anguished cobalt watched as the glitter of life left Duo's amethyst orbs, watched as the boy stared sightlessly up at him, a choked cry clogging in his throat, blood red tears trailing down his cheekbones to mingle with the still wet pool of crimson surrounding the two lovers.


Amethyst eyes opened languidly, the man's head pounding with sudden knowledge, memory.



1. This is where my pulse is strongest, it's not the same for everyone... My twin brother's is behind his ear o.O

Yamete -- Stop
Tasukete -- help!
onegai -- please (before a sentence)
Iya da -- (roughly) NO!!! (^^;;)
Kimi wa yokai -- you are a demon
kyuuketsuki -- vampire/bloodsucker
tte ba -- puts strong emphasis on the word before it
kudesai -- please (after a sentence)
yo -- verbal exclamation point

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